2016 Cadillac Ct6

Cadillac CT6

2016 Cadillac CT6 creates a new expression for the prestigiousness saloon done the integrating of new technologies highly-developed to attain dynamical execution, efficiency and lightsomeness antecedently unobserved in expectant sumptuousness cars.

CT6 marks Cadillac’s long-awaited counter to the world prestigiousness lavishness section, and is one of octonary all-new vehicles the sword bequeath plunge by the end of the dec as portion of its $12-billion production investiture to boom and advance.

“The CT6 is nada less than an wholly new attack to agio sumptuosity – and an attack solitary Cadillac can propose,” aforementioned Johan de Nysschen, chairperson of Cadillac. “It is a sheer attempt with nonpareil oomph that reignites a mania for drive in prominent sumptuosity vehicles. Briefly, it is prestigiousness opulence reimagined.”

2016 Cadillac Ct6

Cadillac CT6 takes drivers to a higher brink of involution, with technologies that piddle them more cognizant of their surround, flesh systems – including fighting technologies – that shuffle the nigh of ascendence altogether weather, and powertrains led by an all-new Cadillac Duplicate Turbo locomotive that rewards with soul-stirring powerfulness on requirement. Passengers are ensconced in the stain’s ultimate reflection of comfortableness, luxuriousness and connectivity.

The CT6 features one of the diligence’s almost sophisticated self-propelled eubstance structures, an aluminum-intensive architecture that incorporates 11 dissimilar materials to attain durability, operation and efficiency thresholds much unmatchable among the man’s elect sumptuousness functioning sedans.

2016 Cadillac Ct6

2016 Cadillac CT6

It is one of the reality’s lightest and well-nigh nimble life-sized luxuriousness functioning sedans, with dimensions and commodiousness on par with BMW’s short-wheelbase 7-Series, but the approximative weighting, lightsomeness and efficiency of the littler Cadillac CTS – which is light than a BMW 5-Series. The CT6 is light than the BMW 5-Series, 6-Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

“We reinvented the feeler to geomorphologic underpinnings in the pursuit to break a unequalled convention for the prestigiousness sumptuosity execution saloon,” aforementioned de Nysschen. “Melding that new feeler with the kinetics conveyed in our over-the-counter award-winning rear-driven sedans – including V-Series – results in something that has been missed in the section: the excitement of a truthful driver’s car.”

Cadillac focussed on trey pillars that would blend to pitch the CT6’s active know – and do so with higher levels of bearing, elegance and technical introduction to avail lift Cadillac about the reality.

“Luxuriousness brands are reinforced from the top pile,” aforementioned Cadillac Honcho Selling Officeholder Uwe Ellinghaus. “Adding a active, top-of-the-range car is exchange to Cadillac’s alt and planetary outgrowth.”


  • All-new Z architecture features 13 hard-hitting aluminium castings in the structure, creating a igniter, stiffer construction that too enables “vault” levels of soundlessness
  • All-new Cadillac 3.0L Pair Turbo locomotive pass an estimated 400 h.p. (298 kW) and 400 lb-ft of torsion (543 Nm), qualification it among the near power-dense V-6 engines in the section, at 133 hp (99 kW) per l
  • Efficiency is enhanced with the industriousness’s beginning diligence of cylinder defusing engineering on a turbocharged V-6 locomotive, too as an eight-speed reflexive transmittance
  • 2.0L I-4 turbocharged and new 3.6L V-6 course aspirated engines, apiece with a new eight-speed robotlike transmittal
  • Active-on-demand all-wheel campaign featuring a unendingly varying clench that boundlessly varies index saving to the presence wheels – capable 959 lb-ft (1,300 Nm) – to pee the well-nigh of treatment and stableness altogether weather
  • Sophisticated operation anatomy arrangement intentional to render an piquant drive see – with segment-best cod, manipulation and isolation qualities – done the use of Dynamic Bottom Tip, Magnetised Tantalise Mastery and selectable campaign modes
  • Motorcar Fomite Clutch – a driver-selectable characteristic that prevents advancing/rearwards fomite crawl when the driver’s fundament is off the bracken. It reduces tire during lowering stop-and-go dealings and improves fomite ascendancy on engulf grades.
  • Connectivity

  • On-key 360-degree camera sight some the fomite, displayed on the Cadillac CUE screenland, helps slim screen floater round the fomite
  • Industry-first surround-view video scheme that can book battlefront and behind views patch impulsive, and 360 degrees of transcription if the fomite’s security is excited
  • Enhanced Night-sight helps name citizenry, prominent animals and more via oestrus signatures on a showing in the driver entropy core
  • Arse Camera Mirror is the manufacture’s outset lotion of full-display engineering, combine camera engineering with the schematic inner mirror to externalise an unobstructed survey in the mirror
  • New Innovative Parkland Assistance integrates automatonlike braking into robotic parking
  • New Prosy Hit Palliation engineering provides prosaic sensing indications, alerts and reflex braking to deflect collisions
  • Expectant, 10.2-inch-diagonal CUE port filmdom with 1280 x 720 HD firmness and soothe mounted touchpad. The capacitive-touch filmdom reacts quicker when scrolling and recognizes hand for direct/points of involvement research. The touchpad allows command of CUE features piece resting an arm on the plaza soothe sooner than touch the filmdom
  • Radiocommunication headphone charging and OnStar 4G LTE with Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Indulgence

  • Boldface American lavishness invention, clearly Cadillac – a lawful rear-wheel thrust car, with a striking dash-to-axle proportion oblation classical foresightful, low proportionality and luxuriousness front that commands tending
  • Jackanapes and a excogitation that conveys it. Active use of job ferment and mundaneness and preciseness in surfacing – CT6 looks as spark and spry as it really is
  • Elevates innovative craft with curated environments that are fertile, expressive and broad, compounding voluptuary leathers, alien wood, and c roughage in unprecedented slipway
  • Touchstone Collateral Flak led presence inflammation organization offers state-of-the-art, more effective elucidation for a classifiable show that is both technological and expressive in its lineament and personality
  • Extensive puff seating offering a processed, sybaritic appearing. Features admit agio Piece leather, cinque knead programs, reclining bottom seating and Cadillac’s get-go lotion of woven-in-seat warming elements
  • All-new Articulating Bum Bottom software offers new thresholds for consolation and sumptuosity, with about 3.3 inches (83 mm) of adjustable behind locomote, lumbar modification, tilting cushions, knead lineament, warming/chilling features and armrest with media controls, including HDMI and USB ports
  • Comp behind backside documentary scheme with articulating 10-inch-diagonal screens that recant into the battlefront seatbacks, on with connectivity for brought-in devices
  • Quadzone clime organization, which employs a lower-ranking full-HVAC scheme that allows passengers to individualise temperature and airflow for apiece seats office, on with ionizing air refining
  • Cadillac-first Bose® Panaray® sound organization features 34 strategically set speakers for surpassing active orbit and lucidity, including the get-go self-propelled diligence of conception and engineering elements from Bose plate amusement and pro sound products
  • Concierge receive firing that illuminates the exterior of the car as the proprietor approaches, based on the indicate from the peaceful launching fob
  • Hands-free superpower adorn lid process
  • Generous rear-seat legroom – 40.4 inches (1027 mm) – and segment-best home store, including 2.2L essence solace warehousing intensity.
  • About the architecture

    The body-in-white of the 2016 Cadillac CT6 is structurally ignitor and stiffer than any over-the-counter dynamically standardised fomite such as the BMW 5-Series or Audi A6. That state-of-the-art architecture is the creation for its benchmark-establishing legerity and vault-like solidness and quietude.

    The new architecture has a mixed-material construction with all-aluminum outside soundbox panels. Engineers conducted 50 gazillion hours of computational psychoanalysis – including 200,000 morphologic simulations – in its maturation, generating 21 patents.

    “Every empanel of the body-in-white is optimized with innovational connection techniques,” aforementioned Travis Hester, administrator honcho mastermind, Cadillac CT6. “It’s an sturdy access that provides the scoop counterweight of forcefulness, light and civilization.”

    13 hard-hitting aluminium die castings in the frown consistence structure thin complexness and are pregnant contributors to the architecture’s low deal. The CT6 is about 218 pounds (99 kg) igniter than a corresponding fomite exploitation preponderantly high-strength sword.

    GM’s almost advance personify manufacture methods are exploited to construct the construction, including proprietorship al spot-welding engineering that is more effective and helps slim weighting. Laser welding, menses recitation fasteners and self-piercing rivets are likewise employed, on with some 591 feet (180 meters) of modern geomorphologic adhesives.

    Chassis and suspension highlights

    The CT6’s unbending, whippersnapper architecture is the innovation for its segment-challenging lightness, enhanced by active-on-demand all-wheel cause, fighting arse direction and Charismatic Tantalise Ascendance on the uncommitted Alive Flesh Arrangement.

    “To put it compactly, every bicycle drives and every roll steers,” aforementioned Hester. “And with Magnetized Drive Ascendancy, every pedal’s moistening is familiarized by the msec, for reactivity and driver controller unique in the section.”

    The build organization likewise balances reactivity with segment-best isolation for particular civilization. In the forepart, the CT6 features a whippersnapper, aluminum-intensive high-arm multilink short-long arm strawman abeyance. At the back is a five-link free-lance dangling that uses multiple outer bollock joints and hybridizing brace for optimum treatment and guidance preciseness.

    Fighting behind steerage with the Dynamic Form Scheme contributes to greater low-speed legerity and high-velocity stableness. In parking dozens, the turn round is solitary 37 feet (11.4 m), like with the CTS, which has a 114.6-inch wheelbase vs. the CT6’s 122.4-inch wheelbase.

    2016 Cadillac Ct6

    Active-on-demand all-wheel thrust is besides role of the Fighting Frame Arrangement, qualification the almost of manipulation and stableness altogether upwind weather. Its whippersnapper, squeeze designing and two-gear transference suit enable greater fire thriftiness than schematic fixed-torque all-wheel campaign systems. All-wheel effort is received on all CT6 six-cylinder models.

    Selectable Turn, Blow/Ice and Athletics modes tolerate the driver to tailor-make the CT6’s forward-looking build organisation for much any brave or route precondition.

    2016 Cadillac Ct6

    Bold proportions, exquisite attention to detail

    A bluff symmetry henpecked by a hanker hoodlum and silken speed torso distinguishes the CT6, evolves the stigma portfolio and reinforces the legerity enabled by the whippersnapper architecture.

    “This is a car intentional for passionate drivers,” aforesaid Andrew Metalworker, executive, Cadillac Globular Designing. “CT6 is low, full and flowing, which is fair what you’d anticipate in a whippersnapper functioning saloon. Thither is a large dash-to-axle balance that reinforces the kinetics of the rear-wheel-drive architecture.”

    The “look” of Cadillac evolves with the CT6 done new executions of the grill and touch light elements. The upright lightness touch, e.g., features new LED ignitor blades that chassis the movement of the fomite, with forrader clarification from technologically forward-looking Collateral Firing LED headlamps.

    2016 Cadillac Ct6

    Ratio, workmanship and engineering likewise delimit the CT6’s cabin. Cadillac designers aimed to return a sheer, graceful and wide midland. That elegance is verbalised in curated environments and in rise sculpt featuring unquestionable materials, recherche details and el executions of the steel’s touch cut-and-sew interiors. The CT6 uses state-of-the-art engineering to reinforcement its occupants with gamey levels of ease, connectivity and guard.

    “Ne’er ahead has such workmanship and engineering been so seamlessly interlinking,” aforesaid Metalworker. “The CT6 represents our following deputize the chronic phylogenesis of the Cadillac stigma portfolio.”

    Production and manufacturing

    Output of the 2016 Cadillac CT6 begins at the end of 2015 for the Northwards American commercialize at the Detroit-Hamtramck gathering engraft, which underwent a $384-million investiture in tooling and otc upgrades to reenforcement the construct of the CT6 and two otc products. Chinese-market models volition be assembled at an all-new adroitness in Chinaware start in former 2016.

    The CT6 likewise bequeath be offered in Europe, Korea, Japan, Israel and the Heart Eastward. Yield for those markets begins at Detroit-Hamtramck in betimes 2016.

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