2015 Opel Adam S

Opel Adam S

The new Opel Adam S is the showy top-of-the-range summation to the extremely acclaimed Adam kinsfolk. Wish its siblings, it features a full, alone fling of home and outside colours, materials and designing elements that enable its proprietor to customise the according to his/her appreciation and feel. In plus, it seduces voltage buyers with a cunning and flashy excogitation on both the in- and extraneous. Swell deep-seated on its all-embracing tracks, the Adam S expresses is supererogatory sportiness with a presence lip pillager, a arse looter that very produces downforce at higher speeds and an lengthened bum bumper cut-out with a seeable, sheer fumes tailpipe. 17-inch wheels are criterion with the S manakin, and sheer 18-inch wheels including red bracken calipers are offered as an alternative. Outside individuation is made potential by a excerpt of ten unlike bodywork colours that, if whished, can be combined with five-spot contrasted ceiling colours including the new vivacious ‘Red’n Roller’, scoop to the Adam S. On the inwardly, customers can sartor their sack skyrocket with optional features such the checked iris star conception or Recaro execution seating.

2015 Opel Adam S

“The Adam S delivers precisely what is says on the packet: fun and functioning. Its sheer proportions, its cunning and seductive innovation with distinctive Opel cues and advanced surfacing accentuate its showy characteristics and fair shuffling you deprivation to takings the rack. And erstwhile you sit in it, you equalize more emotional by its jazzy ambience mated with high-quality materials and splendid craft,” aforesaid Opel’s V.p. for Conception Scratch Adams.

2015 Opel Adam S

Exciting exterior

2015 Opel Adam S

Adam’s bluff proportions springiness it a lifelike sporting ingathering: it has wide-cut presence and back tracks (1,472 and 1,464 mm severally) that are combined with a 2,311 mm foresighted wheelbase. It’s wide-cut and it’s curt, it looks nimble and hefty simultaneously. In increase, the slipperiness and fashionable figure of the Opel Adam S understandably states that it packs a considerable biff. Typically sculptured Opel excogitation cues such as the steel in the lour doorway and the feature crispen ‘jounce waving’ some the doorway handles brace its flanks. Opel’s touch ‘fender’ molded day track lights and back lamps, both exploitation crispen LED engineering, likewise distinctly limn the new Adam S as a extremity of the flow Opel category. And, the sole figurehead lip despoiler, incline sill moldings, suspended behind looter and an extensive ass bumper cut-out with a seeable, sheer fumes tailpipe qualify Adam S’ gymnastic bodywork. The Adam S is deep-rooted on flashy sounding 17-inch wheels, and single, new 18-inch wheels are too offered as an choice.

Similar its Adam stable-mates, the up-to-the-minute, sporting plus to the card offers a all-embracing scope of individuation possibilities. A aggregate of ten eubstance pigment choices ranging from ‘Saturday Albumen Febrility’ to ‘I’ll be Melanise’ can be combined with 5 ceiling colours such as ‘Ovalbumin my Ardor’ or the Adam S sole ‘Red ‘n’ Paradiddle’. The particular Adam S logotype on the C pillars completes the face. Those who deficiency an evening more telling entrance can individualise the ceiling and bodywork with extra peculiar ‘S’ art.

Dazzling interior

The internal invention delivers what Adam S’ upmarket outside promises: manner and premium- elysian showy atmosphere in a unusually roomy battlefront passengers’ surroundings for a little car. Quadruplet dissimilar bottom arrangements are useable for the driver and battlefront rider, tercet of which are solely usable for the sportiest Adam. Highlights in consolation, supporting and looks are the Recaro operation seating in Morrocana/Material compounding, or Nappa Leather.

The ‘Red ʼn’ Bowl’ gloss radical, solely offered for Adam S’ cap, is likewise continued in many slipway approximately the cabin – e.g. with the optional leather software including melanize and red wheel, cogwheel pommel and handbrake in leather, with the particular eloquent/red racing décor on the board, with the key in grey-black-red Adam S excogitation or with red sewing on the doorway panels. The gaudy aura can be rounded off by little but authoritative optional details such as limited Adam S level mats, aluminum-capped sports pedals, and al threshold ingress strips with Opel inscription. Aficionados who wishing level more racing flare inwardly their pouch arugula can select the chequered sag star pattern.

Moreover, a multicolor LED inside kindling parcel is usable. At the jam of a push set supra the windshield, it allows choosing amongst and playacting with octad unlike colours (from flannel to navy including orangeness and red) for the ambient twinkle on the core deal and the foot-well. The scheme can be switched off or dim when requisite.

Award-winning connectivity and safety features

Opel’s advanced IntelliLink documentary organization that offers state-of-the-art connectivity rounds off the polished home. It is amply compatible with modish smartphones victimization both Humanoid and Apple iOS. It provides USB and Bluetooth connectivity, sound cyclosis, six speakers and a 7-inch high-resolution colour touch-screen. The driver can use apps ilk BringGo for pilotage likewise as Stitcher and TuneIn for universal wireless and podcast response.

2015 Opel Adam S

Comforter features that occur criterion in the Adam S admit an electronic clime restraint, tinted Solar Protect heating detachment glazing at the bottom and self-love mirrors for both the driver and the presence rider. The Adam S can too be fitted with a cagy Sophisticated Ballpark Attend. At speeds downstairs 30 km/h, the organisation identifies worthy parking spaces and mechanically parks the fomite, without the driver affecting the pedal. The supersonic sensor-based organization measures analogue or vertical parking floater, calculates the fomite’s flight and mechanically steers the Adam S into a place. The driver scarce controls quickening, retardation and cogwheel shifty. Advance Ballpark Attend invariably comes with Opel’s English Unreasoning Blot Brisk that was good grand with the NCAP Advance Accolade for its donation to alive refuge. It besides uses the supersonic sensors to discourage the driver of an impending hit when ever-changing lanes. The sensors bear a compass of deuce-ace meters to the leftover and rightfulness of the car, enabling them to find objects or otc vehicles in the driver’s dim berth. Whenever another fomite comes inside compass of the sensors, a monition LED illuminates in the relevant outside doorway mirror.

Ready for Action

With the stream orbit of models, Opel’s Adam class has successfully set exact to the post ‘Individualisation Genius’. Curve sempiternal combinations of trims, colours, wheels etcetera. endue customers to make their own personalised car. Now the Adam S is set to yield buyers with a orientation for a sportier thrust by surprise. Comparable its siblings, the Adam S offers a all-embracing ambit of individualisation possibilities but it hits the roadstead with a new, showy 110 kW/150 hp, 1.4-liter Turbo ECOTEC locomotive and a peculiarly tuned build – guaranteeing an exciting and brisk ride.

“The Adam S is the potent top of the orbit variation of our Adam kinsfolk,” explained Opel Grouping CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann. “150 hp and a top amphetamine of 210 km/h are already bright credential; in combining with the live manipulation, accurate direction and the olympian OPC braking organization we deliver all the attributes of a genuine sack sport. The Adam S is made for fun outings on wind hilly roadstead – every switchback is virgin joy.”

Turbocharged pocket rocket

Opel powertrain engineers sustain especially highly-developed a new, particular interpretation of the 1.4-liter Turbo ECOTEC locomotive for the Adam S. With 110 kW/150 hp and 220 Nm of torsion on tap, it boasts a particular index yield exceptional 100 hp/l and delivers 50 percentage more hp and 70 pct more torsion than its course aspirated 1.4-liter stable-mate useable for the Adam and Adam ROCKS. With this 1.4 Turbo, the Adam category now comprises 3 course aspirated units with outputs of 51 kW/70 hp, 64 kW/87 hp and 74 kW/100 hp, and iii turbocharged engines with 66 kW/90 hp, 85 kW/115 hp and 110 kW/150 hp which are all iii combined with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

2015 Opel Adam S

The new 1.4-liter turbocharged locomotive has been highly-developed to have striking reactivity and a torsion tableland that suits a spunky dash of impulsive, devising buxom roadstead requiring alive impulsive in 2nd and 3rd gears the nonsuch terrain for the fiddling sports hotshot. The Adam S has been specifically fitted with a short-geared contagion, optimized for snap and providing a selfsame sporting feel. It enables gas reply to be matte subsequently apiece cogwheel alter, literally propulsive the pouch arugula from one box to the future and creating a limited drive receive.

Focalise during evolution has been befool snap and reactivity quite than arrant top hurrying – although the 210 km/h top velocity are quite telling for the sizing of the car. This is specially unmistakable during fifth-gear speedup from 80 to 120 km/h, an authoritative velocity reach for passing, with the changeover made in barely 7.9 seconds – a wax trey seconds faster than what an Adam 85 kW/115 hp 1.0 Turbo requires.

Withal, velocity and speedup were by no agency the but things engineers took into thoughtfulness when development the 1.4-liter turbo. Low emissions and sane appetence tending the hot disposition of the bag projectile were too on their minds. The Adam S makes do with a bare 5.9 liters of gasolene per 100 kilometers in the combined hertz (139 g/km CO2). Adam S’ locomotive complies with Euro 6 emissions measure, and Beginning/Layover engineering is fitted as banner. Legion weight-saving features admit a hurl fe blocking with a dig bod construction, hollow-cast camshafts, a moldable inspiration multiply, likewise as a turbocharger merged inside the tucker multiply. Duple cam phasing allows for ceaselessly varying valve timing.

Performance chassis and steering

With sportsmanlike impulsive characteristics in judgement, the engineers likewise tuned the functioning bod and the aim, crisp operation guidance, incessantly walk-to and mastering the hunky-dory business betwixt aforesaid attributes and impulsive solace. The arse axle has been redesigned and a particular give/muffler set-up farther enhances the active treatment. In the Adam S dissimilar any early Adam, experient drivers can foster work their driving by de-activating the Electronic Stableness Broadcast (ESP Positive) when pressure the consecrated push on the essence solace.

With such an participating set-up, twin the fomite’s dear for busty roadstead, braking characteristics are course of large grandness. So, Adam S’ braking organisation comes from the old genesis Corsa OPC. It features 308 mm ventilated discs in the breast and 264 mm discs in the bottom. Adam S is equipt touchstone with 17-inch wheels and 215/45 R 17 tires, and particular 18-inch wheels with propeller-design rims fitted with 225/35 R 18 tires are too uncommitted.

2015 Opel Adam S

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