2015 Mercedes Benz S550 Coupe

Mercedes-Benz S550 Coupe

Stylistically self-confident bearing, single appointments and processed sportiness – the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Putsché combines the hellenic proportions of a gravid, jazzy takeoveré with advanced sumptuousness and state-of-the art engineering. As a earth première, the breathless two-door putsché can be optionally equipt with the Deception Eubstance Command suspension with bender tilting office. Extra proficient highlights are the head-up expose and the hint pad characteristic. Optionally usable expressive headlamps, apiece featuring 47 Swarovski crystals, make a unambiguously hitting show.

“As undivided as it gets – the ultimate in esthetic sportiness”, stresses Ola Källenius, Penis of the Gameboard of Direction, Sales and Merchandising Mercedes-Benz Cars. “The breathless excogitation of the Conception S-Class Takeoveré pronounced by sporty-classic proportions and animal sinlessness is transferred to the series-production S-Class Putsché most unchanged. The great putsché has ever been the sovereign meridian of our exemplar compass and that’s why it’s now called the “S-Class” again.”

“The humanity premier of the combat-ready cut tilting part demonstrates the possibilities offered by Mercedes-Benz Level-headed Cause,” notes Professor Dr Thomas Wb, mem of the gameboard of direction of Daimler AG with province for embodied explore and Mercedes-Benz Cars ontogenesis. “The fomite leans into aeroembolism lots similar a motorcyclist, thereby reduction the sidelong quickening playing on the fomite’s occupants. On area roadstead particularly, this way greater impulsive delight and rally puff for our customers.” The new S-Class Takeoveré testament let its earth première at the 2014 Hollands External Centrifugal Appearance; dispersion to dealerships is scheduled for the irregular one-half of 2014. The two-door car is useable with a 4663 cc V8 biturbo locomotive. The S500 Takeoveré has a tokenish turnout of 335 kW (455 hp), its torsion degree peaks at 700 Nm. The showy motoring live is importantly enhanced by the excited voice produced by the exhaust.

2015 Mercedes-Benz S550 Coupe

Illusion Personify Restraint, the commencement “hiatus with eyes”, had its humanity première in the S-Class. With the sheer tilting part the Takeoveré introduces a encourage humanity offset for series-production cars: The Putsché leans into aeroembolism in a way interchangeable to a motorcyclist or skier. The sidelong speedup performing upon occupants is decreased in a way consanguineal to when impulsive in a engulf cut, and passengers sit more steadfastly. On area roadstead particularly, the new kink tilting role enhances motoring delectation and ease.

Similar the S-Class Taproom, the new Putsché is useable with legion new assist systems that piddle drive fifty-fifty more easy and safer. The “Level-headed Thrust” systems admit, among former things the PRE-SAFE® bracken with earthbound espial, DISTRONIC Asset with Channelize Help and Closure&Go Fender, BAS Positive with colligation help, Participating Lane Retention Aid, Adaptative High-beam Assistance Asset and Nighttime Sight Serve Positive. Hit Bar Aid Summation features an extra use aside from the adaptative bracken helper, which provides hit auspices from a swiftness of 7 km/h: if thither stiff a peril of hit and the driver fails to reply, the organization can fulfil an sovereign braking tactic at speeds of capable 200 km/h, thereby reduction the rigourousness of collisions with slower or fillet vehicles. The organisation likewise brakes in answer to stationary vehicles at a swiftness of capable 50 km/h, and is capable to forbid rear-end collisions at capable 40 km/h.

As in the taproom, the PRE-SAFE® incumbrance occupier aegis organization has been expanded done the comprehension of PRE-SAFE® Summation. PRE-SAFE® Asset can know an impendent rear-end hit and discourage next dealings by flash the arse peril cautionary lights at a hf. If the peril of a hit persists, the arrangement can too securely employ the emergency on the fomite stationary and thusly understate the adventure of lash injuries by reduction the forwards shock caused by an hob from the ass.

Legion optional equipment features are usable to micturate the national of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Takeoveré exceptionally epicurean and comfy. E.g., the AIR‑Counterweight parcel including the components “fragrancing” and “ionization” is useable, as is the electrical armrest warming as a ingredient of the Warmheartedness Consolation parcel. If the fomite is weaponed with the optional Bottom Comforter bundle, the strawman seating sport the Energising knead routine based on the hot-stone rationale.

In cooperation with high-end sound specialists Burmester, two specially high-value sound systems sustain been highly-developed: the Burmester® fence phone scheme and the Burmester® High-End 3D circumvent vocalize organisation.

Design: sensual purity at its most beguiling

Carnal honor as an construction of advanced sumptuosity – this was the focussing for the designers, and is the designing ism of Mercedes-Benz. The aim is to produce open contours and smoothen surfaces that case highschool tec patch radiating aroused prayer. The sultry innocence is reflected in the inwardness invention values of custom, emotion and progressivism. These fabricate the directing hotshot, and are accentuated otherwise contingent the simulation. Mercedes-Benz creates a span ‘tween modernness and the daring, betwixt custom and progressivism. Apiece simulation serial has an assigned use and a identical particular fibre, contingent the attributes on which the designing focuses. And yet a Mercedes-Benz is constantly recognizable as a Mercedes-Benz. Because in gain to incorporating new stylistic developments, and in the interests of retention custom alert, the designers hooking from a gene-pool of styling features distinctive of the make.

2015 Mercedes Benz S550 Coupe

“Our new S-Class Putsché is one of the about gorgeous takeoverés of all multiplication, representing the nigh base esthetic leaving from its herald,” says Gorden Wagener, V.p. Daimler AG. “The sensuous aerodynamic silhouette in interplay with the open liberal innovation terminology forms a complete mutualism and expresses our doctrine of sultry whiteness with sententious preciseness.”

The exterior: flowing profile of perfect proportions

The aerodynamic visibility of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Putsché embodies sultry whiteness in a modernistic way. It is characterised by distinctive rear-wheel-drive proportions, emphatic by the trademark Mercedes falling cable. The farsighted hood with marked lines and powerdomes, the low glasshouse with gamy beltline, the accentuated cycle arches too as the big wheels (18- to 20-inch) and the across-the-board optic core created by the back reenforce the S-Class Takeoveré’s aspirations as a chef-d’oeuvre of self-propelling nicety. With a wheelbase of 2945 mm, the Putsché is 5027 mm farsighted, with a breadth of 1899 mm and a acme of 1411 mm.

Its bulging and concave modelled surfaces bring the S-Class Putsché a sensuous fiber. The sculptured show lends it hellenic elegance that forms a arrant mutualism with the modern-progressive conception phrase.

2015 Mercedes Benz S550 Coupe

The survey from the incline is pronounced by the falling job in guardianship with the excited persona of the fomite. It underscores the brand-typical proportions alike a touch. The lines are intentionally decreased to the rudiments. This creates a carnal, dateless pureness.

The originative interaction of various innovation elements lends the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Putsché a victor, self-assured figurehead: in the heart of the fomite forepart is the further-evolved third-dimensional rhombus grille, whose construction is outlined by orthogonal, chrome-plated elements. It incorporates the exchange Mercedes three-pointed genius and one louver.

The full-LED headlamps with their iconic eyebrows as day functional lamps bring it an passing self-confident and typical regard. On the S-Class Takeoveré the eyebrows let been foster processed with a semi-circular counter-curve. In compounding with the banner LED Healthy Ignitor Organization, unequaled headlamps with no less than 47 Swarovski crystals are uncommitted. 17 angulate crystals configuration the flare-shaped daylight functional lamps, with 30 round-shaped crystals qualification up the trafficator lamps.

The english visibility is outlined by the dome-shaped stretched ceiling demarcation and the frameless doors. An graceful 3D uninterrupted chromium-plate chassis surrounds the meth areas that are continuous by B-pillars. This underscores the Mercedes-typical takeoveré flavor.

A muscularity supra the bum axle extending from the slope rampart generates a sentience of lightsomeness and dynamical purport flush at a impasse. The positively arced surfaces and lines of the face walls stream into the bum with a striking tapering consequence.

The bum with its surfaces, liberal shoulders and classifiable lineament lines rounds off the affective boilersuit appearing. Moving the numberplate climb to the glower contribution of the arse bumper is a specially prominent alteration. It allows boot lid to be made specially flowing therein domain. The three-pointed hotshot is, so to say, free-standing and can thence be made more outstanding for greater force. In improver it pivots outward in edict to situate the reversing camera and the optional 360° camera in an elegantly running mode.

The arranging of the LEDs in two horizontal rows in the bikini arse lamps reveals with-it engineering and underscores the jazzy quality of the fomite behind, heedful aid to item and the car’s agiotage rate. Cast and office coalesce into a perfective single. Contribution of the lightness functions is placed in the wings, the otc in boot lid. This feature organization makes the fomite extremely recognizable by dark, too.

The bipartite ass bumper underscores the sportiness indicated by the forepart pattern. The diffuser, multicolor in high-sheen lightlessness, meets in match amount the requirements made by aeromechanics and designedly. Under it thither is, as in the strawman bumper, a horizontal annex in facile looking. Incorporated in the diffuser are the premium-quality tailpipes.

The S-Class Takeoveré features a bird’s-eye ceiling extending complete two-thirds of the full fomite ceiling; with a area of approximately 1.32 m2, it appears well-nigh 150 percentage bigger than on the precursor modelling. Trick SKY Ascendance makes it potential to transposition the transparence of the cap at the get-up-and-go of a release, from ignitor to darkness. When spark, the cap is well-nigh all lucid and allows an alfresco know, evening in the coldest upwind. When shadow, lightness transmittance i.e. the balance of away sparkle that is allowed done into the midland, is rock-bottom to less than 1% and thusly efficaciously diminishes warming up of the fomite. In increase, it is potential to specter the inner whole by substance of a crimper unsighted.

The interior: modern luxury as avant-garde design

The internal conception of the new S-Class Putsché is an aspect of the Mercedes-Benz excogitation phrase – animal innocence. An captivating combining of sculpturesque sensuous mass elements and components, and the crystalise geometry of its staple architecture make an van pattern dialect. A gamy stratum collection, tone craftsmanship and surpassing hint and look are a cover for the passengers’ senses, so that the car’s inside represents the highest degree of “bodoni luxuriousness”.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class Takeoveré’s splashboard fascinates with its prominent architecture, bounteous upgrade to a fomite of unequaled quality in the amphetamine takeoveré section. The splashboard is dual-lane into a rattling crystallise top-layer segment with an heroic “wrap-around” force extending to the doors, and an highly low, sculptured “vagabond” glower department. This hit architecture was made potential by repositioning the airbag to a entirely new low position. This construct enables the big, bipartite wide-screen initialize TFT presentation to be located in a striking “hovering” spot ahead of this trimming coat. In accession, it is stylishly highlighted with an ambiance kindling corposant. Below the exhibit, the jazzy high-minded essence comfort extends to the fomite backside. All lids and armrests are extravagantly covered in leather.

The new “Crack Athletics” wheel impresses with its muscular, galvanised spokes which make uttermost astuteness for the wheel, as if they flowed out from the direction pillar.

The use of the finest materials, surfaces, semblance combinations and crease designs contributes towards achieving a sincerely scoop car midland. Air vents, switches, smash extender rosette and clipping elements are in electroplated “Silver-tongued Phantom”. This gives the cut elements a specially heights evaluate collection and enhances the three-d gist of their surfaces.

Ahead of the armrest the touchpad (optional) can be base, with its blacken high-sheen airfoil and chrome-look surroundings. As on a smartphone, the touchpad allows all the head-unit functions to be operated exploitation fingerbreadth gestures. The touchpad besides permits letters, numbers and peculiar characters to be entered in script – in any of the brain whole’s languages. Various controls, e.g. for the multi-media organization, are panoplied as keys in a hemicycle before of the cardinal restraint ingredient.

Both the figurehead and the ass seating suffer a marked sportsmanlike fiber, the two bottom seating are intentional as single seating. The Scoop box optionally includes seating in Scoop nappa designo leather with a hit infield backstitching normal on backrests and seats surfaces. The front-seat seatbelts are incorporate in the ass face pane without interrupting the waist with windows unfold; seatbelt extenders shuffle them well approachable for the behind occupants.

Thither is a liquid passage betwixt the doors and the backside position paneling, emphasising the fomite’s eudaimonia calibre. Hither too, surfaces and controls are masterfully executed in top-grade materials; the contour with the Burmester® beleaguer fathom scheme and Burmester® High-End 3D circumvent strait arrangement offers a especial spotlight in configuration and role.

New upcountry colors such as Bengal red, saddleback brownish and porcelain appropriate individuation of the inner. The measure atmosphere firing with respective inflammation moods provides the comparable health fiber. The client can prefer from 7 firing moods.

2015 Mercedes Benz S550 Coupe

Less distraction: head-up display

The optional head-up exhibit brings authoritative entropy immediately into the driver’s airfield of imaginativeness, presenting it on the windshield to see less beguilement from the dealings billet. The organization informs roughly fomite swiftness, speeding limits, pilotage instructions and impulsive aid arrangement messages.

The expert cornerstone for this scheme is a mirrorlike optics scheme and a full-colour presentation faculty with a resolve of 480 x 240 pixels, operational with high-voltage LEDs. They undertaking the practical icon, which measures approximately 21 x 7 centimetres, into the driver’s bailiwick of sight where it appears to blow round two metres aside supra the cowling. The resolving of more 60 pixels per arcdegree of wake lean ensures a needle-sharp simulacrum. A limited sparkle detector set dear the top sharpness of the cap mechanically adjusts the cleverness of the head-up showing to the outside inflammation weather.

Lower transversal forces: active curve tilting function

Deception Torso Restraint, the get-go “hiatus with eyes”, had its humanity première in the S-Class. With the sheer tilting office the Putsché introduces a foster mankind beginning for series-production cars: The cut tilting routine makes the Takeoveré angle into aeroembolism in a way exchangeable to a motorcyclist or skier. The sidelong quickening playacting upon occupants is decreased in a way consanguine to when impulsive in a engross sheer, and passengers sit more securely. On commonwealth roadstead particularly, the new curvature tilting office enhances motoring delectation and solace. The objective is not to ambit higher speeds, but to develop a more pleasant motoring have.

The Charming Eubstance Ascendence suspension, optionally uncommitted for the S 500 Takeoveré includes, obscure from the Participating Personify Ascendence (ABC) and Route Open Skim functions, the new bend tilting use. With Alive Eubstance Ascendance the abeyance struts are furnished with hydraulic cylinders (supposed plungers), in edict to correct the force-out in apiece cock singly. Contingent the kink impelled, the bend tilting routine shifts the bag gunpoint of apiece soul ruffle. This allows the fomite to ramp mechanically and ceaselessly in fractions of a sec and to angles of capable 2.5 degrees in curves – contingent the route weight and fomite velocity. The advanced suspension detects curves victimization both a two-channel camera buns the windshield, registering the curve of the route capable 15 metres forwards, and an extra transverse speedup detector. The bender tilting office can be selected as one of ternary thrust modes exploitation the ABC shift; it is dynamic in the swiftness orbit from 30 to 180 km/h.

Emotive-sporty sound: exhaust system with flaps

The affective voice of the exhaust makes a critical donation to the sporting impulsive feel. The deeper voice components see a fuller, sportier fathom. In the transversely positioned bottom muffler of the twin-pipe exhaust thither are two flap that can be open and unopen pneumatically contingent the locomotive fastness.

When the flap are out-of-doors the release gases are conducted done the back muffler on a dissimilar way so that the fomite vocalize becomes more herculean. The shift spot of the flap depends upon the crusade broadcast selected – in the S program the flap spread before than in the E broadcast. As shortly as the S-Class Takeoveré locomotive starts, the exponent of its vocalize can be heard.

A long tradition: large coupés from Mercedes-Benz

The story of the big post-war Mercedes takeoverés dates backrest to the class 1952, when Mercedes-Benz launched the fabled 300 S Takeoveré – a “car for the man’s elect” as the self-propelling pressing of the sentence judged. It was followed in 1956 by the 220 S Takeoveré of simulation serial W 180, which created a aesthesis particularly due to its self-supporting pontoon eubstance. From 1961 to 1971 the long-drawn out refined Putsché of exemplar serial W111/W112 captivated no less than 29,918 extremely discreet customers, who were able-bodied to take ‘tween the Typecast 220 SEb Takeoveré six-cylinder models and the Character 280 SE 3.5 Takeoveré eight-cylinder models.

The SEC putschés of modelling serial C 216, which remained in the syllabus of the Stuttgart-based self-propelled blade for ten age and of which terminated 74,000 were sold, were based on the S-Class of 1981. In 1992 the heir modelling (modeling serial C 140) was presented at the Hollands Drive Read, besides featuring first as a S600 Takeoveré with a 290 kW (394 hp) twelve-cylinder locomotive. It was to be the car in which the Electronic Constancy Plan ESP® had its earth première in 1995. Afterwards this takeoveré was renamed “CL-Class”. Another father of the new S-Class Takeoveré notable its earth première below this epithet in Butt 1999. With pioneering innovations such as fighting ABC respite (Alive Consistence Restraint) and bi-xenon headlamps this two-door car set new standards.

Sovereign exclusivity and advanced designing combined with trendsetting state-of-the-art engineering were combined in the end CL-Class (2006). This lavishness putsché open up a new property of fomite refuge with the debut of the PRE-SAFE® brakes. Bey this, Mercedes innovations such as the Well-informed Lighter Scheme with 5 lighter functions and PRE-SAFE® hitch occupier condom were besides function of the fomite’s stock equipment.

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Takeoveré and its innovations seamlessly retain the custom of gravid putschés into the hereafter.

2015 Mercedes Benz S550 Coupe

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