2015 Vauxhall Viva

Vauxhall Viva

Oral joins Vauxhall’s development small-car category, which already includes Adam and Corsa, but is distinctly outlined from these models by its rate, functionality, scope and dimensions.

Oral leave collection to customers looking esteem for money, but who are not inclined to compromise on timbre. And dissimilar many of its rivals, Oral can suit capable phoebe masses and has the gizmo of phoebe doors.

With a 90:10 ret/evanesce cleave, sales are predicted to be hard leaden towards secret buyers. With this in judgment, Oral volition be usable on highly-competitive personal shrink leverage (PCP) plans for ret customers.

2015 Vauxhall Viva

Competing in the A-segment, Oral’s rivals admit the Hyundai i10, Volkswagen Up, Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1.

“Shortstop, crinkle and full-of-the-moon of part, Vauxhall’s new entry-level simulation is a right pocket-size car and testament grip big charm therein apace ontogeny sphere,” aforesaid Tim Tozer, Vauxhall’s Chairwoman and Director.


With a gens that pays court to Vauxhall’s master Oral made from 1963 to 1979, the all-new Oral shares the pilot’s ism of pick lines, lastingness and practicality. It is intentional for innovative, quotidian liveliness and at 3.68 metres farseeing is virtual and roomy providing more decent way for capable 5 masses.

Oral is the modish simulation in the orbit to showing Vauxhall’s sculpted, exact excogitation ism. Trey hard have lines slide kill the sides with the touch ‘vane’, seen antecedently on Insignia and GTC amongst others, slice done the doors. The two others exhaust the movement and ass doorway handles. The Oral’s forepart features a typical winged chromium-plate bar that presents the Griffon badge.

2015 Vauxhall Viva

Prominent headlights and taillights add to the vivacious appearing, creating an boilersuit pattern that shows special care to point for a fomite therein category.

Oral is useable in ten outside rouge colors with a sort of 15- to 16-inch wheels.


Subsequently offset appearance in the Adam ROCKS AIR and after the New Corsa and Adam, Oral is the modish Vauxhall to characteristic the new 1.0-litre three-cylinder ECOTEC locomotive.

Specially-developed for Oral and achieving capable 65.7mpg combined with CO2 emissions as low as 99g/km, this 75PS powertrain is quiet, punchy and effective, and is paired to a glossy five-speed contagion.

The three-cylinder locomotive is made from twinkle aluminum and has bettor working characteristics and interference discharge than about four-cylinder units. Galling vibrations that can be the stylemark of roughly three-cylinder engines birth been eliminated thanks to a routine of measures:

  • Ground-up stop invention with key center sonority simplification
  • Desegregation of release multiply into the cylinder caput to foster slim interference
  • Sound-absorbing cam-cover
  • Timing concatenation ‘cut’ to thin brattle (backward-leaning dentition in strand are friction-optimised and clutch the goading wheels of the meth and camshaft)
  • The 1.0-litre ECOTEC has quadruplet valves per cylinder, controlled by two smash camshafts. The camshaft controller is varying for the inlet and release sides, and combined with larboard injectant ensures optimised gas switch end-to-end the stallion rpm scope. This adds to both impulsive delight and efficiency.

    A three-cylinder locomotive is an inherently effective whole, with national detrition substantially glower than in a corresponding four-cylinder whole. To brand the locomotive as lighter as potential, the crankshaft is dig mould, the oil heart effort is specially low clash and the oil ticker workings at two coerce levels – a particular sport therein form.

    The total locomotive is intentional for low clash oils with a viscousness degree of 5W-20. All of these bill control fantabulous fire efficiency.

    2015 Vauxhall Viva

    “Our three-cylinder locomotive in Oral is the modish increase to a new coevals of engines which were highly-developed with the center owing efficiency, smoothen functional characteristics and low haphazardness emanation,” aforementioned Charles J. Klein, Vauxhall/Opel’s V.p. Fomite Technology, Europe.

    Powertrain Offensive

    The one-litre locomotive in Oral is role of Vauxhall/Opel’s large-scale locomotive unsavoury, which started finish class and bequeath play 17 new ultra-modern powertrains to commercialise earlier 2018. The 1.0-litre ECOTEC (75PS) is the groundwork locomotive of a new coevals of modest Vauxhall gas engines. The succeeding more muscular reading is the 1.0 ECOTEC Organise Shot Turbo that has been usable in Adam and Corsa since finale class with an outturn of either 90PS or 115PS. Ulterior this yr, a 105PS reading testament seem in the all-new Astra.


    Oral’s build and direction sustain been highly-developed and benchmarked with rivals on UK roadstead to allow olympian guard and class-leading puff.

    The figurehead respite has side-load recompense springs that amend the rally execution and muffler reliableness. Duplicate bonded bushings likewise growth rally and manipulation operation patch simultaneously minimising disturbance, quivering and rigour (NVH), with their gamy morphological rigourousness encouraging superscript manipulation execution.

    Extra ride-improving measures suffer besides been enforced for the ass abatement. The V-section tubular-type tortuousness broadcast is mounted ahead of the arse wheels allowing the roll-rate and roll-steer characteristics to be utterly aligned with locomotive index and fomite slant. Moreover, bottom dampers are vertically mounted arse the ass wheels to render a effective jolt purchase proportion and effective damping functioning, and the erect dual-path ride provides improve cod and NVH operation.


    Wish its stablemates Adam and Corsa, Oral testament be fully-connected thanks to the following genesis IntelliLink docudrama arrangement. Usable from other 2016, IntelliLink allows unlined consolidation of Apple iOS and Humanoid devices, including wide compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Humanoid Machine.


    Too uncommitted from January 2016, as criterion on SL clipping and as an choice on SE, leave be the personal connectivity and avail helper OnStar. OnStar is already the leadership supplier of attached rubber and surety solutions, value-added mobility services and sophisticated it in Northwards America, Chinaware and Mexico.

    Customers volition be capable to use a unsubtle portfolio of services provided by Vauxhall OnStar such as pinch services, wayside retrieval and smartphone remote. In increase, when equipt with OnStar, Oral bequeath turn a Wi-Fi hotspot, enabling capable heptad devices to be machine-accessible to the car web.

    OnStar is too thither in cause of an pinch – whether you can require it yourself or not. E.g., if an airbag deploys, OnStar volition be alerted mechanically. An adviser leave so liaison the endorser to regulate whether helper is needful. If thither is no reply, pinch responders volition forthwith be sent to the accurate emplacement of the fomite.

    OnStar Advisors placed at the hi-tech OnStar Middleman Heart in Luton, England, volition be uncommitted 24/7 and 36 a class. At a advertize of the SOS clit, OnStar users can quest aid whenever they hold it requisite, e.g. if they witnesser an fortuity.

    Via the Smartphone App, subscribers bequeath be able-bodied to vociferation OnStar from anyplace, accession authoritative fomite information such as oil spirit and outwear press, remotely curl or unlock the car and (if their car has been stolen) place it with Stolen Fomite Assist which can likewise remotely stoppage the inflammation.

    Viva HA

    2015 Vauxhall Viva

    Patch Vauxhall’s commencement raid the press sept car marketplace came in 1936 with the H-Type – the UK’s commencement one building (monocoque) simulation, it was the establish of the Oral in 1963 that truly saw the Gryphon profit impulse. Launched in 1963, the Oral was initially reinforced in Luton, with output transferring to the make new Ellesmere Larboard quickness the next yr – habitation to apiece contemporaries of press Vauxhall kinsfolk car e’er since. Igniter, unproblematic to keep and neatly styled the HA Oral was ticket for motorists who precious a no-nonsense, cheap kinsfolk car and its ease-of-maintenance gave it exceptional collection in the years when share of Dad’s hebdomadary subroutine was to pass an minute tinkering on a Sunday! O’er 300,000 Oral HAs were sold in a comparatively shortstop lifetime of upright ternary geezerhood, although the Bedford Van variance – the HAV – continued easily into the Eighties thanks to its swift solicitation.

    Viva HB

    2015 Vauxhall Viva

    Whereas the Oral HA’s entreaty lay lots in its easiness, its replacement touched Vauxhall’s compact offer up towards a far more grow and discreet hearing. Bypast were the pilot car’s uncomplicated cross foliage hanging and constrict rails, replaced by a car that secondhand advanced gyre springs all stave. The styling was likewise practically more forward-looking – the notable ‘snow bottleful’ upset occupation seen in many cars of the era made its launching on the HB Oral, big it a feeling that quieten appears comparatively overbold now. It was too offered in more consistency styles than e’er earlier – two and four-door saloons, also as a fashionable acres. Functioning versions included the ‘Brabham’ Oral, highly-developed for GM by the 1966 F1 sensation Jackstones Brabham and sold done his own franchise, and the fifty-fifty more powerful Oral GT with brandmark lustrelessness melanize cowling and the power to go 100mph, devising it a immobile pet among the motorsport frat. Complete one-half a zillion Oral HBs were sold in foursome age.

    Viva HC

    2015 Vauxhall Viva

    The longest yield run of any Oral example was enjoyed by the HC, which remained a loyalist of the Vauxhall orbit from its entry in 1970 done trough the end of 1979. So forward-looking was the HB Oral’s four-link ass and main strawman abatement set-up that it was carried ended forthwith to the HC, on with lots of the car’s geomorphologic and mechanical architecture. Where the HC differed was in its styling, subbing the sonsy HB feeling with more angulate, full-strength lines. Many styling cues were interpreted from Detroit, with the car’s fluted hood resembling that of a coeval Pontiac, taillight units remindful of a Buick Majestic and strange ‘beckon’ force wheelarches, which gave the car a forward-leaning appearing. The HC besides reflected the chop-chop ontogeny flit commercialise in the UK, with a lots broader ambit of engines and reduce levels than e’er earlier. The two-door and four-door saloons were complemented by an strange sounding acres, also as the Firenza – a two-door coupe that squared capable Fording’s Capri therein dash witting sphere of the grocery. In 1973, the Magnum appeared, efficaciously a renamed variant of the larger-engined HC Vivas aimed at more upmarket consultation – the car was pitched as lots more of a contender to the Jubilate Dolomite than it was to the Morris Marina, e.g.. Maybe the almost iconic versions of the HC, scorn their miniscule volumes, were the ‘Swag Hooter’ Firenza and Sporthatch models, ruined in Fluent Starfire metal key and fitted with strange polyurethan ‘bill’ containing ternary headlights. They are by far the nearly collectible HC variants tod.

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