2016 Chevrolet Malibu

Chevrolet Malibu

Chevrolet introduced the all-new 2016 Malibu – a whole restyled midsize saloon engineered to pass more efficiency, connectivity and innovative condom features than e’er.

2016 Chevrolet Malibu

An all-new crossbreed powertrain, which leverages engineering from the Chevrolet V, leave whirl an estimated combined fire saving paygrade exceptional 45 mpg. The Malibu’s banner 1.5L turbo powertrain is relieved to crack 37 mpg highway.

The 2016 Malibu is too thirster and barge, with more upcountry blank and improved fire efficiency. Its wheelbase has been stretched about four-spot inches (101 mm), and it is virtually 300 pounds (136 kg) hoy than the flow simulation.

“Midsize customers severalise us they wish heavy fire saving, attached technologies, engrossed in a gorgeous outside. This is incisively what the 2016 Malibu was engineered to do,” aforementioned Jesse Ortega, Malibu head direct.

The 2016 Malibu goes on sale in the 4th fourth of 2015. Extra fomite highlights:

  • Uncommitted segment-exclusive OnStar 4G LTE in-vehicle connectivity too as uncommitted radiocommunication call charging
  • Nimble, advanced and silken outside pattern incorporates advanced details that advancement Chevrolet’s touch cues
  • Criterion hinderance safe technologies admit 10 measure air bags, with uncommitted features such as Forward-moving Hit Awake and Ass Crossing Dealings Alive. Reflex Parking Attend is likewise usable
  • All-new Teenager Driver boast, which allows parents to aspect their kids’ drive statistics, such as utmost amphetamine, monition alerts and more
  • All-new, power-dense Ecotec 1.5L turbo locomotive with fuel-saving stopover/starting engineering is received, oblation a GM-estimated 160 hp (119 kW)
  • High-output 2.0L turbo with GM-estimated 250 hp (186 kW) is uncommitted and is paired with a new eight-speed automatonlike transmittance.
  • 2016 Chevrolet Malibu

    The new Malibu testament be offered in L, LS, LT and Pm trims, too as the Cross example. The Pm trimming, Chevrolet’s new uplevel denomination, debuts in the 2016 Malibu. Extra exemplar and cut details bequeath be proclaimed finisher to the scratch of product.

    Malibu Hybrid technology

    Exploitation engineering from the 2016 Chevrolet V actuation arrangement, Malibu Cross volition pass an estimated combined fire saving valuation surpassing 45 mpg, higher than the combined milage ratings of the Crossing Coalition, Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata cross variants.

    An all-new, direct-injection 1.8L four-cylinder locomotive paired to a two-motor cause whole, somewhat limited from the 2016 Chevrolet V ride whole, powers the Malibu Loanblend. The crusade whole provides extra index to assistance the locomotive during speedup, for 182 h.p. (136 kW) of totality scheme exponent.

    The locomotive besides features Chevrolet’s get-go lotion of Release Gas Rut Retrieval, or EGHR, engineering, which uses release rut to affectionate the locomotive and cabin. EGHR improves locomotive warm and ensures coherent fire thriftiness functioning in frigid endure. Extra fire thriftiness benefits semen from Discharge Gas Recirculation, or EGR.

    An 80-cell, 1.5 kWh lithium-ion barrage gang provides wattage to the intercrossed organization. It can ability the Malibu Intercrossed capable 55 mph (88 km/h) on electricity unequaled. The gasoline-powered locomotive mechanically comes on at higher speeds and highschool gobs to cater extra powerfulness.

    In plus to the driving whole, the Malibu Cross likewise shares the 2016 V’s blended regenerative braking arrangement, which provides utmost k.e. recuperation during braking to be stored into the shelling organization to assistant defend care, and thrust whole might electronics.

    Turbocharged performance and efficiency

    An all-new, Ecotec 1.5L turbo is the banner locomotive in the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu, oblation a GM-estimated 37 mpg on the highway. It is role of a new globose kinsfolk of small-displacement gas engines intentional with greater mightiness tightness to return convinced operation with splendid efficiency.

    The new 1.5L turbo employs the occlusion/startle engineering introduced on the 2014 Malibu, which enhances efficiency in stop-and-go impulsive, tributary to a GM-estimated 27 mpg in metropolis impulsive – an 8-percent step-up o’er the flow manakin. On the highway, 1.5L-equipped models too sport dynamic lattice shutters that thin sleek dredge to optimise efficiency.

    The Malibu’s more-efficient measure locomotive delivers a GM-estimated 160 h.p. (119 kW) and 184 lb-ft of torsion (250 Nm). The torsion is like to the stream example’s criterion 2.5L course aspirated locomotive in a fomite box that’s well-nigh 300 pounds igniter.

    A higher-output 2.0L turbocharged locomotive is usable, oblation a GM-estimated 250 hp (186 kW) and 258 lb-ft of torsion (350 Nm), for a higher level of execution – but not at the disbursal of beneficial efficiency. Malibu 2.0T models are GM-estimated at 22 mpg in the metropolis and 32 on the highway.

    An all-new, GM-developed eight-speed robotlike contagion – the offset eight-speed robotic in a GM front-wheel-drive fomite – contributes to the 2.0T’s equaliser of functioning and efficiency. The 1.5L turbo locomotive is matched with a six-speed robotlike.

    2016 Chevrolet Malibu

    Teen Driver and an expanded range of safety features

    Stripling Driver, a banner sport on near cut levels of the next-generation Malibu, supports good impulsive habits by muting the sound or any gimmick opposite with the fomite when front-seat occupants aren’t eroding their safe belts. Teenager Driver besides provides hearable and ocular warnings when the fomite is travelling o’er preset speeds.

    2016 Chevrolet Malibu

    To use Teenaged Driver, a raise enables the characteristic with a PIN in the Settings carte of the Malibu’s MyLink scheme, which allows them to read their teenager’s key fob. The organisation’s settings are horny alone to registered key fobs.

    Chevrolet is the get-go in the diligence with a integral organization that lets parents sight on a exhibit how their teen horde the fomite. Uttermost velocity reached, length goaded and issue of multiplication dynamic rubber features were busy are among the parameters that can be confirmed.

    2016 Chevrolet Malibu

    Adolescent Driver complements a roll of banner and useable refuge features, including a rear-view camera scheme banner on LS, LT, Loanblend and Chancellor models.

  • Ten air bags, including front-seat genu air bags, head-curtain side-impact air bags and seat-mounted position air bags, are besides touchstone.
  • Rear-view camera organisation is banner on LS, LT, Loan-blend and Chancellor models.
  • Uncommitted alive safe features admit:

  • Movement Prosaic Awake that uses a innovative camera to assist obviate or cut the scathe caused by crashes with pedestrians before of the fomite. The organization can use automatonlike last-second braking
  • New Lane Sustenance Aid with Lane Exit Cautionary
  • Incline Unsighted Zona Watchful with Lane Vary Awake
  • New Forrader Hit Brisk with Chase Aloofness Index
  • Back Hybridisation Dealings Alarm
  • Battlefront and Arse Common Aid
  • Intellibeam, which mechanically switches the headlamps to eminent ray for punter route clarification and improved visibleness
  • Adaptative Sail Ascendence with Breast Reflexive Braking
  • Reflex Parking Serve.
  • Sleeker design with lighter, stronger body structure

    With a wheelbase stretch 3.6 inches (91 mm) thirster than the stream Malibu, on with a 2.3-inch (58 mm) thirster boilersuit distance and the like boilersuit breadth, the 2016 Malibu strikes a sleeker-looking balance. The added wheelbase helps furnish amend in-cabin comforter and functionality.

    With styling influenced by the 2014 Impala, the all-new Malibu advances Chevrolet’s world excogitation nomenclature with features such as slenderize, wholesale headlamps and a liberal assume the stigma’s feature dual-port wicket. Trey body-side creases too add play to the pattern and service severalize the Malibu as a present-day Harass.

    2016 Chevrolet Malibu

    The bonnet and the cowling – the arena where the windscreen meets the cap – are frown than the flow framework and give to the Malibu’s greater sleek execution, as do combat-ready grill shutters on LS and LT models.

    Agio conception cues are incorporate on all models, with present-day firing engineering featured crosswise the card, including led (LED) day track lamps on LT and Chancellor models. The Malibu Pm besides receives LED taillamps.

    Below the new Malibu’s athletic-looking hide is a stronger, light structure that contributes to its efficiency and impulsive kinetics. Greater use of high-strength steels enabled engineers to figure the structure with diluent components in around areas, delivering like wreck execution with lour weightiness. The all-new structure accounts for more tierce of the Malibu’s most 300-pound weightiness diminution.

    Roomier, more well-fixed and more attached upcountry

    The thirster wheelbase allows a more spread slaying of Chevrolet’s touch dual-cockpit inner. Back legroom improves by 1.3 inches (33 mm).

    The cabin’s unfold, grand feeling is built with a greater accent on ease, widget and connectivity, allowing the Malibu to sustenance tread with customers’ machine-accessible lives. Highlights admit:

  • Chevrolet MyLink with a seven-inch-diagonal colouration capacitive touchscreen is stock on LS, LT and Cross models
  • Chevrolet MyLink with an eight-inch-diagonal capacitive touchscreen is usable on LT and Crossbreed models and stock on Prime example
  • Chevrolet MyLink with seafaring is usable with the eight-inch MyLink arrangement and features third-dimensional map views for nigh major U.S. cities and attractions
  • All-new Teenager Driver sport is supported by the eight-inch MyLink organization, allowing parents to bound sure fomite functions to documentation safer drive and to purview their kids’ drive statistics such as uttermost upper, admonition alerts and more
  • OnStar 4G LTE with Wi-Fi hotspot is criterion on all models with a three-month/3GB information tribulation (whichever comes outset)
  • Radio headphone charging useable on LT and Cross and measure on Premiere
  • Double rear-seat USB ports and a 110-volt ability release is optional on LT and received on Prime clipping.
  • The board “plaza deal” is all-new, with greater limning ‘tween the documentary arrangement and clime organisation controls for easier, at-a-glance process. The Malibu’s internal is likewise features:

  • Galvano (satin) chromium-plate accents on the panel and centre comfort
  • Consecrate reposition slot for nomadic phones, which incorporates radio charging, if equipt
  • Perforate leather-appointed seats surfaces useable on LT and Cross and touchstone on Premiere
  • Ventilated seating – a kickoff for Malibu – are touchstone on Premiere.
  • Manufacturing

    The 2016 Malibu bequeath be reinforced from globally sourced parts at GM’s Fairfax Gathering Flora, in Kansas Metropolis, Kansas. The set standard a $600 1000000 investing in pigment rat and tooling upgrades in 2013.

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