2015 Mg

MG 6

MG’s award-winning MG6 has equitable got eve ameliorate with the debut of the new MG6, which offers ‘more MG for your money.’

With lots higher levels of spec, the new MG6 offers customers capable &punt;3,000 value-for-money melioration concluded the premature modeling. This makes the new car rightfully astonishing appraise with prices now start from as low as &punt;13,995.00

The 2015 interpretation of the MG6 offers major advances in every country of the car which kickoff launched foursome eld ago. The new MG6 offers improved functioning; a hitting new conception; higher levels of ease; enhanced levels of stock stipulation; and key expert advances.

3 new reduce levels of the new MG6 are offered – all featuring key upgrades from the out-going modeling.

The new models are:

  • New MG6 S – &punt;13,995.00
  • New MG6 TS – &lbf.;16,195.00
  • New MG6 TL – &hammer;17,995.00
  • Latest engine development

    The new framework offers higher levels of functioning, glower emissions, and improved mpg and results from the intensifier growth employment carried out by engineers based at MG’s Birmingham procedure.

    The 2015 DTi-TECH locomotive is the modish contemporaries of MG’s own highly-developed diesel. This edition lull develops 150PS and a warm 350NM from but 1800rpm, but now produces just 119g/km of CO2 and gives 4.6L/100km (61.4mpg) in combined drive. Improvements sustain likewise been made in driveability qualification the new MG6 the topper counterbalance of driver atonement and efficiency yet produced by MG.

    2015 MG 6

    Briefly, the locomotive on the new MG6 has been importantly improved and the 10g decrease in emissions makes the car ‘cleanser’ but with no expiration of execution.

    2015 Mg

    The new MG6 is, on medium, 75kg hoy than the out-going car and is 0.5 secs faster from 0 to 60mph. Now it takes 8.4 secs compared to 8.9 sec in the premature exemplar.

    New style – more equipment

    Contact new designs to the eubstance, peculiarly the strawman and behind visibility, consecrate the car a new looking, patch typical day LED operative lights substance that the new MG6 stands out from the herd.

    Inner the new and improved example, it looks and feels invigorated. Nearly every ar of the home has been enhanced to pay fifty-fifty higher levels of ease and gadget. The new tool flock is now clearer; redesigned with a forward-looking tunnel-style linear presentment.

    An electronic handbrake (EPB) has presumption the designers more cro to refreshen the layout betwixt the driver and breast rider seating. The electronic emergency is unbelievably gentle to use; it activates manually and mechanically releases when you need to movement off.

    S – heated seats and high specification

    New S models re-write the definition of an debut example – because they are fitted with het figurehead seating as received. LED daytime linear lights, 16-inch admixture wheels and the electronic emergency are all office of the parcel and at no spare toll.

    The national upgrades, including the accession of smart new smooth-spoken highlights, spring an enhanced opinion of character and body. Interim, the fashionable new behind materials springiness a fresh new expression and flair.

    Too criterion on S models and upward is an all-new electronic derivative, called E-Diff, which deeds in concurrence with a advanced stableness restraint arrangement. This ensures that roll twisting in cornering is unbroken nether mastery, gift the driver both increased rubber and a more byzantine feeling.

    TS – MG touch sets new standards

    2015 Mg

    The mid-level TS has the chase as measure in gain to the S example; function synthetic leather seating; bum parking sensors; robotlike lights; windshield wipers; sail ascendence; motorcar dimming mirrors and more. But it’s the creation of the all-new MG hint docudrama organization, which debuts on the TS, that puts the car way forwards of all of its competitors.

    TL – tops off the new MG6 range

    Rise to the top-level TL, hush at sole &hammer;17,995.00, and the levels of enhanced puff upright get higher.

    Voluptuous leather seating and knock-down HID (high-intensity dismission) lamps are hardly the startle. The 35W Bi-Xenon HID primary lamps lonely fling a lots ameliorate miniature of the route forwards and are a major feeler on touchstone halogen medulla or projector-type systems.

    ‘Deflexion lights’, which are incorporate into the HID units, bear a amphetamine spiritualist cornering use which adopt the number of the battlefront wheels bounteous the driver a unclutter scene of possible hazards when cornering in the night. It operates from speeds of 40km/h when reflectors smartly focussing the light to pursue the route as the car turns. This improves both guard and driver eudaimonia by pickings lots of the emphasis out of night-time impulsive.

    A bottom camera, now equipt with guidelines, three-fold partition mood ascendence and galvanic seating are all banner on the top-of-the compass MG6 TL, which is imposing by a new chromium-plate grillwork.

    MG touch

    Qualification its entry in the new MG6 is MG feeling – a arrangement highly-developed in coaction with leadership provider of aftermarket systems NNG iGo. MG trace embodies a collecting of technologies which unitedly ply a extremely useable and level-headed documentary organisation.

    MG ghost comprises:

  • 7″ Touchscreen
  • App based process
  • FM/AM wireless with RDS
  • CD histrion
  • DAB tuner
  • Picture in
  • Bluetooth with Bluetooth cyclosis
  • Mirrorlink v1.1
  • iGo by NNG piloting
  • iGo by NNG

    The new iGo Seafaring by NNG is an app based piloting organization. This has been highly-developed to capitalize of the new MG trace scheme and is a material ascent complete the old propagation. iGo includes:

  • European function
  • 3D landmarks
  • Realness juncture panorama
  • Enhanced guidepost data
  • Velocity restrict advice
  • Road option – flying, curt, gentle, k+
  • 6/7 fingerbreadth UK zip entrance
  • Nothing lost

    2015 Mg

    The new MG6 continues the special treatment kinetics of the archetype car, which was awarded the Automobile Limited Driver Superpower Trump Manipulation Awarding. Customers looking a car with the enceinte cabin and erectile thrill quad of a family-sized car, yet yen for the drive kinetics of a minor car, the new MG6 is the double-dyed packet.

    Customers of the new MG6 leave receive a class-leading car offer olympian value-for-money, without conciliatory on timbre, engineering or MG’s fabled ‘fun to thrust’ impression.

    2015 Mg

    Distinctive new look

    From the battlefront the new MG6 looks sharpie. The new forepart lifelike includes new lamps, lattice, depress volcano, and LED day functional lights framed by a new, striking boast contrast. This gives the presence of the fomite far greater front than the premature coevals spell quieten outright placeable as a forward-looking MG.

    2015 Mg

    On higher floor trims, the MG lattice is highlighted in chromium-plate. At the bum, the update has been eve more striking, with a glower melanize aerodynamically styled bumper and wrought tailpipe. These changes all give to piddle the 2015 MG6 plain on the route. In visibility, the 2015 MG6 retains the face of a classifiable, fastback fomite with the add-on of measure 16″ alloys crosswise the stove. This not lonesome enhances the stylus of the car, but aids in the efficiency and driver comfortableness of the new MG6.

    The stratum of particularisation that has been lavished on the new MG6 has created a new-look card-playing visibility, yet the car retains all of its brobdingnagian practicality and functionality.

    Matthew Cheyne, MG’s Header of Selling, aforesaid: “The material advances we birth introduced on the new MG6 pee-pee the car flush punter value-for-money on their own, but twosome this with the rock-bottom prices we suffer proclaimed and it genuinely is an great packet. Thither are so many enceinte things roughly the new MG6 that it’s insufferable to highlighting one because so many advances sustain been made. Likely the outflank way to sum the new modelling up is that it merely offers often more car for your money. Value-for-money is what customers are looking now, and we deliver sure delivered that with the 2015 MG6.”

    Cheyne added: “The new MG6 continues the MG feeler to the grocery of offer fantabulous measure for money with set pricing and commercialize lead levels of stipulation. New MG6 bequeath let us to deal increasing sales and adding to our trader mesh as we receive new dealers to the stigma all the meter.”

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