2016 Citroen Ds4


One simulation, two trenchant personify styles and a new forepart. A singular stylus featuring elements powerfully symbolical of the DS dash. Fifty-fifty more advance engineering, and uttermost shade calm seeable in every item… Introducing New DS4 and DS4 Crossback.

2016 Citroen Ds4

Sold in 120,000 examples since establish, DS4 is gaining new impulsion with the comer of two completing models: New DS4, a dynamical and graceful hatchback for customers looking feelings and drive pleasance, and DS4 Crossback, an all-new consistency manner with go-anywhere looks, and a higher drive situation.

With this doubled oblation, DS is addressing the expectations of customers in the agio concordat fomite section. A section that has seen the appearing of new eubstance styles with role in late days. Crossing vehicles now fabricate 30% of the agiotage compress hatchback grocery.

“DS is the purport of daring. In the causa of the DS4, the sword’s purport is verbalized done an oblation made up of two soundbox styles: a new bounty hatchback and an unprecedented new go: DS4 Crossback, with graceful go-anywhere fashion. With such complemental vehicles, the DS stain is distinctly stating its ambitions and its power to adjoin client expectations,” says Yves Bonnefont, CEO, DS stain.

With its streamlined, graceful lines, chrome-finish eubstance signatures that highlighting innovation’s mantrap and high-performance engines, New DS4 has all the qualities of a agiotage hatchback on with a more personal feeling provided by the two-tone torso/cap. A sport new to this section. With its deluxe, elegant, sole and evening more customisable inside, this DS is the true successor to DS cars’ custom, a custom tinged with luxuriousness, civilization and with-it engineering. New DS4 testament symbolize a unequalled oblation in the agiotage constrict section.

2016 DS4

DS4 Crossback is an eminently various car. Its ‘go-anywhere’ overture is reflected in its higher bait altitude, its big blackness wheels, too as in its bicycle curve shave and ceiling bars, amongst former features.

Therein way, New DS4 and DS4 Crossback dead be the quality of DS vehicles:

  • a firm identicalness underlined by a new forepart (DS Wings grill, now divine from Numéro 9 Construct Car) and new headlamps (DS LED Imaginativeness),
  • with-it engineering with advance connectivity, including Apple CarPlay&barter; protocole launched on New DS4
  • high-performance engines with CO2 emissions of betwixt 97g/km and 138g/km
  • and graceful conception including a splasher and doorway panels upholstered in nappa leather, and picket whip excogitation of semifinal phenylamine leather seating, features single to DS.
  • Premiered at the 2015 Frankfurt Centrifugal Demonstrate, these models get in showrooms crossways Europe from November 2015.


    A singular fomite since its launching in 2011, which earned it the honored titles of “Almost Beautiful Car of the Class” and “Almost Beautiful Upcountry” at the Fete Outside Machine, DS4 has elect to support its two classifiable, completing versions: New DS4, a active and tasteful agio hatchback, and DS4 Crossback, in the mannikin of a fashionable explorer thanks to its 30-mm higher razz elevation, big nigrify wheels and eubstance components particular to a framework of its typewrite (roll impish trims, spoilers and ceiling bars)

    New DS4: refined and unique with its customised features, styling and performance

    New DS4 is a fomite of alone soundbox lines, with streamlined, sculptured and refined lines and chrome-finish signatures on the figurehead grillwork and elsewhere on the torso (wicket and presence and backside bumper, incline mouldings, windowpane conformation). With its new, stronger, posture, underlined by all-inclusive wheels, four-spot corners and singular panache (diamonding) this variant of DS4 meets all the attributes expected of a agiotage hatchback, start, get-go and world-class, with a forebode of pleasant drive sensations.

    2016 Citroen Ds4

    A key trait of DS vehicles, customisation. It is a preeminent doctrine already embraced with DS 3, that now exists with DS4. With a prize of iv colors for the cap (Perla Nera blackness, Susurration, Virtuel amytal, Tourmaline orangeness) and spoilers (with their associated shave: doorway mirrors and bicycle hub caps), New DS4 introduces its own sight of two-tone oblation. Boilersuit, no less than 38 combinations are potential based on the orbit of cap colors and torso colors (quartet new colors: Encre dingy, Tourmaline orangeness, Artense gray-headed and Rubis red). This oblation, which is unequaled in the bounty press section, lets customers accommodate their car to their personality and lifestyle.

    DS4 Crossback: versatile, expressive and adventurous by nature

    Various in conception and pattern, DS4 Crossback is aimed at customers looking ‘urban and extra-urban hazard’. This fomite displays its go-anywhere credential with substantial styling features including cycle arc trims, a nigrify forepart and coddler, great inkiness wheels, especial gray ceiling bars, upwards sight of 45° thanks to the bird’s-eye windshield, melanize outside rear-view mirrors, doorway sill and carpeting mats. Its position is boost underlined by a cod meridian that is 30 mm higher than on the hatchback reading.

    With its shimmering, expressive colors (Tourmaline orangish, e.g.), and gamy drive spot, it offers an option to formal hatchbacks therein section, with a more upbeat contact.


    “A DS is identified outset and first done its eubstance dash, unequaled proportions with a firm personality. Our option for DS4? A all-inclusive road-hugging personify panache for New DS4 hatchback interpretation and an refined go-anywhere panache for DS4 Crossback. With these two clear-cut vehicles, we are leftover truthful to our ambitiousness: to render a new and exciting know.” Thierry Metroz, DS Styling Manager

    A front end expressing brand identity with the DS Wings grille and DS LED VISION light signature

    Introduced on DS 5, the new front can now be seen on the new DS4 vehicles. It was direct divine from esteemed Numéro 9 Conception Car, and gave nascence to the boilersuit production and flair scheme of DS.

    It comprises:

  • a perpendicular wicket proudly mien the DS allegory, – DS Wings – a nod to the pilot DS. The hexangular conformation features a alone, sculptured, vivid innovation. A chromium-plate fence boost enhances the refined looks of the wicket, and is lengthy by two chromium-plate wings indoors the headlamps;
  • new headlamps. Similar DS 3 and DS 5, the new DS4 vehicles take the make’s new lightness touch, DS LED Imaginativeness. The headlamps cartel 3 LED modules (84 in totality) with a Xe guiding faculty and new LED scrolling directive indicators. Intentional to resemble stones in their background, these headlamps are key to the individuality of the front. They likewise play highschool standards in inflammation caliber, increasing the ignitor fuse by 51% in depression fashion. With anti-fog LED lamps furnished with comering spark office, the forepart of New DS4 is provided with 84 LED modules;
  • and to enable customers to discover the two vehicles at a peek, the frown front-end peel and shave are lightlessness on DS4 Crossback, and body-coloured with a chrome-finish on New DS4 hatchback interpretation.
  • Styling that is sober, elegant refined… and visible

    2016 Citroen Ds4

    With their powerfully pronounced lines and features and entire but uncomplicated manikin, the two new DS4 substantiate all the styling attributes of DS.

    Viewed from the english, both eubstance styles have a chromium-plate knock track about the dark-tinted incline windows with a tautly worn roofline termination in a despoiler. The compress, mesomorphic back styling maintains its tasteful, classifiable conception. To heighten this unequaled styling, the horizontal sparkle guides vitrine the backside lights.


    “New DS4 and DS4 Crossback join the outflank in DS engineering. Answer: two vehicles, two new DS, with a real potent personality and an uncomparable degree of equipment and finish – mostly reserved for the adjacent section up – effective engines that set downright standards in price of operation and fire efficiency, and bodoni connectivity features. Piece the Crossback consistency dash is certain to instigate surprisal and ebullience, New DS4 hatchback variant is a veridical choice to schematic bounty vehicles.” Eric Apode, VP Products and Line Growing

    Further connectivity enhancements

    DS4 is the get-go DS (and, so, the get-go car from the PSA grouping) to run Apple CarPlay&swop;, which offers motorists enhanced rubber, word and amusement from in-car use of iPhone devices.

    The new 7″ colouration touchscreen brings in the really up-to-the-minute HMI (human-machine port) innovations from the PSA grouping to crack DS4 drivers a still hi-tech drive get. Thither are dozen fewer buttons on the fundamental facia, with the new-generation sieve freehanded ergonomic entree to all fomite functions. Among the well-nigh salient is the New Mirror Cover lineament, which runs either Apple CarPlay&swap; or MirrorLink® to extra smartphone message on the car’s splasher screenland. Apple CarPlay&sell; (one of the new features on New DS4) offers nonrational (fingertip or vox controlled) accession to headphone, maps, medicine and messages. CarPlay&patronage; can be operated either from the indigene car port or victimization Siri part controller, for cypher driver misdirection.

    Evening afterwards the travel is complete, DS customers can living in contact with car information immediately from their smartphones. The unblock MyDS lotion tells them when the following service is due, when they’ll birth to refuel, and can fifty-fifty settle where their DS is parked. MyDS is uncommitted for Humanoid and iOS. And on Humanoid smartphones compatible with the MirrorLink measure, MyDS volition flush learn and indite textbook messages on the actuate.

    All tod’s DS models are amply machine-accessible, foster substantiation of the DS front-line position on technical advancement.

    Similar all the vehicles in the ambit, New DS4 and DS4 Crossback testament be transportation former 2016 with the DS Link Box, which includes:

    2016 Citroen Ds4
  • the SOS & Help clique, a ground-breaking robotlike birdcall arrangement exploited to situate the fomite and find aid in the consequence of an pinch or dislocation;
  • the Monitoring ingroup: a practical care manual (reflexive milage monitoring, presentment of coming help operations) and eco-driving tips based on expert data provided by the car;
  • the Map coterie: locates the fomite, sends an email if the fomite enters or leaves a precondition geographic expanse;
  • the Trailing coterie: in the effect of larceny, gives the constabulary the fomite’s geographic situation.
  • A wealth of equipment combining safety and comfort

    The hi-tech access reflected in these new machine-accessible services (MirrorLink and Carplay) is too seeable in over-the-counter functions usable on DS4. E.g., a reversing camera, and keyless ingress and scratch are now useable, aboard unsighted blot monitoring and lane passing admonition functions, for greater comforter and – supra all – safe. New DS4 likewise features massaging seating, an singular equipment therein section, a semitrailer phenylamine leather victimised for the ticker lather excogitation and a leather-upholstered splashboard that turns every travel into a howling clock.

    As the suitable successor to the pilot DS with its swivelling lights, DS4 has Xe directive headlights, LED fog lights, LED scrolling indicators and the cornering lighter part (unequaled therein section). Whether on the hatchback or Crossback adaptation, about of these functions are uncommitted from the get-go layer of shave.

    Increasingly efficient engines

    New DS4 bequeath be launched in October with six engines emitting ‘tween 97g/km and138g/km of CO2: one PureTech, two THP and trey BlueHDi. DS4 Crossback testament send with a quality of four-spot engines: two gas and two diesel. Locomotive production is improved and now ranges from 120 to 210 bhp, with torsion of betwixt 230 and 400 Nm. Fire ingestion is importantly rock-bottom, at ‘tween 3.7 and 5.9l per 100 km). Resolution: New DS4 and DS4 Crossback are on a par with the topper in their section.

    PureTech 130 S&S and 6-speed manual gearbox

    The PureTech folk – rewarded in end June by the external toll of locomotive of the yr – of 3-cylinder gasolene engines gained a new turbocharged variant: the PureTech 130 S&S. This new powertrain delivers plentifulness of torsion from low revs terminated a across-the-board ring for a gamy operation.

    On DS4, this locomotive has outturn of 96 kW (131 bhp) at 5,500 rpm (an addition of 9% terminated its precursor, the VTi 120) and utmost torsion of 230 Nm (an growth of 44% compared with the VTi 120, from1,750 rpm alternatively of 4,250 rpm).

    Simultaneously, the PureTech 130 S&S locomotive with a 6-speed manual gearbox cuts both fire intake and CO2 emissions by 21%. As a solution, New DS4 and DS4 Crossback PureTech 130 S&S with a 6-speed manual gearbox deplete good 4.9 l/100 km with CO2 emissions of 112g/km with 16-inch wheels.

    THP 165 S&S EAT6

    Paired to the new 6-speed robotlike gearbox (quicker geartrain ever-changing, greater driveability, decreased inner detrition, etcetera.), DS4 THP 165 S&S is an telling performer, with fire intake of 5.5 l/100 km- a 29% betterment on the THP 160- CO2 emissions of nether 130g/km, and 240 Nm of torsion.

    With utmost injectant pressing of 200 bars and Layover&Startle engineering (with a built appetizer), this locomotive has utmost yield of 121 kW (165 bhp EEC) at 6,000 rpm. Utmost torsion of 240 Nm is useable from 1,400 rpm and corpse unremitting to 4,000 rpm, for singular driveability at both low and gamy revs.

    THP 210 S&S with a 6-speed manual gearbox

    New DS4 leave be the offset DS fomite to embark with the THP 210 S&S. This locomotive delivers uttermost yield of 155 kW (210 bhp CEE) at 6,000 rpm. Utmost torsion of 285 Nm is usable from 1,750 rpm and cadaver ceaseless to 5,000 rpm, for noteworthy driveability at both low and gamey revs. Fire uptake is 5.9l per 100 km for CO2 emissions of 138g/km.

    This high-performance locomotive is a double-dyed compeer for the dynamical, elegant styling of New DS4 hatchback. For this rationality, it volition be useable lonesome with the hatchback interpretation.

    With obedience to diesel, the stove is course useable with the latest-generation BlueHDi diesel engines.

    BlueHDi combines modern functioning with low fire expenditure and CO2 emissions. These results were achieved by workings direct on the locomotive (improved national efficiency, new diamond-like c finishing, fewer mechanical losings, etcetera.) and by implementing an groundbreaking and effective exhaust. The advanced and unparalleled quality of this expel business lies in its particular layout: the SCR (Selective Catalytic Decrease) faculty positioned upriver of the linear particulate dribble is the sole after-treatment scheme able-bodied to thin NOx emissions by capable 90% likewise as reduction CO2 emissions by capable 4%.

    BlueHDi 120 S&S 6-speed manual or EAT6

    This is the entry-level diesel for DS4. Paired to either a 6-speed manual gearbox or the new 6-speed machinelike gearbox, it shows veridical anticipate: 3.7l per 100 km and 97g/km of CO2 with the 6-speed manual gearbox, or 3.8l per 100 km and 99g/km of CO2 with the EAT6, for torsion of 300 Nm. With these figures, New DS4 hatchback variant and DS4 Crossback set the touchstone for fire efficiency with esteem to the competitor.

    Blue HDi 150 S&S with a 6-speed manual gearbox

    The BlueHDi 150 S&S with a 6-speed manual gearbox is a warm performer in the DS locomotive grasp, delivering 50 Nm more torsion and 25 bhp more mightiness, spell clipping CO2 emissions and fire use by more 20% compared with the HDi 135.

    As a resultant: the figures verbalise for themselves: 3.8l per 100 km and 97g/km of CO2 for torsion of 370 Nm. Based on these iii criteria, New DS4 BlueHDi 150 S&S with a 6-speed manual gearbox emerges as the benchmark with, particularly, betwixt 20 and 70 Nm more torsion than its master competitors.

    This locomotive volition be useable but on New DS4 hatchback variation.

    BlueHDi 180 S&S EAT6: fuel economy and torque

    A foster diesel in the line-up: the BlueHDi 180 S&S EAT6. With the new EAT6 six-speed automatonlike gearbox, it delivers spectacular operation and fire saving: 4.3l per 100 km and113g/km of CO2 for torsion of 400 Nm. With capable 50 Nm more torsion than its chief competitors and a best-in-class torsion valuation, this locomotive delivers undischarged driveability on both New DS4 and DS4 Crossback!


    The watchwords for DS are civilization and aid to contingent, both on the international and the privileged.

    This is much in grounds on New DS4 and DS4 Crossback. Considerable intellection has been apt to every contingent!

    The vehemence on item is seeable in the use of reliable materials (alloy, al, leather, etcetera.) showcased in a alone and scoop way, as illustrated by the ‘vigil flog’ figure of the leather seating.

    E.g., DS4 is useable with leash types of leather, including wide-cut ingrain nappa leather and semi-aniline leather, one of the humans’s finest types of leather, seldom exploited in the self-propelled diligence. On DS4, tending to item is interpreted to the utmost with an constitutional leather shave: the splashboard and battlefront and bottom doorway panels are upholstered in hand-sewn nappa leather. Outstanding to the concave and bulging lines of the splashboard, it takes eight-spot hours for an upholsterer to over this composite manual treat.

    A encourage instance of the French-style opulence offered by DS is the two-tone offer on New DS4 (ceiling and bodywork). A unequaled offer in the agiotage hatchback section. The paintwork requires the workmanship of a squad of experts customising manually the new DS4 vehicles.

    2016 Citroen Ds4


    To story for ever-changing drive high, particular registration of the powertrain and steerage were made to the two consistence styles in fiat to tone the drive characteristics that are unanimously accepted in DS4 in damage of comforter and treatment.

    With a glower kernel of graveness, New DS4 is more spry and unchanging. Drivers testament savour the car’s prissy flavor in nail solace. With a drive meridian brocaded by 30 mm, DS4 Crossback offers a higher impulsive post (greater profile and a more relaxed campaign) and is capable to acquire dissimilar types of terrain.

    Useable with both soundbox styles, Levelheaded Grip Ascendancy is a drive aid that optimises anti-skid ordinance of the battlefront wheels on surfaces with niggling clutches. It improves “start-up” operation, specially on snow-clad surfaces, besides as driveability when advent out of a number.

    Sound Grip Restraint is especially effective on DS4 Crossback, since it boosts the car’s functioning on surfaces with lilliputian clutch.

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