2016 Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet introduced the all-new 2016 Light – a wholly redesigned and more advanced performance of the blade’s globose minicar. It offers greater efficiency and elaboration, on with new, useable guard and connectivity features.

As one of Chevrolet’s well-nigh world-wide vehicles, the 2016 Twinkle testament be offered in more 40 markets approximately the mankind.

“Chevrolet is truehearted seemly one of the mankind’s near crucial mini- and diminished car manufacturers, oblation customers about the orb a new route to the civilization, efficiency and connectivity features that vibrate with them,” aforesaid Alan Batey, chairperson, GM Northward America and Worldwide Chevrolet.

“The redesigned 2016 Glint builds on a hard bequest and takes the section to a higher degree with features and technologies not typically offered.”

The new Sparkle has a sleeker show, thanks to a somewhat yearner wheelbase, and an boilersuit meridian astir 1.6 inches (40 mm) depress than the flow manakin. The frown visibility reduces flowing hale to aid ameliorate efficiency and inside changes uphold the Twinkle’s traditionally generous headway.

It is likewise reinforced on an all-new, more full-bodied architecture that serves as the creation for its more advanced impulsive see. The stronger structure enabled engineers to strain rally and manipulation more incisively, for greater feelings of ascendancy and nuance, patch breeding a quieter rag.

“At its center, the new Arc is stillness the fun, nimble urban car that made the first-generation example so democratic, but it delivers that fun drive know with greater mundaneness,” aforementioned Sam Basile, administrator head organize. “And piece it’s a sincerely world-wide car, it is targeted for more highly-developed fomite markets, allowing engineers to focusing more just on the materials and technologies that vibrate with customers in those markets.”

2016 Chevrolet Spark

2016 Chevrolet Spark

Extra new and enhanced fomite features:

2016 Chevrolet Spark
  • All-new Ecotec 1.4L I-4 with manual and unendingly varying (CVT) transmissions – delivering a GM-estimated 40 mpg on the highway with the usable CVT
  • New useable refuge features including Slope Unreasoning Smirch Watchful, Lane Passing Admonitory and Forrader Hit Brisk
  • Next-generation Chevrolet MyLink with 7-inch-diagonal colouration touchscreen
  • Sophisticated dot-matrix LCD tool clustering presentation
  • Comp card of accoutrement packages for unprecedented personalization options.
  • Design details

    With the outright recognisable look of a contemporaneous world-wide Chevrolet, the 2016 Sparkle is imposing by a sleeker balance and esthetics.

    The depress ceiling peak reduces the feature vertical expression of many minicars, patch a “shrink-wrapped” eubstance – with the wheels pushed to the edges of the fenders – bestow to a unwaveringly ingrained front.

    2016 Chevrolet Spark

    An development of Chevrolet’s touch dual-port lattice is flanked by gravid, ovate headlamps that sail rear into the breast fenders. The headlamps birth a extremely elaborated show that impart to the Sparkle’s more advanced innovation.

    “Concisely, the Flicker has big up,” aforementioned Michael Simcoe, GM Outside v.p. of Excogitation. “It retains a vernal panache, but reflects the development of the globose minicar commercialise and customers’ desires for extravagantly styled and extremely content choices.”

    A pallette of bluff outside colours cadaver, and iii new colours – Toasted Marshmallow, Kalamata and Splatter – union the mix, contingent the commercialise.

    Inner, designers matched the lowered ceiling elevation by adjusting the hip-point dimensions for the seating, maintaining the copious headway of the stream manakin and oblation corresponding capaciousness with a more piquant impulsive billet.

    Upgraded materials and greater aid to point, including everything from the higher-quality fabrics to higher-density behind froth that heighten puff and strength, add mundanity.

    “You bear a greater impression of seated in the seating sooner than on them,” aforesaid Simcoe.

    2016 Chevrolet Spark

    An all-new board innovation with an ripe lcd (LCD) features a large “mall hatful” for the docudrama and clime organization controls. The Light’s touch color-matched board décors are updated with trapezoidal air outlets compared with circle outlets on the stream modeling.

    The Glint’s all-new MyLink radiocommunication features a capacitive-touch colouring exhibit, with an icon-based port exchangeable to smartphones and early electronic devices. And same a smartphone, the capacitive-touch presentation allows swiping, pinching and otc gestures for warm, loose surgery.

    New bulk ascendence and early strong-arm buttons tighten complexness and raise the scheme intuitiveness.

    Complementing MyLink to heighten Flicker’s connectivity is uncommitted OnStar with 4G LTE inherent Wi-Fi hotspot. It provides a peregrine hub for drivers and passengers to arrest affiliated. The hotspot is on whenever the fomite is on.

    All-new engine

    The 2016 Arc is powered by an all-new 1.4L locomotive that is share of GM’s new, worldwide kinfolk of Ecotec small-displacement engines. It offers an estimated 98 h.p. (73 kW) – a 16-percent growth ended the flow modelling.

    Engineered to present solid execution with fantabulous efficiency, the new Ecotec locomotive sept represents a clean-sheet conception and technology procedure, leverage the divers feel of GM’s world resources.

    “The new Ecotec architecture represents the nigh sophisticated and effective phratry of small-car gas engines in GM’s story,” aforesaid Tom Sutter, worldwide boss mastermind. “On with execution and efficiency targets, we’ve likewise aimed for segment-challenging elaboration with low haphazardness and oscillation – and we’ve hit the bulls-eye.”

    Flicker’s new 1.4L features an al block and drumhead, which helps cut the fomite’s boilersuit volume to heighten execution and efficiency. The cylinder header besides incorporates an structured tucker multiply, which advance reduces burthen – an assign that contributes to increased fomite efficiency and a more lucky front-to-rear angle equaliser, for a more reactive impulsive see.

    Locomotive efficiency is besides enhanced done decreased rubbing, including low-friction plunger rings, a low-friction camshaft crusade and a low-friction oil ticker. A five-speed manual infection or dual-range incessantly varying infection are uncommitted with the new 1.4L.

    Enhanced safety

    The 2016 Chevrolet Discharge builds on the stream framework’s report for delivering splendid rider prophylactic in the minicar section, where the 2015 Light is a Top Prophylactic Plectron by the Policy Found for Highway Guard.

    A stronger structure is at the kernel of the new Glint’s refuge chronicle and is complemented by a wider align of inactive and fighting refuge features. Ten stock air bags admit driver/figurehead rider stifle air bags, ceiling vilify english air bags and seat-mounted pectus/pelvic air bags. A rollover perception and security scheme is too offered.

    Additionally, new dynamic prophylactic features can avail drivers obviate collisions done camera-based engineering providing alerts to potential hit threats:

  • Onwards Hit Alarum
  • Lane Expiration Admonitory
  • Incline Screen Office Alive.
  • A rear-vision camera scheme is touchstone and back common aid is offered.


    The 2016 Chevrolet Discharge volition be produced from globally sourced parts at GM’s Changwon, S Korea fabrication deftness. It goes on sale in the Joined States in the quartern tail of 2015.

    2016 Chevrolet Spark

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