2016 Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet unveiled the all-new 2016 V electric with drawn-out orbit, showcasing a sleeker, sportier innovation that offers 50 miles of EV compass, greater efficiency and stronger speedup.

The Chevrolet V’s new, effective actuation scheme volition fling a Worldwide Motors’-estimated amount drive orbit of more 400 miles and with veritable charging, owners are expected to jaunt more 1,000 miles on norm betwixt gas fill-ups.

“The 2016 Chevrolet V provides our owners with a no-compromise galvanising drive see,” aforementioned Alan Batey, chairperson of GM Northerly America. “We think our technology art combined with information from thousands of customers allows us to have the virtually open board fomite in the manufacture.”

The 2016 Chevrolet V’s engineering and compass advancements are complemented by a figure that blends sculptured, hefty proportions with sleek efficiency, and an all-new national with seats for pentad and improved functionality.

Everything from charging the barrage and checking the guardianship condition, to the intuitiveness of board controls were intentional for easier use.

2016 Chevrolet Volt

“According to main surveyors, V owners are the virtually quenched in the industriousness and they were our orbit for underdeveloped the next-generation exemplar,” aforesaid Batey.

2016 V highlights:

  • New two-motor driving whole is capable 12 pct more effective and 100 pounds hoy (45 kg) than the first-generation cause whole
  • Two-motor pattern enables 19 percentage stronger zero-to-30 mph speedup
  • Bombardment capability has increased to 18.4 kWh exploitation 192 cells (96 fewer than flow propagation) with burden rock-bottom by more 20 pounds
  • Regen on Involve&barter; sport enables driver command of get-up-and-go re-formation via a commodious spank on the binding of the wheel
  • New 1.5L ambit extender, intentional to use habitue leadless fire, offers a combined GM-estimated fire efficiency of 41 mpg (EPA approximation pending)
  • Stronger structure and quieter cod
  • New braking scheme with improved capableness and blended Regen smell
  • New, five-passenger seats with useable ass het seating
  • Location-based charging capableness
  • 120V portable corduroy set has a simpler, concordat innovation with more commodious depot locating
  • Useable lit care embrasure
  • 2016 Chevrolet Volt

    The 2016 V goes on sale in the endorsement one-half of 2015.

    Sleeker, sportier design

    The 2016 V has an all-new, brawny excogitation that incorporates Chevrolet execution fomite DNA divine cues graceful in the winding burrow.

    New features, including alive grillwork shutters, service counterpoise excogitation with efficiency.

    V’s sleek, dynamical form is elysian by the toned physiques of athletes and tied the lifelike shapes of wind-swept litoral, with carven soundbox sides and fenders that coalesce into the bonnet. The front-end show retains the iconic V individuality, with burnished speed and frown wicket pads.

    Greater attending to item in the innovation cues, materials and colours too lends a more bounty, present-day gloriole to its appearing. It besides retains the classifiable V touch on the speed presence doors, carrying ended one of the first-generation example’s identifiers.

    Interior, the new V includes seats for phoebe. Saucy colours ooze an inviting upscale aureole – complemented by dingy ambient light – piece the controls are more intuitively located and simpler to lock.

    The V retains its touch three-fold digital colouring displays with an eight-inch-diagonal reconfigurable screenland in the cat’s-paw flock to relay driver data. An extra eight-inch-diagonal touchscreen in the core of the panel controls the Chevrolet MyLink arrangement.

    Fewer icons on the centerfield dassie pass easier to lock. Fork mood ascendancy knobs and buttons beneath the core exhibit go crystalize, commodious performance.

    New Voltec propulsion system

    An all-new, second-generation Voltec prolonged scope galvanic fomite (EREV) actuation scheme is the superpower butt the 2016 V’s increased all-electric impulsive ambit, greater efficiency and stronger speedup. It was engineered based on the drive behaviors of first-gen V owners.

    2016 Chevrolet Volt

    “V owners over more 80 pct of their trips without exploitation a bead of gas and they differentiate us they honey the galvanizing drive know. Putt that have at the centre of the new Voltec scheme’s exploitation helped us amend ambit, piece too devising the new V more fun to ride,” aforesaid Andrew Farah, fomite head organise. “We conventional a precedent when the pilot Voltec actuation scheme debuted and this newest looping sets the EV engineering bar eventide higher.”

    The Voltec organization includes the bombardment, cause whole, range-extending locomotive and index electronics.

    GM’s industry-leading shelling engineering has been reengineered for the next-generation V. The 2016 V bequeath use an 18.4 kWh bombardment arrangement featuring revised cellphone alchemy highly-developed in conjunctive with LG Chem. Piece boilersuit scheme repositing content has increased, the figure of cells suffer reduced from 288 to 192 as the outcome of a revised alchemy. The cells are positioned glower in the ring for an improved (glower) core of gravitation and the boilersuit volume of the ingroup is 21 pounds (9.8 kg) hoy.

    Alike the shelling organisation, the next-generation V’s two-motor thrust whole delivers increased efficiency and functioning on with decreased randomness and shakiness. The effort whole operates capable 12 percentage more expeditiously and weighs 100 pounds (45 kg) less than the stream arrangement.

    Both motors control unitedly in more drive scenarios, in both EV and extended-range process. The power to use both motors helps pitch a 19 pct advance in electrical quickening from nix to 30 mph (2.6 seconds) and a 7 percentage betterment from naught to 60 mph (8.4 seconds). GM engineers intentional the Voltec galvanic motors to use importantly less lanthanon materials. One motive uses no rarefied earth-type magnets.

    More convenient location-based charging

    2016 Chevrolet Volt

    Victimisation real-world experiences of nowadays’s V owners, Chevrolet made the charging scheme in the next-generation V more commodious for customers to reload the shelling – and to baulk the burster condition.

    GPS location-based charging

    2016 Chevrolet Volt

    “Owners volition now be capable to set their charging preferences alone for “abode” charging and the fomite bequeath mechanically aline thereto circumstance when it is at “habitation” based on GPS information,” aforesaid Farah, the chieftain organize. “The new V bequeath commit owners greater flexibleness for charging on their price and micturate world charging easier.”

    This testament countenance owners to pre-set their 120V charging grade (eight-spot amps or 12 amps) and whether they wishing to mission now, set a leaving metre for apiece day of the workweek, or set a release clock and a utility-grade range agenda to guardianship but at off-peak rates. These background leave lone deliver to be programmed formerly and the V volition nonpayment to them when the fomite comeback to its abode localization.

    New, more intuitive charge status indicators

    The next-generation Chivy V makes it easier for owners to reassert their V is charging and bore guardianship condition. The new position arrangement features a particularly intentional quality that indicates when charging has begun, with extra tones for delayed charging. It volition flush signal if the care larboard threshold was unexpended unfold later unplugging but ahead entry the fomite.

    With a peek done the windscreen, an updated tutelage position indicant lighter on the on the top of the panel volition display the judge care stratum done a serial of flashes. An useable lighted burster embrasure makes it easier to connect subsequently nighttime.

    Portable cord set enhancements

    2016 Chevrolet Volt

    A new 120V portable corduroy set has a simpler, concordat invention with more commodious entrepot fix. The depot bin for the corduroy is now set on the remaining position of the V’s back hold, supra the consignment deck, for improved handiness.

    Safety features

    The new Chevrolet V offers new banner and uncommitted refuge features that ferment with an all-new structure to ply crash-avoidance and rider tribute potentiality. Highlights admit:

  • Touchstone rear-vision camera
  • Ten measure air bags, including driver and front-passenger genu air bags
  • Useable dynamic safe features oblation lane hold aid with lane loss monition, position subterfuge district alerting with lane alter alive, back crossbreed dealings brisk, advancing hit alerting with pursual length indicant, presence robotic braking, and innovative ballpark serve with breast and ass parkland aid (semi-automatic twin parking)
  • Expanded use of high-strength brand passim the structure improves enduringness and reduces slant
  • More efficacious morphological lading paths in the framing, on with built cradle gore structures and english construction reinforcements
  • The new, combat-ready prophylactic technologies and geomorphologic enhancements figure on the V’s bequest of top refuge execution, which admit a 5-Star boilersuit New Car Judgment Broadcast evaluation from the Subject Highway Dealings Guard Establishment for the stream simulation.


    GM is investment $435 zillion in the yield of the next-generation Chevrolet V at the Detroit-Hamtramck Forum Engraft and at the Brownstown, (Mich.) Shelling Forum Implant, where its lithium-ion bombardment clique is produced.

    The new driving whole testament be manufactured at GM’s Powertrain implant in Warren, Mich., and the 1.5L locomotive testament be manufactured at GM’s Toluca, Mexico locomotive engraft for the kickoff class of yield, so switch to the Granitic, Mich. locomotive works.

    Since its entry in previous 2010, the V has naturalized south-east Michigan as the hub of fomite electrification evolution and fabrication. The next-generation V volition characteristic about 70 pct U.S. and Canadian components inside its low twelvemonth of yield, a virtually 20-percent growth from the offset propagation.

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