2015 Skoda Fabia

Skoda Fabia

The Skoda Fabia’s 3rd coevals impresses with showy proportions combined with a figure words that is importantly cardsharp, more active and full-of-the-moon of emotion. Skoda now brings groundbreaking condom, consolation and docudrama systems into the diminished car section; systems that were antecedently reserved for higher car segments. One spotlight: you can now couple the Fabia with a smartphone via MirrorLink&sell; and SmartGate. Disdain more detective and specification, this new adaptation is capable 65 kg flatboat and capable 17 per centime more effective than the former exemplar. The lightest Fabia weighs fair 980 kg. In distinctive Skoda style, the car offers gobs of spa with best-in-class kicking capacitance and optimal functionality with 17 ‘Just Apt’ features.

“The new Skoda Fabia is the nonesuch car for mod, urban mobility. It is squeeze and offers piles of blank for passengers and their baggage, a forward-looking crease conception and heavy efficiency and condom, delivery unitedly all of Skoda’s mark values,” says Skoda CEO Professor. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. “In scheming the 3rd genesis, our aim was to play forward-looking engineering into the pocket-sized car section. Our stress was on the environs, fire efficiency, prophylactic and comfortableness. The one-third coevals of the new Skoda Fabia leave shuffling a ocular encroachment with its sportier and emotionally-rich conception terminology. The fact that we are able-bodied to propose this fomite at an low-priced toll proves the force of our blade. We cogitate this bang-up car leave publish another chapter in the Fabia’s winner storey and fetch new client groups to the steel,” says Vahland.

2015 Skoda Fabia

The Fabia is the sword’s endorsement bestselling car redress abaft the Skoda Octavia. Since its unveiling in 1999, the Czech carmaker has sold well-nigh 3.5 gazillion Fabias world-wide to appointment (as of 31 Grand 2014). From the start, the Skoda Fabia has bodied all of Skoda’s dear qualities: loads of spa inside press outside dimensions, a blanket raiment of commodious solutions, fire efficiency, reliable engineering and first-class appraise for money. It is this combining which has made the Fabia one of the nearly pop cars of its course.

A pack of illustrious awards has confirmed this winner. The second-generation Fabia unequalled has won an telling name of interior and outside honours since 2007. Among the near significant outside honours is the ‘Red Dot Invention Laurels’. In Germany, the honours included the ‘Favourable Wheel’ and ‘Caller Car of the Class’; it was likewise named ‘Near Low-priced Minor Car’ at the ‘AutoTrophy’ and topper imported diminished car in the ‘Better Cars’ challenger. In Enceinte Britain, among others, the Fabia won ‘Trump Diminished Car beneath &lbf.;16,000’ at The Train Gild and ‘Pocket-sized Car of the Twelvemonth’ at the Scottish Radical of Motoring Writers.

Pure emotion: a crisp, sporty design

2015 Skoda Fabia

“The innovation of the new Skoda Fabia represents the development of the Skoda conception nomenclature,” says Dr Wienerwurst Welsch, Skoda Add-in Penis for Proficient Growing. “First, a Skoda fomite incorporates conception elements of the VisionC figure cogitation. With its sporting proportions, the Skoda Fabia is mod, crinkle and impertinent. We likewise transferred approximately of the genes from our cod cars to make the about emotionally-rich Fabia e’er,” says Dr Welsch.

Balanced proportions, lucid shapes, a classifiable interplay of sparkle and tint, accurate lines and crisp edges scrape out the new multiplication of the Skoda Fabia, as it imposingly demonstrates the blade’s increased excited charisma. The new Skoda Fabia is 8 mm shorter, 90 mm wider and 31 mm frown than its precursor. The strawman appears more assured and magisterial thanks to the added breadth and classifiable elements such as the razor-sharp, wide-cut headlights, transparent ice, a feature slatted grillwork and the sword’s logotype on the hood’s ‘intrude’. The designers highlighted the lifelike i of the lattice and the lights, just marker out all lines and edges such as in the two typical beadings operative from the exterior to the indoors of the cowling.

A chip twister contrast and the alleged offstage contrast cross the position of the car and emphasize the Fabia’s dynamical appearing. Slender pillars, the demarcation betwixt spark and wickedness sunglasses too as an all-new attractive orbit of wheels accompaniment its typical appearing.

The backside of the Fabia exudes forcefulness and sureness. It is strip and boldly contoured with yet another accent on horizontal lines. As with all Skoda vehicles, designers paying particular tending to formative the taillights, now with fertile, colored and contrastive edging. In the manner of the Czech glass-making custom, every item has been svelte in decree to attain splendid light. Naturally, the taillights in the new Fabia hold Skoda’s distinctive C form.

A beginning for Skoda is the compass for someone conformation of the Fabia both privileged and out. E.g., customers can select from quatern colors for the ceiling, the mirror housings and the wheels. The car’s all-new upcountry impresses with caliber, accurate craftsmanship, a horizontal stress and a full regalia of colors and coloration combinations.

First Skoda with MirrorLink™ and SmartGate

The docudrama systems in the new Skoda Fabia are all-new concepts based on Volkswagen’s MIB (modular documentary matrix) engineering. They enable an range of attractive applications antecedently unavailable in a pocket-size car including a contact show with lift performance. Customers can prefer betwixt leash wireless systems.

The new Skoda Fabia is the low Skoda to crack the selection of light conjugation with a smartphone thanks to supposed MirrorLink&swop; engineering, which enables show and functioning of selected smartphone applications on the Bolero docudrama scheme’s concealment. The new Skoda Fabia likewise comes with the SmartGate use, enabling showing, repositing and use of sure fomite information. One exemplar is Skoda’s own Thrust app, which volition demonstrate drivers how effective their drive has been on any tending activate. The MFA Pro app lets users exhibit onboard calculator functions and multifunction show (MFA) contentedness on their smartphones. More apps bequeath be useable in the hereafter.

New benchmarks in efficiency and emissions: from 82 g CO2 per km

Engineers birth made big advance with the new Skoda Fabia in price of fire efficiency and emissions. The answer is a simplification in fire intake polish to 3.1 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of fair 82 g/km in the Skoda Fabia GreenLine (usable in 2015). These singular improvements are the solution of a all new multiplication of gasolene and diesel engines, extremist weightiness reducing consume to 980 kg and improved aeromechanics.

Customers can take from a tally of foursome gasolene and tercet diesel engines. All engines follow with EU6 emanation standards and accompany a Start-Stop Organization and bracken muscularity retrieval. Exponent turnout in the gasolene engines ranges from 44 kW (60 PS) to 81 kW (110 PS). The new three-cylinder diesel grasp offers ‘tween 55 kW (75 PS) and 77 kW (105 PS). Transmissions are bodoni manual or automatonlike DSG gearboxes.

Comfortable chassis

The new anatomy of the Skoda Fabia was intentional with added consolation and optimal cod constancy in psyche. Finely-adjusted interplay betwixt the new electro-mechanical direction, the new engines and the redesigned locomotive climb enabled designers to importantly better the frame apparatus. The simulation benefits not least from a wider raceway (30 mm) both at the breast and the ass and a wheelbase that is 5 millimetres thirster. The fomite figure of the new Fabia is based on a modular construct, draftsmanship mostly on Volkswagen’s MQB engineering, e.g. engines, electro-mechanical direction and a big parting of the electrics (electric architecture, such as ECUs, instrumentate constellate, docudrama and aid systems).

Disdain added engineering and solace, designers succeeded in importantly reduction the fomite’s angle. Compared to the arcsecond propagation, the new Skoda Fabia is capable 65 kg hoy (contingent fomite shape). The Skoda Fabia with a 1.0 MPI three-cylinder locomotive has a curbing weighting (without the driver) of equitable 980 kg.

Top-level safety: technology from higher vehicle classes

The new Fabia comes with up-to-date condom systems that were antecedently reserved for higher fomite classes. The optional Presence Adjunct with incorporate Metropolis Pinch Braking Procedure, which mechanically brings the fomite to a nail closure, reduces the adventure of rear-end collisions. The Multi-Collision Brakes volition mechanically decelerate the car kill afterward an stroke to forbid a follow-on hit. The Driver Action Adjunct bequeath discover tire in the driver, spell the new Speedlimiter can keep the car from olympian a pre-set speeding. Mound Clasp Restraint leave assist drivers jump on a slope. Likewise, the new Fabia comes with an electronic tire insistency reminder as criterion in EU countries.

The new Skoda Fabia has the enhanced electronic derivative ringlet part XDS+ as measure, which maximises grip when cornering.

Inactive safe elements admit capable six airbags fine familiarized for interaction with the car’s three-point seatbelts.

2015 Skoda Fabia

Comfort is a priority

A offset in the Skoda Fabia is KESSY (Keyless Entering Scratch and Loss Organization), the machinelike lockup and start scheme. Battlefront and ass parking sensors too brand a introduction therein Fabia. Antecedently, this engineering was alone usable for the bum of the Fabia.

2015 Skoda Fabia

The Rain-Light Help ensures optimal visibleness with unified sensors for rainwater and ambient sparkle. The rainfall detector mechanically controls the windscreen wipers’ frequence, patch the lightness detector switches the low beams on and off contingent lighter weather.

Fashioning its introduction in the Skoda Fabia is the new C-EPS (Column-Electric Index Direction), which saves burthen and fire and replaces the electro-hydraulic ability direction exploited antecedently.

2015 Skoda Fabia

First, customers can ordering the Fabia with a enceinte bird’s-eye ice ceiling which adds to the ‘feel-good’ ingredient aboard.

Lots of space, 17 ‘Simply Clever’ features

The new Skoda Fabia impresses with oodles of quad and eventide more functionality. The simulation has 17 ‘Plainly Cagey’ features on fling.

No over-the-counter modest car offers as often kick distance as the new Skoda Fabia. The car’s kicking has a content of 330 litres (1,150 litres with the backside seating folded devour).

The rider compartment is 21 mm wider (in the forepart) and 8 mm thirster. Front-seat passengers delight more headway eve though the new Fabia is lour boilersuit.

17 ‘Only Canny’ features shuffle the new Skoda Fabia one of the virtually virtual vehicles in its section. New features in the Fabia admit: an ice scraper in the fire makeweight flapping, a multimedia provenance set in the cup bearer at the presence, an excess repositing compartment for a high-vis enthrone, a folderol bin set in the doorway, repositing nets on the indoors edges of the strawman seating, bottleful holders in the backside doors worthy for 0.5 liter bottles, MirrorLink&swop; and SmartGate systems. In plus, a consecrated spa for a 1.0-litre bottleful is now useable in the mitt compartment.

2015 Skoda Fabia

The car likewise features an regalia of early heavy details such as versatile holders, maulers and nets in boot.

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