2015 Skoda Fabia Combi

Skoda Fabia Combi

Aft the unveiling of the Skoda Fabia hatchback, the stigma is liberation up the adjacent point in their stream modelling run. In the third-generation modelling, the Skoda Fabia Combi again sets new standards in footing of distance. The new conception has a impinging, emotionally-rich conception words, conjugated with state-of-the-art MQB-based fomite engineering from Volkswagen Aggroup. This includes advanced condom, quilt and docudrama systems that are ordinarily seen in higher-class fomite segments or the totally new locomotive engineering with EU6-compliant emanation values. A spotlight: with the MirrorLink&barter; role and the SmartGate organisation, the car can be mated with a smartphone.

2015 Skoda Fabia Combi

​”The new Skoda Fabia Combi is the consummate compounding of quad, functionality, engineering and emotionally-rich designing,” says Skoda CEO Professor. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. “A innovative, overbold car that stands for Skoda’s scoop make values. It has the largest national infinite in the belittled waggon section and extensively meets the increased requirements for connectivity and customisation,” says Professor. Dr. Vahland.

With this new variant, the Czech producer intends to chassis boost on the winner of its democratic all-rounder. Since 2000, the modest car has been an inbuilt parting of Skoda’s manakin compass. As of 31.12.2014, Skoda has delivered more 1.1 meg Skoda Fabia Combis to customers – this makes the Skoda Fabia Combi the best-selling example inside its family.

Since its entry, the Skoda Fabia Combi has incarnate all dear Skoda qualities: oodles of place inside constrict outer dimensions, many hard-nosed solutions, low fire uptake, well-engineered engineering and first-class assess for money. This combining makes it a bestseller in its class.

2015 Skoda Fabia Combi

Excellent space: the largest boot capacity in its segment

2015 Skoda Fabia Combi

Squeeze on the exterior, the new Skoda Fabia Combi sets new standards in damage of internal place. It provides plentifulness of quad for capable fin occupants and their baggage. The rider compartment has gained in both breadth (increment of 21 mm) and duration (increased by 8 mm).

The 530 l thrill capability (1,395 litres with the rachis behind folded refine) is the largest in its section. The staple intensity has been increased by 25 litres compared to its precursor.

The Fabia Combi is more pliant than ahead. The bum seating can be folded devour in two stages: the buns is folded beginning so the back. This increases the tractability of the national. Items capable 1.55 m foresightful can fit into the car. The freight domain is 960 mm wide-cut, 2 mm wider than in the premature simulation. The tailboard is set lour polish than earlier. Hence the freight sill is solitary 611 mm gamy, in compare to the second-generation manakin it is 26 mm depress. The tailboard opens to 1,900 mm gamey and is 1,028 mm all-encompassing.

Emotion: a crisp, dynamic design

The new emotionally-rich conception of the new Skoda Fabia Combi is the complete accession to its great functionality. As the hatchback modelling, the new Fabia Combi captivates with elements from the Skoda VisionC establish car, clean proportions and forward-looking, crease excogitation nomenclature. Briefly: complete vigor.

Accurate lines and crisp edges are manifest of high-quality manufacture and precise craftsmanship. In accession, the car features a classifiable interplay of twinkle and specter and the use of lucid shapes.

The new Skoda Fabia Combi is 10 mm yearner, 90 mm wider and 31 mm lour than its herald. The battlefront is selfsame to the new Fabia hatchback manakin and appears more assured and grand thanks to the added breadth and potent accent on horizontal lines. Classifiable elements are the razor-sharp, all-inclusive headlights, the pellucid chalk cut, the feature slatted lattice and the stigma’s logotype on the cowl’s ‘nuzzle’. The designers highlighted the pictorial one of the grillwork and the lights, incisively grading out all lines and edges such as in the two classifiable upset lines operative from the away to the inwardly of the hood.

The position survey. The car’s slick silhouette is as if it were made from one firearm, the unharmed slope horizon is passing dynamical. An essence created by a crispen crack pipeline and the offstage business grading the slope of the car too as the svelte pillars, the interplay of ignitor and specter, the softly rear sloped cap contrast and the wholly new, attractive scope of wheels.

The back of the Skoda Fabia Combi is unobjectionable, healthy and apparent with yet another stress on horizontal lines. The quarter lights in the distinctive Skoda C-shape suffer contrastive nighttime edging and intricate point in the stylus of Czech glass-making custom.

The new Skoda Fabia Combi has rich ambit for someone conformation. The car’s all-new home impresses with timber, accurate craftsmanship, an accent on horizontal lines and a across-the-board raiment of colors and color combinations.

Connectivity at its best with MirrorLink™, CarPlay and Android Auto as well as SmartGate

The new Skoda Fabia Combi has all new docudrama systems. The engineering is based on Volkswagen’s Modular Documentary Matrix (MIB) allowing a hale serial of attractive uses which are ground-breaking for the pocket-sized car form. A touchscreen show with abstract surgery is usable first. Customers can opt betwixt iv docudrama systems, likewise including the merged Amundsen radiocommunication seafaring arrangement.

Thanks to MirrorLink&patronage; engineering, the new Skoda Fabia Combi can well be attached to a smartphone, allowing the driver to run and exhibit selected smartphone applications (apps) on the filmdom of the Bolero and Amundsen docudrama systems. As shortly as the relevant interfaces are uncommitted from the manufacturers, Apple devices (via Apple CarPlay) and Humanoid smartphones (via Humanoid Machine) bequeath likewise be capable to be machine-accessible.

The new Skoda Fabia Combi too comes with the SmartGate role, enabling showing, reposition and use of sealed fomite information in approximately apps. Skoda’s newly-designed Cause App, e.g., can prove drivers how effective their drive fashion has been for any activate they get interpreted. The MFA Pro App lets users showing on-board estimator functions and multifunction show (MFA) contented on their smartphones. Encourage apps over the ambit.

New benchmarks in terms of efficiency and emissions: CO2 output from 82 g/km

The new Fabia Combi is more environmentally well-disposed than always ahead with fire phthisis decreased by capable 17 per centime compared to the second-generation manakin. Fire ingestion is now, at its outdo, pile to 3.1 l/100 km and CO2 emissions are barely 82 g/km in the Skoda Fabia Combi GreenLine (uncommitted in the arcsecond one-half of 2015).

These pregnant improvements are the termination of a whole new multiplication of gas and diesel engines, theme burthen step-down fine-tune to 1,004 kg and improved aeromechanics.

These first-class results are due to Volkswagen’s innovational MQB engineering. In sum, the Skoda Fabia Combi is uncommitted in iii gas and trey diesel engines. All six engines follow with EU6 discharge standards and accompany a Start-Stop Scheme and bracken vim retrieval. Superpower turnout in the gas engines ranges from 55 kW (75 PS) to 81 kW (110 PS). The new three-cylinder diesel orbit offers betwixt 55 kW (75 PS) and 77 kW (105 PS). Transmissions are innovative manual or reflexive DSG gearboxes.

Extra aid has been located on underdeveloped a comfy form. Finely-adjusted interplay ‘tween the new electro-mechanical guidance, the new engines and the redesigned locomotive climbing has enabled designers to observably amend the form frame-up. Impulsive puff and tantalise constancy range a new degree of tone.

The modelling benefits not least from a 30 mm wider forepart cartroad (ass raceway by 31 mm) and a 5 mm thirster wheelbase. The fomite designing of the new Skoda Fabia Combi is based on a modular construct, lottery mostly on Volkswagen’s MQB engineering, including new engines, electro-mechanical guidance, a heavy contribution of the electrics (such as ascendancy units), the instrumentate flock too as documentary and aid systems.

2015 Skoda Fabia Combi

Contempt extra engineering and comfortableness, the new Skoda Fabia Combi’s angle is importantly rock-bottom compared to the second-generation example, advisement by capable 61 kg less (contingent fomite contour). The Skoda Fabia Combi with a 1.0 MPI three-cylinder locomotive has a curbing burden (without the driver) of barely 1,004 kg.

MQB technology for active and passive safety; systems from higher vehicle classes

2015 Skoda Fabia Combi

The new Skoda Fabia Combi impresses with its gamy floor of safe. Thanks to Volkswagen Grouping’s MQB engineering, the example has condom systems from higher fomite classes. The optional Battlefront Supporter with incorporated Pinch Braking Routine, which mechanically brings the fomite to a over stopover, reduces the adventure of rear-end collisions. The Multi-Collision Braking Scheme volition mechanically retard the car pile abaft an stroke to preclude a follow-on hit.

The Driver Activeness Supporter testament discover tire of the driver, patch the new Speedlimiter can preclude the car from exceptional a pre-set speeding. Hill-Hold Mastery bequeath assistant drivers first on a slope. Likewise, the new Fabia Combi comes with an electronic tire force proctor as received in EU countries.

2015 Skoda Fabia Combi

The new Skoda Fabia Combi has the enhanced electronic derivative curl use XDS+ as criterion, which maximises grip when cornering.

Inactive rubber elements admit six airbags, which seed as criterion in EU countries, for delicately familiarized interaction with the car’s three-point seatbelts.

Innovative comfort systems

The third-generation Skoda Fabia Combi offers a new storey of puff. A outset in the modelling is KESSY (Keyless Entering Starting and Departure Organisation), the reflexive lockup and start organization. Movement and backside parking sensors besides shuffle a unveiling in Fabia. Antecedently, this engineering was alone uncommitted for the ass of the Fabia.

The Rainfall/Sparkle Adjunct ensures optimal visibleness with merged sensors for rainfall and ambient spark. The pelting detector mechanically controls the windscreen wipers’ frequence, piece the spark detector switches the low beams on and off contingent lightness weather.

Devising its launching in the Skoda Fabia Combi is the new C-EPS (Pillar Wattage Guidance), which saves slant too as fire, and replaces the electro-hydraulic might steerage ill-used antecedently.

First, customers can edict the Skoda Fabia Combi with a big bird’s-eye methamphetamine ceiling which adds to the ‘feel-good’ component aboard.

The latest-generation air conditioning with ascendence on an MQB footing likewise offers optimal puff. Both manual air conditioning and fully-automatic Climatronic clime restraint are uncommitted. In compare to the engineering victimized in premature Fabia variants, this new Climatronic arrangement is well more effective.

Up to 17 ‘Simply Clever’ solutions

The new Skoda Fabia Combi not just has plenteousness of spa but is besides more virtual and cagy than e’er ahead. Capable 17 ‘Only Cagey’ solutions pee-pee biography that petty bit easier in the Fabia Combi, ten of them are new therein modeling.

The new Skoda Fabia Combi is uncommitted with an adjustable assumed flush story as an optional duplicate. The new MirrorLink&swop; engineering brings smartphone apps including seafaring to the documentary scheme’s exhibit. With the SmartGate office and victimisation particularly intentional applications (apps), sealed fomite information can be displayed, protected and accessed on the exploiter’s smartphone.

The new Skoda Fabia Combi now features an ice scraper in the fire makeweight fuss as measure and besides has a new multimedia gimmick birthplace in the cup bearer situated in the gist comfort. The high-vis undershirt has a commodious consecrated reposition compartment in the driver’s threshold. A wasteland bin is useable for the slope threshold. Store nets on the interior edges of the forepart seating testament grip multifaceted diminished items.

The new example offers more board for drinks bottles. Both back doors leave now handgrip a 0.5-litre bottleful. An extra 1.0-litre bottleful leave fit the mitt compartment.

The new Skoda Fabia Combi besides offers new ‘Plainly Apt’ features that proven themselves priceless in the car’s secondment contemporaries. The new Skoda Fabia Combi has a obliterable screening with a hardheaded retractable use for boot. Too useable in boot are two bag maulers. In the Fabia Combi, the optional Net Program comprises of deuce-ace reposition nets (2 upright, 1 horizontal) to donjon boot distance neaten. In summation, an optional pliable reposition compartment for boot is offered. The driver can introduce a parking slate into the criterion tag bearer set on the inner of the left A-pillar. Another ‘Just Cagey’ characteristic is the tree sparkle routine of the fog lamps.

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