2016 Bmw 3 Series

BMW 3-Series

The BMW 3-Series is the beginner of the innovative sports saloon section and has been fêted as an image of this fomite course for 40 age. Terminated what is now six modelling generations, the BMW 3-Series has set the measure for dynamical excellency, efficiency and pattern, forging an emotionally fat connectedness betwixt a dissipated impulsive feel and unvanquishable daily practicality. Round one in every quartet BMWs sold is a BMW 3-Series Saloon or BMW 3-Series Touring, which makes this example serial the nearly successful in the BMW steel’s line-up. Cardsharper pattern, flush more modern engineering and with-it engines insure the new BMW 3-Series Saloon and new BMW 3-Series Touring are a more attractive proposal than always ahead. The new BMW 3-Series framework ambit bequeath be uncommitted with an all-embracing spreading of engines from plunge. Foursome gasoline units and seven-spot diesels are useable, development from 85 kW/116 hp to 240 kW/326 hp (combined fire ingestion: 7.9-3.8 l/100 km [35.8 – 74.3 mpg imp]; combined CO2 emissions: 185- 99 g/km). They can be coupled up with a six-speed manual gearbox and an eight-speed Steptronic transmittal (received on the BMW 330d, BMW 335d and BMW 340i Touring). The new BMW 3-Series is usable with greco-roman rear-wheel driving or BMW xDrive reasoning all-wheel thrust, contingent the exemplar.

2016 Bmw 3 Series

Great exterior presence, sophisticated and high-quality interior

The excogitation of the new BMW 3-Series stands out with fifty-fifty greater preciseness and versatile contingent improvements. At the front, new aprons with revised air intakes accent the touch of breadth, spell the detector for the optional Combat-ready Sail Ascendance (ACC) is harmoniously incorporated into the exchange air aspiration. The sculptured bum forestage innovation, including a Line-specific clipping factor, and banner LED backside lights also accentuate the car’s breadth and thence its card-playing appearing. An modern firing conception, featuring freshly intentional headlights and impinging LED day drive lights, underlines the car’s flashy and brawny optical entreaty. Full-LED headlights can now be specified as an choice. The national, lag, makes an tied classier notion with new materials and extra chromium-plate highlights for the controls, air vents and fundamental panel. The new crafted essence soothe with a sliding blanket for the cupholders enables improve use of the warehousing surfaces forwards of the shifter prize and takes the striking bioengineering of the BMW 3-Series to an evening higher story. A blanket grasp of personalisation options as far as upholstery and midland reduce elements are interested, also as new wheels, outside colors and equipment options, round the spec choices for the new BMW 3-Series.

2016 BMW 3-Series

Setting the benchmark – even sportier, even more efficient

All the three-, four- and six-cylinder gasolene engines for the BMW 3-Series exemplar compass and the four-cylinder diesel units in the BMW 316d, BMW 318d and BMW 320d are now sourced from the fresh highly-developed, modular BMW EfficientDynamics locomotive kinfolk. Features including revised turbochargers assistance commit the new four-cylinder diesel engines evening sharpie responses, patch the three-cylinder gasolene locomotive is a new improver to both the BMW 3-Series modelling grasp and the section as a unscathed. Devising its BMW 3-Series introduction is the four-cylinder gas locomotive in the BMW 320i Saloon/BMW 320i Touring (combined fire use: 5.9- 5.3/6.3-5.5 l/100 km [47.9-53.3/44.8-51.4 mpg imp]; combined CO2 emissions: 138-124/147-129 g/km). Celebrating their reality premier, interim, are the four-cylinder whole in the BMW 330i Saloon/BMW 330i Touring (combined fire use: 6.5-5.5/6.7-5.8 l/100 km [43.5- 51.4/42.2-48.7 mpg imp]; combined CO2 emissions: 151-129/157- 135 g/km) likewise as the six-cylinder gasoline whole in the BMW 340i Saloon/ BMW 340i Touring (combined fire intake: 7.7-6.5/7.0-6.8 l/100 km [36.7-43.5/40.4-41.5 mpg imp]; combined CO2 emissions: 179-152/164- 158 g/km). Contempt their master exponent, encourage improvements birth likewise been made to the efficiency of the engines; fire expenditure and CO2 emissions are devour by as lots as 11 per centime. The new 320d EfficientDynamics Variation Saloon (combined fire expenditure: 4.3- 3.8 l/100 km [65.7-74.3 mpg imp]; combined CO2 emissions: 113-99 g/km) develops 120 kW/163 hp, yet emits scarce 99 g/km of CO2 when the eightspeed Steptronic infection and criterion tyres are specified. So, the new transmissions besides give to the increased efficiency of all variants.

On cars specified with the six-speed manual gearbox, the employment fastness command routine mechanically blips the gas on downshifts, e.g.. The eight-speed Steptronic infection allows multiple sequent downshifts, which has a incontrovertible impression on eloquence and acoustics. The coasting purpose, interim, increases efficiency by another pass. The boost highly-developed dampers, stiffer respite and eve more accurate steerage of the new BMW 3-Series ascertain a open aggrandizement of the new BMW 3-Series’ active possible, combined with the like telling razz tone as that of its precursor.

New Navigation system Professional and LTE mobile technology

BMW plays a star function in the link-up of driver, fomite and external humanity. Its BMW ConnectedDrive scope of products and services offers a unequaled excerption of web-based services and forward-looking driver help systems intentional to heighten comfortableness and meliorate guard. E.g., the full-colour BMW Head-Up Expose in the new BMW 3-Series enables all relevant info to be displayed forthwith in the driver’s bailiwick of imaginativeness, going the automobilist to reduce full on the route forward. The Piloting arrangement Master impresses in metropolis centres, particularly, with faster start-up, importantly quicker itinerary computation and fifty-fifty more naturalistic 3D artwork. The sailing maps are mechanically updated gratis for a flow of iii eld. In the proprietor’s abode area, the embedded SIM lineup allows these updates to pass mechanically concluded the air via the cell net. The new BMW 3-Series is the low example (contingent the equipment specified) in the bounty mid-size sports section to documentation the quickest flow nomadic engineering criterion (LTE). The Parking Helper now enables reflex twin parking too, piece Automobile PDC besides mechanically activates the movement parking sensors when manoeuvring.

The latest instalment in an iconic history

The BMW 3-Series created the advanced sportsmanlike saloon section 40 eld ago and has since set the stride among its rivals as far as kinetics, efficiency and emotionally fat conception are interested. The latest-generation BMW 3-Series represents another unflawed shape of this allegiance to benchmark excellency.

2016 Bmw 3 Series

The original – more attractive than ever before

Since 1975 the BMW 3-Series has equipped unconstipated grounds of its active power. Whether in comparing tests, on the subspecies rails or in quotidian use, it has traditionally set the benchmark in the betting mid-size section. Introduced to accompaniment greco-roman rear-wheel screw the model-line up, BMW xDrive well-informed all-wheel ride has likewise underlined this dedication to pre-eminence. The new BMW 3-Series Saloon and new BMW 3-Series Touring personify invincible efficiency in their family and trust starring fire saving with the clean power customers bear from a BMW. The cars’ active talents are reflected in their looks, which shanghai with their preciseness, tension and elegance. The new BMW 3-Series is the master in its course – and now, with this modish simulation refreshen, it is more attractive than always ahead.

From straightforward product to the most important model series in the BMW portfolio

In 1975 BMW open the low chapter in a succeeder history bound to bear for decades. The offset genesis of the BMW 3-Series was referred to by its evolution encipher E21, and by 1983 sales of the all-new mid-size example – its four- and six-cylinder engines development ‘tween 55 kW and 105 kW – had reached most 1.4 gazillion examples. Its replacement, the E30, brought with it a new growth: the low six-cylinder diesel in the expanding sports saloon section. Extra variants – a four-door modelling, touring manakin and Transformable, also as the founding of optional all-wheel campaign – provided the secondment genesis of the BMW 3-Series with the program to inflate its potency betwixt 1982 and 1994. Following up was the E36 (1990 – 1999), the commencement BMW 3-Series besides usable in Coupe configuration, whose four-cylinder diesel engines boost bolstered the simulation serial’ condition as a section leader. The E46 coevals (1998 – 2006) managed to growth functioning yet too shuffle more effective use of diesel done the debut of vulgar fulminate calculate injectant. In 2005 the fifth-generation BMW 3-Series arrived in the contour of the E90, with efficiency and kinetics again perceptibly enhanced. The debut of the EfficientDynamics parcel of measures in 2007 enabled BMW to foster tone its leadership post therein arena.

2016 Bmw 3 Series

A success story on race tracks as well as roads around the world

The BMW 3-Series has likewise illustrated its sporty pretensions done legion successes in drive sportsman competitor consume the eld. The beginning BMW M3, e.g. – a sports variation of the E30 with typical flared strawman wings – was intentional as a homologation manakin for the German DTM tourer run serial and went on to typify the family-friendly sports car. The BMW M3 punctually won the Humans Tourer Title in 1987, its identical low flavor in subspecies contest. This and legion over-the-counter patronage titles, addition innumerous wash victories, shuffle the Radical A E30 BMW M3 the man’s nigh successful tourer to see. 4 victories in a row at the 24- minute subspecies at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife, backed up by another octonary wins recorded by the subsequent propagation on the mankind’s toughest raceway racetrack (including consecutive one-two finishes in 2004 and 2005) differentiate you all you pauperism to recognise.

The 3-Series – the heart of the BMW brand

With its showy kinetics and undischarged efficiency, the BMW 3-Series sets the benchmark in drive pleasance. This is likewise reflected in the sales achiever of the mid-size BMW: since it was offset launched in 1975, complete 14 meg BMW 3-Series cars get been delivered universal – and the Saloon and Touring now bill for some 25 per penny of sum BMW fomite sales. The BMW 3-Series thence embodies the spirit of the BMW steel more any former exemplar.

2016 Bmw 3 Series

The new BMW 3-Series continues the successful story of this modeling serial and is attached to construction on its stellar persona in the mid-size sports section. In sports saloon pretence, it has brought unitedly extremely attractive, active invention with surpassing kinetics, efficiency and invincible practicality for quartet decades. And in Touring configuration, the BMW 3-Series has combined its top-class active attributes with increased versatility to encounter the challenges of leisure and quotidian use since 1988.

Design and equipment

The attention-getting looks of the new BMW 3-Series hue it with a hit front on the route. The distinctively sculptured foresighted cowl and setoff rider compartment team with the brusque battlefront and arse overhangs and farseeing wheelbase to produce the super dynamical proportions that are as lots a authentication of BMW as nonsuch 50:50 burthen dispersion. Just intentional headlights farther accentuate the dynamical certification of the BMW 3-Series, spell the herculean ass of the Saloon and Touring, finish with a clear outlined new ignition figure, underlines their sportsmanlike appearing to first-class essence.

Individuality and personality

Revised headlights ply an tied more lifelike optic vitrine for the dynamical style of the new BMW 3-Series. LED indicators now positioned as “eyebrows” supra the headlights and merged in observably more horizontal shape commit the optional LED headlights a flavor of tied greater compactness. In cars with stock spec, the headlights are linked by two LED daylight impulsive twinkle units on apiece incline. These ignitor strips spotlight the assay-mark BMW counterpart headlamp organisation and make a stylistic linkup ‘tween the headlamp units and the BMW kidney grill. They consecrate the car a crystalize route bearing in day, too, and assure a potent acknowledgement valuate both from a space and in the shadow.

Full-LED lights and BMW Selective Beam as an option

The new BMW 3-Series can be arranged as an choice with full-LED headlights, which are tied more effective than the xe headlights offered to appointment and emphasise the sharpie stare of the front. In improver, the “eyes” of the BMW 3-Series bear affected promote asunder, visually strengthening the car’s all-embracing posture on the route. The daylight impulsive lights are eventide more prominent and exact thanks to the levelled off amphetamine and frown edges of the LED sparkle tubes. These too manikin a ocular joining with the BMW kidney grill in the cast of an LED ignitor bar. Another subscriber to the engineering leading condition of the new BMW 3-Series is the optional BMW Selective Air organization. The camera-based, anti-dazzle Gamy Shaft Help adjusts the car’s lights dynamically exploitation actuators to ascertain the route is well-lighted too as potential without fulgurant onset dealings and vehicles traveling beforehand. This helps to maximize the use of the primary ray and importantly broaden the well-lighted ar before of the car – encourage increasing drive joy, enhancing profile and thence up rubber at nighttime.

New width-enhancing effect and stronger visual presence

Broader face air intakes in the presence proscenium spring the new BMW 3-Series Saloon and new BMW 3-Series Touring an eve stronger stylistic mien. This herculean show is foster underlined by the strikingly modeled and accurate manikin of the bumpers. The new, more intricate construction of the fundamental air inspiration besides allows the radiolocation detector for the Fighting Sail Command (ACC) to be incorporate more discreetly.

The ass with its showy excogitation likewise impresses with its besides extremely sculptured, distinctly outlined lines. The freshly intentional ass lights are full-LED units. The ignitor bars, staged in a typical BMW “L” cast and now more heavy curving, loan greater active bearing to the arse of the car eventide when it is stationary. Added to which, the incorporate LED bracken lights ascent safe another snick thanks to their quicker responses. The bikini LED indicators manakin a horizontal circle of lighter crossways both sections of the arse lights and render passing evening and uniform twinkle. They stretching into boot lid (or the tailboard on the BMW 3-Series Touring) and underscore the car’s clean looks. The wider, Line-specific trimming component on the back proscenium lends extra vehemence to this dynamical show. The Contrast badge on the car’s presence english panels is now more third-dimensional in invention.

The top-of-the-line gasolene locomotive in the BMW 340i comes with an exhaust featuring person 80-millimetre tailpipes on the odd and veracious, piece the engines for the 320i and 320d models upward now accompany duplicate tailpipes, apiece 70 millimetres in diam. The tailpipe for the entry-level models measures 75 millimetres in diam. The betting show of the new BMW 3-Series is underlined visually and functionally by a new grasp of wheels. Rims capable 19 inches are usable as an pick, and the Master BMW Accessories reach too includes 20-inch items.

High-quality interior, unimpeachable ergonomics

The midland dependably reflects the active and graceful lines of the flashy BMW 3-Series exemplar grasp. The cockpit’s driver focusing is a touch BMW characteristic and provides optimal admission to all the authoritative functions. The prominent bioengineering of the BMW 3-Series deliver been improved farther quieten and extra, cautiously ordered chromium-plate highlights and high-gloss surfaces springiness the home an eventide classier feeling.

The key board in the inwardness soothe comes in high-gloss blacken. If the midland inflammation software is specified, it besides features an ambient ignition fence and is imbued with an flush greater feel of lineament by extra chromium-plate applications. Chromium-plate accents pee the freshly intentional controls for the electrical bottom allowance, e.g., clearer to the eye. Furthermore, their improved manakin and flavor appropriate them to be victimized eventide more intuitively. Chromium-plate applications are likewise a boast of the galvanizing windowpane controls and air vents, delivery added high-quality accents to the national. In cars with the Opulence Pipeline, Play Demarcation or M Sportsman packet specified, the accentuate slip in the panel continues ebulliently into all 4 doors, emphasising the generous levels of spa for the passengers and providing a swish atmosphere. The cupholders in the center comfort add another virtual lineament and now birth a sliding concealment. An extra hard-nosed hold for items such as a smartphone is positioned onward of the cupholders.

Lines enable further individualisation

Offered as an alternate to banner spec and the Reward pick – which includes features such as Parkland Aloofness Command at the arse and Sail Ascendence with Braking role as stock – the Athletics Business and Sumptuosity Occupation equipment lines impart the new BMW 3-Series an single quality of their own, piece the M Fun parcel offers extra options intentional to boost step-up route front and impulsive joy.

In plus to the new, optional Recession Anthracite fabric upholstery with accentuate coloring, cars in banner stipulation can too be arranged with the Huitre color form for textile/leather and leather seating and new 16-, 18- and 19-inch wheels as an alternative. The Mutation Job and Luxuriousness Business equipment lines and the M Fun software can now likewise be specified as an alternative with the “ash blackness” forest board with metallic inlay. Mutant Cable models offering new leather upholstery variants with accents in Veneto Ecru and Burden Brownish. The like applies to cars with the Lavishness Demarcation, which can likewise be specified with new bi-colour 18- in light-alloy wheels in multi-spoke pattern. Among the features of the M Fun software are the M sleek bundle, an M leather wheel, M Athletics reprieve and movement sports seating, the anthracite-coloured BMW Somebody star and the Impulsive Feel Ascendance transposition with extra Mutant+ mood. This earnestly jazzy equipment discrepancy is too usable with the new leather upholstery options with accents. Now usable in improver to the scoop 18- and 19-inch M light-alloy wheels is an 18-inch light-alloy cycle alternative in Compass Grayish.

Customers can take from a summate of 16 outside colors for their new BMW 3-Series. New additions to the orbit admit contact Mediterranean Bluing metal, Pt Ag metal and Jatoba metal, in summation to the Someone color Bubbly Crystal metal. The Estoril Blueing metal ghost is distillery reserved entirely for cars equipt with the M Variation software.

Honing the character of the BMW M3 as well

Reflecting the flush more precipitously outlined, dynamical pattern and flush higherquality inside introduced for the new BMW 3-Series exemplar grasp, the BMW M3 now likewise gains fresh intentional full-LED ass lights and exact, quality-feel chromium-plate highlights for the home. The latest-generation Seafaring arrangement Master with LTE – the quickest nomadic banner presently usable – is now too an choice for the BMW M3, piece two new BMW Somebody outside semblance sunglasses (Smoke-dried Tan metal and Bubbly Crystal metal) can be specified for the new BMW M3 in plus to the sole Tanzanite Disconsolate metal and Azurite Schwarz metal BMW Single blusher finishes.

Powertrain and chassis

The BMW 3-Series has symbolised drive use combined with economical fire ingestion for the retiring 40 age. Now the new BMW 3-Series Saloon and the new BMW 3-Series Touring are rearing the bar yet again. The locomotive compass comprises a sum of quatern gas engines, with outputs ranging from 100 kW (136 hp) to 240 kW (326 hp), and heptad diesel engines with outputs from 85 kW (116 hp) to 230 kW (313 hp) (combined fire ingestion: 7.9- 3.8 l/100 km [35.8-74.3 mpg imp]; combined CO2 emissions: 185-99 g/km). All the three-, four- and six-cylinder gasolene engines and the four-cylinder diesel units in the BMW 316d, BMW 318d and BMW 320d are now sourced from the fresh highly-developed, modular BMW EfficientDynamics locomotive category and are equipt with the up-to-the-minute BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering, which combines prodigious functioning with first-class fire efficiency. E.g., the 120 kW/163 hp BMW 320d EfficientDynamics Version Saloon with touchstone tyres and eight-speed Steptronic infection boasts fire intake of fair 3.8 l/100 km (74.3 mpg imp), which corresponds to CO2 emissions of upright 99 g/km. Sounding foster forrader, the BMW 3-Series volition lionise a really limited milepost in 2016 with the plunge of the BMW 330e. The BMW 330e volition be powered by a card loan-blend campaign organisation with a combined production of 185 kW/252 hp, bighearted the BMW 330e a 0 – 100 km/h (62 mph) quickening clip of 6.3 seconds and a top velocity of 225 km/h (140 mph). Combined fire phthisis testament solve at good 2.1 l/100 km (134.5 mpg imp), comparable to combined CO2 emissions of upright 49 g/km.

All models in the new engine family are EU6-compliant

All members of the new modular locomotive kinsfolk plowshare a commons innovation draft, with an in-line cylinder transcription, a translation per cylinder of 500 cc and identical whippersnapper, thermally optimised all-aluminium twist. The crankcase is identical inflexible due to its closed-deck pattern – which agency that the cylinder irrigate crown is unopen at the top – patch thermally united, highstrength cylinder liners with twin-wire, arc-sprayed coat economise burden and tighten intimate rubbing.

The three- and four-cylinder engines sustain halter shafts for still execution end-to-end the locomotive velocity scope. The inflexible modular pattern is besides reflected in standardized interfaces for the locomotive mounts and the connections to the cooling, consumption and beat systems besides as the warming and air conditioning organization.

All the gasoline engines in the new BMW 3-Series Saloon and the new BMW 3-Series Touring models have an exhaust-manifold-integrated turbocharger. That substance the discharge gases birth lonesome a short-change outdistance to visit the turbocharger organization, resulting in an highly spry reaction. On the BMW 320d, advance improvements deliver been achieved by exploitation antifriction bearings rather of field bearings. Concurrently the arrangement’s importantly rock-bottom home detrition makes itself matt-up eventide during the selfsame curt tune-up stage, resulting in well decreased cold-start fire expenditure. The close-coupled catalytic convertor and the electrically operated encourage pressing ascendancy valve (wastegate) encourage meliorate the emissions functioning of the gas engines.

Efficiently optimised performance

All the engines in the new BMW EfficientDynamics locomotive sept are furnished with the up-to-the-minute propagation of BMW’s groundbreaking TwinPower Turbo engineering, which in the lawsuit of the gasoline engines have TwinScroll turbocharging, Gamy Preciseness Injectant and Double-VANOS varying camshaft timing. They additionally characteristic VALVETRONIC amply varying valve timing.

The BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering for the diesel engines comprises VNT turbocharging (twin-turbocharging on the BMW 325d and BMW 335d) and latest-generation usual rails orchestrate shot, which with uttermost shot pressures of 2,000 bar provides a peculiarly efficaciously way of reduction fire usance and emissions.

With their extremely effective operation optimization, based on BMW’s globally pioneering TwinPower Turbo engineering, the new engines in the new BMW 3-Series Saloon and new BMW 3-Series Touring models are again section leadership on functioning and fire efficiency.

Four-cylinder performance, three-cylinder fuel consumption

Fifty-fifty the entry-level locomotive variation in the new BMW 3-Series Saloon and new BMW 3-Series Touring scope offers distinctive BMW clean functioning. The new 136 hp BMW 318i (Saloon: combined fire phthisis: 5.5-5.0 l/100 km [51.4-56.5 mpg imp]; combined CO2 emissions: 129-116 g/km; Touring: combined fire uptake: 5.9-5.3 l/100 km [47.9-53.3 mpg imp]; combined CO2 emissions: 137-124 g/km), which replaces the premature BMW 316i, is the offset e’er flashy mid-sized manakin from BMW to be fitted with the new three-cylinder gas locomotive. Among the highlights of this locomotive are its squeeze dimensions and low weighting, splendid execution capabilities that too go deal in mitt with emblematic fire efficiency and distinctive threecylinder qualities such as precipitous answer, exceedingly aegir revving and a dynamical and flashy locomotive vocalise.

A boost reward of the new three-cylinder locomotive is its goodness shakiness characteristics. Comparable a six-cylinder in-line locomotive, which is a benchmark therein esteem, it generates no first- and second-order inactiveness forces. Simultaneously, a haltere cock counteracts locomotive bowl torsion for faultless subtlety passim the locomotive speeding compass.

Both the BMW 318i Saloon and the BMW 318i Touring are powered by this turbocharged three-cylinder gas whole, which delivers maximal might of 100 kW/136 hp betwixt 4,500 and 6,000 rpm, from a deracination of 1.5 litres. Summit torsion of 220 Nm (162 lb-ft) is uncommitted from 1,250 rpm. For myopic periods this can be increased – for safety passing – to 230 Nm (170 lbft) victimisation the overboost part, which can be excited by kickdown. With the six-speed manual gearbox, the BMW 318i accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in fair 8.9 seconds, on the way to a top speeding of 210 km/h (130 mph). Disdain this active operation, nonetheless, the CO2 emissions of the BMW 318i are upright 119 g/km (with eight-speed Steptronic transmitting), a more 13 per centime advance concluded the late BMW 316i.

Four-cylinder petrol engine has higher output yet lower fuel consumption

Likewise celebrating its humans premier in the new BMW 3-Series is a new 2.0-litre four-cylinder in-line whole. Fitted in the new BMW 320i Saloon/new BMW 320i Touring (combined fire expenditure: 5.9-5.3/6.3-5.5 l/100 km [47.9- 53.3/44.8-51.6 mpg imp]; combined CO2 emissions: 138-124/147- 129 g/km), it develops uttermost production of 134 kW/184 hp betwixt 5,000 and 6,500 rpm and uttermost torsion of 290 Nm (214 lb-ft) at 1,350 rpm (with six-speed manual gearbox and traditional rear-wheel thrust). The 2.0-litre fourcylinder in-line locomotive marks its reality unveiling in the new BMW 330i Saloon/new BMW 330i Touring (combined fire uptake: 6.5-5.5/6.7- 5.8 l/100 km [43.5-51.4/42.2-48.7 mpg imp]; combined CO2 emissions: 151- 129/157-135 g/km), the heir to the old BMW 328i, where it generates 185 kW/252 hp ‘tween 5,200 and 6,500 rpm and 350 Nm (258 lb-ft) from 1,450 rpm. This gives the new BMW 330i Saloon with eightspeed Steptronic infection a 0 – 100 km/h (62 mph) dash metre of 5.8 seconds (Touring: 5.9 seconds) and a top swiftness of 250 km/h (155 mph) in both the Saloon and Touring models. However, the CO2 emissions of the BMW 330i Saloon with banner tyres bear fallen compared with the late modeling by more 12 per centime, to 129 g/km (Touring: 135 g/km).

Dynamic new six-cylinder petrol engine

The new BMW 3-Series too sees the mankind launching of the BMW 340i Saloon/BMW 340i Touring (combined fire usance: 7.7-6.5/7.0-6.8 l/100 km [36.7-43.5/40.4-41.5 mpg imp]; combined CO2 emissions: 179- 152/164-158 g/km), which substitute the old 335i. The BMW 340i is the low exemplar in the total BMW line-up to be powered by the all-new sixcylinder locomotive from the new modular BMW EfficientDynamics locomotive sept. The whippersnapper and inflexible all-aluminium whole with BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering provides a consummate conflate of brilliant functioning and owing efficiency. The new three-litre six-cylinder in-line BMW 340i ace the 3-Series gasolene line-up and develops maximal ability of 240 kW/326 hp ‘tween 5,500 and 6,500 rpm, a 15 kW/20 hp advance complete the former modelling. Crest torsion is an telling 450 Nm (332 ft-lb), which is useable from 1,380 rpm. The new BMW 340i Saloon with eight-speed Steptronic transmitting goes from 0 – 100 km/h (62 mph) in equitable 5.1 seconds, with a governed top amphetamine of 250 km/h (155 mph). And although it offers importantly more mightiness and master torsion (up by 50 Nm/37 lb-ft) compared with the harbinger exemplar, CO2 emissions for the new BMW 340i Saloon with received tyres are more 10 per centime devour on the old BMW 335i, Saloon at 152 g/km.

Brawny diesel engines with frugal fuel consumption

Big efficiency improvements suffer too been achieved on the optimised fourcylinder diesel units, which belong the like new modular kinfolk as the gasolene engines. The up-to-the-minute improvements are consume to BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering, with VNT turbocharging and hard-hitting commons runway engineer shot. E.g., the 85 kW/116 hp BMW 316d Saloon with criterion tyres burns equitable 3.9 l/100 km [72.4 mpg imp], which way CO2 emissions of 102 g/km.

The outturn of the new BMW 320d has risen bey that of its forerunner modeling (up from 135 kW/184 hp to 140 kW/190 hp at 4,000 rpm) and CO2 emissions birth been decreased by more club per centime. With its knock-down torsion of 400 Nm (295 lb-ft), which is on teem ‘tween 1,750 and 2,500 rpm, the new BMW 320d Saloon with eight-speed Steptronic infection returns a 0 – 100 km/h (62 mph) clip of 7.2 seconds, two tenths of a irregular less than the late BMW 320d Saloon. The new BMW 320d achieves a top swiftness of 230 km/h (143 mph), but generates CO2 emissions of hardly 106 g/km.

New manual and automatic transmissions

2016 Bmw 3 Series

The new BMW 3-Series Saloon and new BMW 3-Series Touring can be fitted with a six-speed manual transmittance or eight-speed Steptronic whole (banner on the BMW 330d, BMW 335d and BMW 340i Touring). The crisp-shifting sixspeed manual contagion, featuring optimum proportion spacing, comes with a dual-mass flywheel with motor pendulum absorbers. This engineering, which made its earth introduction in a production-model 320d EfficientDynamics Variant, counteracts scratchy linear on high-torque engines so that drivers can alteration up swimmingly and without any unpleasant flourishing interference level at low locomotive speeds – star to a foster step-down in fire uptake and CO2 emissions. The six-speed manual transmittance too comes with battle upper ascendance, which substance the locomotive is mechanically brought to the rightfield rpm for the following pitch when ever-changing up or polish, resulting in improved eloquence.

The new eight-speed Steptronic transmitting, wish the six-speed whole, besides plays an crucial function in reduction CO2 emissions. Its improved efficiency, wider cogwheel gap and rock-bottom torsion convertor gaffe during train shifts concentrate CO2 emissions by iii per centime. Concurrently, improved damping of locomotive irregularities work improved comfortableness and sander shifty. Gaudy drivers testament too delight the eight-speed Steptronic transmittal. In Play+ contagion style, it allows the driver to rev the locomotive compensate capable the rev clipper, and too to execute multiple serial downshifts. For level greater drive joy, the eight-speed Steptronic Mutation transmittal is uncommitted with wheel totter shifters.

Farther thriftiness benefits are offered by the eight-speed Steptronic transmittance’s coasting manner. When the driver lifts off the accelerator at higher speeds, e.g. on a gruntle declivitous course on the freeway, the locomotive is mechanically decoupled from the powertrain. It so but ticks ended in inert, which saves fire and ensures thither is no undesirable locomotive braking at gamy swiftness. A advance fuel-saving lineament, which likewise improves impulsive puff, is the new Proactive Impulsive Helper, which uses data from the sailing organisation to “previse” forthcoming roundabouts, corners and junctions and choice just the redress metre to modify pitch.

Dynamic all-wheel drive system optionally available

As an choice to the definitive BMW rear-wheel-drive set-up, the BMW 320i, 330i, 340i, 318d, 320d and 330d variants of the new BMW 3-Series example orbit can optionally be specified with BMW xDrive reasoning all-wheel ride. The BMW 335d is fitted with this engineering as banner. BMW xDrive combines the habitual advantages of all-wheel driving such as optimum mightiness transference to the route, first-class prophylactic and uttermost grip, e.g. in frigid weather, with earmark BMW quick and accurate manipulation. BMW xDrive expeditiously reduces understeer and oversteer when cornering and improves impulsive kinetics, e.g. when direction into a box or accelerating out of flush the tightest hairpin aeroembolism.

Sporty, agile and comfortable suspension

The BMW 3-Series has been the benchmark in impulsive kinetics for generations. The boost highly-developed muffler engineering and stiffer hiatus of the new BMW 3-Series Saloon and new BMW 3-Series Touring team with a more fine honed steerage set-up to birth importantly enhanced dynamical capabilities without any compromise on puff. The retuned reprieve improves both cross and longitudinal kinetics below all loading weather. This is verbalised in decreased paradiddle, unfaltering guiding constancy and an exceptionally heights degree of direction preciseness. This is lawful of the criterion hiatus likewise as the M Athletics abatement and adaptative hanging options. The latter offers electronically controlled dampers and allows case-by-case alteration of the car’s active responses at the hint of a push. Uninterrupted detector monitoring of longitudinal and sidelong quickening, speeding and guidance lean allows the damping to be optimally matched to route characteristics and the impulsive post. Rear-wheel-drive variants too have a 10-millimetre dip in bait tallness. Drivers can use the Drive Feel Ascendancy switching to take betwixt a more comfort-biased scene or more showy characteristics at any meter.

BMW EfficientDynamics

The impulsive delectation offered by the new BMW 3-Series Pothouse and new BMW 3-Series Touring models is based not good on splendid execution but besides on first-class fire saving – a combining achieved with the service of the trailblazing BMW EfficientDynamics parcel. New, more fuel-efficient gasoline and diesel engines, paired with farther improved manual and robotic transmissions, Car First Layover, Bracken Vim Re-formation, on-demand functioning of accessory units and the ECO PRO modality, insure that the new BMW 3-Series not sole delivers distinctive BMW clean operation but likewise benchmark fire ingestion and emissions.

High-tech engines offer superior efficiency

The forward-looking three-, four- and six-cylinder gas engines powering the new BMW 3-Series whirl particular superpower, distinctive BMW fast-revving execution and brilliant nicety, linked with utmost efficiency. These qualities are achieved with the avail of trailblazing BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering with TwinScroll turbocharging, High-pitched Preciseness Shot, reduplicate VANOS varying camshaft timing and VALVETRONIC full varying valve timing. State-of-theart BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering is likewise exploited on the new BMW 3-Series four- and six-cylinder diesel models. The compounding of turbocharging and latest-generation commons rails engineer shot, with utmost injectant pressures of 2,000 bar, ensures telling torsion and subtlety combined with unexceeded efficiency.

Optimised transmissions and intelligent energy management

The fresh highly-developed manual and reflex transmissions besides gambol an authoritative use in reduction fire phthisis and emissions. Both types of transmitting have optimised efficiency, squeeze innovation and low burden, and are capable to keep a relaxed, low-rev and extra-fuel-efficient drive panache. Encourage voltage for savings is offered by the level-headed contagion ascendence scheme. Amongst former things, a Proactive Impulsive Supporter (for models fitted with the eight-speed Steptronic transmittal) uses piloting information to exercise advanced where the driver leave get to decompress on the approaching itinerary and adapts the powertrain scheme consequently. It besides passes on earmark recommendations to the driver, if coveted.

All the new BMW 3-Series Ginmill and new BMW 3-Series Touring models are equipt as received with the Machine Jump Stoppage purpose and Bracken Zip Re-formation. Encourage savings are offered by well-informed push direction for the accessory units. This includes the on-demand coolant heart, electronically controlled oil heart and electromechanical mightiness guidance that consumes no wattage when steerage straightforward beforehand. Too, whenever the air conditioning is not organism victimized, its compressor is mechanically unconnected.

Encourage fuel-saving measures admit the ECO PRO way, selectable exploitation the Impulsive Have Ascendancy substitution, the ECO PRO Path piloting lineament and the coasting role on models with eight-speed Steptronic infection, which disconnects the locomotive if the driver lifts off the limit at higher speeds. The locomotive so idles in achromatic, overwhelming less fire.

BMW 320d EfficientDynamics Edition: fuel consumption of just 3.8 l/100 km

The fuel-saving likely of BMW EfficientDynamics is reflected nearly clear in the new BMW 320d EfficientDynamics Version Saloon/new BMW 320d EfficientDynamics Variant Touring (combined fire use: 4.3-3.8/4.5- 4.0 l/100 km [65.7-74.3/62.8-70.6 mpg imp]; combined CO2 emissions: 113- 99/118-104 g/km). These models are powered by a limited 2.0-litre turbodiesel locomotive development utmost ability of 120 kW/163 hp at 4,000 rpm and utmost torsion of 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) ‘tween 1,750 and 2,250 rpm. With its optimised infection form, limited pitch shifting index on models with a six-speed manual transmittance, low-rollingresistance tyres, a part cloaked kidney lattice and lowered bait acme, the BMW 320d EfficientDynamics Version Saloon records fire use (models with eight-speed Steptronic infection and banner tyres) of equitable 3.8 l/100 km (74.3 mpg imp), with emissions of equitable 99 g/km CO2.

Plug-in hybrid with CO2 emissions of just 49 g/km

The BMW 330e (combined fire phthisis: 2.1 l/100 km [134.5 mpg imp]; combined CO2 emissions: 49 g/km), which volition sum the ambit in 2016, leave scratch a foster milepost in fire efficiency therein section. Its state-of-the-art board intercrossed engineering combines a 135 kW/184 hp 2.0-litre gasoline locomotive with an 80 kW galvanizing drive. The combined production of 185 kW (252 hp) and combined maximal torsion of 420 Nm (310 lb-ft) spring the BMW 330e a 0 – 100 km/h (62 mph) quickening metre of fair 6.3 seconds and a top velocity of 225 km/h (140 mph). The BMW 330e combines these new benchmarks with fire use of upright 2.1 l/100 km (134.5 mpg imp), which corresponds to CO2 emissions of fair 49 g/km. The new BMW 330e is besides subject of travel capable 35 kilometres (approx. 22 miles) – e.g. some township – in all-electric style and hence with nada local emissions.

BMW ConnectedDrive

BMW has been context the criterion for connectivity ‘tween man, car and the away mankind for many age now. With yet more new functions added to the unrivaled combining of mobility services and driver aid systems, BMW ConnectedDrive is providing another telling presentment of its pioneering abilities in the new BMW 3-Series ambit, patch again ensuring sovereign prophylactic, consolation and documentary.

Fastest mobile technology on board

The optional latest-generation Piloting organisation Pro boasts faster start-up, evening quicker path deliberation on with more naturalistic 3D visualization in cities. The seafaring arrangement is too adaptative, so that when the driver advisedly deviates from a suggested path various multiplication the organisation bequeath beginning to purport the new “knowledgeable” path as the received one for stretch the selected finish. Reflexive map updating (which is gratis for the outset deuce-ace days) and the ConnectedDrive Services enable mortal regions of the piloting map to be updated wirelessly ended the air by way of the fomite’s merged SIM plug-in. This is carried out in the desktop patch in the dwelling realm. The new BMW 3-Series is too the commencement car in its section to documentation LTE – the quickest nomadic criterion presently usable – when fitted with the Seafaring scheme Pro and the elongated smartphone connectivity pick. This greatly improves web reportage and information contagion speeds, specially in rural areas.

ConnectedDrive Services cast function of the measure stipulation of the BMW 3-Series. A SIM menu reinforced into the fomite enables the client to savor optimal connectivity and admittance to the nonpareil grasp of services from BMW ConnectedDrive without the indigence for a smartphone. The Concierge Serving, e.g., makes it potential to choose points of stake patch drive, such as pharmacies, restaurants or hotels, shuffling a reserve if craved, and let them sent consecutive to the fomite as a seafaring finish collectively all the relevant liaison information. Smartphone apps that bear been optimised for BMW, such as Hearable, Deezer, GoPro and Spotify, can moreover be exploited with the superlative of rest via the car’s expose and restraint conception. The full-of-the-moon portfolio of services from BMW ConnectedDrive can be consistent peculiarly cursorily and flexibly by visiting the new BMW ConnectedDrive Entrepot – forthwith from the fomite likewise.

Healthy Pinch Outcry, another measure have in the BMW 3-Series, ensures utmost guard out on the route. If the airbags are triggered in an fortuity, this organization uses the inherent SIM add-in to mechanically channel the hardness of the stroke, the potency hazard of hurt to the occupants and the fomite’s localization to the BMW Birdsong Gist. This data is so put-upon to set the scoop potential exigency reaction piece the Shout Heart corset in touch with the occupants if craved. The manual pinch shout role, interim, allows speedy assistant to be summoned for early route users in pinch situations.

Head-Up Display: information in the driver’s immediate field of view

A full-colour, high-resolution Head-Up Expose is uncommitted as an pick for the new BMW 3-Series. All relevant entropy, such as upper, seafaring instructions, fastness limits and passing bans, appears hither in an optimal situation in the driver’s field. The safe entropy from the Impulsive Help box (Hit Admonitory with Metropolis Braking use, Earthbound Admonition with Metropolis Braking role, Heed Helper, asset Lane Release Admonition) likewise as info relating to call and media procedure is too shown in the Head-Up Showing.

Parking Assistant for parallel and transverse parking

The Parking Adjunct in the new BMW 3-Series helps the driver to commons in both latitude spaces and spaces that are vertical to the route. At speeds downstairs 35 km/h (approx. 22 mph) supersonic sensors measuring possible parking spaces, which are so shown in the key data showing. If the driver now activates the Parking Help, the car testament channelise itself into the quad piece the driver just has to ascendance the gun and bracken or switching ‘tween ahead and reverse when prompted. The Parking Helper besides includes the new Machine PDC office, which allows the Common Space Restraint to replacement on mechanically when approach an aim at the breast and show the leftover length. When snarl-up situations with stop-start dealings are detected, the Car PDC use is deactivated.

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