2015 Volvo Xc90 Uk Version

Volvo XC90 [UK]

The all-new Volvo XC90 is a visually impinging, agio character vii backside SUV with humanity starring safe features, new powertrain technologies, an unmatched compounding of exponent and fire efficiency and a pinnacle home cultivation.

The new XC90 marks the start of a new chapter in Volvo’s chronicle, capturing its next pattern guidance, incorporating its own scope of new technologies and utilising its new Scalable Ware Architecture (SPA) engineering.


2015 Volvo Xc90 Uk Version

The new Volvo XC90 is the commencement Volvo to extend the troupe’s new more outstanding press score, which has the iconic pointer elegantly aligned with the virgule separatrix crosswise the grillwork. Conjointly the T-shaped “Thor’s Hammering” DRL lights, the fe scratch introduces an all new, classifiable and sure-footed nerve for Volvo’s approaching genesis of cars.

The XC90’s bigger cowl with its new topography, the beltline and the sharpened shoulders connecting with the tattoo-like, new backside lights are over-the-counter significant conception signatures that testament be mirrored crosswise the grasp.

To add more ocular sinew from the sides, the XC90 comes with a grasp of rack sizes capable 22 inches.

Luxurious interior

The Volvo XC90’s internal is the near epicurean to sustain been intentional for a Volvo. The virtually impinging boast is a tablet-like touchscreen ascendancy soothe, which forms the nerve of an all-new in-car mastery arrangement. This arrangement is near clitoris release, a easiness that opens up generous surfaces and gives us the chance to make a bodoni, luxuriant inside architecture.

2015 Volvo XC90 [UK]

The all-new Volvo XC90 home combines materials such as finest Nappa leather and court with handcrafted details, including a shifter made of lechatelierite deoxyephedrine from Orrefors, the illustrious Swedish glassmaker, and diamond-cut controls for the startle/block release and book ascendance.

New trim level strategy

Volvo Cars’ reinvented clipping stratum scheme resembles a shoetree with two branches. Energizing is the foot, followed by the identical private-enterprise Impulse stratum.

Lettering and R-Design configuration the two branches on the shoetree. The Dedication box is intentional for customers that wishing an refined flavor and a gilded receive, piece R-Design has a flashy and dynamical aureole.

In rule, the former top degree has been replaced with the Lettering and R-Design versions. Both of them boast an exalted substance, cautiously elect to accentuate apiece of their typical somebody personalities.

New seats

Volvo already enjoys a repute for providing the near comfy seating in the diligence. The new XC90 enhances this report by offer innovatively intentional seating that too disengage up midland quad for passengers both in the s and one-third backside rows, portion to pee-pee the new XC90 a literal 7-seater.

The full-of-the-moon buns inwardness has an ergonomic contour that resembles the buzz prickle. A mass of readjustment possibilities makes it potential for the mortal exploiter to produce an apotheosis seats spot. The new seating are useable with adjustable position bolsters, behind shock lengthiness and knead.

The s row features tercet somebody seating with recumb modification. The sliding office can be secondhand to make more legroom for the passengers in the tierce row – or to growth shipment distance. An unified fry shoplifter buffer in the essence arse is optional.

The seating in the tertiary row fling class-leading comforter for passengers with a altitude capable 170 cm.


When it comes to drive kinetics, the XC90 gives the shine, solidness cod of a agio SUV combined with abrupt manipulation and answer. Thither is a all new anatomy, forepart and bottom.

Thither are a doubling wishbone battlefront hiatus and a new intact contact backside axle that likewise features a new transversal folio leaping, made of jackanapes fabric. The XC90 can besides be furnished with electronically controlled air dangling with a prime of phoebe modes.

Unrivalled combination of power and fuel efficiency

The new Volvo XC90 offers a compass of two-litre, four-cylinder Drive-E powertrains, all of which supply an prominent combining of execution and fuel-efficiency.

The top of the compass XC90 Mate Locomotive, which combines a charged and turbocharged gasolene locomotive with an galvanising motive, offers an unmatched combining of superpower and cleanse surgery: 400 hp with co2 (CO2) emissions of 59 g/km (NEDC impulsive cycles/second).

Convention drive is conducted in the nonremittal crossbreed modality. But at the advertise of a clit the driver can permutation to repose and emission-free metropolis drive on virginal wattage where the stove leave be more 40 kilometres, so, when required, straightaway return cover to the combined content of the gas locomotive and electrical drive. Combined maximal torsion is 640 Nm, fashioning the XC90 quicken from 0 to 100 in 5.9 seconds.

Full range of other engine options

The Volvo XC90 reach likewise includes the D5 counterpart turbo diesel with 225 hp, 470 Nm, topper in grade fire intake of 5.7l/100 km and the D4 turbo diesel with 190 hp, 400 Nm and a fire phthisis of 5.3l/100 km.

The stove too offers two gasolene locomotive options. The beginning is a T6 locomotive with supercharger and turbo with 320 hp and a maximal torsion of 400 Nm. The s is a T5 with 254 hp and 350 Nm.

All locomotive versions accompany Volvo Cars’ 8-speed machinelike gearbox as touchstone.


The new Sensus interface is without question the nigh innovative in-car mastery scheme on the mart. It altogether reinvents the way drivers lock their cars.

The traditional excerption of buttons and controls has been replaced with a tranquil, visceral interaction ‘tween a prominent tablet-like touchscreen, controls on the wheel and a able voice-control organisation.

The digital orchestration and the head-up showing ahead of the driver micturate certainly that the almost relevant data is usable when requisite.

Sensus gives prosperous accession to a full option of cloud-based applications. The owing in-car possibilities includes Cyberspace radiocommunication, affiliated pilotage, determination and paid for parking, unlined euphony cyclosis, the power to mirror and use Apple and Humanoid devices in the touchscreen showing, a hotspot for victimization a lozenge in the car – and practically more.

Besides – the Volvo XC90 bequeath not sole severalise the driver when it’s clip for help, but too indicate an designation at a Volvo franchise.

Sensus – always on call

One of the well-nigh wide comprehended features related the Sensus crack, Volvo On Cry, allows Volvo drivers to transmit direct with their car via a smartphone covering to ringlet, unlock, bridle fire levels, pre-heat, pre-cool, situate and chip milage on the car.

For 2015 Volvo On Cry volition be updated, adding a wholly new gui, enhanced place to car capabilities, nosology views and smartwatch supporting for Humanoid Clothing, Apple Sentinel, iPad keep and likewise part ascendence via Cortana for Windows Ring.

Digital craftsmanship

The innovational digital craft, interaction figure, is based on all-encompassing discussions with customers. The layout on the portraiture filmdom can be described as a heap of compromising ’tiles’, apiece of them displaying a key functionality.

Entropy, sailing and media are high and loose to baulk. Earpiece controls, diligence icons and clime controls are placed low, prosperous to orbit and trace.

When one of the tiles on the touchscreen expands on interaction, the others are flat but calm seeable and directly approachable.

This makes the touchscreen exceptionally user-friendly, with no motive to go via a briny card when shift betwixt functions.

Four-zone climate system

The all-new Volvo XC90 can be specified with a four-zone mood scheme with single settings for the occupants in the presence seating and in the endorsement row. A reprint air-conditioning whole for the tertiary row is banner or optional contingent the grocery.

2015 Volvo Xc90 Uk Version

Volvo Cars’ CleanZone air refining organization, one of the well-nigh effective on the grocery, has been boost improved by adding a new c filtrate for more effective seizure of pocket-size, harmful particles and pollen in the entry air.

One of the top audio systems in the world

The XC90 features one of the top sound systems uncommitted in the self-propelling mankind. The top-of-the-line organisation in the XC90 features a 1,400 W Family D amplifier and 19 Bowers & Wilkins speakers. It besides includes one of the low air-ventilated subwoofers in a car. Merged into the car personify, it turns the solid national blank into a hulk subwoofer.

The up-to-the-minute strait processing package has ben secondhand to wield the timing of the vocalise and co-ordination of the speakers. This brings the excited get of a first endure functioning into the car.


The all-new Volvo XC90 offers the nearly comp and technologically advanced criterion rubber packet uncommitted in the self-propelling manufacture. It includes two reality beginning guard technologies: a run-off route shelter parcel and machine bracken at crossing capableness.

In a run-off route scenario, the all-new Volvo XC90 detects what is occurrent and the strawman prophylactic belts are tightened to hold the occupants in billet. To assist forbid spikelet injuries, endoergic functionality ‘tween the backside and ass build cushions the erect forces that can grow when the car encounters a grueling landing in the terrain.

The Volvo XC90 is the outset car in the humans with engineering that features reflex braking if the driver turns ahead of an onset car. This is a green scenario at meddling metropolis crossings also as on highways, where the fastness limits are higher.

Metropolis Refuge becomes the umbrella gens for all of Volvo Cars’ car bracken functions, which are received equipment in the all-new XC90. It now covers vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians ahead of the car, day and nighttime.

Automatic support in queues

On the driver reenforcement english, the new Adaptative Sail Controller with Archetype Attend enables safety and prosperous semi-autonomous impulsive by mechanically pursual the fomite forwards in stop-and-go dealings. Quickening, braking and now besides steerage are controlled mechanically.

Fashioning certain that the driver cadaver fully controller likewise when manoeuvring and reversing in crocked spaces, the all-new Volvo XC90 features a 360° Surroundings panorama. It gives the driver a panoramic scene where data from all cameras are added up digitally to a one 360° effigy. The Common Serve Aviate now too offers robotic reversing into a parking bay.

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