2015 Qoros 2 Suv Phev Concept

Qoros 2 SUV PHEV Concept

The Qoros 2 SUV PHEV Conception is a sub-compact SUV pattern cogitation with board loan-blend engineering. Featuring a hitting new conception motif, it is conceived to ingathering to voguish, originative untested multitude. It points to potential succeeding innovation, engineering and production enlargement strategies for the mark.

2015 Qoros 2 Suv Phev Concept

At the 2015 Impress Motive Shew, Qoros is launching the Qoros 2 SUV PHEV Construct, offer a check the possibilities for the mark’s succeeding. Featuring a contact new excogitation base, the Qoros 2 Conception is a innovation discipline that was conceived as a potential succeeding newbie into the reality’s quickest ontogenesis carriage section, the B-segment.

The conception car signals Qoros’ intentions to rig new marketplace segments with new technologies in the futurity. Qoros already has leash product cars, the Saloon, the Hachure and Metropolis SUV, all of which sit inside the C-segment.

2015 Qoros 2 Suv Phev Concept

The Qoros 2 Construct features contemporaneous and furrowed SUV excogitation features combined with dynamical coupe speed consistency lines to vitrine the fomite’s mesomorphic position. A new and extremely classifiable designing opinion is created done details such as vertically-orientated strawman and taillight clusters and an unfold V presence bumper.

With ripe board intercrossed galvanizing engineering merged inside its 4WD drivetrain, the Qoros 2 SUV PHEV Construct car volition solicitation to immature, open-minded and efficiency-conscious metropolitan consumers. Charging is undertaken via a summons elysian by the aerospace industriousness’s “Don’t touching a wire” rationale, and represents an manufacture offset.

2015 Qoros 2 SUV PHEV Concept

Exterior design

The 2 Construct combines Impress sprightliness with German-inspired invention. The colors and finishes ill-used pay court to Chinese custom. The outside colouration is ‘Foggy Blue-green’, a spark k/dingy divine by ‘Ru Kiln’ porcelain, put-upon during the Vocal Dynasty and calm real pop now. The red emphasise details are ‘Vermilion Red’. Vermilion is a textile that can make a ruby ink, and has been victimized in Chinese art for centuries.

The 2 Construct features a farseeing cycle foundation, brusk overhangs and a wide-cut running, offer a reassuringly ingrained and furrowed route comportment. Styling of the lour consistence is substantial and all-inclusive generating a brawny opinion piece reinforcing the like opinion of safe and surety as verbalized by the flow models. Coupe styling lines of the amphetamine torso develop an affectional and clean prayer.

The 2 Construct is the kickoff car Qoros has intentional to case a new upright styling stem, presenting a tough, masculine show to indicate Qoros’ succeeding enter the B-segment.

The lamp clusters at both the strawman and behind now have a perpendicular invention, moving off from the flow horizontal paper as seen on the Cover, Saloon and Metropolis SUV. Extending up and ended the stern panels, the lamp clusters dedicate a active notion of motility. The erect motif continues into the battlefront bumpers which wing the adjoin of the fomite, extending from the top of the headlight clump and chronic polish done the fog lamps. The bumper features an clear V-shape that dominates its sinewy cheek. The boldness besides features a glower chromium-plate trapezoidal forepart grillwork anatomy, the depress boundary of which forms a protective breast skidplate.

Air intakes in the presence bumper suffer been intentional to channelize the airflow to poise the movement brakes. The ceiling pillager and ass diffusor optimize the sleek menses, patch drawn-out rack arches add to the bluff, upstanding aspect.

A natation roofline and gamey waist add a feeling of elegance and category to this broken fomite. Cap runway add load-carrying practicality and depress bodyside protective facing inserts emphasize the masculine hardiness of the car.

The 2 Construct is distillery signally a Qoros. The touch Qoros conception DNA can stillness be seen end-to-end the car. The LED strips in the taillight bunch have the exponent of ternary radical, as seen on the Saloon, Brood and Metropolis SUV. The behind windowpane pipeline stillness features the hockey pin figure patch the handbill conception junction of the breast lamp clusters, fog lights and tailpipes is like thereto of the flow output models.

The Qoros 2 SUV PHEV Conception features a bird’s-eye ice ceiling, which makes for a lightness and impractical rider cabin piece incorporating a Chinese design in albumen slut. The convention is traditionally exploited in Chinese windows, and synonymous with the layout of “Siheyuan” a diachronic singular kinsfolk firm in the Hutongs in Beijing with a hanker chronicle in Chinese architecture. A QR cypher has been embedded inside the excogitation of the ceiling artwork, guiding viewers to the Qoros site. The driver’s english ass roll likewise pays court to the Chinese Class of the Laughingstock festivity with a especial rim inlay innovation.

Look more tight at the car, thither are nine-spot distinguish ‘stamps’ featured passim the outside and internal. These ruminate the club designing squad members that worked on the car, but besides sustain a deeper significance. In mandarin, Niner九 (pinyin: jiŭ) sounds incisively comparable 久 (jiǔ) – which substance “yearn long-lived” or “a age” and thus is frequently victimized in weddings. But the numeral nine-spot besides describes something “big” or “more’. This reflects the fact that more good ix designers and technicians were convoluted to shuffle this externalize hap.

Interior design

2015 Qoros 2 Suv Phev Concept

Simpleton, minimalist inner pattern is based on bluff artwork and incorporates approximately touch cabin designs from now’s existent yield cars, such as graceful horizontal lines and the ‘vagabond’ speed panel. The colors uphold the outside invention base, with gabardine elements intentional to mull the flavor of flannel Tallow Nag, and former features lightness mud sunglasses and born materials care bamboo. In compounding with inhuman metal features and Teal ambient lighter it develops a modernistic and futurist appearing.

An innovational digital cat’s-paw constellate displays all the entropy the driver inevitably in a total coloring show and is joined to the pop-fly crusade style restrainer in the flooring solace.

The mood ascendance organization incorporates multi-zone temperature restraint allowing apiece occupier to individualize their own settings with the temperature displayed in the heart of apiece air release for rightful single command.

As with all Qoros vehicles, the Qoros Multi Media Hub (MMH) is the key focussing of the das, done which the modish variant of Qoros’ cloud-enhanced affiliated services chopine, QorosQloud, can be accessed.

The Qoros 2 SUV PHEV Construct boasts exceeding, family leadership midland distance with a seats situation which provides greater profile of the fomite’s surround. An high-minded seats office gives a dominating survey of the environs for a flavor of rubber and certificate, and is ideally suitable to both urban and fighting lifestyles.

The home distance provides first-class practicality thanks to farsighted doors for loose incoming and departure, piece a wide-cut back tailboard possibility and low cargo elevation makes it loose to shipment bigger and heavier items, everlasting for alive weekend pursuits.

The midland is extremely various, a cutaway base solace incorporates a gravid entrepot place piece the bole has many case-by-case depot compartments to check it provides the tractability demanded by the modernistic consumer’s fighting life-style; track place, e.g., can be stored in a certain compartment to forbid odours from incoming the rider cabin; otc compartments could be secondhand to firmly fund worthful equipment hidden.

Vehicle technology

2015 Qoros 2 Suv Phev Concept

The Qoros 2 SUV PHEV Construct incorporates a issue of groundbreaking technologies with the 4wd stemming from innovative add-in cross galvanising engineering. The modish ultra-high tightness batteries – corporate into the build flooring construction – and two high-capacity galvanising motors index the arse wheels done an Galvanizing Bum Axle (ERA) driving arrangement.

The next-generation highly-efficient little shift turbocharged petrol locomotive powers the battlefront wheels.

Drivers can prefer a reach of impulsive modes done the pop comptroller that rises from the deck soothe:

  • Vestal electrical for naught emissions in urban areas
  • Fun for a combining of strawman and all-wheel thrust contingent eluding differences betwixt the movement and bottom axles
  • Lasting all-wheel-drive for maximal grip and guard contingent route open weather
  • Loanblend for the well-nigh effective driving. The arrangement charges the batteries as oft as potential, delivers wattage only extra grip is needful during speedup, or changes to all-wheel driving contingent slip-up differences ‘tween forepart and back axles.
  • Hybrid-specific apps are included as share of QorosQloudTM, providing invariably updated odd compass estimations based on assorted electrical and gas campaign modes combined with know dealings, brave weather and drive styles. The driver can use a pop-fly campaign mood comptroller that rises from the deck solace to choice one of various ride modes.

    The 2 Construct incorporates modern charging engineering that has been elysian by aircraft fuelling, an self-propelled industriousness kickoff. A folding charging ‘investigation’ – containing the galvanising charging socket – is obscure nether a back at the lour preeminent abut of the windshield; it volition mechanically raise at the ghost of a release on the sprint.

    Based on the “Don’t trace a telegraph” rule that is stipulated for the aerospace diligence, the galvanising charging examine unfolds to a particular meridian to satisfy ‘liquidator sockets’ on commission spot pods at the curb, in car lot charging bays or installed in garages at family. This innovational charging organisation way drivers ne’er pauperism to get custody bemire by poignant charging socket covers and cables, and makes the charging process safer.

    2015 Qoros 2 Suv Phev Concept

    An choice underfloor contactless inducive charging shell is likewise uncommitted for succeeding ‘on-the-move’ and atmospherics route aerofoil charging systems.


  • Bicycle fundament: 2,600 mm
  • Cartroad: 1,631 mm
  • Distance: 4,181 mm
  • Breadth: 2,030 mm (incl threshold mirrors)
  • Meridian: 1,553 mm
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