2015 Toyota Tacoma Trd Pro Series

Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Series

Get set to go where fifty-fifty roadstead fearfulness to step with the adrenaline-pumping TRD Pro Serial from Toyota. Already favorites among life-threatening off-roaders, the 2015 Toyota Tundra, Tacoma and 4Runner leave equalize more able with these new, strong-growing off-road packages intentional by the experts at Toyota Racing Exploitation (TRD).

Rising from the Desert

The TRD Pro Serial arises from Toyota’s storeyed off-road racing inheritance, with legion victories in the laborious Baja 500 and Chiliad survival races. Natural from this live in the desolate, Toyota’s terrain-conquering vehicles leave avail sober off-roaders go places they ne’er dreamed potential.

Serious Specs for Serious Off-Roaders

The new factory-installed TRD Pro Serial is aimed square at uttermost off-roading enthusiasts who thrust their trucks and SUVs to the limitation.

2015 Toyota Tacoma Trd Pro Series

Useable on 4X4 models of Tundra, Tacoma and 4Runner, all TRD Pro Serial vehicles bequeath be equipt with:

  • TRD Bilstein shocks with outside reservoirs
  • TRD-tuned battlefront springs
  • TRD breast slew plateful
  • Unparalleled forepart grillwork with “TOYOTA” badging (pays testimonial to other iconic Toyota models)
  • TRD storey mats
  • TRD slip knobs
  • Nigrify wheels
  • A hot new colour, Conflagration, is linked by Inkiness and Sup Albumen, coolheaded classics for off-road rigs.

    Tundra Like No Other

    In accession to the divided features, the Tundra TRD Pro testament be equipt entirely with:

    2015 Toyota Tacoma Trd Pro Series
  • TRD-tuned springs with 2″ raise for the battlefront of the fomite
  • Reduced saltation rank to better tantalise lineament complete coarse terrain
  • All-black 18-inch metal wheels with Michelin ORP tires
  • TRD treble exhaust
  • TRD PRO tail gore bed stamping
  • Unparalleled internal bum colour with red sewing
  • Unparalleled board grace inclose
  • Taco Supreme

    Edifice on the best-selling press pick-me-up in the manufacture, Tacoma TRD Pro beefs up and adds a footling hot sauce with:

  • TRD-tuned springs with 2″ facelift for the breast
  • Reduced bound rank
  • 16-inch inkiness beadlock-style wheels
  • BFGoodrich® All-Terrain LT265/75R16 tires
  • + TRD Eject
  • Melanise TRD PRO badge
  • Rock Star 4Runner

    2015 Toyota Tacoma Trd Pro Series

    Adding to its rock-crawling artistry, 4Runner TRD PRO leave be entirely equipt with:

  • 1.5″ rhytidoplasty for the breast of the fomite
  • 1″ of extra bike locomote
  • All-new 17-inch TRD all-black metal wheels
  • Melanize TRD Pro badges
  • Blackness movement and backside depress bumper accents
  • Street Cred On and Off-Road

    The TRD Pro Serial is the most-advanced yet in a longsighted cable of TRD packages for Toyota trucks that dates rachis to 1998 when the outset Off-Road parcel was introduced for Tacoma.

    TRD has been an in-house locomotive and build developer for successful Toyota racing activities about the humankind for almost quadruplet decades. It likewise develops motorsport-derived accessories for Toyota, Lexus and Scion street cars and trucks. TRD’s U.S. operations were offset constituted in 1979 and are headquartered in Rib Table, Kalif., with an extra adroitness in Salisbury, N.C.

    The TRD Pro Serial volition jump acquiring devour and begrime in the drop of 2014.

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