2016 Bentley Continental Gt Convertible

Bentley Continental GT Convertible

The Bentley Continental GT is invigorated with a accompaniment of new outside innovation features, aimed at sharpening the on-road front of the iconic Thousand Holidaymaker. A new forepart bumper combines with a littler radiator plate and new, more marked fenders to contribute a more self-asserting and convinced position to the figurehead of the car. The fenders now lineament a new air, finish with a refined metal “B” adornment, which answer to emphasize and raise the illustrious Bentley “mightiness job” that flows back from the presence arches. New brilliant chromium-plate buffer badges for the V8 S and W12 models now couple those applied to the GT Swiftness.

2016 Bentley Continental Gt Convertible

At the behind of the car, boot lid is now more graven, with a marked streamlined visibility to the tracking adjoin. The bottom bumper has been reshaped and widened for an added gumption of index, and now features full-width brightware. The V8 S and GT Amphetamine too advance a new behind diffusor invention to advance secernate the performance-focused members of the Continental category.

The revisions to the outside esthetical are realized with the gain of new wheels to the compass of 20″ and 21″ designs uncommitted. The received roll for the GT V8 and GT W12 becomes a new 20″, six-tri-spoke roll, in multi-color coating for the V8 and smart machined for the W12. The Mulliner Impulsive Stipulation pedal changes to a new 21″ seven-twin-spoke conception, ruined in Plumbago gray with smart machined spokes. Last, a new 21″ five-spoke directing sports roll joins the existent 21″ designing usable for the V8 S and GT Hurrying.

2016 Bentley Continental Gt Convertible

2016 Bentley Continental GT Convertible

Enhancing the GT’s iconic silhouette foster, leash new blusher colors are usable: Marlin (a fertile metal amytal), Camel (a balmy lucky timber) and Jetstream (a twinkle, vivid metal blueing).

2016 Bentley Continental Gt Convertible

Modern Refinements to an Unrivalled Cabin

The ocular upgrades preserve inwardly the sumptuosity cabin of the Continental scope. A new and coeval straight-fluting formula adorns the four-spot generous seating, patch the Mulliner Drive Spec (received on GT Swiftness) gains a tightened, “small-diamond” quilting convention resonant of a tailor-made British crownwork. Driver controls are all-new, with an optional, more ergonomic and sports-orientated wheel and bigger gear-shift paddles incorporating haptic knurled alloy embellishers.

Brightware elements crossways the solace are updated, the driver’s panel receives new dials and artwork for a reinvigorated, more contemporaneous looking, and the looker of the new inside is now lighted by LEDs. The center soothe too features a new nigrify gearstick fence, centripetal the elan of all driver controls. For V8 and V8 S coupe models, a new secret warehousing compartment is fitted betwixt the ass seating, subject of accommodative and charging electronic devices including iPads.

In plus to the changes to the touchstone stipulation, a new stove of optional national features has been highly-developed.

GT W12 and GT Velocity models can now be specified with new, softer semi-aniline pelt for the ass cushions and backrests, present the highest caliber of leather uncommitted in the self-propelling grocery and big an eventide more comfy, deluxe and innate flavor. Two new leather colors joint the Continental grasp for 2015 – Shortbread and Camel.

Moreover, the headlining of GT V8 S, GT W12 and Fastness coupe models is now usable in Alcantara®, coloration matched to all 17 of the useable internal cover colors.

2016 Bentley Continental Gt Convertible

Onboard WiFi, providing connectivity to all hand-held devices in the car is besides now useable crossways the Continental category.

W12 Performance and Efficiency Continues

2016 Bentley Continental Gt Convertible

Nether the revised peel of the Continental GT W12 lie leash changes to the mightily 6.0-litre pair turbo W12 powertrain. Foremost, the locomotive receives a powerfulness and torsion increment, from 575 PS (567 bhp / 423 kW) and 700 Nm (516 lb.ft) to 590 PS (582 bhp / 434 kW) and 720 Nm (531 lb.ft), to sustain the manakin’s report of casual functioning.

The exponent raise is attended by improvements to fire saving of capable 5%. The GT W12 now includes a varying shift scheme and the new phylogenesis is capable to run at function gun on six of its 12 cylinders to concentrate fire uptake without sacrificing nuance and offers glower CO2 emissions of 329 g/km and combined fire saving of 20 mpg (14.1 litres/100 km).

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