2015 Renault Sport Rs 1

Renault Sport RS 01

Renault is restating its love for drive sports with the Renault Mutant R.S. 01, a racer of striking styling and prodigious execution. With a designing divine by the reality of conception cars and governed by an inviolable pursual of streamlined downforce, Renault Mutation R.S. 01 is a extremist look of the sword’s dissipated DNA. Its expert specifications excogitate the scoop of Renaultsport expertness. With a c monocoque for a burden of less than 1,100 kg and an locomotive underdeveloped o’er 500 hp, it is capable to reaching a top fastness of concluded 300 kph. From 2015, Renault Athletics R.S. 01 volition be one of the stars of Earth Serial by Renault in a new backup, the Renaultsport Prize, a springboard for the master GT and Survival championships.

“Renault Athletics R.S. 01 is a racer of sinful excogitation, symbolizing Renault’s heat for centrifugal sports. The striking conception lines mull in themselves the ambitions of this surpassing car, thanks to the efforts and exuberance of Laurens van den Acker and his squad. Nether the bodywork, it is jam-packed with with-it systems from Renault Mutation Technologies. The aim is to accomplish an sophisticated grade of functioning, delivering thrills for both the driver and the populace. If we had to resume Renault Athletics R.S. 01 in a few dustup, we could identify it as a wedding ‘tween the peach of Renault DeZir and the execution of Recipe Renault 3.5!” Patrice Ratti, CEO of Renault Variation Technologies

2015 Renault Sport RS 01

“Renault Mutation R.S. 01 is a prominent racer, in the purest custom of GT. With its upper-level card-playing capacities, Renault Play R.S. 01 illustrates the fertile expertness of Renaultsport, and its power to recrudesce the racing cars that volition expose futurity GT or Survival champions.” Alain Prost, Renault Embassador for motorsport

2015 Renault Sport Rs 1

Spectacular design, inspired by the world of concept cars

A car to shiver at low glimpse, Renault Mutant R.S. 01 sets bent be one of the reality’s well-nigh effective GT racers. With every separatrix of the pattern pen, in the torso lines and in the item, the aim was two-fold: to piddle Renault Fun R.S. 01 an iconic Renault fomite, and to bring to raceway operation done a incessant pursue flowing efficiency.

An emblematic front end, reflecting Renault’s sporting genes

Alike all the Renault vehicles intentional nether the direction of Laurens van den Acker, Renault Variation R.S. 01 displays a salient logotype, the key lineament on the forepart. The fomite’s telling breadth of 2,000 mm – for a altitude of 1,116 mm – is built by the touch of the LED daytime-running lights positioned on the bracken chilling scoops.

At the heart of the lattice, the air is “sucked in” and channelled by the shank of the build towards the two piddle coolers. It is so expelled done the extractors positioned on the cowl. The disconfirming imperativeness thereby created increases downforce at the movement of the car. The prominent vane of the glower divider and the stepped matted freighter likewise bestow to aeromechanics at the figurehead. The two fins unofficially of the bumper give vortices that limitation the upheaval of the rotating wheels.

A low-slung, sculpted profile

2015 Renault Sport Rs 1

Underlined by the vivid normal functional from the headlights to the english air intakes, the low-slung visibility is feature of a GT with a primal back locomotive. The dissymmetry in the overhangs is determined by fomite architecture and too by efforts to optimize weighting dispersion. The windows extending dorsum to the surface and the curve of the back hood foster emphasize the choices made in designing.

The sculptured lines of Renault Sportsman R.S. 01 institute to psyche the construct car DeZir, presented in 2010. In his prelim sketch, architect Akio Shimizu was besides elysian by Renault Étoile Filante (meteor), the record-breaking fomite that topped 300 kph at Bonneville Salinity Flats in 1956!

The airflow is channelled by the frown divider into extractors positioned bottom the figurehead wheels. Run on the doors, these extractors deform to suit intercooler scoops. This provides efficacious chilling for the turbochargers.

Power and strong identity at the rear

Sounding bey the adjustable fin, the back diffusor “pushes”‘ Renault Play R.S. 01 to the rails, extracting the airflow wholesale nether the matte ass. This arrangement has a immense vantage therein it creates no dredge so does not punish top swiftness.

The diffusor is topped by a pair eject and LED lights, complemental the master spark touch that extends crosswise the breadth of Renault Fun R.S. 01 near in its totality.

LMP1 safety standards for the carbon body shell

Supervised by orchestrate Christophe Chapelain, Renault Mutant R.S. 01 was intentional in cooperation with benchmark proficient partners.

The c fiber monocoque was a raw prize in fiat to encounter objectives in damage of burden and safe. Italy’s Dallara was responsible scheming and edifice the build, in the like way as for Recipe Renault 3.5. The tub, which includes the 150 liter fire tankful, features a sword roster coop at the top. At the forepart, a clangor box absorbs muscularity in the outcome of frontlet encroachment. Molded ilk a sauceboat’s base, the excogitation contributes to sleek efficiency. Another clang box affiliated to the gearbox, plays the like purpose at the bottom of the car. The intact forum respects FIA LMP1 2014 standards to guarantee condom.

Complementary the number of rubber features are a collapsable steerage editorial, and a Sabelt pail arse with a six-point rein, compatible with the HANS® organization.

Running gear contributing to efficiency

Hold is provided mainly by flowing downforce and this is reflected in hanging invention. In the like way as on sports prototypes, a schematic reduplicate wishbone layout has been adoptive with pushrods and Öhlins dampers. Adjustable for compaction and repercussion, the systems are positioned on either incline of the torso at the forepart, and longways supra the gearbox at the arse.

The braking scheme combines 380 mm c discs from PFC Brakes with six-piston calipers. This quality is an splendid compromise ‘tween efficiency and survival. Renault Sportsman R.S. 01 is besides fitted with Bosch Motorsport ABS.

The spouse of Renault Sportsman Technologies for all its motorsport products, Michelin has highly-developed limited 18-inch tyres, mounted on wheels of master pattern with a primal nut.

2015 Renault Sport Rs 1

Engine and Transmission

The semi-stressed locomotive is bolted to the c monocoque on the dispersion slope, and to the roster coop at the top. Inclined by Nismo, the 3.8 liter V6 twin-turbo locomotive is derived from the Nissan GT-R. The main change in relation to the production model is the dry sump system intended to prevent oil surges during long corners. The Pectel electronic unit features a traction control function. Turbo pressure is set to deliver over 500 hp with maximum torque of more than 600 N.m. This positions Renault Sport R.S. 01 between a GT3 and a DTM in terms of performance.

Seven-speed sequential gearbox

The Nismo engine is mated to a longitudinal seven-speed gearbox supplied by Sadev. With an eye to budget management, the same gear ratio sets will be used for all tracks. However, it will be possible to adjust the preload setting of the self-locking differential.

Activated by steering-wheel paddles, the sequential control system is managed by an XAP electromagnetic actuator. Developed specially by ZF Race Engineering, the clutch features an anti-stall function and is designed for an extended service life.

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