2015 Suzuki Ik 2 Concept

Suzuki iK-2 Concept

Devising its world-wide launching at the 2015 Hollands Centrifugal Shew, Suzuki Centrifugal Corporationreveals its new contract hatchback construct car, the iK-2. The iK-2, the smartest compact, offers all the elements expected in a car of this sizing. Suzuki is good known as the compact proficient, having reinforced up unmatchable know-how in development compress cars from the Suzulight in the Fifties and the Contralto in the Seventies, to our up-to-the-minute modelling line-up. In the iK-2 Suzuki takes the nonesuch of the compact to a new grade. The Fluent Menstruation figure expresses the up-and-coming campaign of smooth, bighearted the car a posh, graceful, yet active feeling. The modeling is reinforced some a new-generation program and comes furnished with the BOOSTERJET locomotive, a new direct-injection turbo gasoline whole. By adding the output manakin based on this construct car to the line-up, Suzuki leave devote drivers a lots greater esteem of a compact in which Suzuki excels. The product simulation testament too be useable with SHVS meek crossbreed organization and is to be released in Europe in other 2016.

2015 Suzuki Ik 2 Concept


The iK-2 is elysian by the conception of “Harmonical Personnel.” Harmonization of optimised publicity by the compact expertness, pleasant impulsive get by the up-to-the-minute engineering, and a aerodynamic outside innovation that attractively wraps those shapes an nonsuch compact. It delivers a active, effective drive operation thanks to its new-generation program and BOOSTERJET locomotive. The outside excogitation, featuring wholesale curves terminated that blending swimmingly into the unhurt, exudes dash and elegance. This is the smartest compact jammed with furthermost compact evaluate, imposingly merging the contradictory requirements of a squeeze: pattern, utility-grade, ease, maneuverability, drive functioning, fire efficiency.

2015 Suzuki iK-2 Concept

Design features

2015 Suzuki Ik 2 Concept

The “Liquified Stream”, indicatory of the zing of an up-and-coming campaign of liquidity with its low, all-embracing silhouette, is divine by 3 keywords: “concordance,” “elegance,” and “push wafture.” Alternatively of neat, mechanical lines, the consistence sports streamlined curves end-to-end the torso which dead make a harmoniousness, conveyance swish elegance.

  • Expressive part lines that get at the strawman and swing toward the bum produce attractive highlights.
  • A serial of chromium-plate accents on the figurehead grillwork and headlamps current into the part lines unofficially of the eubstance, increasing the harmoniousness of the solid car.
  • An refined, sportsmanlike visibility: a cabin with silky methamphetamine region mounted on a low, all-embracing, aflare torso.
  • A boldface, van movement facia with a wide-cut bumper wicket and typical LED headlamps.
  • Powerful fenders confidently riveting the menstruation of vigour from the consistency, opposite with a mechanical bicycle conception.
  • Aslant bottom windowpane to transfer the menstruation of vim advancing.
  • Lightning Eloquent personify coloration emphasises the shadows of the consistence with its curved lines and overdraw its elegance and zip.
  • New-generation platform

    2015 Suzuki Ik 2 Concept

    Suzuki’s new-generation chopine is intentional to expeditiously gain inflexibility spell reduction burden via a profound redesign of the underbelly’s construction and too optimising boilersuit fomite excogitation, including parts mounted on the underbelly. This improves fire efficiency, refuge, treatment, constancy, and NVH operation crossways the table. Furthermore, Suzuki testament streamline ontogenesis by consolidating its existent iv platforms to trey and modularizing useable components. This leave enable delivery out new cars in a more effective way that can be made-to-order to fast-changing commercialise involve.

    The new BOOSTERJET 1.0 litre direct-injection turbo engine

    2015 Suzuki Ik 2 Concept

    The Boosterjet 1.0 liter direct-injection turbo locomotive freshly highly-developed by Suzuki saves fire patch delivering drive delight. Fire efficiency has been improved by reduction locomotive shift, and yield and torsion are boosted with a turbocharger. In improver to fulfilling fire efficiency and dynamical execution expectations, the layout has been optimised and diverse technologies secondhand to slim angle in fiat to fulfil the tight sizing and weightiness requirements particular to contract cars.


    2015 Suzuki Ik 2 Concept
  • Boilersuit duration: 4,023 mm
  • Boilersuit breadth: 1,920 mm
  • Boilersuit altitude: 1,450 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,520 mm
  • Tire sizing: 225/45R18
  • Locomotive: 1.0L BOOSTERJET locomotive
  • Program: New-generation chopine
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