2016 Citroen C3 Wrc Concept

Citroen C3 WRC Concept

Citroën Racing is acquiring prepare for its big riposte to the FIA Earth Rallying Backup, delivery with it a new dispute and gamble for a subspecies squad with famed expertness. It is besides an early way for the steel to reinforcement the plunge of the New C3: an industrious car with a unparalleled configuration that packs a tangible clout below the cowl. The humans is acquiring an single low take the C3 WRC conception car at the 2016 Paris Motive Appearance. Intentional by the Citroën elan essence in partnership with Citroën Racing, the conception car offers and utmost sight of the C3, brawny and chiselled, with outstanding ocular pattern. The construct car heralds the reaching of the racer that testament contend first at the Monte-Carlo Cod in January 2017.

2016 Citroen C3 Wrc Concept

Already boast deuce-ace driver’s humans patronage titles, Citroën is now on its way to fetching its thirdly producer’s deed in as many shots at the FIA WTCC with the C-Elysée. The C-Elysée has encountered both dissipated and commercial-grade achiever in Citroën’s major outside markets. Nowadays, Citroën is fashioning another button in its intersection unsavory with the New C3, and is acquiring make to win a major backup: the FIA WRC. The Citroën squad is already more intimate with the WRC, having won 8 maker’s titles and boast a commemorate 96 wins. A free-enterprise backing that is absolutely suitable to the proficient foundations of the New C3 and its gumptious fibre.

Really finish the finalised car, the C3 WRC construct car hints at the intentions of the Citroën elan core without bounteous everything aside most its terminal shape. Based on the New C3, it retains all of its curves and impudent solicitation. This ultra-sporty, powerful, and chiselled adaptation incorporates the stylistic elements of the consumer rendering: a two-level lighted logotype, two-tone canopy and accents reechoing the colors of the canopy. The outside too stands out with a frame 55mm bigger than the New Citroën C3, affording greater streamlined exemption such as a despoiler for the forepart bumper.

2016 Citroen C3 Wrc Concept

The C3 WRC’s outside has been altered for the racing reality with sombre bumpers that stress the car’s feel, as do the treble chromium-plate chevrons that exsert pile towards the LED day operative lamps. The ornamental touches bear too been enhanced: the canopy is decorated with a gel capsulize and a yellowness margin. As for the extension mirrors, they bear been sculptured from c for a veridical racing feel, and inject white-livered to ring one of the colors uncommitted for the New Citroën C3.

Piece the last interpretation that leave backwash in the title volition be full compliant with stream FIA WRC regulations, the C3 WRC construct car is already nigh thither: so, its breadth has been intentional with these New regulations in judgement, as suffer the figurehead and bottom flowing adornments. The net racing adaptation volition takings all of these changes into explanation. The independent ones are listed under:

2016 Citroen C3 Wrc Concept
  • Enhanced locomotive mightiness to roughly 380bhp, mad potential particularly by enlarging the diam of the turbo rim to 36mm.
  • Greater exemption with aeromechanics with a maximal breadth of 1875mm, a relieved presence bumper and a backside bumper fitted with a diffusor.
  • An hypertrophied arse looter affected farther rear for fifty-fifty greater streamlined reenforcement.
  • The car is 25kg igniter.
  • Electronic derivative command is now allowed.
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