2015 Volkswagen Golf Gte Sport Concept

Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept

With the Golf GTE Play presented as a humanity premier at the fabled GTI case at Lake Wörthersee, Volkswagen is catapulting the GT custom into the hereafter. The hi-tech Golf that is mostly made of c is powered by a sum of iii motors – combined in a add-in loan-blend thrust with arrangement might of 295 kW / 400 PS. The construct car breaks consume traditional barriers betwixt route and motorsport vehicles. Its liberal cross organisation in combining with the hi-tech all-wheel crusade, a whippersnapper consistence, optimal flowing downforce, preciseness run cogwheel based on the excogitation of the stream Golf GTE, a new motive racing cockpit (including visualization of the racing contrast) and an strange seats construct (two monocoque-like inner areas) enable breathless execution on the raceway. At the closet of a push, nonetheless, the conception car is able-bodied to masking a outstrip of capable 50 kilometres on wattage unequalled and so with nada emissions.

Drive system from motorsport and research

Earth Razz Car TSI locomotive. The 1.6 liter TSI (turbocharged direct-injection locomotive) altered from the brilliant Polo R WRC (Reality Rebound Car) is accommodated in the locomotive compartment at the figurehead of the car. It delivers 220 kW / 299 PS and maximal torsion of 400 Nm. Volkswagen has already won the Reality Rebound Backup double with this locomotive. In the Golf GTE Fun the four-cylinder chef-d’oeuvre is aided by two electrical motors. The engineers positioned the low galvanizing centrifugal at the forepart (in the trapping of the 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox). It develops 85 kW / 115 PS and maximal torsion of 330 Nm. The secondment electrical motive is situated at the bum with the like mightiness turnout but torsion of 270 Nm. The tally torsion of the ride organization is 670 Nm. Whenever potential, the construct car is powered alone by electricity without producing any emissions. In clean “GTE mood” all leash motors exercise unitedly, freehanded the all-wheel-drive Golf GTE Mutation a tie-up to 100 km/h sentence of 4.3 seconds and a top swiftness of 280 km/h. In the NEDC cps for card loan-blend vehicles the sports car consumes barely 2.0 l/100 km/h.

2015 Volkswagen Golf Gte Sport Concept

2015 Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept

Balanced for the Nürburgring north loop

2015 Volkswagen Golf Gte Sport Concept

The construct of the Golf GTE Sportsman has been intentional so that the car is at domicile in both rule route dealings and racecourse weather. Consequently, the ride, abatement, torso and internal all accompany the rationale of a pure-bred sports car. The crusade arrangement offers uttermost legerity, the dangling displays uttermost disinterest in interaction with the all-wheel driving, the c trunk is whippersnapper and with its balanced aeromechanics it almost adheres to the route. The driver biotechnology bridgework the gap to motive racing, and with optimal weighting dispersion and a low gist of soberness the boilersuit parcel ensures that a lap about racetracks such as the n iteration of the Nürburgring is a unparalleled impulsive feel.

Two-seater race car

The driver and rider plank the roadster midland of the Golf GTE Sportsman done doors that swinging veracious up in the elan of the XL 1. The doors widen a foresightful way up into the cap and devour into the face sills, resulting in commodious embarkment when they are open upwardly. The inner in c and microfibre consists of two entirely ramify areas for the driver and rider. Alike in motorsport vehicles, they sit quite foresightful way to the backbone on racing bucketful seating with five-point belts. Consequently, the direction pillar that is wholly clothed in c projects a yearn way into the national where it appears to blow – a promote feature have of a exchange car or touring-car racer. The running elements are operated via controllers and buttons in the cocoon-like national trimness. The gearbox of the Golf GTE Mutation can besides be operated manually with shifting paddles on the motorsport wheel.

Instruments on three levels

The instruments featuring a totally new invention suffer been especially interconnected for the shape of the driver’s workspace. The Volkswagen port designers opted for iii cobwebby displays staged bottom one another on which all relevant info is displayed. On the smallest show at the forepart (nighest to the driver) data such as the selected pitch and the convalescence condition is displayed; info that is alone periodically chequered from the recession of the eye whilst drive. The center show has lower-ranking yet more composite data such as the might presently delivered by the ride (powerfulness cadence) and the encourage saturation of the board arrangement (electrical rise). Entropy such as the flow hurrying and the stove are always in the driver’s bailiwick of sight on the thirdly and largest show. In increase, in “GTE way” not lonesome is the flow lap displayed (e.g. 9 of 16), but thither is besides a practical index of the saint drive demarcation – worthful aid for prophylactic and truehearted drive on composite racetracks such as the said Nürburgring northwards grummet.

Ergonomic perfection

The understandably staged multifunction permutation for start and fillet the crossbreed cause and controlling the 6-speed DSG is ideally positioned to the correct of the driver for soft approach. Redress following thereto thither is a panel for foster fomite functions; these admit a clit for energizing a ardour extinction organization standardized thereto ill-used in motorsport. Moreover, the rider is besides supplied with information via a show in his national section. In “Information Fashion” the stream speeding, the cogwheel presently intermeshed and the locomotive fastness can be displayed. If the rider switches to “Information Fashion” he can retrieve the fomite quickening and sidelong force-out figures (g- forces). It is not alone the use of c, but quite a oecumenical jackanapes figure that saves angle in the national. E.g., the loops for gap the doors are made of the like celluloid fiber as the five-point belts. Furthermore, super dilate bioengineering persist in every point. The operational mood switching for selecting “E- Style”, “GTE-Mode” or “Hybrid-Mode”, e.g., is placed in the cap, ilk in a jet.

Extremely lightweight

2015 Volkswagen Golf Gte Sport Concept

The consistence of the Golf GTE Fun is mostly made of jackanapes c. As both a make and a grouping, Volkswagen is a groundbreaker in the industrial use of this substantial. E.g., care the outside of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4, the trunk of the Volkswagen XL1 is likewise made of c. The high-strength c consistency of the Golf GTE Fun hence weighs lots less than a corresponding blade personify.

Side profile

The figure construct of the Golf GTE Mutant manifests itself in the car’s hit silhouette. Hither, Volkswagen is chronic the estimation of C-pillars with a two-level excogitation originating from the 2007 Golf GTI W12-650, which has been invariably boost perfected in diverse construct cars. On the Golf GTE Mutant that is now beingness presented, this C-pillar conception, which is unparalleled world-wide, has reached a level of flawlessness that allows it to leave-taking the read car phase and – as a designing imaginativeness – span the gap to the Golf GT models of the next. The staple styling of these pillars (alike the draw of a bow tight with an pointer) follows the manifest Golf figure, but simultaneously characteristic about whole new C-pillar details: bottom the layer seeable from out-of-door a sec one opens up. The wash flows ‘tween these two levels and is tributary to the streamlined downforce and to the chilling of the behind brakes. Stylistically, this construct agency that the bottom part (wish the movement incision) is passing blanket. By demarcation, the rider cubicle betwixt the A-pillar and the upcountry portion of the C-pillar becomes narrower when viewed from the figurehead to the behind – an vanguard interplay of exceedingly sinewy shapes.

Doors and sills fold upwards

As described, the construct car multi-coloured in opalescent “Flannel Golf-club” has two gullwing doors that cut ahead. The speed contribution that extends a foresighted way into the cap is wholly made of shadow seeable c. A gravid share of the slope sill is incorporate in the doorway cutout. The third-dimensional eubstance of the sill is enhanced at the top in the doorway division with an ar in colored seeable c. Promote features unofficially visibility in seeable c are the threshold mirror caps, the threshold windowpane frames and the glower sill arena. This role of the sill is intentional as a rail-splitter, i.e. a reduce and precipitous streamlined component, a boast associate in motorsport. The incline sill is framed by the new 20-inch metal wheels fitted with tyres in formatting 235 at the battlefront and 275 at the bum.


With the strawman segment of the Golf GTE Fun the Volkswagen conception squad is imposingly illustrating how the Golf GT models could acquire in next. On the construct car, the designers remote the contact amytal grille job of the Golf GTE yield manakin from the grillwork and positioned it under the cowl as a blueness crossbar working crosswise the unit breadth of the figurehead. Infra it, deuce-ace advance crossbars in blackness chromium-plate feeling protract crosswise the center air intake. The high-gloss inkiness air recess grillwork itself has the honeycomb construction distinctive of GT models. A farther air intake infra the crossbars is framed at the top and to the sides by a salient flowing constituent (besides made of c). A doubling coddler, besides intentional as a divider, rounds off the breast. Hither, too, c is put-upon.

LED headlights and daytime running lights

All galvanising and plug- in intercrossed models from Volkswagen sustain C-shaped LED daylight functional lights as a peculiarity, and the Golf GTE Mutant is no exclusion. Hither, they skeleton the unanimous grille whole at the sides, and in the top expanse thither is an nigh unseamed conversion from the LED day functional lights to the highly constringe and shrewd LED headlights.


Ne’er ahead has Volkswagen realized such a magnetic and jazzy arse for a Golf. Hither, too, the two levels of the C-pillars are a shaping stylistic boast bountiful the Golf GTE Sportsman a really all-encompassing and sinewy show from the arse. The drawn-out outer levels of the C-pillars at the bum – comparable the ass whole of an airplane – stretch the car conjointly the expectant ceiling freebooter. Typically Golf: the prominent tailboard with a upright down tip at the layer of the redesigned LED bum lights. At the top, the tailboard is modified by a blackness c ceiling looter – a backstage that seems to vibrate ahead of the tailboard at a aloofness of a few millimetres to the cap. The C-pillars that sharpen at an slant to the back and the bumper commingle into one another, with the latter projected far supra the contrast of the tailboard. As an notional lengthiness of the incline disrobe made of seeable c (supra the sill), the top bound of the bumper besides features seeable c. Infra this is an region motley in the trunk colouration (with air outlets on the remote). The close storey is a expectant diffusor made of seeable c with the divider that is besides continued hither. The circle stainless trims of the twin-pipe exhaust are structured in the midsection of the diffusor.

E-Mode – setting off on electric power

No Golf has always had 3 motors ahead. But this one does. As described at the commencement, the burning locomotive fitted by Volkswagen is a turbocharged 1.6-litre four-cylinder direct-injection locomotive (TSI) that produces 220 kW / 299 PS of mightiness and a uttermost torsion of 400 Nm. The electrical components dwell of the lithium-ion shelling and two galvanic motors. The movement galvanising motive is unified in the trapping of the 6- swiftness DSG (DQ400E). Both galvanic motors let a might outturn of 85 kW. The add usable scheme exponent is 295 kW / 400 PS. If necessity, the arrangement crusade mightiness can be distributed to all foursome wheels thanks to the behind galvanising centrifugal and an “electrical propshaft”. In formula surgery the Golf GTE Variation drives upright as restfully as the output Golf GTE that is already marketed. In “E-Mode” it is scope off strictly electrically. Therein causa the construct car uses the shelling that can be supercharged outwardly (but too whilst impulsive) to sail without producing any emissions. It can cover to 50 kilometres on a bombardment burster. When a outlined minimal shelling mission is reached, the 1.6 TSI is mechanically switched on and the Golf GTE Mutant drives in “Cross” fashion. As presently as the bombardment reaches a sealed bearing story again, “E-Mode” can be reactivated at any meter via a transposition in the viewgraph cabinet. In “E-Mode”, the bottom axle galvanizing motive is beginning and frontmost responsible actuation. When heights demands are made on functioning, the battlefront electrical motive is besides excited to cater supporting.

Hybrid mode – silent coasting

As shortly as the driving organisation or the driver deactivates “E-Mode”, the Golf GTE Play becomes a definitive total crossbreed with regenerative braking charging the barrage and reflex utilization of the rectify compounding of TSI and/or galvanic motors according to the particular cause position. When the driver releases the gun, and the bombardment is sufficiently supercharged, all crusade sources are close off. This is referred to as “coasting”. If the driver releases the gas or brakes, and the shelling is insufficiently supercharged, the two galvanic motors manoeuver as generators and commission the lithium-ion barrage with the get-up-and-go healed from braking. With the two-fold fashion “Bombardment Handgrip” or “Barrage Mission” the shelling’s vigor capacity can be intentionally unbroken incessant by the driver (“Clasp”) or increased (“Mission”). When the 1.6 TSI locomotive is the solitary rootage of actuation, the construct car is a saturated front-wheel effort car.

GTE-Mode – the power of three hearts

The alternate aboard the Golf GTE Mutant that is near authoritative for active operation is set in the viewgraph solace. It bears the letters “GTE”. When the driver operates this permutation, the persona of the Golf GTE Sportsman’s drivetrain changes drastically in an heartbeat because now the entire organization index of 400 PS is uncommitted. The turbocharged 299 PS gas locomotive unequaled delivers vast propellent index, and at this heights grade the galvanizing ride components of the Golf GTE Sportsman wear an extra advance office. The further consequence is so potent that the crusade whole would besides execute fountainhead if exploited in pro phaeton races: the Golf GTE Mutation sprints to 50 km/h in 1.8 seconds, reaches 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds, and the uttermost upper permitted in Austria, i.e. 130 km/h, in 6.5 seconds. On German motorways, the construct car reaches 200 km/h in 15.9 seconds. In “GTE-Mode” all four-spot wheels of the Golf are determined.

All-wheel drive – “electric propshaft”

2015 Volkswagen Golf Gte Sport Concept

In “GTE-Mode” and as presently as the office necessitates it, the campaign ability of the Golf GTE Play is distributed to both axles. Therein causa (and if bombardment burster is low), the strawman galvanic centrifugal – which is now organism supplied with k.e. via the TSI – acts alone as a author and a origin of electricity for its twin at the back axle. Since the get-up-and-go for drive the arse axle flows by electrify and not automatically hither, this is referred to as an “galvanizing propshaft”. Because the TSI drives the arse galvanic motive via the presence galvanising drive, the all-wheel thrust organisation likewise operates when the shelling’s burster posit is low – an priceless reward in footing of impulsive kinetics. The grandness of the effectuation of the “galvanizing propshaft” for Volkswagen with gaze to serial yield is demonstrated by the fact that the accompany has had the German tantamount of this appointment saved nether copyright law.

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