2016 Citroen Ds5


New DS5 is outlined by its daring styling. It combines dynamical functioning, subtlety and attending to point with a grasp of advance technologies. It embodies all the attributes of salute and hereafter DS vehicles.

This DS flagship manakin introduces the make’s stand-alone individuality, gains an telling new front and legion former revisions that arrive a genuine DS.

Aboard New DS5’s extra features, such as the graven, upright lattice with the DS monogramme in the core, the Xe Wide LED headlights, a new touchdrive port and a new scope of high-performance engines, New DS5 maintains all the qualities it is already notable for. These qualities admit outside lines that withstand conventionality, an especial internal and outside figure with subtlety in every particular and the example’s feature ‘cockpit’ impulsive berth.

From Europe to Chinaware, DS5 has made an picture on the motoring world. New DS5 is scope its sights fifty-fifty higher with a new forepart, styling that clay van, aid to point passim, impulsive deportment desirable of a DS and innovative engineering in both pattern and part.

New DS5 leave be unveiled at this class’s Hollands Centrifugal Appearance, with this new example set to come in UK showrooms in July 2015.

“The New DS5 is more hardly a new car. It is the car introducing our blade identicalness. Threescore age on from the master DS, the new DS5 carries all the genes of DS. Supra all, it is a crystallize affirmation of our aspiration: to repair the custom of French agio vehicles.” – Yves Bonnefont, CEO of the DS stigma.

2016 DS5


“Referred to as a conception car on wheels, the DS5 is a unequalled instauration with expressive, spellbinding styling. For the new DS5 we cherished to asseverate the warm points that are a key portion of its individuality, piece bighearted foster vehemence to DS styling cues. The nigh emblematical model naturally is the forepart.” – Thierry Metroz, Mind of DS Styling.

The forepart styling is a key boast on all agiotage vehicles. With New DS5 the car’s look gains level more role and prestigiousness. The erect wicket proudly incorporates the ‘DS Wings’ touch, which extends as two shafts of igniter into the new headlight excogitation.

Ilk DS 3 and DS 3 Cabrio, New DS5 features the stain’s new ignitor touch, with headlights compounding LED and Xe technologies, on with scrolling indicators. Intentional to resemble jewels in their settings, these headlights are a key have of the car’s front. Encounter highschool standards in inflammation timbre, they too exemplify the civilization and aid to particular of New DS. Launched on DS 3 conclusion July, this headlight designing bequeath finally sport on all DS models.


The new aspect goes hand-in-hand with the fomite’s vanguard styling. Whether viewed from the forepart, english or bum, New DS5 is forthwith recognizable. From the position, the key styling have is the lithe, chromium-plate saber run from the tip of the headlight to the strawman windowpane. The behind sight advance underlines the position of the car, with its blanket tracks, hit taillight touch and counterpart tailpipes unified inside the backside bumper.


“Rightfulness from the first, the DS5 explicit a new meet the agio section. A fomite that is dissimilar to the relaxation, one that can’t be located in any class. For me, it’s a mix of civilization and engineering. Two key speech that adopt their wide import with the new DS5 because the upgrades are in the details of the car, as is often the vitrine with agio brands!” – Eric Apode, V.p., Products & Byplay Ontogenesis.

A ‘cockpit’ style driving position

The inside of New DS5 brings to psyche the humankind of aerospace pattern. The well-nigh emblematic characteristic is the cockpit ceiling. With its trey twinkle wells, the cap creates a alone ambiance that can be bespoke to somebody requirements, day or dark. The impulsive place was intentional 100% some the driver. The briny controls are sorted on two centrally positioned consoles, one at a low stratum good the gearing picker and one smash. Both merged particularly intentional buttons, dials and toggle switches that were divine by the aerospace diligence.

A touchdrive port for simplified ergonomic pattern…& new machine-accessible services

New DS5 continues the hi-tech drive get with its coloration touchdrive port. This new scheme provides sluttish admittance to all in-car functions, from pilotage to medicine. It likewise simplifies the upcountry layout, with 12 fewer buttons on the splasher and fascia.

This latest-generation filmdom too includes new Mirror Filmdom engineering. This use lets users imitate smartphone contented onto the concealment and ensures all relevant apps can be victimised safely when impulsive.

For peace-of-mind and a relaxed cause, New DS5 is too uncommitted with the ‘DS Relate Box’, which includes the sword’s ‘SOS & Aid’ organisation. This trailblazing engineering enables localized exigency and help calls, to cite helper if always it is requisite. Nowadays, more 230,000 DS vehicles on the route in Europe are weaponed with this organisation.

New DS5 likewise introduces ‘MyDS’, an iOS/Humanoid compatible peregrine app. This provides added esteem for the driver with a ambit of nonrational, groundbreaking services. Customers can experience a wide reach of vehicle-related entropy and limited offers reserved for DS customers.

A wealth of equipment combining safety & comfort

New DS5 features a orbit of modern equipment. E.g., a dim billet monitoring organization joins a stove of existent equipment including; a lane loss cautionary routine, automatonlike high-pitched air ascendancy, turn headlights that oeuvre with the still cornering ignition to optimize clarification, hill-start assistance, constancy command, levelheaded grip mastery, a reversing camera and a head-up showing. New DS5 now features no fewer than ten refuge systems boilersuit.

New DS5 besides sets gamey standards in damage of quilt, with galvanising retention and massaging presence seating, keyless launching & beginning, het doorway mirrors, an electrochrome national mirror, ambient inflammation, dual-zone reflex air conditioning and a Denon How-do-you-do organization.

Thence, New DS5 meets the highest standards of prophylactic and ease for both driver and passengers.

Increasingly efficient engines

New DS5 is powered by the modish engines from the PSA Grouping. All the engines uncommitted with New DS5 trust mightiness (‘tween 120 and 210hp) with esteem for the environs (‘tween 74.3mpg and 65.7mpg for the diesel models). The New DS5 Cross 4×4, particularly, achieves sub-100g/km of CO2 and terminated 80mpg on a combined cycles/second, figures that are corresponding with the outdo in the bounty section.

From plunge, customers bequeath be capable to select ‘tween six shine and dynamical Euro 6 engines and gearbox combinations, with torsion of betwixt 240 and 400Nm. The orbit bequeath be lengthy at the end of 2015 with a new 210hp locomotive, the THP 210 S&S 6-speed manual.

The latest-generation EAT6 reflexive gearbox features 6-speeds with quicker gearing changes, less interior clash and improved driveability. The New DS5 THP 165 S&S returns capable 47.9mpg ended a combined oscillation with CO2 emissions of 135g/km, an advance of 30g/km or 18% o’er the late coevals Euro 5 THP 155. With utmost injectant insistence of 200bar and Layover&Scratch engineering, this locomotive has a utmost mightiness yield of 121kW at 6,000rpm. Utmost torsion of 240Nm is useable from 1,400rpm and corpse incessant to 4,000rpm, for singular driveability at both low and eminent revs.

New DS5 besides gains the latest-generation BlueHDi diesel engines.

BlueHDi combines modern operation with low fire use and CO2 emissions. This resolution is achieved by enhancements including improved home efficiency, a new diamond-like c covering with increased dependability and by implementing an innovational and effective exhaust.

The forward-looking and unequalled lineament of the beat contrast on these engines lies in its particular layout. The SCR (Selective Catalytic Simplification) faculty is positioned upriver of the particulate filtrate. This is the just after-treatment scheme able-bodied to slenderize NOx emissions by capable 90% likewise as reduction CO2 emissions by capable 4%.

BlueHDi 120 S&S 6-speed manual\

2016 Citroen Ds5

Compounding the up-to-the-minute 6-speed manual gearbox with BlueHDi engineering, this locomotive course meets eminent standards of execution in price of fire expenditure and CO2 emissions, likewise as torsion. With this locomotive, the figures verbalise for themselves: 74.3mpg, 100g/km of CO2 and torsion of 300Nm. With these results, New DS5 sets the measure with prise to the challenger.In the arcsecond one-half of 2015, this locomotive volition be weaponed with the new EAT 6 automatonlike gearbox, for evening greater client selection.

BlueHDi 150 S&S 6-speed manual

2016 Citroen Ds5

Another New DS5 locomotive scene the banner in price of torsion, fire usance and emissions is the BlueHDi 150. This 2-litre HDi 150 locomotive returns 64.2mpg and CO2 emissions of 103g/km. That is an advance of 22g/km compared with the Euro 5 HDi 160. Concurrently, uttermost torsion is higher than the HDi 160 at 370Nm from 2,000rpm.

BlueHDi 180 S&S EAT6

2016 Citroen Ds5

The BlueHDi 180 locomotive delivers prodigious driveability with a mightiness yield of 133kW and utmost torsion of 400Nm at 2,000rpm. The gain of a variable-geometry turbocharger, on with higher supercharging imperativeness and burning imperativeness, boosts the powerfulness of the New DS5 BlueHDi 180 by 20hp compared with the old genesis powerplant. This new locomotive is furnished with counterpoise shafts to pitch the acoustical and shakiness ease expected hither at the top end of the ambit. The New DS5 BlueHDi S&S 180 6-speed robotic likewise delivers CO2 emissions and fire uptake that are, as a minimal, on par with the outflank therein form (110g/km of CO2 and 65.7mpg).

Hybrid 4X4 Diesel

DS5 was the low fomite to characteristic diesel crossbreed engineering and New DS5 bequeath uphold to be useable with this drivetrain. This variant combines the functioning of an HDi diesel with the benefits of an electrical motive. The Crossbreed 4×4 delivers knock-down drive sensations, including 200hp, 4wd, galvanic urban cause and an gun encourage role. CO2 emissions are sub-100g/km and fire saving is terminated 80mpg on a combined oscillation, revolt to more 90mpg in the metropolis.

The Intercrossed 4×4 modelling features a alternative of quartet modes. The driver can choose the style needful victimisation the dial on the primal cabinet: Automobile, Nada Discharge Fomite (ZEV), 4wd (forepart wheels powered by the burning locomotive and behind wheels powered by the galvanizing motive) and Athletics (utmost use of the galvanizing motive in duplicate with the burning locomotive).


The watchwords for DS are civilization and aid to contingent, both on the extraneous and the privileged of the car. A truthful flagship fomite, New DS5 reflects the outdo of the steel’s expertness and considerable idea has deceased into every particular. This can be seen, e.g., in the DS monogramme on the headlights, which helps to shuffling the forepart a unequalled innovation.

2016 Citroen Ds5

Uninterrupted attending to item is too reflected in the use of veritable materials, such as the use of al on the within of the doors, metalworking on the geartrain pommel and the topper timber leather in the cabin. These veritable materials are forever showcased in a unequalled and scoop way, as illustrated by the ‘picket lash’ invention of the leather seating. New DS5 is one of alone a few cars to offering a pick of ternary types of leather, including semi-aniline leather, which is one of the mankind’s finest and seldom put-upon in the self-propelled manufacture. One DS5 in every phoebe sold, features ‘picket welt’ upholstery in semi-aniline leather.

DS5 likewise features a new inner shave. The up-to-the-minute individualized national atmosphere is now uncommitted with the ‘lookout flog’ upholstery in two-tone melanize and abstruse amytal, on with a new DS monogramme cut on the doors and exchange cabinet.

2016 Citroen Ds5

A new trunk color leave too be uncommitted from plunge. Called Ink Disconsolate, the elusive ghost promote underlines the fomite’s identicalness and refined looks.


On the route, New DS5 delivers a dynamical, but relaxed crusade. The run cogwheel has been upgraded since the modelling was kickoff launched for improved ease. The jounce absorbers addition PLV (Pre-loaded One-dimensional Valve) engineering. This engineering limits sudden changes in damping power, in fiat to acquire a more running damping curl. Simultaneously, the compaction slash is yearner. As a solvent, New DS5 soaks up bumps and dips in the route more efficaciously. Oscillation consolation is besides importantly improved by the step-down in elf randomness.

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