2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen

Volkswagen Golf SportWagen

The modish penis of Volkswagen’s seventh-generation Golf kinsfolk, the Golf SportWagen, goes on sale in U.S. dealerships in April 2015, start at $21,395 for the 1.8T S modelling with manual infection. Volkswagen SportWagen models birth farsighted been a top option for customers who deprivation a various and rock-steady fomite that provides a sportier impulsive have than compress SUVs. Based on the Modular Transversal Matrix (MQB) architecture introduced with the modish Golf contemporaries, the SportWagen replaces the Jetta SportWagen and follows the victorious normal introduced with the new Golf occupation that won the 2015 Centrifugal Style Car of the Class and the 2015 Northerly American Car of the Yr awards. Beingness larger yet ignitor and more hefty yet more fire effective, the SportWagen improves upon its forerunner in every way.

The Golf SportWagen volition be offered with two powertrains: the EA888 1.8-liter, 170-horsepower turbocharged and direct-injection four-cylinder TSI® locomotive paired to a five-speed manual or a six-speed reflex transmittance; and the EA288 2.0-liter, 150-hp turbocharged and direct-injection four-cylinder TDI® Scavenge Diesel, fitted with a six-speed manual or a six-speed DSG® dual-clutch robotic transmittal.

The 1.8T exemplar with manual contagion has EPA estimated highway fire saving of 36 mpg, spell the TDI Unobjectionable Diesel simulation with the spliff chemise gets an telling 43 highway mpg according to EPA estimates. These figures bettor all non-BEV squeeze SUVs on the commercialize, spell offer like load volume-30.4 three-dimensional feet backside the bottom seating and 66.5 three-dimensional feet with the seating folded matted.

2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen

2015 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen

In increase to a foresightful leaning of measure comforts, respective new comfortableness and widget features volition be useable on the 2015 Golf SportWagen including the Pilot® Agio Sound Scheme, a 12-way might driver’s ass and Climatronic® automatonlike air conditioning. New uncommitted driver aid features admit the Automatonlike Post-Collision Braking Organisation, the Advancing Hit Monition Arrangement, and presence and backside Commons Outstrip Ascendance. An uncommitted inflammation bundle includes LED Daylight Operative Lights and the Adaptative Front-lighting Scheme.


The 2015 Golf SportWagen is toughened to the like sharpened lines and updated proportions as the over-the-counter seventh-generation Golf models. That’s because the SportWagen was constantly intended to be an intact extremity of the A7 sept from the second the commencement sketches were careworn at the Volkswagen invention studio-led by Walter de Sylva (Volkswagen Grouping Figure) and Klaus Bischoff (VW Blade Conception).

The SportWagen is clothed in sheetmetal that is wholly mod yet signally contribution of the Volkswagen Golf DNA. The bod and invention elements rest as outlined and placeable as always, although classifiable elements such as the D-pillar, the ceiling rail and the unequalled bum excogitation separate the SportWagen from the Golf hatchback. The forepart features a hoodlum that slopes fine-tune into the figurehead fenders and sports angulate horizontal designing cues and a slim grille. At the backbone, the blanket behind windowpane, geometrical two-way taillights and a blanket, low tailboard that integrates the numberplate region pay court to the extroverted Jetta SportWagen and solidify the new car’s situation in the Golf kinfolk. With a lading peak of barely 24.8 inches and a full aperture of 40.6 inches, the new Golf SportWagen is evening more hardheaded than its harbinger.

At 179.6 inches yearn and 70.8 inches across-the-board, the Golf SportWagen is 1.1 inches and 0.7 inches bigger than the Jetta SportWagen, although boilersuit fomite tallness has been decreased by 1.1 inches. These changes aid better the aeromechanics and thusly the fire efficiency, patch bountiful the car very showy proportions. Thanks to the MQB architecture, which dictates a frozen kinship betwixt the front-wheel centerline and the pedalbox, the strawman wheels now sit 1.7 inches promote advancing, gift a agio “cab feebleminded” aesthetical. On with the new styling, these updated proportions assist the SportWagen accomplish a frown ocular essence of sombreness and a more active position.

The SportWagen TSI S exemplar is equipt with 15-inch aluminum-alloy wheels, spell the foundation TDI S gets hardened to 16-inch wheels. The SE trimline has 17-inch wheels for both TSI and TDI models, piece the topline SEL trims get 18-inch alloys. A bird’s-eye sunshine-roof is measure equipment on all clipping models exclude the S and the SEL has silver-tongued ceiling track to set it obscure from its S and SE brethren.

In improver to the foglights that are fitted on the SE and SEL models, a standalone ignition software is likewise useable for these trims. This box consists of Bi-Xenon headlights and LED day run lights, too as the Volkswagen Adaptative Front-lighting Organization. This arrangement swivels the master headlamp beams by capable 15 pct as the wheel is off to illume aeroembolism in the route more efficaciously at speeds of more 6 mph.


The upscale surround of the SportWagen cabin is mostly divided with the Golf models upon which it is based, but upcountry book is increased because of the waggon bodystyle. Occupants are hardened to 94.3 cu ft of rider expanse intensity, up from 91.7 three-dimensional feet for the Jetta SportWagen.

As a solvent, key internal dimensions deliver been optimized. Rear-seat leg- and berm way are splendid, at 35.6 and 53.9 inches, severally. Presence buns passengers likewise profit from the SportWagen’s wide home, with 41.2 inches of legroom and 55.9 inches crosswise the shoulders. Although the new waggon’s boilersuit peak has been reduced by 1.1 inches, both figurehead and arse clearance bear been improved to 38.6 inches.

The SportWagen has a erectile proboscis that’s in pipeline with those of covenant SUVs. With the backside seating up, the SportWagen boasts 30.4 cu ft of quad: when the 60:40 snag bum arse is full folded, that anatomy rises to an tremendous 66.5 cu ft of depot. The schism foldaway ass seating are now accessed by discharge levers in the hold, maximising gismo.

In add-on to the heroic inner place, the driver controls are positioned for optimum bioengineering and useableness. Ass arrangement, gearshift elevation and flush the spacing ‘tween the pedals bear all been fine-tuned likewise. This new driver-centric invention focussing is apparent from the essence batch, which is now angled towards the driver, a lineament oft seen in agio sumptuosity or functioning vehicles. Whiten backlighting for the controls foster highlights this upscale atmosphere, besides as the use of bounty materials passim, such as the leather-wrapped handbrake, sceneshifter node and wheel, the soft-touch plastics and piano-black clipping.

An equate total of attending has been gainful to maximising comfortableness and appliance, evening on the entry-level S reduce. In summation to its banner V-tex leatherette seats surfaces, this groundwork simulation comes swell weaponed with a hanker number of advanced ease, gadget and amusement features, including superpower windows, locks and mirrors, a multifunction wheel, Bluetooth® engineering and VW Car-Net® affiliated car features, and a Media Gimmick Port (MDI) with smartphone connectivity.

The SportWagen’s touchscreen docudrama centerfield, touchstone on all models, is divided with the balance of the Golf kinfolk. The 5.8-inch touchscreen showing utilizes a capacitive contact detector (as in smartphones, tablets, and like) instead than the more commons resistant touchscreens that ask pressing, enabling gesticulate controls alike swiping and fifty-fifty pinch-zooming.

This docudrama faculty offers an usable piloting arrangement, too as the expected sound functions (including received SiriusXM® Orbiter wireless) and car analytics and settings. This showing too has a propinquity detector role, which senses when a manus is nearby and mechanically switches its expose to a more finger-friendly layout. The MDI is now housed in the centerfield hatful, spell more traditional media such as CDs and SD cards can be inserted into slots in the enceinte glovebox.

KESSY® keyless ingress with push-button starting is received equipment on all TDI trims and on TSI SE and SEL passementerie levels. The extremely acclaimed Wing Bounty Sound Organisation is received on all SE and SEL trims. The top-of-the-line SEL variants occur blotto with the sailing organisation, Climatronic automatonlike dual-zone clime ascendancy, ambient firing with LED midland recital lights, and forepart comforter mutation seating that admit a 12-way ability driver’s bottom.


Wish the ease of the seventh-generation Golf class, the Golf SportWagen features press turbocharged and direct-injection engines passim the stallion clipping grasp. The TSI petrol whole is a phallus of the up-to-the-minute EA888 locomotive kinfolk and replaces the 2.5-liter five-cylinder locomotive of the late Jetta SportWagen modeling. This 170 horsepower1.8-liter turbocharged and direct-injection four-cylinder TSI locomotive is paired to either a five-speed manual or a six-speed automatonlike contagion. When weaponed with the six-speed machinelike transmittance, the Golf SportWagen’s EPA estimated highway fire thriftiness has improved by 5 mpg terminated the late 2.5-liter Jetta SportWagen, to 35 mpg. The EPA paygrade for the manual transmitting example is 36 mpg on the highway.

The TDI Houseclean Diesel manakin is powered by the new EA288 150 hp, 2.0-liter turbocharged and direct-injection diesel, drive the battlefront wheels done either a six-speed manual or a six-speed DSG® dual-clutch machinelike transmittance. Compared with the premature Jetta SportWagen’s TDI Neat Diesel, EPA estimated fire thriftiness is improved from 42 mpg on the highway for the manual contagion modeling to 43 mpg, and from 39 mpg for the robotlike transmitting exemplar to 42 mpg.

TSI engine in detail

The EA888 locomotive job is a state-of-the-art pattern that uses level-headed retrenchment to return like powerfulness and torsion to the extroverted locomotive, piece concurrently up efficiency well. This locomotive produces 170 hp at 4800 rpm, the like maximal yield as the 2.5-liter whole it replaces, but its increased torsion bill of 199 lb-ft (for robotlike contagion models) occurs often glower in the might isthmus. Because the across-the-board wrapping of torsion starts at 1500 rpm-2750 rpm lour than in the premature engine-and lasts until 4750 rpm, the locomotive offers often amend quickening likewise as portion to present ameliorate fire thriftiness and glower emissions than ahead.

Augmenting the EA888’s 16-valve, dual-overhead-camshaft layout is varying cam phasing on the aspiration slope. The single-scroll IHI turbocharger feeds intercooled air done the aluminum-alloy crossflow caput polish into the cylinders, where it meets fire delivered by a hard-hitting direct-injection organization.

At good 290 pounds, the new locomotive is too flatboat than the five-cylinder whole, thanks to a combining of squeeze innovation, flowing componentry, and a center whippersnapper materials. The iron block uses a molding with a bulwark heaviness of fair 0.12 inches to thin its slant to 72 pounds, piece a jackanapes polymer oilpan and aluminum-alloy screws and fasteners likewise cut batch. Otc changes that assistance the locomotive exuviate pounds admit a simplification from eighter to four-spot counterweights on the crankshaft and the use of littler diam principal bearings.

The locomotive is besides highly contract, illustrated apropos in which the fumes multiply has been incorporated straight into the cylinder drumhead. This not lone improves the arrangement coolant performance (aiding in speedy prolusion and up efficiency) but likewise allows greater caloric direction of the tucker pullulate.

TDI engine in detail

The EA288 turbodiesel locomotive phratry is designated the modular diesel matrix, or MDB, and testament mannequin the foundation for futurity U.S.-market Volkswagen diesel products. Hardly ilk the MQB chopine, the conception is topper tacit by visualizing the MDB locomotive as a group of similar modules uncommitted crosswise the Volkswagen Aggroup.

The EA288 is a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged and direct-injection diesel, a exhaustive update from the premature whole. Contempt the similarity in canonical specifications, the sole look that carries terminated from the late EA189 whole is the cylinder gauge spacing. The new locomotive produces 150 horsepower-10 more before-at 3500 rpm, besides as 236 lb-ft of torsion at 1750 rpm. This gamy torsion outturn is another compelling parameter for diesel engines, on with fire efficiency.

The press EA288 locomotive has the intercooler for its turbocharger organisation incorporated now into the consumption multiplex, which serves a doubled aim of increasing bound reaction and operation besides as sullen emissions. The block is roll fe, with a bad blade crankshaft that runs in five-spot master bearings and has iv counterweights. In rescript to countervail locomotive vibe and uphold smoothen functioning, the EA288’s crankshaft is affiliated to two gear-driven counter-rotating haltere shafts that twist at doubly locomotive speeding. Detrition has been decreased by approximately 15 percentage in the locomotive, thanks to the use of tumbler bearings for the drivetrain incline camshaft, increased piston-to-wall headway, and frown piston-ring tensity, among over-the-counter measures.

The aluminum-alloy crossflow cylinder caput has a turn of unparalleled features. Offset, the camshafts are incorporate into a dislocated lodging by a thermic connection procedure, ensuring a really unbending camshaft carriage spell safekeeping the angle low. Endorsement, apiece viewgraph camshaft operates one uptake valve and one release valve per cylinder (as opposed to one camshaft for ingestion valves but and one for release), allowing for greater air rescue and vortex.

Care its gasoline-powered brethren, the EA288 Neat Diesel TDI locomotive places stiff stress on caloric direction, which is apparent in the cylinder caput’s two-section coolant cap, likewise as a three-part chilling tour and switchable coolant ticker. Compared to the former locomotive, emissions are decreased by capable 40 pct, helped by siting the fumes after-treatment faculty about the locomotive and by the use of a low-pressure beat gas recirculation organization.


2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen

The Golf SportWagen shares the like MQB flesh architecture as the residue of the Score 7 Golf pipeline. The one structure figure has two solid-mounted subframes with bolt-on strawman fenders, and utilizes new technologies such as the laser clinch welder, which produces “shift bed” welds in a wafture practice to maximise enduringness in a circumscribed distance, oblation capable fourfold the lastingness of a traditional spot-weld.

The stamped sword personify and bod boasts a great share of high-strength, hot-formed sword. This engineering, on with the use of new highly-developed ultra-high-strength steels, allows often of the build and personify to be constructed from diluent and flatboat parts without any deprivation in effectiveness. Additionally, thanks to the use of selective heaviness for parts, a unity portion can be tailor-rolled to get as many as 11 zones of variable thicknesses.

Thanks to the all-inclusive use of bodoni structure techniques and high- and ultra-high potency steels, the new SportWagen is ignitor than the forthcoming Jetta SportWagen by capable 137 pounds, scorn a overplus of new and upscale features, and offers an enhanced clangor construction. Passim the car, unbelievable attending to point has optimized components-such as the seating, air conditioning whole, and tied the electric architecture-to assist economise angle.


The all-new Golf features a strut-type strawman abatement. At the binding, the TSI models birth a multilink system with spiral springs, telescopic dampers, and an anti-roll bar. The TDI Cleanse Diesel models use a constrict torque send back abeyance with spiral springs and telescopic dampers.

The seventh-generation Golf braking organisation has material 11.3-inch vented strawman discs and 10.7-inch self-coloured backside discs (10.0 inches for the TDI) with received three-channel ABS with electronic bracken press dispersion. The rack-and-pinion steerage features wattage aid and features a 13.6 to one proportion that allows for 2.76 turns from interlock to operate.

All 2015 Golf models are equipt with the XDS® Interbreeding Derivative System-a characteristic antecedently solitary seen on the performance-oriented GTI framework. This engineering acts reasonably same an electronic stand-in for a traditional mechanical limited-slip derivative, functional by actively monitoring information from apiece bike detector. If the reprieve becomes unloaded, the organisation mechanically applies braking to the impelled within cycle prn to helper slim understeer (the trend for the forepart wheels to run all-embracing). This not alone helps the Golf’s constancy, but likewise improves manipulation and cornering operation.

Safety Systems

Same the residual of the Golf pipeline, the SportWagen provides a compounding of both peaceful and combat-ready rubber systems. It has been engineered to fill or outperform all stream clang regulations and features no fewer than six airbags as touchstone on with a figure of electronic condom systems. All Golf models are weaponed with banner Electronic Constancy Mastery (ESC).

Driver Assistance Systems

The SE and SEL models are too useable with the Driver Assist Packet that adds a Forrader Hit Admonitory and figurehead and bottom Parkland Space Ascendancy systems. The Onward Hit Monition organisation uses a radian detector to assist supervise the space of dealings leading of the fomite. The detector acquires both the spot of stationary cars and motorcycles also as those occupation the like focus as the Jetta. Inside strong-arm organisation limits, Forward-moving Hit Monitory helps watchful the driver of vital front-end hit situations, both acoustically and visually by a elucidate exemplary symbolization in the instrumentate constellate.

The new Robotic Post-Collision Braking scheme is banner on the SportWagen. This builds on the assumption that a hit is seldom a i, instant activity, but quite a serial of events that trace the initial impact-the nearly substantial of which can campaign extra collisions. The Machinelike Post-Collision Braking organisation addresses this by applying the brakes when a master hit is detected by the airbag sensors, frankincense portion to concentrate remainder k.e. and, successively, the prospect of extra wrong.

Limited Warranty and Scheduled Maintenance

The 2015 Golf SportWagen models are offered with Volkswagen’s criterion five-year/60,000-mile (whichever occurs get-go) powertrain express warrant and three-year/36,000-mile new fomite express warrant. In plus, a three-year/36,000-mile (whichever occurs beginning) wayside assist curriculum is received, as is the annual/10,000-mile (whichever occurs outset) Freewheeling Care® Syllabus that covers scheduled upkeep services during this flow, at no extra care.

Golf SportWagen 1.8T S

The SportWagen 1.8T S has a start MSRP of $21,395 and features a banner turbocharged and direct-injection1.8-liter locomotive; 15-inch aluminum-alloy wheels; Bluetooth® engineering; a touchscreen radiocommunication; Sirius XM® Planet Tuner test; a Media Gimmick Port (MDI) with smartphone integrating; V-tex leatherette seats surfaces; might windows; index doorway locks; and air conditioning. An machinelike transmitting is uncommitted as an $1,100 alternative.

2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen

Golf SportWagen 1.8T SE

Usable just with the six-speed machinelike contagion, the SE starts at $26,995 and adds the next features o’er the S: 17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels; presence foglights; a bird’s-eye sunshine-roof; KESSY® keyless accession with push-button starting; a rearview camera, and the Wing® Bounty Sound Organization. An optional Kindling parcel is useable for $995 and includes Bi-Xenon headlights with the Adaptative Front-lighting Scheme, LED DRLs, and ambient midland ignition with LED midland indication lights. The $695 Driver Aid packet includes the Ahead Hit Monition Scheme and strawman and back Commons Length Mastery.

Golf SportWagen 1.8T SEL

Edifice on the specifications and layout of the TSI SE, the top gasoline-powered SportWagen trimness starts at $29,345 and adds: 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels; eloquent cap rail; a sailing organization; Climatronic® robotic air conditioning; mutant puff seating with a 12-way powerfulness driver’s buns; and ambient light with LED home recitation lights. The Inflammation and Driver Help packages are usable on the SEL also.

Golf SportWagen TDI S

The line-up of Pick Diesel Golf SportWagen models mostly mirrors its gasolene siblings in footing of features and packages. The bag TDI S starts at $24,595 and offers a six-speed manual gearbox and 16-inch aluminum-alloy wheels as stock, with a dual-clutch DSG reflex uncommitted for an redundant $1,100. KESSY keyless admission with push-button first and a rearview camera are among the touchstone features.

Golf SportWagen TDI SE

Start at $27,995, the TDI SE has the like number of equipment and optional packages as its gasoline-powered similitude, the 1.8T SE, including the Cowcatcher Bounty Sound Organisation, robotic headlamps and a bird’s-eye sunshine-roof. The Light and Driver Assist packet are usable. The DSG transmitting is an $1,100 alternative.

Golf SportWagen TDI SEL

Start at $30,345, the TDI SEL’s touchstone equipment mirrors the 1.8T SEL, adding features such as a seafaring organisation, Climatronic reflexive air conditioning, and athletics seating with 12-way index allowance for the driver. Both Kindling and Driver Help options packages are uncommitted on this reduce. The six-speed manual transmitting is criterion, with the pick of the DSG reflex ($1,100 spare).

2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen

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