2016 Citroen Ds3


Since the found of DS 3 in 2010, 390,000 customers deliver succumbed to the charms of this hip and fashionable Parisian supermini. From London to Tokyo and Sydney to Buenos Aires, DS 3 has go a genuine self-propelling image that is celebrated for its classifiable personality, unequalled styling, drive delight and leading-edge engineering. Both DS 3 and DS 3 Cabrio bear e’er offered drivers the scoop potential commingle of consolation and zing.

New DS 3 and DS 3 Cabrio are flush more attractive, with new designing features (revised forepart and personalisation possibilities) and enhanced functionality (connectivity, drive assist systems). For top-level operation, both in the metropolis and out on the afford route, the DS steel’s various new models can be specified with the modish PureTech 130 three-cylinder turbo gas locomotive and go the latest-generation EAT6 reflex gearbox with the PureTech 110 gas locomotive. New DS 3 and DS 3 Cabrio bequeath too be useable in Functioning stipulation, self-praise an telling 208hp (153kW).

Avant-garde design: from the new front end to the personalisation options

DS 3 has perpetually incarnate daring excogitation and was the commencement DS to have the extremely expressive “DS LED Sight” twinkle touch. Now it besides boasts the DS Automobiles forepart with “DS Wings” that are graven round a vertically-oriented grillwork that proudly wears the DS allegory. Encircled in chromium-plate to emphasize its elegance, the grillwork extends towards the LED headlamps and fog lamps via two chromed-finished wings. The new forepart absolutely complements the styling of the car, with the two-bagger wings devising their launching on a DS manakin. Abaft all, it is whole innate for the first-ever mod day DS, and a DS stain image, to track the way. The DS pattern squad has maintained often of the car’s pilot flavor, including the vagrant cap, two-tone consistence/cap colors and the shark fins on the sides, which are so typic of the DS 3’s personality.

2016 DS3

New DS 3 is more singular than e’er in damage of personalisation possibilities, including options for the ceiling, consistence, bottom aspect mirror housings, fascia and pitch boss. Customers can now select from 78 personify/cap colouring combinations and foursome textile roofs for the DS 3 Cabrio.

Unrivalled lighting quality with DS LED Vision headlights

As with New DS 4 and New DS 5, the new headlights – that were earlier introduced on DS 3 in the summertime of 2014 – trust LED engineering (trey jewel-like modules in apiece whole) and Xe engineering, with serial LED indicators and new LED fog lamps.

The combining of LED and Xe technologies generates a herculean, unsubtle and symmetrical lighter stream for improved profile and driver quilt at dark. It besides reduces the vigour intake on the lordotic air background by 50% (67% with the principal beams switched on).

Mirror Screen compatible with iOS and Android

New DS 3 models are equipt with Mirror Sieve functionality, comprising Apple CarPlay&patronage; or MirrorLink® (for Humanoid phones), delivery drivers a smarter, safer and more gratifying way of experiencing all the individualized features of their smartphones.

The New DS 3 impulsive have is more hi-tech than e’er with the new 7-inch coloration touchscreen. The latest-generation concealment provides simpler approach to all of the briny fomite functions (with 20 fewer buttons on the key dashboard). It besides houses Mirror Covert, a connectivity result compatible with Apple CarPlay&patronage; and MirrorLink®. Drivers can use Apple CarPlay&craft; to intuitively micturate calls, confer maps, hear to medicine and baulk their messages, either by victimization the Siri part acknowledgement engineering or via the touchscreen.

2016 Citroen Ds3

New DS 3 drivers can likewise protract the motoring receive on their smartphones with “MyDS”, a justify app ratting them of their service agenda, fire thriftiness and parking locating. MyDS is uncommitted for Humanoid and iOS.

Drivers with Humanoid smartphones that are compatible with MirrorLink® can besides use MyDS to hear to and beam textbook messages hands-free from butt the bike of their New DS 3. Proving that DS cars are decisively technical objects, all DS models are now full machine-accessible. As with the balance of the reach, from betimes 2016 DS 3 testament be usable with the DS Link Box including:

  • SOS & Help camp: a standard-setting organization that makes machinelike pinch and help calls, where necessity to shout the exigency services,
  • Monitoring gang: a practical sustenance manual (mechanically monitoring milage and approaching services), with eco-driving advice based on the proficient entropy generated by the car,
  • Map gang: fomite locating with customisable alerts via netmail, e.g. when the car enters or leaves a geographic ar,
  • Trailing ring: in the consequence of thieving, the geographic berth of the car is transmissible to the law.
  • Active City Brake

    The Dynamic Metropolis Brakes helps to forbid shaver collisions at low speeds. A short-range detector, placed at the top of the windshield, detects obstacles such as a stationary fomite. At speeds of capable 30km/h (18mph) it identifies potentiality risks and communicates instantly with the braking ascendance whole without the driver having to signature the bracken cycle. The intent is to forfend collisions or to restrain the consequences of an stroke by reduction the swiftness of shock. Reflexive braking may convey the fomite to a dispatch arrest where the billet requires it. Therein suit, the car is held in a stationary post for about 1.5 seconds so that the driver can recover mastery.

    Ahead activation the machinelike braking – if the organization identifies an at-risk berth – the car primes the hydraulic braking organisation for improved responsiveness in the outcome it is needful.

    New equipment for day-to-day comfort

    New DS 3 is now weaponed with breast and backside parking sensors, a reversing camera with optical indicant draw lines on the 7-inch blind and Mound Beginning Serve (manual gearbox lonesome). Day-after-day serviceableness and comforter is likewise provided by a wide bang with the largest freight intensity in apiece section (285 litres for the hatchback and 245 litres for the Cabrio). Quilt is a key intelligence when impulsive DS 3 Cabrio. The ceiling can be open and shut at superhighway speeds and the car provides striking acoustical quilt.

    2016 Citroen Ds3

    New DS 3 likewise dozens extremely for backside rider ease. Both New DS 3 and New DS 3 Cabrio can lodge the driver and a rider in the movement of the car and trey full-grown passengers in the backrest.

    Refinement and attention to detail

    With more 20 circumscribed editions since establish, 78 torso/cap coloration combinations and concluded deuce-ace zillion personalisation options, New DS 3 has a knock-down fibre and plenteousness of personality. Personalisation quality is now greater than always, with ten ceiling decals useable for the hatchback and iv cloth roofs on the Cabrio, jointly a emcee of boost details.

    As a fashionable Parisian supermini eternally at the forefront of manner, New DS 3 is useable with new trims and new internal innovation schemes (e.g., Basalt Inkiness Dinamica material, Tan splasher). New DS 3 besides comes with a new eubstance coloration (Athletics Red) and a new ceiling semblance (Tan, which is divine by gemstones), also as new admixture wheels.

    Manner is too the aspiration inwardly New DS 3. Leather – a cloth that ne’er goes out of elan – features on the touch watchstrap-style seating. This DS assay-mark invention uses agio Nappa leather. Nappa leather is too exploited for the leather-upholstered fascia on Radical Prestigiousness models.

    As an ultimate exercise of aid to particular, New DS 3 combines engineering and subtlety with laser etching on the splashboard reduce and on the doorway mirrors.

    Beautiful and boldface, New DS 3 shakes up self-propelling figure cues and breathes new biography into French-style opulence. For the hatchback and the Cabrio, the keywords persist prayer and verve.

    Dynamic and high-performance

    2016 Citroen Ds3

    New DS 3 may good let entreaty as an urban car, but it is as at rest out on the clear route due to its press dimensions, lightsomeness and, supra all, to its high-performance engines. New DS 3 bequeath be useable in the UK with 7 engines, including leash PureTech three-cylinder gas engines (the DS make’s PureTech engines won an Outside Locomotive of the Class awarding in 2015). Thither are besides two THP four-cylinder gasolene units and two BlueHDi diesels. Thither are two types of gearbox – manual and a latest-generation robotic. The resultant is CO2 emissions as low as 87g/km (for the BlueHDi 100) and no than 129g/km for the grasp as a hale, fashioning New DS 3 saint for all uses.

    Iii particular points are peculiarly remarkable: the EAT6 latest-generation reflexive gearbox; the new PureTech 130 three-cylinder turbo gasolene locomotive paired to a 6-speed manual contagion; and a new active modeling called “DS 3 Operation”, with a sinewy new locomotive.

    PureTech 110 S&S EAT6 auto: the perfect combination

    The latest-generation EAT6 amply machinelike gearbox is paired to the PureTech110 S&S three-cylinder gas locomotive, which is fitted with a turbo for generous torsion at low locomotive speeds. This nonpareil gearbox-engine alignment makes for a lithe and dynamical cause. Drivers get quicker and more unlined cogwheel changes, and enhanced drive joy, reactivity and speedup. The figures mouth for themselves, with combined-cycle fire ingestion of 61.4mpg and CO2 emissions of 105g/km for the hatchback and the Cabrio – not forgetting 205Nm of torsion.

    PureTech 130 S&S 6-speed manual: verve and vitality

    Uncommitted first in DS 3 and DS 3 Cabrio, the PureTech 130 S&S delivers generous torsion at low locomotive speeds and maintains it complete a large-minded operational scope. The locomotive gives New DS 3 eventide more vitality and energy spell ensuring the last-place CO2 emissions in its form at good 105g/km, and combined-cycle fire use of 62.8mpg.

    With uttermost superpower of 96kW (130hp) at 5,500 rpm and maximal torsion of 230Nm from 1,750 rpm, the PureTech 130 S&S locomotive is a consummate compeer for New DS 3.

    New DS 3 Performance: matching performance with refinement

    2016 Citroen Ds3

    The New DS 3 compass volition admit brawny and active DS 3 Operation versions. These typical cars coalesce stylemark DS puff, civilisation and dash – with strenuosity and excitation.

    The line of DS 3 Operation can be neatly summed up in a few key figures: 208hp, 300Nm of torsion and CO2 emissions of 125g/km. These qualities are a termination of the rattling employment through by the DS Functioning squad, who chose to outfit the cars with a top of the reach 1.6 THP S&S locomotive paired to a 6-speed manual gearbox with shorter cogwheel ratios. The New DS 3 Execution versions besides occur, as touchstone, with a Torsen® modified elusion derivative for great grip, road-holding and manipulation.

    For flush more legerity, the hiatus has been lowered by 15mm and the strawman and back tracks get been widened (by 26mm and 14mm severally). The New DS 3 Execution models are likewise fitted with bigger 323mm bracken discs at the forepart (with peculiar Brembo calipers), and 249mm discs at the bum.

    Course, elan was too heights on the number of priorities. About components were redesigned to case and emphasise the fomite’s active qualities at get-go peek: a extra duplicate tailpipe, c face mouldings, a new sill shell innovation and Lusterlessness Blackness roll curve extensions. Not forgetting the fomite inner, inner thither are leather and Alcantara upholstered bucketful seating, with limited DS Functioning fancywork.

    2016 Citroen Ds3

    Oblation a turn of personalisation possibilities, customers leave be able-bodied to select from foursome eubstance colors (Icy Man-eater Grayness, Perla Nera Blacken or Athletics Red), two cap colors for the hatchback (gabardine or nigrify) and peculiar DS Execution art.

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