2016 Ac Schnitzer Acl2 Concept

AC Schnitzer ACL2 Concept

With the AC Schnitzer ACL2, the BMW tuning experts nowadays a fomite which delivers 570hp to the route. This is potential thanks to the successor of the stock locomotive by an M4 powerhouse with an AC Schnitzer operation ascent, and by eliminating the Vmax confine via ascendancy whole programing. The back modified eluding derivative with Drexler diff whorl from 25 to 95 percentage allows super warm cornering. The optimised c ingestion parcel and whippersnapper bombardment boost exemplify the significance of the missive “L” in the epithet of the conception fomite (not usable purchasable). Below the slogan “Less is more”, the Aachen-based engineers sustain intentional the ACL2 so igniter that, with 2.54 kg per hp, it puts vehicles ilk the Ferrari 458 Italia or the Porsche 9-11 GT3 RS in the tone.

2016 Ac Schnitzer Acl2 Concept

The speedo goad of this surpassing fomite can be held safely in chip thanks to 6-pot rigid calliper brakes on the figurehead with 400 x 38 mm c ceramic bracken discs (drilled) and 4-pot brakes on the backside with 380 x 28 mm c ceramic discs (drilled).

More mightiness below the cowling is too ensured by the AC Schnitzer downpipe, which advance boosts ability and torsion. The AC Schnitzer sports exhaust with exceptional catalytic convertor (200 cpsi) combined with AC Schnitzer “Racing EVO C” tailpipes in veracious/remaining combining provides breath-taking acoustical operation – not alone at the Hollands External Motive Read.

2016 Ac Schnitzer Acl2 Concept

When AC Schnitzer gets grasp of a fomite of the M-series, motorsport fans rub their manpower collectively mirth. This is part because the Aachen companionship forever pulls out all the boodle when it comes to abeyance and bodywork. The permutation of the stock axles on the M 235i and the ascent to M4 engineering, collectively the full height-adjustable AC Schnitzer Clubsport reprieve which besides offers wide-cut alteration of concretion and bound stages, think that you can sentiency the jab of the ACL2 eventide at a impasse. AC Schnitzer supporting bearings and the bodywork-stiffening M4 c ruffle brace convey motorsport uncompromisingly onto the route.

2016 AC Schnitzer ACL2 Concept

The sportingly set dangling is supported aerodynamically by a annulus to optimize airflow, with AC Schnitzer c movement pamperer elements, AC Schnitzer breast divider and c breast slope wings (two per incline).

2016 Ac Schnitzer Acl2 Concept

The bum of the AC Schnitzer ACL2 likewise appears bey the M-standard: AC Schnitzer c bum diffusor, c “Racing” back annexe with Gurney pother and peculiar fixture feet (250 mm elucidate of boot) evidence that less angle actually can be more – without having to forfeit telling esthetics.

The AC Schnitzer wheelarch extensions on the figurehead, with air issue openings in the wheelarch and tercet air deflector wings on apiece english too heighten the knock-down looking. This is boost built by the AC Schnitzer behind wheelarch extensions with air recess hatchway and two air exit openings on the wheelarch, collectively two air deflector wings on apiece english. These conversions add 140 mm to the breadth of the criterion fomite, 70 mm on apiece slope.

2016 Ac Schnitzer Acl2 Concept

The AC Schnitzer c hood with Cowling Vents in melanize, and particular features such as the extra paintwork in Graeco-roman Racing Viridity and the AC Schnitzer peculiar “Racing” sports mirrors, visually over the blanket tuning software for the bodywork.

Tuning fans invited to payoff a buns inwardly volition be elysian by the midland which has been wholly restyled, fashioning the bosom of every individualistic pulsation quicker. Bicoloured leather upcountry (commons and perforate Nappa leather) in combining with inkiness litigate with greens sewing, and home cut strips in lusterlessness Greco-roman Racing Greens, preserve the utmost execution of the ACL2 in the midland. AC Schnitzer C racing bucketful seating in Dichromatic, with inkiness/k Nappa leather and c expression leather with ACL2 logotype, the AC Schnitzer “Evo” 3-spoke sports airbag wheel in Nappa and pierced leather, k sue index, and c doorway handles and gist soothe, demonstrate that innovation and esthetics are another key region of competency for the AC Schnitzer experts.

2016 Ac Schnitzer Acl2 Concept

The new AC Schnitzer controller expose, exhibit e.g. oil temperature, inlet air temperature, supercharge insistence etcetera., and an AC Schnitzer combi-instrument with upper presentation capable 330 km/h (in cookery) visually break the technological discreetness of the conception fomite in the inner. Course, the companion but sinful tuning components for the inner are not wanting: AC Schnitzer keyholder, aluminum treadle set, al pes rests with lighted AC Schnitzer logotype, “Inkiness Contrast” aluminum appurtenance thickening and “Melanize Contrast” aluminum handbrake hold, jointly velour pes mats with AC Schnitzer logotype, are supplemented in the ACL2 with threshold sill strips viewing the ACL2 logotype.

The AC Schnitzer ACL2 takes equitable 3.9 seconds to speed from 0 to 100 km/h, and reaches a top fastness of 330 km/h on wheelsets of AC Schnitzer AC1 bad alloys in Dichromatic (red anodised/svelte) shodden with 20″ 285/25 ZR 20 Michelin PSS tyres on the strawman and bum.

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