2015 Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki Vitara

E’er since its mart launching in 1988, the Suzuki Vitara serial has earned eclat for fashionable, city-oriented designs, covenant, easy-to-manage dimensions, prosperous on-road operation, and actual off-road potentiality. The serial has evolved done changes in consistency sizing and powertrain, and now, more a quarter-century afterwards the master simulation’s unveiling, the Vitara inheritance is corporate in a saucy sport-utility-vehicle embodiment. The all-new Vitara has littler dimensions to encounter modern-day necessarily and it incorporates Suzuki’s with-it ALLGRIP four-wheel-drive organization and ripe prophylactic and connectivity equipment. It enables owners to show themselves by personalising its pattern.

The new Vitara bequeath enter output at the Magyar Suzuki imbed in Hungary in other 2015, so volition pee its grocery launching crosswise Europe. It volition afterwards be exported approximately the humankind as Suzuki’s worldwide squeeze SUV.

Instantly recognisable Suzuki-SUV looks

The new Vitara inherits the styling of its serial and the Jimny serial and brings it capable see in a bran-new outside conception.

The performance benefits of ALLGRIP and a superior chassis

Large-diameter wheels and the gamy reason headroom of an SUV sheeny plentitude of off-road capacity. In improver, an ALLGRIP organization with foursome modes that the exploiter can take to courtship the route aerofoil and drive weather assures large on- and off-road functioning.

2015 Suzuki Vitara

Personalisation that enables owners to express themselves

2015 Suzuki Vitara

Owners can commingle a ambit of outside and national items to utter their someone personalities.

Advanced navigation and safety features

An sound scheme with smartphone connectivity gives accession to ripe sailing features (uncommitted with higher grades). Moreover, the Radiolocation Bracken Keep scheme (uncommitted with sure grades) offers with-it guard by victimisation millimetre-wave radian to forbid or extenuate collisions.

Superior fuel economy

2015 Suzuki Vitara

The new Vitara meets contemporaneous demands for enceinte fire saving. Weight-saving measures including all-inclusive use of high-tensile brand shuffle the soundbox unco spark and set. Powertrain technologies including a freshly highly-developed six-speed reflex contagion besides spare fire. The new Vitara with two-wheeled crusade and a five-speed manual contagion has CO2 emissions of scarce 123g/km.

Exterior design

The new Vitara expresses Suzuki’s SUV styling inheritance in a strong-looking pattern. A grapple cowl (a stylemark of the Vitara serial) gives the forepart a looking of solidness, and a trapezoid-motif breast bumper indicates a sinewy clutches on the undercoat. Kicked-up body-side role lines and bonnet-side air outlets shape motifs from the first-generation Vitara. Berm lines run the full duration of the eubstance bestow to a feeling of SUV huskiness. Positive, Suzuki’s following of big aeromechanics is reflected in optimally intentional bumper openings, in a ceiling business that slopes swimmingly downwards toward the ass, in matted underbelly surfaces, and in position mirrors and front-bumper edges whose shapes are based on the results of airflow psychoanalysis. LED headlamps with blueing projector covers dimension to get-up-and-go deliverance patch creating a assuredness notion.

Interior design

A boldly wrought instrument-panel dress and a U-shape excogitation approximately the shimmy prise intercommunicate SUV huskiness. A beat time and air outlets, which are both motifs of the G Vitara, devote the internal a young, jazzy face.


From the initial maturation arrange, the modelling is intentional with personalisation in brain. Various outside colors and a orbit of designing details enable owners to verbalize their person personalities. Apiece client can prefer from 15 body-colour possibilities that admit trey bran-new colors and respective two-tone combinations. Suzuki created the new colors and the two-tone combinations in contrast with the construct idiom “huntsman head” to show the upheaval of impulsive the new Vitara.

The new colors are as follows:

2015 Suzuki Vitara
  • Atlantis Aquamarine Ivory Metal
  • Purview Orangeness Metal
  • Savanna Off-white Metal
  • Phoebe otc items enable owners to farther verbalise themselves by personalising the new Vitara’s national and outside details. Those items are as follows:

  • Battlefront wicket (tweed or melanise)
  • Cowcatcher garnishes (tweed or melanise)
  • Instrument-panel beautify (aqua, orangeness, whiten, or softly melanise)
  • Louver rings (aquamarine, orangish, flannel, or pianissimo inkiness)
  • Centrally situated time (C or KANJI)
  • Farther, the possessor can emphasize the new Vitara’s on- or off-road certification by choosing from two accouterment packages:

  • The urban packet adds mundaneness by way of chromium-plate parts. It consists of fog lamp bezels (chrome-plated), body-side mouldings, and a roof-end despoiler.
  • The furrowed software emphasises SUV huskiness. It consists of a presence skidplate, a bottom skidplate, fog lamp bezels, body-side mouldings, and a cargo adjoin shelter.
  • Engines

    The new Vitara is powered by the M16 1.6-litre gasoline locomotive or the D16AA 1.6-litre diesel. With the gasolene choice, clash reductions coalesce with angle savings in the locomotive and related components to agnise superscript fire thriftiness jointly high-pitched turnout and torsion. For the diesel, a new EGR organization and an electronically controlled VGT (variable-geometry turbocharger) aid to see knock-down, torquey operation jointly low emissions and superscript fire saving. The engines’ several execution figures are as follows:

  • M16A: 88kW/6,000rpm, 156Nm/4,400rpm
  • D16AA: 88kW/3,750rpm, 320Nm/1,750rpm
  • Transmissions

    Apiece of the new Vitara’s transmissions reflects measures to accomplish excellency in damage of fire thriftiness, sack spirit, and quelling of racket and palpitation.

    Manual transmissions

    A five-speed manual contagion is useable for the 1.6-litre gasoline locomotive, and a six-speed manual transmittance is usable for the 1.6-litre diesel. Apiece manual transmitting’s train ratios are optimised to helper see a ranking compounding of operation and fire thriftiness. Measures such as a shift-lever counterbalance agnise a tranquil, plus sack activity that makes for pleasurable impulsive.

    Automatic transmission

    A six-speed robotlike transmitting is uncommitted for the 1.6-litre gas locomotive. A full gear-ratio orbit permits accurate restraint complete paraphernalia ratios, so it helps to agnize superordinate reception at low fomite speeds (e.g., when the driver pulls forth from a deadlock or drives slow rising) and enables the locomotive to run at low revs. An expanded locking orbit promotes quickening, fire saving, and quietude. Asset, a manual mood enables the driver to modification geartrain exploitation paddles on the wheel.

    CO2 emissions

    The new Vitara’s CO2 emissions are low thanks to the high-tensile nerve and otc weight-saving measures in the personify and to an Locomotive Motorcar Closure Beginning organization, which shuts polish the locomotive when the car boodle (e.g., at dealings lights). Suzuki targets CO2 emissions of 123g/km with the gasoline locomotive, two-wheeled thrust, and the five-speed manual transmittal and 127g/km with the gas locomotive, two-wheeled ride, and the six-speed machinelike transmittal.

    4wd is typically seen as prejudicious to fire saving and emissions execution, but by demarcation, Suzuki’s ALLGRIP scheme enables CO2 emissions that are unmistakably low for a four-wheel-drive SUV. Suzuki’s targets for the ALLGRIP-equipped Vitara are 130g/km with the five-speed manual transmitting and 131g/km with the six-speed machinelike infection.

    The new Vitara likewise has unco low CO2 emissions with the diesel. Suzuki’s targets are 106g/km with two-wheeled driving and the six-speed manual infection and 111g/km with 4wd and the six-speed manual transmittance.

    Four-mode ALLGRIP system

    Suzuki evolved its celebrated four-wheel-drive technologies into a new genesis that delivers drive pleasance and repose in various weather spell promoting thriftiness and restricting the core four-wheel-drive cars office on the surroundings. Suzuki calls this new coevals ALLGRIP.

    An ALLGRIP scheme with quatern driver-selectable modes that permission rubber, pleasurable drive on various surfaces debuted in the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross and has since earned a enceinte report. This system-enhanced by the increase of a feed-forward function-is useable with the new Vitara.

    The new Vitara’s ALLGRIP scheme uses a feedback purpose to place more torsion to the bum wheels if it detects wheelspin at the forepart. The new feed-forward purpose gives the arrangement the extra power to betoken front-wheelspin risks from the road-surface stipulation, accelerator-pedal post, and guidance weight and transmit more torsion to the back wheels earlier wheelspin occurs. The arrangement’s 4 driver-selectable modes are as follows:

  • Machine – The motorcar manner prioritizes fire thriftiness in distinctive impulsive weather. The scheme uses two-wheeled cause by nonpayment. It switches to 4wd if it detects wheelspin.
  • Fun – The variation way is optimum for twisting roadstead. The organization makes maximum use of 4wd in conformity with gas inputs. At low and mid-range locomotive speeds, the scheme alters the gas/torsion characteristics to optimise locomotive answer and cornering functioning.
  • C – The c way is optimum for snow-white, unpaved, and over-the-counter slippy surfaces. The scheme uses 4wd by nonremittal. It optimizes four-wheel-drive controller in conformity with direction and throttle inputs to advertise grip and constancy on low-friction surfaces.
  • Interlock – The mesh way is for extricating the car from snowfall, mud, or gumption. It efficaciously limits any slithering roll and transfers the torsion to the absorbing wheels.
  • Suspension and brakes

    Suzuki has chased a class-leading impulsive know in every modelling. As a resolution the Vitara accomplished stalls manipulation and rich drivability, on with its jackanapes eubstance.


    The breast wheels let MacPherson-strut suspensions. A revised form for the glower weaponry, a revised layout for the dangling anatomy, and improved struts kike higher rigidness and consequently punter drive stableness. The ass wheels let torsion-beam reprieve with the transmit excogitation (a unopen division consisting of a shriek humbled to mannequin a “U” form) that Suzuki outset adoptive in the SX4 S-Cross. The broadcast excogitation yields superordinate rigidness and bait ease.


    2015 Suzuki Vitara

    The new Vitara has ventilated disk brakes at the battlefront and upstanding record brakes at the arse. Weightiness savings and draw reductions in the calipers avail to enable victor braking execution and fire thriftiness.

    Safety equipment

    The new Vitara’s active-safety equipment includes the Rad Bracken Keep (RBS) arrangement. When drive at low speeds due to great dealings and such, this scheme detects the fomite before, and if it senses the hypothesis of a hit, it warns the driver with a bell strait and a apprisal on the multi-information expose.

    If the chance of a hit has increased, the organisation activates bracken aid which increases the braking forcefulness during scare braking. If the scheme determines that a hit is ineluctable, it applies the brakes mechanically. The scheme frankincense helps preclude collisions when the fomite is impulsive at low speeds and helps dilute wrong in the consequence of a hit.

    2015 Suzuki Vitara

    Passive-safety equipment includes seven-spot airbags, which protect occupants in the outcome of a frontlet or position impingement; seatbelt pretensioners and force-out limiters; and a mechanics that limits backward motility of the bracken bicycle. Asset, the hood form and new structures for the bonnet top, wipers, and bumpers cater elf preoccupation to extenuate the extent of impairment if the car comes into tangency with a prosy.

    RBS system

    The RBS arrangement monitors the route forward by substance of millimetre-wave radiolocation. The rad engineering enables it to study evening at eminent speeds, darkly, and in rainwater and early inclementness. The organization prevents or mitigates a hit by agency of tercet functions:

  • Monitory – When travel supra about 5 km/h, the arrangement detects the fomite ahead, and if thither is a adventure of hit, it warns the driver to use the brakes.
  • Bracken attend – If a fomite forrader is detected and thither is a high-pitched chance of a hit, the organisation increases the braking personnel during terror braking, thereby serving to debar the hit or concentrate scathe.
  • Reflex braking – If a fomite before is detected and the organization determines that a hit is inescapable, it applies the bracken mechanically in fiat to forfend the hit or concentrate terms from it.
  • Adaptive cruise control (ACC) system

    The new Vitara’s ACC arrangement combines cruise-control engineering with the RBS organisation’s millimetre-wave radian to brand impulsive easier and more reposeful. The arrangement uses the rad to quantity the outdistance to the retiring fomite, and it mechanically adjusts the new Vitara’s amphetamine to uphold any of 3 driver-selected headroom distances.

    Light, impact-absorbing TECT body

    The eubstance embodies Suzuki’s Amount Efficient Command Engineering (TECT) construct for occupant-protecting impingement immersion and low weighting. Blanket use of ultrahigh-tensile sword helps to brand the new Vitara unusually crashworthy and fuel-efficient.

    Body dimensions

    The new Vitara’s SUV publicity combines generous minimal primer headroom of 185mm with big, 215/55R17 tyres. Asset, an 18.2° access lean and a 28.2° going slant enable the driver to easy negociate profoundly rutty or snow-clad roadstead.

    The baggage arena has a content of 375 litres (VDA) with the behind behind in its erect situation. The ass bottom and a baggage plug-in can be repositioned for various purposes.

    Panoramic sunroof

    Suzuki achieved a humankind commencement by armament the SX4 S-Cross with a sunshine-roof consisting of two singly slidable methamphetamine panels. Now, the new Vitara incorporates the like acclaimed sport. The sunshine-roof extends terminated the breast and arse seating, fashioning the cabin more restful for all occupants. When the sunshine-roof is unsympathetic, the deoxyephedrine panels bear a combined distance of 1,000mm. When the sunshine-roof is unfold, the hatchway has a distance of 560mm (one of the superlative in the stratum), handsome occupants an invigorating open-roof see.

    Display-audio system with smartphone connectivity

    The sound scheme has a seven-inch trace venire showing that enables visceral performance and can be victimised by masses tiring gloves. A cubic sailing map makes landmarks promiscuous to separate. The organisation too allows the customers to use smartphone applications patch on the rag.

    Key dimensions

  • Boilersuit distance: 4,175mm
  • Boilersuit breadth: 1,775mm
  • Boilersuit meridian: 1,610mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,500mm
  • Treads: Figurehead 1,535mm
  • Backside 1,505mm
  • Minimal background headway: 185mm
  • Baggage distance: 375L (VDA)
  • Tire sizing: 215/60R16 or 215/55R17
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