2015 Vuhl

Vuhl 05

The VUHL 05 is an innovational mid-engined runabout natural of a motorsport inheritance.

2015 Vuhl

Guillermo Echeverria fourth-year, the sire of its designers Guillermo and Iker Echeverria, was a pro driver who reinforced and successfully raced his own cars for 30 days. The sons genetic his love and cognition and added qualifications in deportation conception. Guillermo Next-to-last has aim see of the execution car industriousness, patch Iker won the Mexican QUORUM Industrial Invention Present in 2007 when calm a scholar – he was not just up against cuss scholars but older designers, agencies and universities.

The brothers afterward formed their own Mexico Metropolis/Detroit-based innovation authority, ETXE, which having worked on projects for legion worldwide brands so penned the 05 – a jackanapes supercar for route and raceway in the nervure of the BAC Single-channel, Ariel Speck, KTM X-Bow etcetera.

Aforementioned Iker: “Our desktop agency the VUHL 05 has been highly-developed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. We were compulsive to make a extremely nonrational automobile that was both stirringly quick and vast fun to crusade – a car we ourselves would need to own. We get endeavoured to indue it with class-leading biotechnology and a modern-day silhouette of impinging proportions, and the aim of sturdy body-build tone has underpinned the propose since day one.”


2015 Vuhl

The VUHL 05’s monocoque weighs in at a bare 78kg, spell the dry weightiness of the intact car is a really militant 695kg. The bod comprises a three-section bonded tub constructed from aluminum extrusions and al honeycomb – aerospace engineering that endows the 05 with a signally eminent story of torsional rigidness for optimal manipulation. Bolted engineer to the rider cellphone is a chrome-moly sword subframe trapping the locomotive and arse abatement. A three-stage forwards clangoring construction and duplicate stratum sidewalls supply a one layer of shelter for the occupants. The stock consistency is made from RTM strengthened fictile, but carbonfibre is an choice. The aero features admit a matt underbelly, strawman and sidelong splitters, bum diffusor and ass despoiler.

2015 Vuhl 05


Superpower comes from a 2-litre variation of Fording’s award-winning DOHC turbocharged EcoBoost locomotive, the production of which is 285bhp and 420Nm of torsion, freehanded a might to angle proportion of 400bhp per t. This results in a 0-100kph clip of 3.7 seconds and a top amphetamine of 245kph.


2015 Vuhl

The locomotive drives done a six-speed manual gearbox. Direction is by a high-pitched proportion torment and shackle organization.


The hanging is by inadequate duration doubling wishbones presence and arse. Braking is by four-pot debase callipers well-rounded, operational on 310mm ventilated cross-drilled discs at the strawman and 280mm units at the arse.


2015 Vuhl

The VUHL 05 rides on OZ admixture wheels shodden with Michelin tyres; the sizes of which are 205/45 x 17 movement; 235/45 x 18 ass.


The alone spec can admit: c bucketful seating; 330mm nimble firing water-repellent suede-covered wheel; electronic information attainment dassie; built-in HD camera; and water-repellent Dinamica litigate passementerie.


2015 Vuhl

Orders are existence interpreted for rescue rootage in the give of 2014. Pricing volition scratch from c.&hammer;55,000 (positive tax, addition transportation). Thither is a full orbit of functioning options useable to permit the VUHL 05 to be upgraded to personal appreciation.

Initial sales bequeath be captive to the UK and Northward America, but the aim is to pee the car usable in the otc key European countries, Chinaware, Middle-East etcetera in due class.


  • Breadth: 1876mm
  • Duration: 3718mm
  • Peak: 1120mm
  • Wheelbase: 2300mm
  • Background headroom: 110mm
  • Dry burthen: 695kg
  • Curbing angle: 725kg
  • Mightiness to weightiness proportion: 400bhp/mt
  • Weighting dispersion: 37/63 (breast/ass)
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