2016 Bmw 1 Series

BMW 1-Series

An extensively limited front- and rear-end pattern, a advanced agio atmosphere when you footprint inner and wise militia of superpower below the cowl are all office of the eve more expressive, card-playing and efficiency-focused skillset of the new BMW 1-Series modeling scope (fire expenditure combined: 8.0 – 3.4 litres/100 km [35.3 – 83.1 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 188 – 89 g/km). Nigh two trillion units of the BMW 1-Series sustain been sold world-wide concluded the conclusion ten geezerhood, and this modish version is self-contained to set another new benchmark in drive joy in the agio compress section. The new 3-door and 5-door BMW 1-Series models accompany a comprehensively revised locomotive line-up and extra measures intentional to cut fire use and emissions, allowing them to tether the way again in the unveiling of new BMW EfficientDynamics engineering.

The option of engines usable for the new BMW 1-Series modelling ambit has been enhanced by the add-on of latest-generation gasoline and diesel units with trey and quatern cylinders. The torquey and high-revving engines with BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering team with rear-wheel ride – calm a unequalled merchandising head in the contract section – to return a fittingly vivid impulsive know. And an level broader scatter of touchstone equipment, an turnout rise for the six-cylinder in-line locomotive powering the BMW M135i M Execution Auto and up-to-date innovations from BMW ConnectedDrive besides diffuse the sword’s authentication characteristics with renewed zip.

2016 BMW 1-Series

Modified exterior and interior design includes familiar BMW styling cues underlining sports performance and premium characteristics

Cautiously considered updates to the outside designing of the new BMW 1-Series smooth the highlight on its dissipated elegance and high-end front. A new intentional BMW kidney lattice and bigger air intakes assist to stress the car’s active potency in companion BMW flair. Headlights with a importantly blandish geometry gambol a standardised character. They accompany LED daylight drive lights as stock and can now be specified in full-LED spec as an choice. The ass lights deliver besides been wholly remodelled. They now expose the “L” conformation feature of BMW models and unwrap LED-powered lights. Elsewhere, the advanced pattern of the amphetamine core soothe with the controls for the radiocommunication and clime ascendence arrangement is frontmost in accentuating the agio ambiance aboard the new BMW 1-Series.

Automatic air conditioning, BMW Radio Professional and BMW iDrive fitted as standard; new equipment variants

Touchstone equipment for the new BMW 1-Series modelling stove now besides features reflexive air conditioning, a pelting detector, the BMW Tuner Pro and the iDrive os, ended with a high-resolution 6.5-inch expose unified in the panel as a separate admonisher. And the Reward, Mutation Cable, Urban Business and M Mutation packages useable as an alternate to received spec allow sassy cro for targeted individualization.

New generation of engines, new benchmarks in efficiency

2016 Bmw 1 Series

An extensively updated line-up of engines and elongated BMW EfficientDynamics engineering ascertain that the new BMW 1-Series exemplar stove again sets new standards in its form by advance reduction fire ingestion and emissions. BMW 1-Series customers leave now be offered three- and four-cylinder might units from the BMW Radical’s new locomotive phratry. The new efficiency pacer in the mark’s framework ambit is the BMW 116d EfficientDynamics Variant with 85 kW/116 hp and median fire uptake of 3.4 litres/100 kilometres (83.1 mpg imp) combined with CO2 emissions of 89 g/km in the EU essay cycles/second.

As an substitute to the measure six-speed manual gearbox, thither is the alternative of an eight-speed Steptronic transmittal (received in the BMW 125d, BMW 120d xDrive and BMW M135i xDrive). The up-to-the-minute interpretation of the reflex whole now likewise offers infection direction supported by seafaring information.

A 5 kW increment in turnout (to 240 kW/326 hp) from its six-cylinder in-line locomotive allows the new BMW M135i (mean fire uptake: 8.0 litres/100 km [35.3 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 188 g/km) to tone its place as the elect sports performer in the BMW 1-Series’ militant section. Same the BMW 120d and BMW 118d, the BMW M Operation Machine can too be specified with the level-headed all-wheeldrive scheme xDrive which, too as service the causes of grip and directive constancy, too enhances the car’s kinetics. The new BMW M135i xDrive (median fire ingestion: 7.8 litres/100 km [36.2 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 182 g/km) sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in good 4.7 seconds.

Sophisticated chassis technology, Tyre Pressure Indicator fitted as standard

Modern frame engineering teams up with rear-wheel effort and an near arrant (50 : 50) dispersion of weightiness ‘tween the figurehead and arse axles to pay the new BMW 1-Series manifest manipulation traits headlined by nimbleness and active excellency. Options admit adaptative reprieve, M Sportsman dangling, Varying Sports Steerage and an M Play braking scheme. A Tire Coerce Index display apiece mortal roll is now parting of the touchstone stipulation.

New assistance systems and services from BMW ConnectedDrive

The extract of optional driver aid systems from BMW ConnectedDrive usable for the BMW 1-Series now too includes the radar-based Combat-ready Sail Ascendence organisation with Block & Go office. The latest-generation Parking Adjunct now enables collimate parking in besotted spaces qualified either by two obstacles or on one slope sole, besides as robotlike thwartwise parking. Features such as the camera-based Drive Helper, rear-view camera and Swiftness Restrict Information scheme with No Overtaking Information expose can likewise be specified.

All models in the new BMW 1-Series line-up occur as criterion with an embedded SIM menu, which allows use of the similarly criterion Level-headed Exigency Song and BMW TeleServices functions, too as admission to optional internet-based mobility services. In summation to BMW On-line and Genuine Sentence Dealings Data, customers can likewise relish the On-line amusement part. Farther on-line services can be incorporate into the car exploitation smartphone apps and operated safely, intuitively and handily via the iDrive organisation. Interim, the new Pilotage organisation Master too offers reflex map updating by cell via the embedded SIM add-in, which is gratis to customers for the beginning deuce-ace days pursuit readjustment of the car.

The design: Unmistakably sporty

Stylemark BMW innovation is a indicate of earmark BMW drive pleasance – a rationale reflected by the position of the BMW 1-Series as the stand-out framework in the bounty constrict section for a decennary now. Its proportions, lines and coat innovation close into a vernal and saucy, hefty outside that showcases the car’s agility- and dynamics-centric drive properties. The stream contemporaries of the BMW 1-Series has accomplished itself as a apotheosis of card-playing excellency in its section, and the new-generation modelling continues on a interchangeable track, a dedication intelligibly verbalized in its appearing. All the modifications to its outside and national conception center highlight the car’s active elegance, bounty lineament and innovational engineering. In so doing, they emphasise the up-to-the-minute advances made in areas important to providing the drive joy for which BMW is illustrious.

Unitedly, a foresighted cowling, longsighted wheelbase, curt overhangs, a offset rider compartment, a wide-cut raceway and brawny behind roll arches cast the authoritative proportions of a BMW. The BMW 1-Series combines a two-box pattern – a key indicant of the duplicate versatility offered by a compact – with a coupe-style slope windowpane vivid, a roofline that waterfall off mildly to the behind and a hard raked backside windowpane. The outcome is a “stretched” elegance which the 3-door BMW 1-Series encapsulates with especial sang-froid. Its hanker doors with frameless windows and single-piece bottom position windows interpose extra pizzaz into the car’s silhouette.

Eye-catching and precise: the new front end

Refined lines and bigger air intakes bestow a distinctly outlined tensity to the surfaces of the new BMW 1-Series’ battlefront proscenium and steep the car with an expressive, sportsmanlike aureole. A horizontal bar in the amphetamine segment farther accentuates their increased intensity, likewise as emphasising the comprehensiveness of the forepart. Another subscriber to the cardsharp ocular front of the new BMW 1-Series is the new intentional and munificently surfaced BMW kidney wicket. Its anatomy is more potently sculptured and uses attention-getting chromium-plate surfaces to ply a peculiarly high-quality stress. The third-dimensional kidney wicket bars are another index of the preciseness particularisation included in the innovation of the front.

The revised contours of the BMW kidney grillwork and headlamp units convey them nearer unitedly. This creates a symmetrical boilersuit effect with a singleminded face, underlining the flashy route centering and forward-surging design of the new BMW 1-Series to reverberative core.

Newly designed headlights, now available as an option in full-LED specification

With their flatcar, active geometry, the fresh intentional headlamp units shuffle a specially big donation to the jazzy boilersuit feeling of the front. The pair flier headlights of all the new BMW 1-Series models get as banner with LED day drive lights. The indicators are positioned in the outer country of their several headlamp units.

Full-LED headlights for low and independent ray get been added to the options tilt for the new BMW 1-Series modelling orbit. They sire a especially tweed lightness that is identical around daytime and so optimises condom when impulsive at nighttime. Should LED headlights be specified, the indicators besides use LED engineering.

Another particular on the options lean are Adaptative LED headlights, which espouse the track of corners when enlightening the route. The car’s guidance weight and swiftness are interpreted into report in directional the irradiation, which allows unlike modes for urban areas, commonwealth roadstead and motorways to be mechanically selected according to the drive berth. This adaptative lightness readjustment besides includes a use for hapless upwind weather, and the Adaptative LED Headlights have a Gamy Irradiation Help also.

2016 Bmw 1 Series

Optional foglamps are incorporate into the outer air intakes of the movement forestage. In connective with the Adaptative LED Headlights, the new BMW 1-Series comes equipt with LED foglamps which besides take the procedure of cornering lights.

Clear surface design and rear lights in familiar BMW “L” shape

2016 Bmw 1 Series

Flared bicycle arches and horizontal lines accent the breadth of the bottom, which now highlights the knock-down construction of the new BMW 1-Series eve more vividly. Passing crystalise structuring of the surfaces roughly boot lid gives the ass a ignitor, mod flavor. The incisively raddled lines of the arse forestage and the reflectors positioned on the far edges of the bum emphasize the car’s route nidus and all-encompassing racetrack.

The whole reworked rear-end styling of the new BMW 1-Series is outlined about conspicuously by the bikini ignitor units incorporate into the incline panels and rush lid. The new bottom lights presentation the wonted BMW “L” configuration and exsert far into the sides of the car. This twinkle designing, which alike accentuates the breadth of the ass, is too showcased in feature style at dark by two sets of LED-powered lights. The arse foglamp likewise workings victimization LED engineering.

Customers purchasing the new BMW 1-Series can opt from ternary nonmetal and ten metal outside rouge finishes for their car, with Pt Smooth-spoken metal and Twinkle Dark-brown metal included as new additions to the compass. Estoril Disconsolate metal is useable entirely for the BMW M135i and in coincidence with the M Mutant equipment box.

High-quality materials and sophisticated premium ambience in the interior

The national of the new BMW 1-Series sees the steel’s trademark driverfocused cockpit designing complemented by high-quality materials, new ass upholstery and a advanced bounty lineament for the inwardness soothe controls. New textile bum covers with a peculiarly hunky-dory web construction and a too freshly highly-developed textile/leather combining contribute duplicate impudence, as do the tweed acrylic crank national trimness strips with coarse-textured surfacing intentional for the Urban Cable.

The BMW Wireless Master and iDrive os deliver been added to the wealthiness of stock equipment aboard the new BMW 1-Series simulation orbit. That substance the separate, 6.5-inch Ascendancy Expose unified centrally into the panel and the center console-mounted Accountant, summation the organize carte restraint buttons and favourites buttons, are now all included in an home displaying intimate BMW excogitation. If the optional Pilotage organisation Pro is fitted, the Accountant comes with a bigger, touch-sensitive coat for inputting numbers and characters. The onboard admonisher takes the shape of an 8.8-inch exhibit with new, passing slim-looking geometry.

The controls staged infra the Ascendance Presentation let too benefited from elaborate refinements. Both the air vents and the controls for the radiocommunication / reflex air conditioning now characteristic high-quality chromium-plate surrounds. The radiocommunication and automatonlike air conditioning keypads, interim, are set against high-gloss melanise paneling. If the optional two-zone reflex air conditioning is specified, the exhibit is gabardine in day modality and orangeness in dark style.

Equipment and BMW Lines: Greater individuality in the premium compact segment

The new variation of the BMW 1-Series promises to convey an additional acid of BMW-style impulsive delight to the agio constrict section – and the stock and optional equipment on crack for the new car is about emphatically capable the undertaking. All the new BMW 1-Series models receive farther enhancements to their received stipulation. An raiment of high-quality options, around of which were primitively highly-developed for cars in higher segments and which emphasize the agio quality of the BMW 1-Series, can be logical to return solace and functionality to a new layer. Additions get too been made to the routine of equipment variants customers can opt from, enabling really accurate individualization. E.g., the Reward, Variation Occupation, Urban Job and M Fun packages, which get been added to the grasp of options as alternatives to criterion spec, propose highly attractive configurations of particular excogitation and equipment features, with boost upgrades introduced for many details.

The generous ranch of measure equipment fitted to all new BMW 1-Series models includes not solitary remote primal lockup, keyless locomotive firing, galvanic windowpane controls, electrically het outside mirrors and the Drive Know Controller substitution, but now too automatonlike air conditioning, a leather wheel adjustable for altitude and compass, a pelting detector including reflexive impulsive lights ascendance, a presence rider airbag that can be deactivated and the BMW Radiocommunication Pro including CD thespian, six loudspeakers and an AUX-In socket. The iDrive os – with its high-resolution 6.5-inch colouration expose, a Comptroller on the center solace, aim carte restraint buttons and favourites buttons – is too parting of stock equipment. The now stock play displays exhibit stream locomotive production and torsion figures can now be layered on the Mastery Showing. The instrumentate constellate now features as criterion a real-time fire use showing positioned in the lour incision of the handbill rev comeback dial. The Vantage parcel adds multifunction buttons for the wheel, a ring hands-free readiness with USB port, foglamps, sail command with braking routine, Ballpark Space Ascendancy with back sensors, a sliding armrest betwixt the driver’s and breast rider arse, a repositing parcel and velour deck mats to the ambit of received equipment.

Modernity and dynamics, just the way you want them: the Urban Line, Sport Line and M Sport packages

All the equipment features of the Reward bundle are too included in the 3 early Lines, which crisply emphasise either the imperfect and innovative or the determinedly sporty fibre of the new BMW 1-Series. The Variation Occupation adds either 16- or 17-inch (contingent the modelling version) lightalloy wheels in star-spoke innovation, threshold sill plates with “BMW Sportsman” inscription, nigrify chromium-plate embellishers for the exhaust’s tailpipes, summation particularly intentional bars for the BMW kidney lattice. The emphasis strips for the outer air intakes, the emphasis bar for the cardinal air inspiration and the trimming striptease in the backside bumper are likewise in high-gloss lightlessness. The single innovation of the inside includes sports seating with particular covers in the new Nook fabric edition, genu pads on the driver’s slope of the essence solace, a sports leather wheel with red demarcation sewing, high-gloss nigrify home cut strips with emphasize strips in Coral Red or Smooth-spoken, the twinkle packet and displays with chrono scales in the cat’s-paw clump. The car key for Sportsman Business models has a red cosmetic airstrip.

The tailor-made invention features for the Urban Cable at the battlefront and arse of the car now come Oxide Smooth-spoken and team with a high-gloss inkiness accentuate bar for the fundamental air aspiration. Added to which, contingent locomotive version, this equipment occupation besides comes with 16- or 17-inch light-alloy wheels in V-spoke figure, textile/leather seating in the new Way version and in Ag/Nigrify or Eloquent/Ivory Grayish, a sports leather wheel, a ignition box with switchable orangeness/disconsolate ambient light and a Off-white Glossiness Chromium-plate ornamental airstrip for the car key. The inner clipping strips for the Urban Cable can be specified in inkiness acrylic chalk or gabardine acrylic methamphetamine with rough-textured surfacing and both let an emphasis airstrip in lustrelessness Oxide Ag. The M Athletics software contains prominent invention features and a server of equipment details intentional to advertize spry manipulation and an fighting impulsive dash – and hence provides the perfective chopine for full-blood drive joy in the new BMW 1-Series. M Sportsman respite including a 10-millimetrelower bait meridian and 17-inch M light-alloy wheels in double-spoke excogitation (optionally usable in 18-inch initialize) is firstly in delivery extra pungency to the car’s kinetics. A love for racing is what the new intentional M streamlined bundle is all most, with its larger air intakes in the forepart, attention-getting face skirts and a diffusor inclose for the arse forestage, addition BMW Mortal High-gloss Tincture Pipeline shave, a particularly intentional BMW kidney wicket and a chromium-plate tailpipe embellisher. The national of the M Mutation example likewise has its own distinguishable identicalness. Appointments admit doorway sill plates carriage the M logotype, sports seating for the driver and strawman rider with Hexagon material/Alcantara upholstery and in undivided M designing, an M leather wheel, a genu pad in the driver’s footwell, an M driver’s tuffet, an anthracite-coloured BMW Someone cap lining, a kindling software with switchable orangeness/albumen ambient kindling, an M gearstick prise or picker prise spat and a fulled leather handbrake clutches. Likewise uncommitted are Al Hexagon inner trimness strips with an emphasis striptease in Estoril Blueness or high-gloss melanise, displays with chrono scales for the pawn constellate and a car key with disconsolate ornamental peel.

BMW M135i: the elite sports performer with distinctive design features and model-specific equipment items

The BMW M135i occupies a stand-out place in the new BMW 1-Series example compass, one which besides underlines its spot as the preeminent sports performer in the bounty contract section. It is fitted as banner with twozone machinelike air conditioning and a sliding battlefront armrest, besides as legion model-specific figure and equipment features relating to the powertrain, anatomy, aeromechanics and cockpit. Unitedly they cast an boilersuit software assembled with distinctive M preciseness to have an ultra-sporty and emotionally ample drive know. One small-arm in the fretsaw is a limited reading of the M streamlined software, which can be identified by features including exceedingly prominent outer air intakes in the movement proscenium. These take the blank commonly reserved for foglamps on all former new BMW 1-Series models. The outside mirror caps are in the distinctive BMW M Operation Machine pigment finishing Ferrous Gray-headed. The behind forestage of the BMW M135i comes with a distinctively styled diffusor in a Darkness Tincture metal pigment conclusion and surrounds for the exhaust’s match tailpipes.

Card-playing blacken chromium-plate tailpipe embellishers and delivering a evocative soundtrack, the exhaust of the BMW M135i hints both visually and acoustically at the powerfulness highly-developed by the six-cylinder in-line locomotive below the cowling. In summation to the model-specific M Mutant reprieve and 18-inch double-spoke M light-alloy wheels in Ferrous Gray with interracial tyres, the varying sports steerage, M Mutation braking organisation and shorter gearstick locomotion for the measure six-speed manual gearbox birth been altered incisively to the powertrain’s operation visibility. The aim hither is to pay the car quick manipulation characteristics which can besides be harnessed exceedingly dextrously when dynamical impulsive is the edict of the day. The particularly highly-developed high-grip tyres (225/40 R18 formatting for the breast wheels, 245/35 R18 at the ass) optimize the transferral of speedup and braking forces to the route.

Among the features portion to play a sports car spirit to the midland of the BMW M135i are threshold sill plates with “M135i” inscription, an M leather wheel, sports seating and inner reduce strips with an M-specific figure, the M gearstick pry or picker pry spat, the fulled leather handbrake jimmy hold, the anthracite-coloured BMW Person ceiling lining, the stifle pad in the driver’s footwell, the M driver’s tuffet and the light box. “M135i” inscription in the pawn flock show provides an extra, sole emphasis.

Flexible-use interior, premium options

All the new BMW 1-Series models whirl eminent levels of tractability in price of how the national can be put-upon. The 5-door BMW 1-Series comes with five-spot seating as measure, piece the sportsmanlike fiber of the 3-door variant is accentuated by the two-seat ass ben with an farrago tray in the core. A backside bum judiciary with quad for leash passengers can likewise be consistent for this exemplar as a no-cost choice. Disregarding of the numeral of doors and seating specified, all new BMW 1-Series models are optionally useable with a 40 : 20 : 40 rip ass bum back. Fold one or more of the sections allows flush content to be increased piecemeal from 360 to 1,200 litres.

The options name for the new BMW 1-Series contains a plurality of highquality items intentional to encounter mortal requirements in the areas of solace, functionality and amusement. The grasp includes electrically adjustable and het seating for the driver and breast rider, two-zone reflex air conditioning, a het wheel, Puff Entree, mechanically dimming outside and rear-view mirrors, an electrically operated deoxyephedrine cap and a lagger mating with obliterable encumbrance orchis and increased lagger freight of capable 1,500 kilos. Providing an prominent sound get piece on the route, interim, are a Digital Sound Broadcasting (DAB) recipient and the On-line Amusement choice from BMW ConnectedDrive, likewise as the Harman Kardon Hello organization, concluded with 12 loudspeakers and a digital amplifier with 360-watt outturn.

Comprehensive safety equipment, including a Tyre Pressure Indicator

The undischarged occupier security offered by the BMW 1-Series has been confirmed by, among otc things, a utmost five-star paygrade in Euro NCAP wreck examination. Exactly outlined shipment paths, munificently sized contortion zones and an passing solid rider cadre lay the base for monitory clangour functioning in diverse types of hit. Guard features set on as banner admit breast and incline airbags and position drape airbags for both rows of seating. All seating are fitted with three-point inertia-reel buns belts, patch the movement seating besides deliver bash tensioners and smash violence limiters, and ISOFIX shaver arse attachments are provided in the ass.

Usable as an alternative are run-flat tyres which eve reserve customers to proceed impulsive – and so stretch a gar – in the consequence of a over release of pressing. A new accession to the banner equipment of the new BMW 1-Series framework ambit is a Tire Coerce Indicant viewing apiece case-by-case rack. The driver can horizon entropy on the pressure of apiece tire – recorded by sensors on the wheels – on the inbuilt reminder.

BMW EfficientDynamics in the new BMW 1-Series line-up: Riding a fresh wave of power to break new ground in efficiency

2016 Bmw 1 Series

The unveiling of three- and four-cylinder units from the BMW Radical’s new locomotive class and far-reaching enlargement of the standard-fitted BMW EfficientDynamics engineering secures the new BMW 1-Series top berth in the bounty compress section again when it comes to efficiency. The additions to the locomotive line-up land reductions in fire ingestion of capable 12 pct (contingent the simulation) and simultaneously ply cardsharp clean responses on exponent pitch. The newcomers present the modish grounds of the BMW Radical’s striking locomotive growing expertness and an innovational part to foster increasing the come of assay-mark BMW impulsive joy useable to BMW 1-Series owners.

Phoebe gasolene and cinque diesel engines with BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering are useable for the new BMW 1-Series and all engines fulfil the EU6 tucker banner. Circumstance the yard in footing of sports operation is the BMW M135i M Functioning Car, powered by a six-cylinder in-line locomotive now producing 240 kW/326 hp – up 5 kW on its precursor. Lead the way in the efficiency stake, interim, is the BMW 116d EfficientDynamics Variation, which combines its eyeshade outturn of 85 kW/16 hp with fire ingestion of 3.4 litres per 100 kilometres (83.1 mpg imp) and CO2 emissions of 89 grams per klick in the EU examination cps. A unequaled boast in the contract section aboard the optional eight-speed Steptronic infection – a new, efficiency-optimised adaptation of which has been highly-developed to team with the latest-generation engines – is the BMW 1-Series’ feature rear-wheel cause. Customers can likewise determine the healthy all-wheel-drive organisation, BMW xDrive, for the BMW M135i, BMW 120d and BMW 118d.

New generation of engines sets new standards in efficiency

The modish BMW EfficientDynamics engineering is again celebrating its premier in BMW’s covenant models. Comparable the three-cylinder gasoline locomotive powering the BMW 116i, the engines fitted altogether the diesel models are sourced from the BMW Aggroup’s new locomotive kinsfolk. Their encourage enhanced efficiency is frozen in divided elements of their figure, including the use of aluminum for the crankcase and cylinder mind, a bad blade crankshaft with unified halter scape ride, the contour of the consumption and release components and of the auxiliary systems, a map-controlled oil ticker and a longitudinal aligning in the locomotive compartment. Over-the-counter features in park are the application of the cylinder walls, low-weight pistons, bad connecting rods, their cylinder spacing and the loudness per cylinder of 500 cc – rattling about the thermodynamical bruiser’s-eye.

Altogether the gasolene engines, the rooms of BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering includes not sole a turbocharger organisation and High-pitched Preciseness Orchestrate Gasolene Injectant, but too VALVETRONIC full varying valve timing and varying accommodation of the consumption and release camshaft (Double-VANOS). This box of engineering gives the engines owing reactivity and index exploitation, also as fantabulous efficiency and tucker gas calibre.

Petrol engines with three, four and six cylinders

The new 1.5-litre three-cylinder gasolene locomotive besides stands out with its emotionally fat soundtrack and telling suavity. In footing of palpitation ascendancy, it has lots in plebeian with a six-cylinder in-line locomotive, mainly due to their divided absence of first- and second-order inertial forces. The threecylinder whole likewise features a turbocharger incorporated into the eject gas multiplex, besides as latest-generation injectant and VALVETRONIC systems. In the new BMW 116i it generates a utmost production of 80 kW/109 hp and crest torsion of 180 N metres (133 lb-ft), sufficient for 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) quickening in 10.9 seconds. The passage of the billystick from one locomotive coevals to the future besides ensures a considerable reducing in fire expenditure – now 5.4 – 5.0 litres per 100 kilometres (52.3 – 56.5 mpg imp) – and CO2 emissions, which interpose at 126 – 116 grams per klick (figures according to EU tryout bike, may depart contingent the tire formatting specified).

The BMW 118i and BMW 120i are powered by a 1.6-litre four-cylinder locomotive development 100 kW/136 hp and 130 kW/177 hp severally. The new BMW 118i generates maximal torsion of 220 N metres (162 lb-ft), patch the new BMW 120i develops 250 N metres (184 lb-ft). The new BMW 118i hits 100 km/h (62 mph) from ease in 8.5 (machinelike: 8.7) seconds, and its mean fire phthisis comes in at 5.7 – 5.4 litres per 100 kilometres (49.6 – 52.3 mpg imp). CO2 emissions are 133 – 125 grams (robotlike: 5.9 – 5.6 l/100 km [47.9 – 50.4 mpg imp], 137 – 129 g/km). The new BMW 120i sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 7.4 (robotic: 7.2) seconds. It has median fire expenditure of 6.0 – 5.7 litres per 100 kilometres (47.1 – 49.6 mpg imp) and CO2 emissions of 139 – 132 grams per klick (robotic: 5.9 – 5.6 l/100 km [47.9 – 50.4 mpg imp], 137 – 129 g/km; figures according to EU exam oscillation, may diverge contingent the tire initialise specified).

The four-cylinder locomotive in the new BMW 125i develops utmost production of 160 kW/218 hp and visor torsion of 310 N metres (229 lb-ft) from its 2.0-litre shift. The new BMW 125i reaches 100 km/h (62 mph) from remainder in 6.4 (reflex: 6.2) seconds. Its intermediate fire expenditure comes in at 6.7 – 6.6 litres per 100 kilometres (42.2 – 42.8 mpg imp), with CO2 emissions recorded at 157 – 154 grams per klick (robotic: 6.5 – 6.3 l/100 km [43.5 – 44.8 mpg imp], 151 – 148 g/km; figures according to EU run hertz, may depart contingent the tire formatting specified). The new BMW M135i is in a conference of its own in footing of betting endowment. The increased yield of 240 kW/326 hp and bill torsion of 450 N metres (332 lb-ft) generated by its straight-six locomotive prompt the BMW M Functioning Auto from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in hardly 5.1 (automatonlike: 4.9) seconds. Medium fire expenditure is 8.0 litres per 100 kilometres (35.3 mpg imp) and CO2 emissions are 188 grams per klick (machinelike: 7.5 l/100 km [37.7 mpg imp], 175 g/km; figures according to EU essay hertz, may diverge contingent the tire initialize specified).

The changing of the guard: five new diesel engines in the BMW 1-Series model range

2016 Bmw 1 Series

The new BMW 1-Series exemplar reach has been granted an nigh whole updated line-up of diesel engines. Both the new-generation three-cylinder and modish four-cylinder engines are based on the like efficiency-optimised rudimentary construct and self-praise new turbocharging engineering and boost highly-developed green railing organize injectant systems. Varying turbine geometry and turbocharger scape counseling which, contingent the locomotive version, involves a skid presence or curler carriage, optimize the engines’ responses, spell new solenoid valve injectors generating injectant imperativeness of capable 2,500 bar gain the preciseness of the fire metering appendage. Moreover, advances birth been made with the new diesel engines in footing of acoustical consolation also as thermodynamics, ability ontogenesis and efficiency.

The production spectrum of the diesel engines has been expanded and now ranges from 85 kW/116 hp to a new visor of 165 kW/224 hp. Reductions in fire phthisis of capable 12 pct bear been achieved (contingent the modelling discrepancy). All the diesel models in the new BMW 1-Series line-up bear CO2 emissions of nether 120 grams per km.

The 1.5-litre three-cylinder locomotive below the cowling of the new BMW 116d generates utmost turnout of 85 kW/116 hp and 270 N metres (199 lb-ft) of torsion – up 10 Nm (7 lb-ft) on its forerunner. The new BMW 116d takes 10.3 seconds to speed from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph), both with the stock six-speed manual gearbox and with the optional eightspeed Steptronic transmittal. The fire use and CO2 emissions of the new BMW 116d are 4.1 – 3.7 litres per 100 kilometres [68.9 – 76.4 mpg imp] (machinelike: 4.1 – 3.6 [68.9 – 78.5 mpg imp]) and 107 – 97 (107 – 96) grams per klick (figures according to EU run hertz, may depart contingent the tire initialise specified).

The new BMW 116d EfficientDynamics Variant takes to the level with encourage reductions in fire phthisis and emissions up its arm. This version uses features such as a switchable coolant ticker and particular burning bedchamber press mastery for its too 85 kW/116 hp three-cylinder diesel to set a new efficiency benchmark for the unhurt of the BMW modeling compass. The new BMW 116d EfficientDynamics Variation accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 10.4 seconds and posts mean fire intake of 3.8 – 3.4 litres per 100 kilometres (74.3 – 83.1 mpg imp). CO2 emissions are 101 – 89 grams per klick (figures according to EU quiz oscillation, may depart contingent the tire arrange specified).

The new four-cylinder diesel for the BMW 1-Series is offered at deuce-ace turnout levels. The 2.0-litre units let smash valves and viewgraph camshafts and disagree from one another principally on bill of their turbocharging engineering. In the new BMW 118d the superpower whole develops utmost production of 110 kW/150 hp and bill torsion of 320 N metres (236 lb-ft), enabling quickening of 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 8.3 (reflex: 8.1) seconds. Its ordinary fire phthisis stands at 4.3 – 4.0 litres per 100 kilometres [65.7 – 70.6 mpg imp] (machinelike: 4.2 – 3.8 litres [67.3 – 74.3 mpg imp]), piece CO2 emissions are 114 – 104 (110 – 99) grams per kilometer.

The 140 kW/190 hp reading of the new four-cylinder diesel whole serves up crown torsion of 400 N metres (295 lb-ft) and whisks the new BMW 120d from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 7.1 (robotlike: 7.0) seconds. The sporty instincts of this simulation edition combining with modal fire ingestion of 4.5 – 4.1 litres [62.8 – 68.9 mpg imp] (reflexive: 4.3 – 3.9 litres [65.7 – 72.4 mpg imp]) per 100 kilometres and CO2 emissions of 118 – 108 (114 – 103) grams per kilometer (figures according to EU tryout cycles/second, may deviate contingent the tire arrange specified).

The well-nigh muscular four-cylinder diesel gets to oeuvre in the new BMW 125d. It features multi-stage turbocharging with varying turbine geometry for the hard-hitting courser, devising for instant responses at the slightest trace of the gun on with an telling superpower bend crosswise a all-encompassing rev compass. Ensuring specially accurate fire metering is the new rendering of vernacular rails aim shot which operates at 2,500 bar. Yield of 165 kW/224 hp and crown torsion of 450 N metres (332 lb-ft) motivate the 125d – which is fitted as stock with the eight-speed Steptronic transmittal – from repose to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.3 seconds. Its functioning is likewise class-leading in footing of median fire use and CO2 emissions. The key figures hither are 4.6 -4.3 litres per 100 kilometres (62.8 – 65.7 mpg imp) and 121 to 114 grams per klick (figures according to EU exam bike, may deviate contingent the tire formatting specified).

Enhanced driving pleasure and efficiency: manual gearbox has a gear sensor, eight-speed Steptronic transmission links up with the navigation system

Likewise as the new BMW 125d, the two BMW 120d xDrive and BMW M135i xDrive all-wheel-drive models besides aline as received with an eight-speed Steptronic contagion or eight-speed Steptronic athletics contagion. All early variants of the new BMW 1-Series are fitted with a sixspeed manual gearbox, which offers conflict fastness ascendance in connective with all the new-generation engines. This part uses a paraphernalia excerpt detector to couple the locomotive rpm to the transmittal comment quill swiftness, resulting in the smoothest potential paraphernalia changes.

With the elision of the BMW 116i, BMW 116d EfficientDynamics Variation and BMW 118d xDrive, the variants fitted as stock with a manual gearbox can likewise be logical – unambiguously in the press section – with the eightspeed Steptronic infection as an choice. An updated rendering of the robotlike transmittal links up with the new engines. Boost improved interior efficiency, thirster cogwheel ratios, optimised infection direction and a quivering muffler survive a hotshot of both efficiency and sports execution, drive comfortableness and pleasing acoustics. Among the operational highlights of the eight-speed Steptronic transmittal is a prognostic shimmy scheme, which deeds in concurrence with the car’s seafaring scheme – level when road counseling is not combat-ready – to ascertain that cogwheel changes are timed just according to the impulsive position impending. Based on pilotage information, the gearbox identifies and takes into chronicle an forthcoming niche, product, circuitous or superhighway eluding route. If the fomite is approach an overlap or a twist, e.g., it changes pile other to the near allow cogwheel, fashioning optimal use of the locomotive braking consequence. The gearbox so shifts to the optimum gearing to quicken dynamically out of the box. Moreover, interaction with the piloting organization allows unneeded gearing changes betwixt two sequential corners to be avoided.

The eight-speed Steptronic mutation transmitting usable as an choice for the BMW 125i, BMW M135i, BMW 120d, BMW 120d xDrive and BMW 125d models (measure on the BMW M135i xDrive) stands out with its lightning-fast train changes. It too comes with chemise paddles on the wheel and a Establish Mastery purpose.

Further expanded range of BMW EfficientDynamics technology

Another subscriber to what are in about cases important reductions in fire intake and emissions is the promote expanded compass of BMW EfficientDynamics features. Besides as Bracken Muscularity Re-formation, the need-based procedure of auxiliary components, Wattage Steerage, the Optimal Gearstick Indicant and the Motorcar Beginning Closure role (besides uncommitted in coincidence with an machinelike infection), criterion equipment for the new BMW 1-Series exemplar orbit too includes ECO PRO modality, which can be excited victimization the standard-fitted Drive Feel Controller alternate. On all cars specified with an reflex transmittance – with the elision of the BMW 118i and the BMW 120i – ECO PRO modality now besides offers a coasting office. When the throttle is released at speeds ‘tween 50 and 160 km/h (approx. 30 – 100 mph) the locomotive is decoupled from the relaxation of the drivetrain. Vehicles with the Seafaring organization Master besides accompany a Proactive Drive Adjunct role, which tells the driver when to facelift off the accelerator before of corners, turn-offs, roundabouts and hurrying limits, e.g.. Reasoning teamwork besides allows it to charm the responses of the coasting procedure when exploitation the locomotive braking core would service to increment efficiency in such situations.

The new BMW 1-Series models too print with their improved aeromechanics. At the battlefront of the car, airflow is optimised by features including the new intentional forepart proscenium and an updated waterproofing conception for the changeover ‘tween the headlights and cowl. The BMW 116d EfficientDynamics Version likewise comes with participating air pother ascendence and peculiarly intentional kidney grillwork bars which, with their slimly angled lean, minimize the number of air that can menses into the locomotive compartment – bey what is needful for chilling purposes. With these measures in position, the new BMW 1-Series models sustain a depress cart coefficient (Cd) than that of their predecessors. The Cd of the new BMW 116d EfficientDynamics Version, e.g., has been decreased to 0.29.

BMW ConnectedDrive in the new BMW 1-Series model range: Intelligent connectivity equals boundless driving enjoyment

Well-informed connectivity delivers a crystallize addition in day-to-day impulsive delight – not lonesome in lavishness sedans, but besides in compact-segment models. Hither, the new BMW 1-Series again benefits from the growing expertness of the humans’s preeminent producer of agiotage cars and offers customers a high-quality and high wide-ranging survival of driver help systems and mobility services. The ambit of BMW ConnectedDrive features now includes extra options that optimize gismo, refuge and the use of docudrama functions.

Measure equipment for the new BMW 1-Series includes a SIM menu embedded in the car, as a cell association is needed to pee use of the similarly stock Well-informed Pinch Birdsong and BMW TeleServices functions, likewise as the optional internet-based services. These back ConnectedDrive Services including the BMW On-line net portal, besides as the Concierge Services personal entropy help, Outback Services and Material Metre Dealings entropy. These functions are now besides usable in connective with the Pilotage arrangement Occupation. In increase, the spectrum of services customers can mix into their cars retrospectively via apps has been expanded. All functions are condom, commodious and nonrational to use thanks to the BMW iDrive os, now likewise touchstone.

Apps and the BMW ConnectedDrive Store bring extra variety to the range of infotainment options

Apps proceeds a all-encompassing form of routes when it comes to victimisation internet-based services to open new avenues in data, communicating and amusement. Drivers can desegregate app functions into their car via the embedded SIM carte or a smartphone. A one-off readjustment gives customers admittance to the BMW ConnectedDrive Memory, which they can use to accommodate the uncommitted services to their mortal necessarily – thither so or at a afterwards arrange. Supererogatory options can be added at any metre – eventide patch on the go – via the SIM add-in. The selected functions are made uncommitted for use in the car scarce a few transactions afterward.

The always expanding pick of car and smartphone apps includes web radiocommunication functions, the use of societal networks such as Facebook and Chitter, and amusement features. The On-line Amusement pick from BMW ConnectedDrive opens up a lavishly wide-ranging scope of amusement possibilities. It uses an cyberspace connector constituted via the incorporated SIM lineup to pioneer approach to 22 1000000 titles crossways assorted genres.

Always on the right course with online navigation data updates

Likewise as the online-based Actual Metre Dealings info, the new edition of the Sailing organization Master now likewise uncommitted for the BMW 1-Series offers an groundbreaking result for updating maps. The new piloting information is transferred into the car “ended the air” exploitation a cellphone joining effected by the SIM lineup – without having to payoff a longsighted divagation via international information warehousing devices and manual facility. The resolution is another intensify in the gizmo and dependableness of path steering. The scheme updates its sailing information various multiplication a class, whenever a new adaptation of a map becomes uncommitted, and users do not obtain license fees or transferee costs.

The onboard reminder for the Sailing scheme Pro and the Pilotage organization Clientele takes the mannikin of a high-res 8.8-inch or 6.5-inch color show severally, apiece with a posh, slenderize circumvent. The Pilotage scheme Pro is now usable with a Trace Control to record destinations and mastery legion early functions.

New Parking Assistant: taking the stress out of parallel or transverse parking

The updated edition of the Parking Helper is now useable as an pick for the new BMW 1-Series. It now features 12 quite than the former 10 sensors and helps the driver to choose and use parking spaces fabrication not lone twin but now besides transversally to the route. The organization identifies suited parking options as the car drives preceding, registering as useable spaces which are more 80 centimetres thirster than the car and leastwise 2.50 metres across-the-board. A infinite desirable for robotlike duplicate parking can be flanked by two vehicles or obstacles such as planters or thriftlessness bins. The new edition of the Parking Adjunct can likewise be victimised for latitude parking if thither is a fomite or another obstruction only before of the selected infinite.

The driver can render the labor of parking to the organization by urgent a push or, having selected reverse, by press the iDrive Restrainer. The organization leave so action the requirement steerage movements to verso the car either duplicate or at a rightfulness lean into the place.

The scope of features has besides been extensive for Parkland Aloofness Command (PDC). The PDC sensors can now be optionally specified exclusively for the ass or both for the bum and the presence of the fomite. A new have is the robotic activating of PDC at the strawman when the car is moving forward-moving lento. At speeds infra 4 km/h (2.5 mph) the organization mechanically starts as shortly as the sensors structured in the movement proscenium discover an obstruction less than a time forth. It agency the driver too receives straightaway help by way of acoustical and optical signals when drive onwards into a parking infinite.

Active Cruise Control system with Stop & Go function

Another new improver to the reach of driver help systems from BMW ConnectedDrive useable for the BMW 1-Series is the Dynamic Sail Restraint organisation with Block & Go use. This radar-based – and thus specially efficacious – organisation builds on the similarly optional sail ascendancy with braking office, adding an reflexive outstrip ascendence routine which allows the driver to sail well in free-flowing dealings on motorways and primary roadstead and ensures that a worthy chase length for the spot impending is well-kept in slow-moving dealings.

The coveted outstrip to the fomite before can be selected in quartet stages. If the car breaches the pre-set space, the organisation adapts its velocity to courting the dealings weather by intervening in the locomotive direction and construction up bracken insistence. As shortly as the lane forwards is unblock again, the car’s fastness is restored to the craved rate primitively entered. This can be anyplace betwixt 30 and 210 km/h (19 – 130 mph). In stop-start dealings, e.g., the driver is alleviated of the job of having to bracken regularly. If the car comes to a hitch for yearner than trey seconds, the driver can pay the bid to cover by accelerating concisely or pressure the “Summarize” clit on the wheel. The silence combat-ready sail ascendancy and outstrip command functions so go useable again.

The choice of driver assist systems usable for the new BMW 1-Series likewise includes a rear-view camera, Mellow Broadcast Helper, Fastness Bound Information including No Passage Information expose and the Impulsive Help. The latter comprises the camera-based Lane Going Admonitory and Hit Admonitory systems also as the Aid Help have. The Lane Going Cautionary scheme can be victimized at speeds concluded 70 km/h (43 mph) and sends out an alarm if the driver drifts out of lane accidentally. At speeds upward of 15 km/h (9 mph), the Hit Cautionary scheme flags up an deficient outdistance to the fomite before. Likewise as triggering optic and acoustical warnings therein character of post, the scheme primes the brakes to assistant the driver reach the shortest potential fillet outdistance if he or she has to interpose.

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