2015 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

In 2012, Volkswagen introduced the Passat Alltrack to nosepiece the gap betwixt the on-road and off-road worlds. Now Germany’s nearly successful carmaker is transferring this conception to another fomite category with the new VW Golf Alltrack. Technological and optic features of the Golf Alltrack admit its 4MOTION 4wd scheme, higher land headroom, bike curve mouldings and flared english sills that go trunk aegis, freshly intentional bumpers and many early freelance outside and midland features. One gasoline locomotive (TSI) and ternary diesel engines (TDI) are uncommitted in the Golf Alltrack – all of them are muscular turbocharged direct-injection engines. The 1.8 TSI that produces 132 kW / 180 PS is an totally new improver to the Golf reach. TDI versions of the Golf Alltrack testament establish at these index levels: 81 kW / 110 PS (1.6 TDI), 110 kW / 150 PS (2.0 TDI) and 135 kW / 184 PS (2.0 TDI). The versions with 180 PS and 184 PS transferral their powerfulness to the 4wd organisation via a 6-speed duple clasp gearbox (DSG) as touchstone.

Permanent four-wheel drive

The Volkswagen Golf Alltrack was intentional permanently operation on both paved roadstead and spark off-road terrain. This is potential thanks to the 4MOTION 4wd scheme. The organization, which is equipt with a up-to-the-minute contemporaries Haldex pairing, is excited level ahead rack parapraxis occurs, utilising a proactive ascendance organization that adapts to the fugitive drive posit and prevents almost all release of grip. Nether comparatively low locomotive freight weather, or when coasting, the strawman axle is impelled spell the back axle is decoupled. This canonic campaign layout saves fire. If requisite, the backside axle can be variably meshed inside fractions of a s. This is through by the Haldex-5 union, which is excited via an electro-hydraulic oil ticker. A mastery whole continually calculates the paragon campaign torsion for the behind axle and controls to what arcdegree the multi-plate coupler should lock by controlling the oil heart. If requisite, nigh 100 per centime of the campaign torsion can be directed to the bottom axle.

2015 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

EDL and XDS+

2015 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

In summation to the Haldex yoke, which acts as a longitudinal ringlet, the four-wheeled EDL arrangement – operational as an electronic derivative interlock that is structured in the ESC electronic stableness ascendence organisation – assumes the office of a derivative curl at both axles. The Golf Alltrack is likewise equipt with the subsidiary XDS+ part at the strawman and backside axles. This optimises guidance answer by execution braking interventions at the wheels on the interior of a twist during immobile cornering. As presently as the electronics find that the cargo at one of the wheels on the interior of a bending has dropped infra a sure doorstep, the hydraulic whole of the ESC organization applies bracken coerce to this bicycle to bushel optimum grip.

Offroad driving profile and off-road suspension

2015 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

The compounding of the 20 mm higher primer headroom, “Offroad” drive visibility and 4MOTION 4wd organization gives the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack off-road drive traits that are more distinctive of an SUV. The “Offroad” impulsive visibility activates a mound blood procedure (maintains a incessant hurrying on the line), a limited gun reception and an off-road conformation of the ABS arrangement (limited restraint thresholds shape a suitable hoagy of amaze ahead of the wheels). The Golf Alltrack not lonesome offers exceptionally dear off-road properties and combat-ready safe benefits; it is likewise an saint towing fomite, intentional to grip drone lots of capable 2,000 kg (braked on 12 % run).


2015 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

1.8 TSI with 180 PS. First, Volkswagen is oblation a 1.8-litre TSI with 132 kW / 180 PS (from 4,500 rpm) in the Golf. The direct-injection four-cylinder turbocharged locomotive is ideally suitable for use in the VW Golf Alltrack, because it develops an telling uttermost torsion of 280 Nm from a low 1,350 rpm and maintains this valuate incessantly capable 4,500 rpm. The Golf Alltrack 1.8 TSI comes with a 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DSG) as touchstone. The various fomite has a top speeding of 217 km/h and accelerates to 100 km/h in 7.8 seconds. Its nimbleness contrasts with an economic fire expenditure design of 6.6 l/100 km (equates to 155 g/km CO2).

1.6 TDI with 81 kW / 110 PS

The turbodiesel engines of the new Volkswagen Golf Alltrack seed from the EA288 locomotive serial. These commons revile four-cylinder engines, which were introduced in the up-to-the-minute one-seventh multiplication Golf, are among the nearly effective in the humanity. Scorn their dissimilar locomotive displacements and superpower levels, they parcel a issue of key engineering modules. These admit emissions-relevant components such as the fire injectant arrangement, turbocharger and intercooler incorporated in the evocation multiplex faculty. A advanced discharge gas recirculation organization is likewise put-upon. Too included: oxidisation catalytic convertor, diesel particulate permeate and NOx reposition catalytic convertor. The entry-level locomotive of the Golf Alltrack ambit is a 1,598 cc TDI with 81 kW / 110 PS which consumes fair 4.8 l/100 km (equates to 124 g/km CO2). This locomotive reaches its maximal mightiness ‘tween 3,200 and 4,000 rpm, and its uttermost torsion of 250 Nm is usable ‘tween 1,500 and 3,000 rpm. Therein lawsuit, the Golf Alltrack 1.6 TDI – that is invariably furnished with a manual six-speed gearbox – accelerates to 100 km/h in 12.1 seconds and reaches a top amphetamine of 187 km/h.

2.0 TDI with 150 PS

At the following mightiness stratum up, Volkswagen installs a 1,968 cc TDI with 110 kW / 150 PS in the Alltrack which has a combined fire phthisis of equitable 4.9 l/100 km (127 g/km CO2). This variant constantly comes with a 6-speed manual gearbox. The 2.0-litre TDI has two halter shafts that pass run rattling swimmingly. It develops its maximal powerfulness betwixt 3,500 and 4,000 rpm, and its uttermost torsion of 340 Nm is useable from a low 1,750 rpm (capable 3,000 rpm). The Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2.0 TDI has a top velocity of 207 km/h, and it accelerates to 100 km/h in 8.9 seconds.

2.0 TDI with 184 PS

This Golf Alltrack 2.0 TDI is one of the well-nigh brawny diesel Variance cars in its family with a superpower outturn of 135 kW / 184 PS (from 3,500 to 4,000 rpm). Its two-litre turbocharged locomotive transfers a uttermost torsion of 380 Nm to the 6-speed DSG – which comes as measure therein car – from a low 1,750 rpm. It perpetually maintains this assess capable 3,250 rpm. The car’s mightiness and torsion – jointly its 4wd organization – not solitary everlasting its off-road properties but likewise enable poke oodles of capable 2,000 kg (braked on 12 % dispose). The TDI likewise delivers rattling gaudy impulsive execution: 7.8 seconds for the dash to 100 km/h and a top speeding of 219 km/h are substantiation of this. The Golf Alltrack 2.0 TDI consumes equitable 5.0 l/100 km (132 g/km CO2).

Side profile

2015 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

The Golf Alltrack, which has capable 20 mm extra land headroom, basically has the like car trunk as the Golf Edition. Still, practically of the new framework’s outside was customised. From the english, the nigrify bike impish mouldings of the VW Golf Alltrack are visually salient; this tough shelter is continued in mouldings that run supra the english sills and into the lour areas of the redesigned bumpers. The incline sills, multi-color in lusterlessness “Automatic Flatware”, get jazzy flares, and crack extra tribute. The car’s incline personify styling is complemented by 17-inch “Vale” admixture wheels intentional specifically for the Volkswagen Alltrack models (or the optional 18-inch “Canon” alloys), threshold mirror caps multi-coloured in lustrous “Automatic Facile”, an “Alltrack” badge on the wings, a chromium-plate cut discase (flatness) below the english windows and “Facile” anodised cap rail.

Front and rear sections

The forepart of the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack features a low-profile grille crossbar in the speed battlefront are that sports a high-gloss chromium-plate face and extends into the headlights. The grille in honeycomb excogitation with a chromium-plate “Alltrack” badge was intentional in lustrelessness “Blacken”. The lour chilling air consumption in the amply redesigned bumper likewise has a honeycomb construction. Another ocular foreground hither is a classifiable crossbar in “Lusterlessness Automatic Eloquent”, which extends crosswise the full breadth of the bumper and into the slope soundbox where, care a annexe, it incorporates the banner fog lights (with merged cornering lights). Underbelly tribute in “Reflexive Fluent” completes the lour incision of the front. At the bottom, the Golf Alltrack – which is fitted with dark-red quarter lights – too has a new bumper designing with underbelly security in “Lustrelessness Automatic Facile”. The adaptation with the 180-PS TSI locomotive is grand by its dual-branch exhaust with chromium-plate tailpipes on the leftover and redress. Interim, the TDI versions make a flashy optical front with threefold chromium-plate tailpipes on the left-hand position.


The high-end inner of the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack reflects its showy off-road quality. Therein car, inside styling is outlined by such details as a leather-trimmed wheel and train shifting pry, tradition behind covers with the “Alltrack” badge on the backs of the forepart seating, accents in “Nighttime Mg” (inwardness cabinet and bolt impanel) and “Tracks” (splasher and inner threshold clipping) too as ambient lights in the threshold passementerie. Over-the-counter banner features (in plus to those of Comfortline) admit: reflexive mood restraint (“Climatronic”), LED indication lights for the forepart and back seating, lights in the movement footwell areas, “Make-up Trace” docudrama organization and Driver Alive Arrangement. Sole features admit a chromium-plate reduce peel with “4MOTION” badge on the kernel cabinet compartment lid, stainless threshold sill guards with “Alltrack” badge and chromium-plate accents for versatile switches and buttons (lights, electrical windows, mirrors). Gaudy features admit the (optional) blacken star, including amphetamine cap column clipping, and customs pedals and pes residual in al feel.

Miracle of space

Alike every Golf Variation, the new VW Golf Alltrack, too, is a covenant miracle of spa. Fifty-fifty with phoebe adults aboard, payload capacitance amounts to 605 litres (crocked capable the arse behind back). If the memory infinite with its minimal breadth of 1,003 mm and minimal altitude of 936 mm is utilized capable the strawman ass backrests and to the star, it offers a intensity of 1,620 litres. The hold is 1,055 mm longsighted capable the backs of the backside seating, and 1,831 mm foresightful capable the backs of the presence seating.

Cargo space features

2015 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

The load deck in the trunk can be wide-ranging in elevation or entirely demolished with equitable a few mitt movements. Another criterion boast is a bootspace blanket intentional as a curler dim. When it is not required, the roll subterfuge – alike the net divider – can be stored below the shipment deck. Pragmatic features are outback unlatching of the 60:40 rent back ben seatbacks and their foldable mechanisms. The seatbacks are easy released by unlatching levers in the face walls of the baggage region; so the backrests mechanically sheepcote forwards, creating a near story rise collectively the lading story.

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