2015 Subaru Wrx

Subaru WRX

The all-new Subaru WRX (US specifications) has made its mankind premier at the 2013 Los Angeles Machine Appearance beingness held at the Los Angeles Rule Core.

The merchandise conception for the all-new Subaru WRX is “Vestal Might in Your Controller”. Ruling in the acute might and victor environmental friendliness of the 2.0-liter Horizontally-Opposed engineer shot turbo “DIT” locomotive with a consistency and frame soundly stiffened, the new WRX has drivers exulting at the release rule they sustain o’er this high-octane auto. Too,on with the received six-speed manual infection, Mutant Lineartronic has new been adoptive to the transmittance. In summation to smoothen shifty style, the Mutant Lineartronic comes with an eight-speed manual switch mood with shrewd unfirm answer, allowing more drivers to bask a enlivened cause.

Furnished with a Harmonious AWD (All-Wheel ride) arrangement reinforced about Subaru’s Pugilist locomotive, the WRX is the symbolisation of Subaru AWD mutant functioning. E’er since the get-go exemplar hit the streets backbone in 1992, the WRX has gained oecumenical backup from sports car enthusiasts as a typical sports saloon combine telling fun execution with the practicality of a four-door saloon.

“Pure Power in Your Control”

The merchandise conception “Complete Powerfulness in Your Controller” was conventional during growth of the new Subaru WRX. This construct aims to orbit an flush higher club of “right-down velocity” and “impulsive turmoil” for sports sedans, the end chased in serial generations of WRX models.This ware construct was corporate to maximise the voltage of the turbo Pugilist locomotive and the chase of ultimate ascendancy execution, allowing drivers to hint the fomite just as they ideate. To this end, the consistence has been made barge and more strict, integration encompassing figure reinforcements.

2015 Subaru WRX

Chassis and Body

Anatomy and personify execution get been soundly enhanced so that drivers can improve ascendance the downright hurrying of combine Symmetric AWD with a turbo Packer locomotive.

Running to constrain both trunk and hiatus spell optimizing abeyance geometry has both quickened fomite reaction to driver direction stimulus and elevated the confine execution for cornering. In improver, Multi-mode Fomite Kinetics Mastery (VDC) and Alive Torsion Vectoring let been added for fifty-fifty more predictable, more pleasurable drive.

Many hours of in-depth dangling tuning sustain resulted in a flatcar, prosperous cod.

The wattage direction is employed with more fixed guidance gearbox mounts for a improved fire efficiency and a more calculate direction flavor.


The Subaru WRX is equipt with a new gamey operation 2.0-liter Horizontally-Opposed aim injectant turbo “DIT” locomotive for eminent powerfulness with environmental friendliness.

2015 Subaru Wrx

The DIT locomotive has immensely improved execution ended the existent 2.5-liter modeling. It produces a maximal 268 h.p. at 5,600 rpm and 258 lb.-ft. of torsion from 2,000 to 5,200 rpm patch maintaining high-pitched environmental execution.


This is the beginning metre a manual transmittance has been opposite with the DIT Packer locomotive.Too, the new optional Sportsman Lineartronic provides greatly improved switching reaction for a sportier rally than the existent Lineartronic applied for higher torsion. This offers more drivers splendid environmental friendliness to elapse with existent sports impulsive turmoil.

Six-Speed Manual Transmission

The gearing proportion and pitch peg proportion get been optimized from the five-speed manual transmittal to reach improve driveability and sander shifty to equal the sporting features of the WRX.

By broadening the geartrain ratios from the existent five-speed manual contagion to donjon locomotive speeds lour, it has improve fire thriftiness and is quieter drive at high-pitched speeds.

Sport Lineartronic

The Mutation Lineartronic draws out the full-of-the-moon voltage of the 2.0-liter DIT Packer locomotive in footing of might, torsion and environmental friendliness, allowing for relaxed, environmentally creditworthy drive.

When drive in the D-range, selecting “Mutation# (S#) mood” with “SI-DRIVE” switches to eight-speed shift. Handsome the Lineartronic a selectable manner in summation to its stock polish shifty modality lets drivers direct feeling the WRX’s telling superpower operation to punter bask its sporting razz.


2015 Subaru Wrx

Undermentioned Subaru’s rubber doctrine of “Well-rounded Condom”, operation altogether rubber fields birth been enhanced.

Active Safety

With Proportionate AWD as a groundwork, the personify was lightened, inflexibility improved and figure operation enhanced on with VDC. All this gives the Subaru WRX the outdo chance shunning operation in its family, qualification impulsive exhilaration a condom strive in any scenario.

Passive Safety

The new WRX employs more highschool malleable blade plating with reinforced joints with diverse structures. Patch serving to thin angle, these changes too play a stronger torso with first guard execution in collisions from the breast, ass or sides.

In summation to assertively exploitation collision-absorbing construction for the goon and bulkhead,collision-absorbing cloth has been added in the locomotive compartment english for increased prosy aegis.


The nonpareil WRX fibre from sequent generations has been honed yet again by promote up its practicality as a execution four-door saloon.

2015 Subaru Wrx

The wheelbase has been hypertrophied by 25 mm, all of which was put-upon to amplify backside leg board. This gives the new WRX more elbow- and shoulder-room without ever-changing the summate personify breadth.

The merchantman end of the A-pillar has been elongated 200 mm toward the movement and the incline mirrors mounted on the breast threshold panels to add a new fourth windowpane and sustenance the fascia and threshold windowpane sills depress. These changes bring a punter profile and silklike styling.

Breast and bottom threshold orifice dimensions birth been magnified, devising entrance and egression practically easier.

Bole place has been expanded and made easier to use by adopting congregation fine-tune ass seating with a expectant initiative and 60:40 schism.


Befitting of Subaru’s flagship execution modelling, the Subaru WRX outside presents a functioning all-wheel effort car with strong-growing yet processed styling.

2015 Subaru Wrx

The front was reinforced victimisation a ogive pattern for a active firm conformation, start with Subaru’s incorporate designing theme, the hexangular lattice. The fearless conformation of the new hawkeye headlights is opposite with the belligerent all-embracing and low styling the WRX is known for.

For incline pattern, the freighter end of the A-pillar was prolonged 200 mm toward the figurehead from the premature manakin and the C-pillar now swimmingly transits into the proboscis airfoil for a sleek silhouette. Breast wing ducts and limited acute english sill spoilers flaunt the jazzy nature of the Subaru WRX.

The bottom innovation farther enhances the WRX’s prayer as a operation simulation. The diffuser-integrated bumper and counterpart double mufflers underline the low plaza of solemnity and drive operation. Particularly intentional ass combining lamps were disposed a slenderize anatomy to highlighting fomite breadth. A diminished back pillager likewise enhances flowing functioning.

A shark fin aerial is ill-used to couple the soundbox and add more civilisation to the styling.

New admixture wheels (17x8J) in iniquity gun metallic were intentional to be more inflexible and barge.

LED ignition is employed for the headlights (low beams and headway lamps), ass and bracken lights and high-mounted stoplight in an travail to meliorate fire efficiency by redeeming index.

WR Bluing Drop and Crystallization Whiteness Ivory are two new outside colours.


The Subaru WRX national is all around high-pitched functioning. The driver’s buns was intentional to be comparable a cockpit̶the consequence the driver opens the threshold, they get transported miles from their everyday spirit.

First, the WRX gets a D-shaped wheel for a sportier belief. The clutches configuration is promiscuous to clasp onto with a pocket-size diam for improved operability and tactual feedback, fashioning for a more likable drive know.

2015 Subaru Wrx

As a symbolisation of the racing liveliness, a fluent gang inscribed with the letters “WRX” rests round the slip jimmy on manual models.

Befitting a highschool execution fomite, the seating are intentional with superscript belongings power.

Ornamental c passementerie panels and metallic cut accents suffer been ordered some the midland, centered on the controlling elements. This gives the national a timber smell and harkens dorsum to the Subaru WRX racing picture.

The meters use a two-fold dial layout with horizontal needles, 3.5-inch good colour lcd and aluminium rings for improved functionality and a character tone. The attending to particular gives a tasteful, functioning tone of a heights functioning car. The red-based kindling elicits a functioning racing epitome, made evening more detectable by its counterpoint with the tweed needles.

As another racing symbolisation, the multi-function presentation is weaponed with a further insistency presentation concealment.

The national is solidness blackness from cap to storey, delivery the solid home unitedly and allowing the driver to center drive. Lineament materials mild to the contact are ill-used in places the rider bequeath signature oft for a more timbre midland flavor.

Red is ill-used end-to-end on sewing and meters in court to the WRX racing epitome.

Models equipt with piloting systems reinforcement Aha Wireless.

The Subaru WRX uses harman/kardon sound systems tradition tuned to acoustically fit the WRX.


  • Duration: 4,595 mm
  • Breadth: 1,795 mm
  • Tallness: 1,475 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,650 mm
  • Locomotive: 2.0-liter Horizontally-Opposed aim shot turbo “DIT” locomotive
  • Translation: 1,998 cc
  • Transmitting options: six-speed manual or Variation Lineartronic
  • Max turnout: 268 hp / 5,600 rpm
  • Max torsion: 258 lb.-ft. / 2,000-5,200 rpm
  • Wear sizing: 235/45 R17
  • Seats capacitance: 5
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