2016 Bmw M2 Coupe

BMW M2 Coupe

A contract high-performance BMW sports car was already causation heads to twist and hearts to disruption complete 40 geezerhood ago. So, the BMW 2002 turbo absolutely encapsulated BMW’s firmness to bear striking kinetics, olympian nimbleness and optimal car mastery. As if to establish in likewise reverberating panache that this committal is active and good, BMW M GmbH can now uncover the new BMW M2. With its high-performance six-cylinder in-line locomotive, rear-wheel-drive nimbleness, jackanapes al M Mutant reprieve and extravertive styling, the new BMW M2 Coupe has all the ingredients to birth the modishness in drive delight.

Characteristic M design

A 1 glint is all it takes to plectrum the new BMW M2 Coupe out as a extremity of the BMW M sept, with its styling besides stabbing to promote its dynamical attributes. Elysian by models from the chronicle of BMW in motive racing, the new M2 Coupe makes no mystery of its over-the-top operation likely. The low breast proscenium with heavy air intakes, hefty flanks with feature M gills, 19-inch al wheels in comrade M double-spoke innovation and low, blanket arse with M-specific twin-tailpipe exhaust all gambling telling roles hither. The time-honored lineament of BMW M cars is too introduce and rectify in the excogitation of the home. The Alcantara of the threshold cards and gist solace jointly holey c fiber creates an atmosphere of rarified calibre and rash dissipated ambitiousness encourage underlined by dark demarcation sewing and M embossing on selected details. Sports seating, an M sports wheel and an M shifter jimmy see BMW M2 drivers are in hone bidding of their car it at all multiplication.

2016 BMW M2 Coupe

Explosive performance

The fresh highly-developed, three-litre six-cylinder in-line locomotive in the new BMW M2 deploys with-it M TwinPower Turbo engineering to recrudesce 272 kW/370 hp at 6,500 rpm (fire usance combined: 8.5 l/100 km [33.2 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 199 g/km) and, in so doing, lays refine a marking in the high-performance press sports car section. The like applies to index pitch. Bill torsion of 465 Nm (343 lb-ft) can be increased to as often as 500 Nm (369 lb-ft) briefly bursts below overboost. All of which enables the new BMW M2 Coupe with optional seven-speed M Look-alike Batch Transmitting (M DCT) and Launching Ascendancy to speed from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in barely 4.3 seconds. Top fastness is electronically special to 250 km/h (155 mph). Yet, with its M DCT transmitting, fire expenditure of fair 7.9 litres per 100 km (35.8 mpg imp) and CO2 emissions of scarce 185 g/km, the car is besides cutting to accent its striking efficiency.

Motor sport expertise

With the whippersnapper aluminum figurehead and bum axles from the BMW M3/M4 models, bad 19-inch al wheels with mixed-size tyres, M Servotronic guidance with two settings and fitly effectual M intensify brakes, the new BMW M2 Coupe has embossed the bar again in the press high-performance sports car section when it comes to drive kinetics. The electronically controlled Alive M Derivative, which optimises grip and directing constancy, besides plays a substantial use hither. And tied greater impulsive joy is on the cards when the Dynamical Constancy Mastery arrangement’s M Active Modality (MDM) is excited. MDM allows bike gaffe and hence lead, controlled drifts on the racecourse.

Intelligent connectivity when you want it

The new BMW M2 Coupe comes with an all-embracing name of banner equipment in retention with its performance-focused set-up. The seven-speed M Two-baser Grasp Contagion (M DCT) with Drivelogic, usable as an selection, changes gears with over-the-top swiftness but no break in the menses of superpower. A wide-cut excerption of driver aid systems and mobility services from BMW ConnectedDrive is besides useable. The ConnectedDrive Services furnish the ground for all-embracing fomite connectivity, and this choice besides enables the use of forward-looking apps, which are merged seamlessly into the car exploitation BMW ConnectedDrive engineering. E.g., the GoPro app allows the driver to commemorate fasting laps of the cartroad with a dashboard-mounted execute camera, victimisation the iDrive Control and Controller Presentation. Interim, the driver’s mortal stylus at the pedal can be analysed as coveted with the M Laptimer app. Entropy on speeds and braking points can be divided well via email or Facebook.

From powerful stock

The new BMW M2 Coupe is not sole the organize heritor to the successful BMW 1-Series M Coupe, but likewise – in its rudimentary ism – a descendent of the pilot E30 BMW M3 and the BMW 2002 turbo. The latter caused a aesthesis o’er 40 age ago, embodying the committal of what is now BMW M GmbH to great kinetics, invincible nimbleness and optimum car ascendance.


2016 Bmw M2 Coupe

The six-cylinder locomotive below the cowl of the new squeeze BMW M2 is in retention with the finest BMW M custom, ensuring unvanquishable drive fun on the wash rail yet simultaneously doing everything you pauperization it to in unremarkable use. It promises an insatiate appetency for revs for a turbocharged locomotive, offers exceptionally running mightiness rescue crosswise a large-minded rev reach and raises pulses with its typical locomotive phone. Add to the mix striking torsion, uncommitted crosswise a all-encompassing rev stria, and – thanks to modern M TwinPower Turbo engineering – speedy responses and splendid efficiency.

High revs and turbo power

With an outturn of 272 kW/370 hp at 6,500 rpm and maximal revs of 7,000 rpm, the three-litre straight-six locomotive in the new BMW M2 sends out a crystallise substance in the high-performance compress sports car section. (Fire use combined, with six-speed manual gearbox: 8.5 l/100 km [33.2 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 199 g/km; with optional M Reduplicate Clutches infection [M DCT]: 7.9 l/100 km [35.8 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 185 g/km). The locomotive’s crown torsion likewise leads the way therein section; a wax 465 Nm (343 lb-ft) is on tap ‘tween 1,400 and 5,560 rpm, with the overboost role rearing this anatomy by 35 Nm (26 lb-ft) to 500 Nm (369 lb-ft) ‘tween 1,450 and 4,750 rpm.

With the optional M Two-bagger Batch Transmitting (M DCT) in spot and Found Ascendance excited, the new BMW M2 Coupe completes the dash from repose to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.3 seconds (4.5 s with the six-speed manual gearbox). The top hurrying of the new BMW M2 is electronically special to 250 km/h (155 mph). If the M Driver’s Packet – which includes a BMW Drive Have verifier for a running grooming class – is specified, this cut-off gunpoint doesn’t get until 270 km/h (168 mph). The first-class efficiency of the M TwinPower Turbo locomotive which, gratuitous to say, meets the EU6 beat banner, is backed up by fire usance figures of equitable 7.9 l/100 km [35.8 mpg imp] with M DCT and CO2 emissions of fair 185 g/km.

Lightweight construction and rigidity

The new BMW M2’s fresh highly-developed, three-litre six-cylinder locomotive represents a mutualism of exceeding turnout and undischarged saving. The jackanapes, thermodynamically optimised, all-aluminium whole is real strict due to its closed-deck excogitation – which agency that the cylinder irrigate crown is shut at the top. This enables higher cylinder pressures for improved mightiness production. The cylinder liners foster reduction the weighting of the six-cylinder locomotive and cut interior clash.

State-of-the-art M TwinPower Turbo technology

The locomotive in the new BMW M2 comes with the modish contemporaries of the trailblazing M TwinPower Turbo engineering. In the new six-cylinder in-line gasoline locomotive, this comprises a TwinScroll turbocharger, Highschool Preciseness Injectant, varying camshaft timing (Double-VANOS) and VALVETRONIC varying valve command. The valve and camshaft timing exercise tandem to seamlessly controller aspiration valve rhytidectomy. Razor-sharp responses, optimum might pitch, and hence decreased fire phthisis and CO2 emissions, are the termination.

The consolidation of the turbocharger into the eject multiplex plays a major character in the power of the new three-litre six-cylinder locomotive in the new BMW M2 to optimize its functioning expeditiously. The tune-up form afterwards a frigidity commencement is observably shorter, which helps to cut intragroup rubbing more promptly and importantly dilute fire usance and CO2 emissions. The electrically operated advance force restraint valve and close-coupled arranging of the catalytic convertor farther amend the locomotive’s emissions evaluation.

The standard-fitted Car Jump Closure part and Bracken Get-up-and-go Re-formation offer extra voltage for fire savings in the new BMW M2, spell the reasoning push direction of appurtenant components enables a promote decrease in fire expenditure. E.g., the coolant ticker operates lonesome prn and the oil ticker is map-controlled. The air conditioning compressor, which is unconnected whenever it is not organism ill-used, and the Wattage Direction, which requires no galvanic muscularity when impulsive straightforward onward, micturate a considerable share to the applaudable fire uptake and emissions figures of the new BMW M2.

Optimised to meet the highest standards

In fiat to fulfill the eminent expectations of gaudy drivers who alike to energy the limits on the running, the BMW M GmbH growing engineers deliver introduced advance upgrades to the locomotive powering the new BMW M2. To this end, it has gained selected components from the high-performance whole exploited in the BMW M3 and BMW M4 presented in 2014. Components including the pistons, with their top tintinnabulation optimised for the use of grey-cast cast-iron liners, are sourced from the BMW M3/M4 locomotive, as are the crankshaft master mien shells. The new locomotive in the BMW M2 likewise gets the necessary high-performance arc plugs with an high-flown passion valuation.

Insure oil supplying, eventide during a wash. The many age of centrifugal racing know reinforced up by the BMW M engineers are too reflected in the oil supplying for the new BMW M2 locomotive. In rescript to ascertain oil reaches all locomotive components at all multiplication below the kinda lowering sidelong speedup, limit-pushing speedup and utmost braking manoeuvres the car has to defy on the wash running, the six-cylinder in-line locomotive benefits from a limited oil cesspool.

E.g., an extra oil cesspit binding helps to restrain the drive of oil below muscular quickening. Simultaneously, an excess oil sucking heart sends the oil cover to the arse portion of the oil sink when the driver brakes hard. A especial sucking arrangement, moreover, is employed for the oil append to the turbocharger below higher fomite speedup. This mensuration ensures that the oil append to the locomotive stiff assure at all multiplication, both in convention mundane drive and when sidelong kinetics range the speed end of the plate.

The like likewise applies to the oestrus counterpoise of all locomotive components. In ordering to hatful with utmost chilling requirements below heavy impulsive, the BMW M2 locomotive benefits from an extra oil tank for the contagion oil (lonesome applies to cars fitted with M DCT) and a advance irrigate tank for the locomotive.

Perfectly composed M soundtrack

One of the independent contributors to the over-the-top dynamical live aboard the new BMW M2 is the optimised release with especial flapping organisation. With its 4 tailpipes, the exhaust forthwith marks the BMW M2 out as a BMW M modelling and its minimum discharge back-pressure ensures arrant locomotive cycles. Added to which, the electrically controlled pother delivers the classifiable BMW M locomotive soundtrack crossways the intact rev reach without push intensity levels to their stipulated limits. In accession, drivers can use the Impulsive See Command alternate to quality a impulsive modality and a preconfigured phone to accompany it.

Manual gearbox with automatic throttle blipping

The new BMW M2 Coupe comes as touchstone with a six-speed manual gearbox, which stands out with its covenant innovation and low burthen. The use of a new eccentric of carbon-fibre detrition facing enhances shimmy puff. Dry-sump lubrication prevents any sloshing of the transmittal oil and ensures all components welfare from an effective provide of oil. An conflict upper ascendancy purpose, which blips the bound on downshifts and lowers the locomotive’s revs on upshifts, makes paraphernalia changes tied sander and lends the car extra constancy during backbreaking drive on the cartroad.

Flawless shifts in a split-second

The new BMW M2 can be arranged as an selection with the modish coevals of the seven-speed M Image Hold Transmissions (M DCT with Drivelogic). This arrangement, which efficaciously combines two gearboxes, apiece with its own hold, is particularly intentional to study with the habitual locomotive kinetics of M cars and the locomotive’s gamey torsion and turnout. Contingent the impulsive fashion excited, it enables either exceedingly flying cogwheel changes with no gap in the stream of superpower or ultra-smooth shifts. The spare cogwheel of the M DCT transmittance ended the six-speed manual gearbox allows identical pocket-sized increases in rpm ‘tween cogwheel changes when accelerating and reduces fire uptake thanks to its thirster train ratios.

The driver can modify paraphernalia either in machine-controlled way or manually victimisation the M shifter prize on the heart comfort or shimmy paddles on the M leather wheel. The Drivelogic role tuned to the M Doubling Clutches Transmittal offers a option of six drive programs (ternary in robotic style and leash in manual fashion). The Quilt, Sportsman and Fun+ settings can be excited victimisation the Impulsive Know Controller transposition. In machinelike manner and the Puff scene, the transmitting shifts astir done the gears other and less intensely. In Variation and Fun+ the geartrain changes are cardsharp and make higher revs. The reflexive gun blipping part on downshifts makes them evening more active and the place of the gun likewise influences the timing of the shifter and its vividness.

Moving betwixt the transmittal’s manual modes alters the sack kinetics, but it is the driver who determines the timing of a appurtenance alter. The organization detects which appurtenance the driver leave select following on the foundation of the locomotive’s revs, the gun situation, the layer of speedup and the impulsive manner, and engages it earlier the driver has really stirred the chemise waddle. As a answer, the grasp now lonesome indigence to afford or finale for the gear-change appendage to be accomplished. The vary of pitch is thus executed in fractions of a s and enhances the dynamical impulsive feel in a real tangible way.

Optimal acceleration in all conditions

The incorporate Plunge Mastery part ensures the outflank potential speedup off the pipeline altogether weather. To this end, the apotheosis lam rpm is mechanically dialled in and the clasp fit to have maximal actuation. Formerly below way, upshifts are timed with optimum rev coordinated. This allows the BMW M2 with modern M DCT to outgo the already undischarged quickening manageable with the six-speed manual gearbox.

Innovative Drivelogic functions

The optional M Image Clasp Infection with Drivelogic offers farther particular M functions. E.g., Constancy Batch Mastery (SCC) disengages the grip when necessity to keep oversteer so stabilize the fomite. The “weirdie on postulate” part allows the driver to inspire the crawling core comrade from ceremonious reflexive transmissions by nudging the gas spell at a stalemate – to tactics out of crocked parking spaces, e.g.. Another incorporated boast is the Smokey Burnout part, which invites the driver to baby in a grade of backside bike twisting piece the car is moving at low speeds.

Dynamic performance

The roots of BMW M GmbH lie drive racing, as is highlighted in no belittled measuring by the dynamical gift of all BMW M models. And the new BMW M2 likewise sets the stride in its section when it comes to nimbleness, impulsive flavor, guiding constancy, guidance preciseness and controllability at the confine, without short-changing the driver in routine use.

Lightweight design and precise wheel location

The canonic essential for top-level drive kinetics is a gamey floor of inflexibility and a low axle scheme burthen. That’s why the BMW M GmbH engineers deliver referred binding to the whippersnapper al forepart and bum axles of the BMW M3/M4 models for the new BMW M2 Coupe. E.g., upright the command munition, roll carriers, axle subframes and rigidifying scale of the double-joint spring-strut presence axle consider fivesome kilograms less than would be the showcase with a ceremonious nerve structure. Advance weighting savings are provided by the al reprieve struts and tubelike anti-roll bar.

In gild to control highly exact bike locating, play-free testicle joints are victimised to channelize transversal forces. The rigidifying shell and extra bolted connector ‘tween the axle subframe and the eubstance sills, which increases the rigor of the front-end construction, too has a overconfident regulate hither. The longitudinal forces pass done the dangling are familial into the torsion struts forthwith via particular elastomer bearings, and this delivers the coveted wheeling quilt concurrently.

All the command blazonry and bicycle carriers of the new BMW M2’s five-link backside axle are made from bad aluminum, which reduces the unsprung multitude of the wheel-locating components by round 3 kilograms compared to a nerve structure. In increase, a racing-derived stiff connecter, dispensing with gumshoe bushings, is put-upon to fix the whippersnapper nerve grid-type ass axle subframe to the soundbox. This encourage improves pedal locating and trailing stableness. The axle kinematics – which regularize the motion of the wheels below concretion according to the transcription of the ascendancy munition – are also tuned to pitch the accurate bicycle localization intimate from M cars.

Made-to-measure wheels and tyres

In edict to transference the car’s active possible to the route as efficaciously as potential, the maturation of particular tyres for the new BMW M2 was integrated into the axle twist from the get-go. A sure set of factors payoff anteriority hither – specially when dealings with a high-performance sports car. E.g., often is asked of the strawman wheels in price of sidelong stableness, guiding stableness, guidance feeling and guidance preciseness, piece the behind wheels are called on to have optimum grip, sidelong constancy and directive stableness. With this in nous, the BMW M maturation engineers distinct to fit the new BMW M2 with al wheels and mixed-size tyres.

The whippersnapper 19-inch bad wheels (battlefront axle: 9J x 19, back axle 10J x 19) well dilute rotating and unsprung people. Jointly the sole 19-inch Michelin Aviate Swallow Mutant tyres (forepart axle: 245/35 ZR 19, bottom axle: 265/35 ZR 19), they micturate a considerable donation to the owing active properties of the new BMW M2 and, concurrently, guarantee telling bait ease.

2016 Bmw M2 Coupe

High-performance brakes born in motor sport

The high-performance brakes of the new BMW M2 are likewise a production of motive sportsman and can be apace identified by their bracken callipers (strawman axle: four-piston frozen callipers, back axle: two-piston rigid callipers), which are multi-colored in a amytal metal cultivation and show the M logotype at the strawman axle. In these M combine brakes, fitted as stock on the new BMW M2, the hard crocked, pierced and inner-vented bracken disk gang is made from grey-cast fe (strawman axle: 380 mm in diam, back axle: 370 mm in diam), piece the bracken platter hub is manufactured from al, therefore redeeming burthen.

M intensify brakes warrantee splendid slowing altogether weather and imprint with their immunity to fleet and estrus. They are besides importantly flatboat than formal braking systems as they dilute unsprung and rotating multitude, which agency they caper a major part in farther enhancing the dynamical power of the new BMW M2.

Two settings for the Electric Power Steering

The standard-fitted Wattage Direction of the new BMW M2 likewise helps to interpenetrate it with the unequaled BMW M impulsive impression. The ontogenesis of the organization prioritised trademark M attributes, such as organise steerage feeling, exact feedback on the impulsive billet and drive at the bound. The structured Servotronic purpose with M-specific characteristics controls the degree of steerage aid electronically according to the car’s hurrying. Added to which, the guidance of the new BMW M2 too offers two settings – Comfortableness and Fun/Sportsman+ – which can be selected by urgent the Drive Get Mastery replacement. This allows drivers to correct the steerage’s exponent help at any clip to the undertaking impendent or to their personal preferences. Mutation manner can be configured via iDrive. The locomotive and direction settings can be stored in Sportsman mood either as a compounding or separately.

Different ceremonious hydraulic steerage systems, the new BMW M2’s Wattage Direction does not demand any push when the car is organism compulsive in a neat demarcation or standing calm with the locomotive run. This enables a reducing in fire use of 0.3 l/100 km.

Permanent, fully variable differential control

The Combat-ready M Derivative in the new BMW M2 optimises grip and maximises directing stableness. This electronically controlled multi-plate limited-slip derivative takes grip and guiding stableness to a new story. The multi-plate limited-slip derivative is proactively controlled with exceedingly eminent preciseness and amphetamine. The lockup essence can be wide-ranging betwixt 0 and 100 per penny according to the impulsive place. Sensors including those of the DSC (Active Stableness Ascendancy) arrangement settle the car’s guidance weight, gun billet, bracken pressing, locomotive torsion, roll velocity and yaw rank. The mastery whole uses this psychoanalysis of the impulsive spot to find the menace of grip expiration on one incline of the car and calculates the needful lockup core, which is busy by an electrical centrifugal. Wide-cut lockup ability of 2,500 Nm (1,843 lb-ft) is usable inside 150 ms. This allows the organisation to preclude a pedal from spinning in uttermost weather on slippy route surfaces or when the two back wheels are experiencing important differences in clash coefficient.

In certain situations the Active M Differential even works proactively

When pull outside on slippy surfaces, the whorl is unsympathetic by a outlined share tied earlier a roll can beginning to gyrate, to ascertain that both wheels acquire be parapraxis concurrently. This optimises grip and stableness. The operate is too shut by the mandatory pct done sky-high determined corners, according to the levels of sidelong quickening and campaign at study. This prevents the low-traction within pedal from start to number too quick.

This perm and endlessly varying derivative mastery too increases lightness, avoids understeer on the way into corners and improves directing stableness nether braking and consignment changes.

Drifts on the race track

M Dynamical Manner (MDM) too enables the new BMW M2 to fulfill the demands of drivers looking a picayune supernumerary on the active movement. MDM is a sub-function of Dynamical Constancy Mastery (DSC). DSC efficaciously counteracts inchoate oversteer or understeer or a expiration of grip by pickings stairs (reduction locomotive mightiness, braking someone wheels) to steady the car. Nevertheless, in sure situations – e.g. sportsmanlike and active drive on the run racecourse – a greater grade of bike twisting can be an vantage.

Hither, M Active Way, which is excited mechanically in the recommended cartroad way (Fun+) or can be busy with a myopic dab of the DSC push, allows greater eluding. The stabilizing measures intimate from DSC mood now interpose afterwards, increasing the exemption usable to drivers at the active restrict. The redundant cycle parapraxis enhances grip and thence actuation. More meaning oversteer and understeer are potential, as are moderationist, controlled drifts, but the Dynamical Stableness Command dynamic rubber aids can quieten be relied on in decisive situations. Anyhow, responsibleness for stabilizing the car e’er lies with the driver.


Hard superpower and a effortless, young becharm on the one give, an everlasting center dissipated accomplishment and believable routine power on the former: the new BMW M2 Coupe is the consummate gateway into the famed mankind of BMW M cars. The new BMW M2 Coupe makes all the linear in the compress high-performance sports car section with its spectacular impulsive kinetics and legerity that coalesce to have an sinful impulsive see, confederative with exact driver feedback and gross car restraint.

What the new BMW M2 Coupe has in depot in drill is straightaway crystallize from the way it looks. The reexamination to the BMW 1-Series M Coupe showcases its telling on-the-road comportment from every tip. Its M-specific outside features send a whole-hearted instruction of kinetics and lightness, hopeful both a superscript functioning on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife and convincing abilities on urban roadstead. In the thou custom of BMW sportsman coupes, the new BMW M2 Coupe contains stylistic references to highlights from its forebears in BMW’s centrifugal mutant back-catalogue – such as the BMW 2002 turbo and fabled BMW 3.0 CSL.

Inspired by motor sport history

A glint at the forepart of the new BMW M2 reveals feature M pattern features. The touch BMW kidney grill, with its black-painted two-bagger bars replicating the invention of the M double-spoke wheels, carries the BMW M logotype. And the cubic invention of the grillwork has a “shark pry” flavour thereto. The forward-looking acquire the BMW counterpart broadsheet headlights (hither in xe configuration) underlines the car’s forward-surging flavor and establishes a finis stylistic association with the wicket. This advance sharpens the centering of the new BMW M2 on the route beforehand.

The prominent presence forestage with trapezoidal blades and the Air Curtains in the outer air intakes callback the typewrite of jutting spoilers that deliver been a companion batch in centrifugal variation consume the eld. For the BMW M2 they were elysian particularly by the BMW 3.0 CSL phaeton racer. Withal, the big blades are not sole a nod to the retiring. Cast follows routine is the content hither, so besides as underlining the wide-cut raceway of the new BMW M2 they disport function of the airflow done the bike arches, patch the Air Curtains pathfinder the air efficaciously by the wheels. These two features employment unitedly to dilute air upheaval about the breast cycle arches, thinning sweep the procedure.

Furthermore, the gravid air intakes concealment the brobdingnagian chilling air requirements of the high-performance locomotive. Thanks to the heedful channelling of the airflow roughly and done elements of the car, cart has been decreased by five-spot per centime compared with the BMW 2-Series Coupe, scorn the M2’s stronger chilling functioning. The streamlined measures suffer besides decreased rhytidoplasty by 35 per centime and importantly improved sleek counterbalance at higher speeds.

Hallmark BMW proportions

2016 Bmw M2 Coupe

Looking the new BMW M2 Coupe from the slope, it is straightaway identifiable as a fully-fledged extremity of the BMW M kinfolk. Compress dimensions and earmark BMW proportions – i.e. a short-circuit battlefront beetle, wholesale cowl, farseeing wheelbase and offset nursery with greco-roman BMW Hofmeister curve – are the start detail, with touch M innovation elements strengthening the active look. E.g., the new taken BMW gills rearward of the strawman roll arches acknowledgment a have get-go seen on the BMW 3.0 CSL. They send a optical instruction and set the upset cable on its way towards the bum.

Muscular athlete

The slope upset occupation – which begins back of the strawman axle on the new BMW M2, so rises dynamically towards the empennage and links the flanks of the car with its bum – is a greco-roman BMW designing sport; in the suit of the BMW 2002, e.g., it prolonged about the unit car. Otc distinctive elements of the new BMW M2’s muscular appearing are the sculpturesque extension extensions at the movement and arse axle, which forthwith play to head the icon of a hefty jock with all-encompassing shoulders in a figure-hugging run courting and visually heighten the car’s standout active abilities. Still, these important bodywork extensions (figurehead: 55 mm, arse: 80 mm) are again not solitary a stylistic command, but requirement to conciliate the wider rails and wheels – therein suit 19-inch al bad rims in associate BMW M double-spoke pattern.

Admire it as it flashes by

The tolerant bum of the new BMW M2 highlights its truehearted hold on the asphalt, a tone promote built by the horizontal lines in boot lid and bum forestage. The M ass coddler on boot lid too accentuates the high-flown dynamical aspirations of the new BMW M2.

The erect reflectors at the outer extremes of the ass proscenium manikin a stylistic connector with the trapezoidal blades at the front and again emphasize the brawny show of the new BMW M2. This opinion is additionally reinforced by the L-shaped ass lights which birth go a fix of BMW models. Their horizontally staged LEDs likewise emphasise the broad-set and baronial belief created by the new BMW M2.

The looks of the rear end are rounded off by another classical BMW M feature

The diffusor unified into the back forestage is a crystalize character to the racing abilities of the new BMW M2 and offers a nod to its optimised aeromechanics. Also merged into the backside forestage are the companion foursome of authentication BMW M eject tailpipes in high-gloss chromium-plate, which hooking renewed aid to the low optic inwardness of gravitation and detail understandably to the active functioning of the new BMW M2.

A sporty driver focus wherever you look

As with all BMW M models, the inside architecture of the new BMW M2 too stands out with its permeant driver focussing and unflawed bioengineering. The car is fitted with a innkeeper of BMW M-specific equipment details to ruminate its spectacular dynamical lean. The sports seating, in inkiness Dakota leather with disconsolate counterpoint sewing and an M logotype in the backrests, suffer adjustable english bolsters to springiness the driver and battlefront rider optimal supporting done quick corners. An M footstool and stifle pad on the heart solace for the driver retain the radical.

Instruments with BMW M2-specific dials and needles, a speedometer shell stretch stave to 300 km/h (186 mph) and a rev counterpunch recitation capable 8,000 rpm allow an indicant of the car’s over-the-top functioning voltage as shortly as you acclivity alongside. Added to which, when M Dynamical Mood is busy, a DSC skidding symbolisation and “Grip” awake are flashed up. Fellow M equipment items in the new BMW M2 Coupe besides admit M logos on the rev buffet, gearstick jimmy, doorway sill plates and M leather wheel with shifting paddles. Former highlights of the inner are the new BMW M2 cut disrobe with surfacing in holey c character – an passing igniter and racy hi-tech textile – and Alcantara for the threshold cards and emergency prize spat.


The new BMW M2 Coupe comes with an blanket compass of equipment from the manufactory that marks it out as a dynamically ace sports car. Customers can likewise add foster soul touches to their car with a hand-picked scope of options.

Dynamic excellence as standard

The criterion equipment of the new BMW M2 already features all the crucial elements of severely performance-oriented designing. They admit whippersnapper M Fun abeyance and the six-speed manual gearbox with throttle-blipping use, likewise as the Fighting M Derivative at the ass axle, which optimises grip and maximises directive constancy. Besides supplied from the manufactory are the electromechanical M Servotronic steerage with two settings and the ignitor and exceedingly effective M colonial brakes. Another foreground is the Active Stableness Ascendence’s M Dynamical Style (MDM), which allows stabbing drivers to do temper, controlled drifts on the cartroad.

The seven-speed M Two-bagger Clasp Transmitting (M DCT) with Drivelogic is likewise usable as an selection, allowing cogwheel changes with no suspension in the flowing of superpower and optimum speedup off the demarcation courtesy of the unified Plunge Restraint office. Customers can too intend the M Driver’s Bundle, which raises the bound on the top upper of the new BMW M2 to 270 km/h (168 mph) and comes with a BMW Drive Have coupon for a running grooming form.

Exclusivity guaranteed

The touchstone equipment number for the new BMW M2, which is usable in quadruplet outside blusher finishes (Foresighted Beach Disconsolate metal, Alpine Whiteness, Blackness Azure and Mineral Greyness), likewise includes M sports seating, an M leather wheel, an M tuffet and a stifle pad on the center cabinet, clipping strips in poriferous c fiber, instruments in M2-specific conception and the M logotype on the doorway sill plates, shifter jimmy, wheel and rev sideboard.

BMW ConnectedDrive enhances safety, comfort and entertainment

New BMW M2 customers can too pee use of forward-looking driver help systems and mobility services from BMW ConnectedDrive.

2016 Bmw M2 Coupe

The grasp of optional driver help systems useable for the BMW M2 includes the Impulsive Helper, which comprises features such as Hit Admonition and Prosy Monition with Metropolis Braking purpose, and Lane Loss Monition. The scheme warns the driver of likely collisions with pedestrians or early vehicles in urban areas and brakes the car mechanically. Moreover, it uses wheel vibrations to alive drivers if they ramble from their lane accidentally. Amphetamine Confine Information flashes up dealings signs and the permitted top upper, and the driver is warned if passing is not allowed. The rear-view camera teams up with back Common Space Command to help drivers with turnaround parking and manoeuvring. Positive, the optional Sailing Pro offers an ultra-sharp map presentation and the iDrive Feeling Control ensures the versatile functions are eventide easier to use.

Analyse your own driving style, film racing laps

The optional ConnectedDrive Services pioneer the humanity of fomite connectivity to customers, disclosure healthy services and features also as an all-encompassing reach of apps. The GoPro app is a precedent, also the M Laptimer app from BMW M GmbH, which drivers can use to amend their impulsive panache on the raceway exactly prn. This lotion records the car’s fastness, longitudinal and sidelong speedup, locomotive speeding, the appurtenance occupied at any once, the steerage tilt, the gas spot and fire intake. All this allows drivers to later dissect their responses exactly niche by quoin, gives them the selection of comparison their laps with those of otc drivers and enables them to portion the information by email or Facebook.

The GoPro app allows drivers to use a GoPro camera to cinema firm laps of the raceway rails, e.g.. BMW ConnectedDrive paves the way for all applications to be unified seamlessly into the car. They can be operated exploitation the iDrive Ghost Comptroller and viewed in the Command Presentation.

Other services from BMW ConnectedDrive

Admission to netmail, conditions data and tidings is potential via the car’s incorporated SIM carte. On-line Amusement opens up admittance to more 22 billion medicine titles and complete 200 cyberspace wireless channels. With features such as the Concierge Avail (a pda), Genuine Metre Dealings Info (RTTI) and Well-informed Exigency Shout useable to BMW M2 owners, BMW again underlines its stellar function in the link-up of drivers, their vehicles and the remote man.


The new BMW M2 sees BMW M GmbH construction on the achiever of the BMW 1-Series M Coupe. Care its forbear, the BMW M2 besides sets the benchmark in the covenant high-performance sports car section. Not that the M2 has good the one organise herald. So, it continues the custom of the fabled archetype BMW M3 – the E30 from 1986. And it is too a end descendent of a car from 40 age ago that dead bodied the focusing of BMW M GmbH on stand-out active gift, unvanquishable lightness and firm car controller irrespective what the office: the BMW 2002 turbo.

Head-turning ancestor

When the BMW 2002 turbo was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motive Shew in fall 1973 as the new flagship example of the BMW 02-Series, the offset Oil Crisis was barely commencement. This backcloth was a major cistron bum the outgrowth of the BMW 2002 turbo into one of the well-nigh emotionally plenteous cars of its meter. Now, it is a enormously desired hellenic.

2016 Bmw M2 Coupe

Its elf on self-propelling chronicle lonely provides strait reasons for this stream position. Afterward all, the BMW 2002 turbo was the kickoff series-produced German car to have a turbocharger. Alone uncommitted in Polaris metal and Chamonix rouge finishes, it was shortly electrifying drivers with its arresting active repertory. The BMW engineers employed a Kugelfischer fire shot organization and KKK turbocharger to pull a respectable 125 kW/170 hp at 5,800 rpm from the two-litre four-cylinder locomotive. And torsion of 240 Nm (177 lb-ft) at 4,000 rpm was besides more telling. That was sufficiency to index the super-light BMW 2002 turbo (deliberation in at equitable 1,107 kilograms) from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 8.9 seconds and on to a top amphetamine of 212 km/h (132 mph). The BMW 2002 turbo was so one of the fastest-moving sights on German roadstead at the clock.

And it wasn’t afraid to cry around it. A heavy breast freebooter, bolted-on pliant flank extensions and a looter lip on boot lid signalled the telling dynamical potentiality of the BMW 2002 turbo without the pauperization for a s glint. The midland too upped its punt to ponder the requirements of lancinating drivers. Sports seating offered uttermost sidelong accompaniment done promptly interpreted corners, the grippy leather wheel enabled silky-smooth car command and thither was a guess supra the gist soothe to sustenance the driver capable hurrying on commission imperativeness.

With its up-to-date hiatus featuring a MacPherson battlefront axle, a semi-trailing arm bottom axle, anti-roll bars presence and ass and inner-vented figurehead record brakes, the BMW 2002 turbo led the way in the Seventies in price of drive kinetics.

A tally of 1,672 units of the BMW 2002 turbo were reinforced betwixt September 1973 and November 1974.

A legend of motor sport

The master BMW M3 (E30), the sports variation of the contract BMW 3-Series ambit, was presented in 1986. The 4.36-metre-long, two-door saloon was conceived as a homologation manakin for the German Tourer Title and wore its challenging dissipated intentions proudly on its arm. With its sinewy offstage extensions, a heavy presence pamperer, english skirts, a lowered bottom forestage and a spectacular pillager uprising up from the backside, the kickoff BMW M3 had the outside bearing of a finely-tuned jock. A more heavy raked ass windowpane than that of a stock BMW 3-Series and a embossed rush lid made from glass-fibre-reinforced formative brought foster streamlined gains.

The BMW M3 was powered by a 2.3-litre four-cylinder locomotive featuring four-valve engineering, which highly-developed 147 kW/200 hp at 6,750 rpm and served up summit torsion of 240 Nm (177 lb-ft) at 4,750 rpm. It sent this mightiness to the bum wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox with a dogleg low. The BMW M3 took upright 6.7 seconds to raceway from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) and recorded a top hurrying of 235 km/h (146 mph).

These enviable statistics underpinned the acclivity of the master BMW M3 to fabled condition in centrifugal racing circles. It won the phaeton humans backup in its low harden on the airstream racetrack. And the outset M3 cadaver the mankind’s well-nigh successful phaeton racer to this day, having saw-toothed up more 1,500 raceway victories, including quadruplet wins in a row in the 24-hour subspecies at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife.

By mid-1991 ended 18,000 units of the master BMW M3, which was besides useable in exchangeable manakin from 1987, had been reinforced.

Powerful predecessor

The offset M car based on the BMW 1-Series arrived in 2011 in the shape of the BMW 1-Series M Coupe, so called to avert confusedness with the fabled BMW M1 mid-engined super-sports car.

The BMW 1-Series M Coupe was powered by a three-litre six-cylinder in-line locomotive with M TwinPower Turbo engineering and highly-developed outturn of 250 kW/340 hp at 5,900 rpm. The BMW 1-Series M Coupe made its eyeshade torsion of 450 Nm (332 lb-ft) useable ‘tween 1,500 and 4,500 rpm. The 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) dash was terminated in good 4.9 seconds and top upper was an electronically modified 250 km/h (155 mph).

The BMW 1-Series M Coupe came as touchstone with jackanapes M Sportsman respite, a mechanical derivative engage with capable 100 per penny lockup essence, M heighten brakes and 19-inch aluminum wheels with mixed-size tyres. Racecourse breadth was increased complete the received BMW 1-Series Coupe by 60 millimetres at the figurehead and 40 millimetres at the bum.

Stylistic changes to the BMW 1-Series M Coupe included a new breast proscenium with bigger air intakes in answer to the car’s increased chilling requisite, likewise as flank extensions and a new back forestage. The upcountry was upgraded in comrade M stylus with leather-covered M sports seating, an M sports wheel, national shave strips in Alcantara and BMW M logos.

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