2015 Mercedes Benz F015 Luxury In Motion Concept

Mercedes-Benz F015 Luxury in Motion Concept

With the S500 Thinking Effort and the Succeeding Motortruck 2025, Mercedes-Benz has already made the imagination of self-reliant drive go realness. The new explore fomite F015 Luxuriousness in Move has its man premier at the Consumer Electronics Read, and provides a concrete representative of the windy ideas the party is underdeveloped with esteem to sovereign drive of the hereafter. With this self-driving sumptuosity taproom Mercedes-Benz illustrates how the car is ontogenesis bey its purpose as a simple way of shipping and bequeath finally get a secret retreating blank. This new way of travel gives passengers the exemption to use their worthful sentence on the route in multiplex slipway.

Progressing from the self-propelling (“self-propelled”) to the self-directed (“self-directed”) fomite, Mercedes-Benz as a innovator goes far bey the strictly technological fruition of machine-controlled impulsive. The society’s experts besides bear to forebode unlike outlooks and sociable trends. Mass are perpetually at the inwardness of such considerations. Barely as the 1886 Benz Manifest Motive Car and its successors revolutionised personal mobility and, as a issue, guild as a hale, the get-go self-driving cars leave besides produce major changes.

“Anyone who focuses exclusively on the engineering has not yet grasped how independent impulsive leave alteration our companionship. The car is ontogeny bey its character as a bare way of conveyance and bequeath finally go a nomadic lebensraum,” explains Dr Dieter Zetsche, Chairperson of the Plank of Direction of Daimler AG and Psyche of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

2015 Mercedes-Benz F015 Luxury in Motion Concept

Expressive forerunner of a mobility revolution

With the brobdingnagian total of place in its lounge-like midland, the Mercedes-Benz F015 Luxuriousness in Motility takes the concepts of comforter and luxuriousness to a new stratum. Every aspect of the fomite reflects dead the Mercedes way of interpretation the footing “bodoni lavishness”, emotion and word. This innovational four-seater is a herald of a mobility rotation, and this is instantly patent from its futurist show.

It is obvious that the F015 represents the imagination of a blade new fomite construct upright from its strange proportions (distance/breadth/meridian: 5220/2018/1524 millimetres), its unlined, massive outside and its heavy LED twinkle modules at the forepart and bum. A scope of dissimilar kindling functions can be provided done these LED fields. Simultaneously, the fomite communicates and interacts with the international humankind by agency of the LED fields. These LED fields establish e.g., if the F015 is drive autonomously (dark) or is controlled manually (gabardine).

The low-slung forepart, shine and flowing ceiling cable, mat strawman windshield and road-hugging bum dedicate the F015 Luxuriousness in Movement an prolonged and definitely dynamical silhouette. The F015 Opulence in Move’s remarkably prominent wheelbase of 3610 millimetres in combining with its brusque overhangs clear prove that the figure centering was on providing the utmost potential place for the passengers.

A lounge-like interior with an atmosphere of well-being

In the home of the F015 Sumptuosity in Motility the designers deliver created a lounge-like quad with a feel-good atmosphere characterised by elegance, lineament and agility. Fleshly, flow transitions and tender, constitutive materials such as open-pore walnut woods molded into a third-dimensional veneering, and passing subdued ice gabardine nappa leather line with clearly-defined alloy and deoxyephedrine surfaces with a nerveless and expert smell.

The polar boast of the advanced national conception is the varying seats organisation, with quatern rotating sofa chairs that tolerate a opposite buns form. In decree to micturate acquiring in and out of the car easier, the electrically powered seating likewise swinging outward by 30 degrees as shortly as the doors are open. If requisite, the driver and front-seat rider can too play their eyes and attending towards the presence – a requirement for manual drive. To this end the wheel extends mechanically from the splasher.

The leather-covered cushions of the lallygag chairs are set in curving mounts of highly-polished aluminum. Apiece seats setting has a contrastive igniter stripe of blueing LED lights and can likewise be manually swivelled.

One key face of the explore fomite is the uninterrupted substitution of data betwixt fomite, passengers and the exterior man. This is facilitated by six presentation screens harmoniously incorporated into the board and the ass and english panels, which twist the home of the F015 Luxuriousness in Move into a digital area. Passengers can interact intuitively with the affiliated fomite done gestures, eye-tracking or by touch the high-resolution screens. Sensors realise the passengers’ workforce and pass them exploiter interfaces inside commodious orbit that confront capture operational options for apiece especial position. Atom streams on the displays figure the fomite’s motion.

Revolutionary vehicle structure

The high-strength consistency of the F015 Opulence in Movement ensures optimal condom and sovereign puff for its passengers. Concurrently, the bodyshell’s construction provides the nonpareil footing for the doorway construct that makes acquiring in and out specially loose, and for the communication-oriented seats featuring 4 footle chairs in a opposite organisation.

New materials and structures were ill-used to break the extremely effective “Smartness Structure (SBS)” of the F015. By smartly combine carbon-fiber-reinforced formative (CFRP), al and high-strength steels in a way that matches the variable requirements incisively, the whippersnapper technology experts were able-bodied to brand the bodyshell 40 pct ignitor compared with now’s output vehicles.

Another key component of the consistency pattern conception is the forward-looking saloon-door-style doorway scheme featuring rear-hinged back doors. The battlefront and bottom doors can be open and unopen severally of one another. With an initiative tilt of 90 degrees for all doors, the roomy inside can be well and well accessed on both sides. B-pillars were not needful. A really stout unified organization with mechanical lockup elements ensures model guard standards. These elements firmly mesh the figurehead and backside doors when they are unopen simultaneously as fixture them hard to the ceiling framing and face skirts. The resulting complex shipment route allows an exceedingly gamey number of vigour to be wrapped in the effect of frontlet or english encroachment, with minimum encroachment into the rider compartment.

The doors themselves bear a important function to frolic in the fomite’s peaceful refuge conception. The crash-responsive beltlines underneath the face windows are lively hither. The PRE-SAFE Construction, antecedently unveiled on the ESF 2009 Observational Condom Fomite and now foster enhanced, offers uttermost prophylactic spell winning up minimal blank: in a side-on hit, these bodywork elements “billow” in an second, scarce alike an airbag, allowing them to plunge as lots gremlin vim as potential.

In gain, the bodyshell of the F015 Lavishness in Gesticulate was intentional to let the impact-protected desegregation of an galvanizing cause organisation with fire cadre. This is based on the pioneering F-CELL Add-in Intercrossed organization seen in the F 125! enquiry fomite from 2011, and combines on-board multiplication of electricity with an exceptionally muscular and covenant high-potential barrage. The insistence cooler made from CFRP is intentional to memory the h.

The vision: greater quality of life for all city dwellers

As a instauration for creating the F015 Sumptuosity in Gesticulate, experts from all areas of Mercedes-Benz highly-developed a next scenario entitled “Metropolis of the Futurity 2030+”, which considered many aspects of nomadic livelihood.

The greater the progression of urbanization, the greater is the want of the soul to be able-bodied to retirement to a secret sector. Self-governing impulsive volition go a precondition. As drivers are sticking of study and emphasis in situations in which drive is not pleasurable, the clock gained spell in their car takes on a unhurt new timber. Meter and distance volition suit the opulence of the futurity.

New technologies and forms of communicating open legion new possibilities for interaction, both betwixt the fomite and its passengers and betwixt the fomite and otc route users.

Sovereign cars too open new possibilities for urban base conception. Pursual the lesson of nowadays’s low-emission zones in metropolis centres, limited “guard zones” that are but approachable to self-governing vehicles could be created. Urban place would be regained by self-governing vehicles parking themselves on the fringe.

In the divided place of the succeeding, man and machines plowshare the roadstead. The “car-friendly metropolis” is transformed progressively into the “people-friendly metropolis” without any deprivation of mortal exemption. The watershed betwixt residential, amateur and dealings areas so melts forth. The resolution is superordinate lineament of sprightliness for all urban dwellers.

The road to autonomous driving

Flush now, vehicles from Mercedes-Benz are subject of sleuthing many dissimilar wild situations out on the route and reacting as the spot demands – by substance of sovereign braking, e.g.. And from the C-Class done to the S-Class, thither are already Mercedes-Benz models impulsive semi-autonomously on populace roadstead now, equipt with features such as DISTRONIC Addition with Steerage Assistance and the Occlusion&Go Aviate semi-autonomous snarl-up fomite pursual purpose. Dynamic Parking Help with PARKTRONIC allows machine-controlled parking with dynamic direction and bracken command in both twin and end-on spaces.

In Lordly 2013, Mercedes-Benz demonstrated to heavy essence that self-governing impulsive is potential now. The close-to-production Mercedes-Benz S500 Healthy Effort realised the some 100-kilometre journeying from Mannheim to Pforzheim amply autonomously, chase the road Bertha Benz took in 1888 on the get-go always long-distance thrust by car.

Mercedes-Benz is scope the stride of maturation in the region of trucks, too – as the pioneer and catapult of sound aid systems. With its Succeeding Motortruck 2025, the stigma presented the humanity’s kickoff motortruck to boast self-directed impulsive at the IAA Commercial-grade Vehicles in September 2014. In July 2014, this one-off fomite, based on the Mercedes-Benz Actros 1845, swarm at speeds of capable 80 km/h in naturalistic dealings situations on a incision of the A14 autobahn dear Magdeburg.

As a globose caller, Mercedes-Benz has its sights assail self-reliant impulsive ecumenical. In rescript to factor the differences in dealings and base in over-the-counter markets, the experts likewise accomplish examination in the USA, e.g.. In mid-September 2014, Mercedes-Benz became one of the get-go self-propelled manufacturers to be issued with an prescribed permit by the US posit of California for examination self-driving vehicles on world roadstead thither. In increase the companionship makes use of the USA’s largest trial quickness, the Concordance Naval Weapons Send (CNWS).

The design: Expressive forerunner of a mobility revolution

The undertaking of the designers of the Mercedes-Benz F015 Sumptuosity in Move was to summon with a all new conception and figure for a sumptuosity pothouse: Because independent drive volition produce lots of freedoms of excogitation that can be utilized consistently. The car becomes a cute, secret hideaway, especially in urban dealings.

Therefore the seer search fomite Mercedes-Benz F015 Opulence in Gesture was natural, a fomite which raises puff and luxuriousness to a new storey by oblation a utmost of blank and a loiter part on the inwardly. Every aspect of the F015 Sumptuosity in Motility is the furthermost contemplation of the Mercedes way of interpretation the price “innovative sumptuosity”, emotion and tidings. This forward-looking four-seater is a harbinger of a mobility gyration, and this is straightaway seeming from its futurist appearing. Sensuousness and lucidity, the center elements of the Mercedes-Benz innovation doctrine, combining to make a unequaled, liberalist artistic collection.

It is forthwith unmistakable that the F015 represents the imaginativeness of a make new fomite construct fair from its strange proportions, with a duration of 5220 millimetres, breadth of 2018 millimetres and peak of 1524 millimetres, from its unlined, massive outside and from its enceinte LED lighter modules at the presence and ass. A stove of dissimilar light functions can be provided done these all-embracing LED fields. Simultaneously, the fomite communicates and interacts with the exterior earth by way of these LED fields. The expose signals to pedestrians that the F015 has “seen” them. The numeral plateful is replaced by a QR cipher, qualification entropy on the fomite usable to the extraneous man. This, on with the outstanding constringe luminescent stripe on the behind, makes the fomite into a “communications essence” on wheels. The monumental picture is emphasized by the absence of outside mirrors and the flush-fitting position windows, which get an virtually mirror-like show thanks to their finely-patterned coat and which coalesce well-nigh unnoticeably into the flanks of the fomite soundbox, ruined in alubeam.

Dynamic: an extended, flowing silhouette and pronounced body shape

The low-slung front, smoothen and flowing cap occupation, matted battlefront windshield and road-hugging ass commit the F015 Sumptuousness in Movement an protracted and emphatically active silhouette. The fomite consistence has a marked, attractive configuration. The generously-sized areas of outer pelt fit snugly to the soundbox. The nursery is tapering acutely towards the bum, resulting in hefty shoulders which loan an attention-getting conformation to the flanks. Jointly the powerful-looking incline dame, this gives the sides of the fomite extra optic construction.

The highly enceinte 26-inch wheels look to down the english skirts, which successively emphasises the remarkably foresightful wheelbase. The debase wheels are cleave into pentad equally-sized, cross-drilled areas of nitid aluminum.

Expansive: long wheelbase and “saloon doors” that open wide

The outstandingly farsighted wheelbase of the F015 Luxuriousness in Motility, at 3610 millimetres, is thirster by about 245 millimetres than the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class (3365 millimetres). Combined with the curt overhangs, it is directly ostensible that the excogitation stress was on providing the maximal potential place for the passengers.

The F015 Sumptuousness in Motility does not let any B-pillars. This fact, conjointly the wide-opening “pub doors” that afford out the early way to formal doors, makes acquiring into and out of the fomite internal especially commodious and prosperous. The doors outdoors to a entire 90 degrees. This allows a crystalise purview of the liberally dimensioned and intelligently set out internal and ensures problem-free introduction. The english hob auspices features deliver been smartly incorporate into the threshold arrangement.

Open space: a luxury lounge providing the highest levels of comfort

In the inner of the F015 Opulence in Movement the designers get created a lounge-like blank with a feel-good atmosphere characterised by elegance, caliber and agility.

Sultry, sleek transitions and ardent, constituent materials such as open-pore walnut woo, which has been wrought to a cubic facing, and super flaccid ice-white nappa leather counterpoint with clearly-defined alloy and crank surfaces with a coolheaded and expert flavor. The transitions ‘tween constituent, alloy and semisynthetic materials suffer been intentional exploitation matrix art; and the aerodynamic transitions present a new, unique impression of big quad. The light-coloured ticket solicit exploited for the base, e.g., flows well-nigh unnoticeably into the aplomb Plexiglas of the english panels thanks to their strange airfoil matrix. The passage betwixt the fomite base and the threshold panels too echoes the outer consistence cast in a characterful way.

Variable and comfortable: Lounge-like seating system with a vis-à-vis configuration

The polar characteristic of the modern upcountry conception is the varying seats arrangement, with quadruplet rotating loaf chairs that earmark a opposite bottom form. This enables the figurehead passengers to reversal and peach forthwith to the otc passengers patch on the motility – or to direction their tending towards the strawman as necessity for manual drive. For this, the tweed leather wheel mechanically slides out of the panel – too clothed in ovalbumin leather – and offers the driver a pick of impulsive options. To pee-pee acquiring in and out of the fomite real easy, the electrically-powered seating pivot 30 degrees towards the doors as these are open.

The cushions of the lallygag chairs are upholstered in super subdued ice-white nappa leather and set in curving mounts of highly-polished aluminum. Apiece seats backing has a contrastive lighter stripe of bluing LED lights and can likewise be manually swivelled. Symmetrical touches are provided by the leather psyche restraints with the Mercedes hotshot strikingly brocaded in them, likewise as by the bottom belts, which are in the like gloss as the behind cushions.

Communicative and interactive: the interior as a digital living space

One gist paper of the groundbreaking inner conception is a uninterrupted change of data betwixt fomite, passengers and the external earth. Six displays are installed to this end all round, tastily mounted in the board and the bottom and incline walls, devising the inner of the F015 Sumptuousness in Move a digital lebensraum – a everlasting mutualism of the practical and the actual humanity. Passengers are capable to interact intuitively with the affiliated fomite by substance of gestures or by poignant the high-resolution screens. Sensors acknowledge the passengers’ men and crack them exploiter interfaces inside commodious compass that nowadays the worthy operational options for the detail post. Speck streams on the displays – with magnificent flannel desktop art – visualize the fomite’s motion and typify its word. In add-on, case-by-case displays for apiece bum offer an modern way for passengers to befool entropy.

Interaction between passengers and vehicle: Natural and enjoyable operating experience

Communicating and interaction ‘tween the fomite, the passengers and the away humanity is one of the key ideas butt the Mercedes-Benz F015 Sumptuousness in Motility. The developers get thus equipt the new search fomite with an “Extensive Sentiency” organization to dedicate it the requirement enhanced perceptual capabilities. Thanks to this high-resolution detector arrangement, the fomite keeps a never-ending eye on its environment, is able of interpretation what it sees and winning fulfil at any metre, and relays relevant entropy to its passengers, contingent the particular drive position. This converts the F015 into a absolutely good mate, spell incessantly lease the occupants shuffling the net conclusion and continue boilersuit ascendence, if they so regard.

The midland of the F015 Sumptuousness in Gesture is intentional as a “digital activeness distance” that is full attached with the exterior humanity thanks to “Lengthy Sentience”. Road preparation, euphony option, images, contacts and many over-the-counter functions can be displayed on the screens at the sides and in the behind and selected by way of propinquity gestures or signature ascendance. A simplified replica of the fomite’s environs can besides be visualized in the displays, with the fomite’s gesture pictured in the configuration of streams of particles. The functions in the figurehead showing can be operated by a refreshing new eye trailing procedure and by gestures for bang-up ergonomic ease. The Mercedes-Benz F015 Sumptuousness in Question thereby gives a trailer of how the self-driving car of the hereafter could suit a chopine for communicating and interaction.

User Experience: natural and enjoyable operating experience

The Mercedes-Benz Exploiter Receive scheme seeks to wed likable conception with nonrational use. Developing of the F015 Sumptuosity in Move thus focussed on the undermentioned key features:

  • The figurehead show is mostly operated by a combining of eye trailing and motion restraint. To enlightened a command office, the exploiter low looks at the craved factor chiefly showing. As shortly as the organisation has detected the exploiter’s design by agency of eye trailing, manus movements are taken as mastery inputs and it becomes potential to interact victimization gestures. The english displays are operated by agency of propinquity gestures and trace.
  • The multimedia systems are seamlessly interrelated with divided subject. The dispatch and assure connectivity with the digital humanity in veridical clock enables mastermind approach to all media without the demand for time-consuming synchronicity.
  • The car and its multimedia systems collectively all applications and capacity can be preconfigured remotely by way of a peculiarly highly-developed app. E.g., it is potential to teach the F015 to ballpark itself.
  • High-grade strait and high-resolution screens with somebody quartz astute displays for all seating pee data intake light. During the travel, the environs are portrayed on the displays in the manakin of “healthy” streams of particles. This gives the occupants a sentience of the fomite’s motility.
  • 360-degree all-round view: Extended Sense

    With “Drawn-out Sentience”, the F015 monitors its milieu in every steering. Stereophony cameras, besides as radian and supersonic sensors relay blanket information. High-precision GPS information conjointly the exceedingly precise 3D pilotage maps brand certain the post can be pinpointed to the precise centimeter. This substance the fomite knows its exact localisation at all multiplication. Vital dealings situations, such as a likely hit, are detected at an other arrange by “Elongated Sensation”, right taken and averted by winning reserve accomplish.

    The F015 Luxuriousness in Movement identifies its possessor or authoritative exploiter by way of their smartphone or wear gimmick. Formerly the exploiter has been documented, the saloon-type doors afford mechanically and the seating pivot into a situation for acquiring in with the sterling of simpleness. The scuttle subroutine can besides be initiated from away the fomite victimization the wandering twist or by ghost restraint. The fomite lone grants entree to the national with the adjust digital “key”.

    Erst they suffer gained launching, the authoritative soul is too absolved to lock and restraint the fomite. Driving-specific functions, such as the coveted fastness or turn, passing and braking, can be governed exploitation a practical command faculty if requisite.

    Digital activity space for information and interaction

    Displays are installed all approximately the midland for visualising entropy and interacting with the fomite. The neatly merged screens with crystalline ultra-HD settlement twist the upcountry into a digital activeness blank on wheels. All-around optical data is provided by the all-embracing master cover in the digital splashboard, a Head-up Showing in the windshield expanse, touch-sensitive screens operative the full breadth of the doorway trimming panels, likewise as a filmdom positioned betwixt the backside seating at drumhead meridian and a defer with an extending exhibit.

    The showing units inner the F015 in particular:

  • The primary show in the fascia shows the driving-related info and operational menus. Functions such as fomite fastness, sailing, clime ascendance, airing and the docudrama scheme mass can be controlled by gestures hither. The captured epitome of the environment on the path, including over-the-counter vehicles, early route users and stationary objects, besides appears hither, start off as outline moving information points that face ilk particles, in the fomite’s straightaway neighborhood, so fetching the concrete mannequin of a car or walker, e.g..
  • The Head-up Showing in the windshield are serves to fanfare up place- and object-related contented on points of pursuit in the circumferent region with the aid of augmented realness engineering. This can admit the street numbers of buildings, entropy on release parking spaces, tables useable in restaurants, the occupation of hotels or the syllabus for a house approach to the fomite’s stream fix. The Head-up Show additionally provides a digital photograph of what’s passing on redress now in the fomite’s locality, i.e. the detected objects and route users.
  • The screens in the sides of the fomite are ill-used for viewing info, for an atmospherical expose of the “well-informed” particles and for rider interaction. They are operated by way of a trace ascendancy purpose combined with a propinquity detector organization. This detects the several paw motility and opens the like card in reaction. The exploiter so touches the cover direct to prize the particular operational routine.
  • The screenland betwixt the backside seating is positioned at psyche elevation and is intentional as an Enhanced Arse Windowpane. An hokey purview with a outlined vanishing head appears hither that gives the occupants a smell of the fomite’s cause.
  • The bum tabularize with extending touch-sensitive expose is positioned ‘tween the arse seating and points towards the center of the fomite, so that it can be victimized by all quartet passengers for games or picture conferences.
  • Journey into virtual worlds – rethinking personalisation

    2015 Mercedes Benz F015 Luxury In Motion Concept

    The english displays in the F015 Sumptuousness in Gesticulate go its passengers a riches of options for transporting the remote man into the car and interacting with it. Too accessing personal savoir-faire books or playlists of front-runner medicine, the fomite’s road can be displayed as a timeline including points of pastime. The firing and colouring modality can too be singly familiarized. The occupants of the F015 moreover suffer the alternative of superimposing diverse digital rude landscapes unofficially displays, including forests, mountains, lakes and coastlines. Early practical worlds can similarly be jutting. The showing of the practical environment is invariably synchronized with the genuine fomite motility, significant that rising climbs or downward-sloping descents, e.g., are faux based on the stream path visibility, thereby allowing the passengers to gumption the fomite’s ever-changing motility visually too.

    Focus on passenger well-being

    Depiction the environs in the face displays in the cast of streamlined particles is besides intentional to hike passengers’ feel of upbeat by increasing sensorial solace. To avert creating a feverish, troubled printing when visualising the away humanity peculiarly, the art in the english displays are measuredly simplified. A “tactic flash” role too forms portion of the conception. Breast passengers in the rearward-facing lallygag office particularly are notified of an forthcoming crease or lane modification by agency of ambient coloration signals.

    “Pick me Up” app-based service

    Thanks to total connectivity at all multiplication, the F015 becomes an entire parting of the defile. This way that authoritative users are capable to entree diverse fomite entropy and functions at any sentence. E.g., the pilotage, amusement or mood ascendence systems can be handily programmed from the domicile PC or, naturally, by victimisation a peregrine twist.

    In improver to this, a especially highly-developed app offers farther controller options tied when forth from the fomite exploitation a nomadic gimmick. The F015 can consequently be sent off to look for its own parking blank, or possibly to a particular localization to accumulate the exploiter or over-the-counter occupants. The seats system or coveted issue of passengers can likewise be selected therein way.

    With the F015 Sumptuosity in Question, Mercedes-Benz is again proving itself to be a trailblazer in the airfield of innovative operational experiences that arrive bey the lotion of comrade consumer electronics or fomite restraint concepts. The F015 thereby gives a trailer of scarce how the (self-driving) car of the succeeding could turn an emotionally likeable chopine for communicating and interaction with its own scheme word.

    Interaction between vehicle and environment: Intelligent partner in urban traffic

    In the Mercedes-Benz scenario for urban dealings in tomorrow’s man, the roadstead are a divided distance for masses and vehicles. When design the F015 Luxuriousness in Motility, consequently, the focussing was located not equitable on providing optimal backup for the passengers in its midland, but besides creating added rate for the multitude in its prompt locality.

    Victimization the “Elongated Signified” detector arrangement, the F015 permanently monitors its environment in a 360-degree spoke. Stereophonic cameras likewise as radiolocation and supersonic sensors relay all-inclusive information, which is so taken with the assistant of particularly highly-developed algorithms. This perceptual and interpretative potentiality converts the F015 into an level-headed mate for multitude in urban dealings.

    Visual and acoustic signals for greater safety

    The F015 Luxuriousness in Gesture communicates with its surround both visually and acoustically. Prominent LED displays at the movement and ass besides as a laser protrusion organization directed toward the forepart are responsible the optic role, spell the acoustical communicating repertory includes both sounds and particular spoken instructions.

    The displays at the presence and backside boast a communicating matrix comprising 3-dimensional, bar-shaped LED modules, jointly two outer blocks made up of great LED bars. Data on the fomite can be retrieved exploitation the bum presentation’s entire QR codification. A reduce LED twinkle airstrip supra the backside show is ill-used for visualising driving-specific functions such as braking, indicating and the stream drive manner of the F015. When the fomite is started, the LED blocks in the two communicating displays illuminate in successiveness. A especial start-up fathom signals that it is quick for functioning. The F015 so uses the gloss of its lights to bespeak what drive way it is presently in – blueness stands for sovereign and whiteness for manual. This detail data is communicated at the battlefront by the expectant outer LED blocks in the lattice and at the arse by the slender LED lighter airstrip.

    The versatile LED elements that shape the communicating displays are separately controlled by the organization. At the breast, both the igniter dispersion and gloss are wide-ranging to courting the various berth. Lag, the back LED expose is too subject of displaying short-circuit messages for dealings bum, such as “Block” or “Retard”.

    What’s more, the high-precision laser jutting arrangement allows the F015 Opulence in Movement to propose a tolerant strobilus of twinkle onto the route ahead display authoritative entropy. This includes, e.g., a practical zebra hybridization indicating to pedestrians unofficially of the route that it is dependable to crossing. And if the F015 brakes with the intent of fillet, a desirable jutting exhibit marks the billet where it leave resuscitate a closure. Over-the-counter route users can so develop themselves consequently.

    Communication with pedestrians

    Should the F015 find a footer at the wayside who wishes to crossing the route in its straightaway locality at the forepart, the fomite shows an undulating igniter episode on the LED communicating exhibit indicating that it leave await. If the route is crystallise, the F015 additionally emits the hearable cue “Delight go forward” to let the prosy acknowledge that it is condom to hybridization the route ahead of the fomite.

    If thither is a prosy instantly ahead of or arse the F015, the car signals this with an undulating trailing lighter that moves crossways the exhibit in synchronized forge in the like management the prosy is walk-to in. This optic feedback has a standardised force to the eye tangency ‘tween driver and earthbound by allowing the F015 to increase the trustingness of its hum swain route exploiter.

    2015 Mercedes Benz F015 Luxury In Motion Concept

    Communication with traffic behind

    The F015 communicates actively with the dealings pursual butt exploitation its LED bottom exhibit. If a footer is crossover the route ahead of the F015 and so hidden of any vehicles that are pursuit, the F015 displays a successiveness of red flash lights on the bum communicating expose to discourage the route users backside. The extra trailing lightness indicates the prosaic’s demand place on the LED exhibit. A flash succession of lights on the backside exhibit also notifies dealings ass when one of the F015 doors is roughly to be open.

    And when the dealings forwards of the F015 Opulence in Gesture starts to decompress, the vehicles bum too get presentment. Therein cause, a ignition succession runs fine-tune the ass LED ingredient from top to arse. The content “Slack” so appears for various seconds. If, on the over-the-counter manus, the dealings ahead of the inquiry fomite should circumstantially revive a nail block, the parole “Closure” flashes repeatedly.

    Human and machine: universal, unequivocal communication needed

    2015 Mercedes Benz F015 Luxury In Motion Concept

    The experts at Mercedes-Benz are chronic to ferment intensively on the devel-opment of a ecumenical and unambiguous substance of communicating for interaction betwixt homo and auto. At the “Robotics” Succeeding Lecture in 2014, legion approaches to this issuance were discussed with specialists from a diversity of disciplines. A concerted organization necessarily to be highly-developed to enable sociable interaction betwixt mankind and auto word, particularly in thick urban areas.

    With the new F015 Lavishness in Gesture enquiry fomite, Mercedes-Benz is oblation an mindset of how the accompany could imagine this communicating and interaction fetching position inside the orbit of self-directed mobility.

    2015 Mercedes Benz F015 Luxury In Motion Concept

    The body concept: Revolutionary vehicle structure

    The high-strength soundbox of the F015 Sumptuosity in Movement ensures optimal condom and sovereign puff for its passengers. Simultaneously, the bodyshell’s construction provides the apotheosis foundation for impact-protected initiation of an F-CELL Card Intercrossed campaign organisation, for the doorway conception that makes acquiring in and out particularly light, and for the communication-oriented seats featuring 4 linger chairs in a opposite organization.

    Mercedes-Benz presently designs banner output bodies based on the principles of “3D Consistence Technology”: comprising “aero technology”, “loanblend soundbox technology” and “prophylactic technology”, it covers the deuce-ace key dimensions of consistency construct. By employing new materials and structures, it was potential to anatomy on this pattern rule and act it into the extremely effective “Hurt Structure (SBS)” for the F015. This sound intercrossed whippersnapper expression, which uses the rectify substantial in the rectify billet, combines modern materials in a way that suits requirements, thereby maximizing force and clang refuge piece too optimising slant.

    To scatter gremlin vim, e.g., formal steels suffer been replaced by fibre-reinforced plastics (FRP), especially those composed of c fibres (carbon-fibre-reinforced shaping, CFRP). The developers were able-bodied to rein the caller’s many geezerhood of feel in the humankind of Rule 1 hither: the particular zip concentration grade of this motorsport cloth in an impingement is foursome to cinque multiplication higher than blade or al, resulting in a far glower slant too. This takes resident tribute into a new attribute. By smartly combine CFRP, aluminum and high-strength steels in a way that matches the variable requirements just, the jackanapes technology experts were able-bodied to micturate the bodyshell 40 percentage barge compared to nowadays’s output vehicles.

    The Mercedes-Benz developing squad replaced the sword face members that bear antecedently been the average with plate-shaped multi-chamber sections made from an exceedingly igniter CFRP complex. Collectively extra cross-bracing supra and beneath the firewall, this produces a extremely effective and selfsame inflexible figurehead box whole that both carries and encloses the fire cubicle, preventing components from beingness discredited in the consequence of a hit. The impingement zip is engrossed inside a identical short-circuit aloofness by the extremely efficient vigor engrossment construction ahead stretch the campaign whole. A alike building can be plant at the bum of the fomite trapping the two galvanising motors, crucial ascendance units likewise as high-octane components.

    As a aftermath, the F015 Sumptuousness in Question affords the better potential tribute not scarce to its passengers, but to the hi-tech driving components aboard too. This is peculiarly truthful in the showcase of a english shock, thanks to the extremely stiff occupier cubicle’s vim repositing conception featuring a sundry CFRP/al building. Inside this Push Place construction, the pressurised h tankful organisation’s slender cylinders can fill an crucial function. They are made altogether of high-strength CFRP and are positioned across to the steering of traveling. The cavities betwixt the h cylinders are filled with especial super rich geomorphologic components, thereby increasing the built-in constancy of the Zip Place considerably. The entrepot tanks are moreover secured by agency of limited CFRP mounts with a customised cross-sectional, that widen for 250 millimetres bey the left-hand and rightfield of apiece coerce cylinder. This supplemental loading course construction lets the Zip Distance immerse evening more gremlin get-up-and-go without collapsing. Conjointly the crash-optimised sidewalls and the aluminum/FRP expression of the english sills, this produces a high-strength fomite gathering boilersuit. This advanced designing has the doubled welfare of fresh the trunk’s construction in a face brownie and efficaciously protecting both occupants and engineering likewise.

    Meantime, thither is board for the pressurised h tanks, the wiring and the inducive charging whole for the high-octane shelling in the extensive story assemblage. This is besides where the modern new seats is secured that allows the rider a vis-à-vis constellation.

    Innovative opposing door system with no B-pillar

    Another key factor of the eubstance pattern construct is the groundbreaking saloon-door-style arrangement featuring rear-hinged bum doors. The forepart and bottom doors can be open and unsympathetic severally of one another. All the doors outdoors 90 degrees, allowing for really wanton admittance to the roomy inner. Thanks to the peculiarly integrated soundbox, it has been potential to foreswear a B-pillar. A rattling stalwart coordinated scheme with mechanical lockup elements ensures typic guard standards. These elements firmly interlace the battlefront and bum doors when they are shut concurrently reparation them firm to the ceiling anatomy and position skirts. The resulting complex lading route allows an exceedingly mellow quantity of get-up-and-go to be wrapped in a facade or english elf with minimum trespass into the rider compartment.

    To arrive potential to out-of-doors the figurehead and bum doors severally, the consistence invention experts at Mercedes-Benz highly-developed a especial image hinge for the bum doors that is connected to the C-pillar. This allows the bottom doorway to be released from the unified scheme individually with a mobile sliding campaign back earlier pivoting bent out-of-doors full. To insure sovereign solace, all doorway operational mechanisms are powered electrically and fitted with obstacle sensors. The waterproofing construct for the threshold organization is the like as that secondhand on the stream Mercedes-Benz S-Class, an machinelike mightiness completion sport offers added informality of functioning, addition thither is that whole closedown strait so distinctive of Mercedes.

    The doors themselves deliver a all-important persona to caper in the fomite’s peaceful prophylactic conception. This is not scarce devour to their pioneering invention, featuring a bionically enhanced aluminum privileged construction and an outer bark made from c fiber. The crash-responsive beltlines in the doors underneath the slope windows likewise suffer a lively force. Already unveiled on the ESF 2009 Data-based Rubber Fomite and now fitted in a more sophisticated adaptation, PRE-SAFE Construction is an foundation that offers maximal prophylactic spell winning up minimal infinite: in a hit from the face, these bodywork elements “expand” in an heartbeat, upright alike an airbag, allowing them to plunge as practically hob push as potential.

    The passengers are likewise disposed optimal tribute if the fomite should paradiddle terminated: a high-strength ceiling bod construction in a crossbreed FRP/blade expression extends from the breast correct done to the C-pillar at the bum. The ass division of the ceiling is made from an aluminum network construction oblation high-pitched morphological rigidness and push engrossment on the one give and low burthen on the early.

    A squad of experts from a unhurt diverseness of technological disciplines unitedly highly-developed the innovational bodyshell and Vigour Distance construct victimisation state-of-the-art growth and valuation tools.

    The powertrain engineering: 1100 kilometres of zero-emission driving

    2015 Mercedes Benz F015 Luxury In Motion Concept

    The F015 Luxuriousness in Move was intentional to reserve integrating of an galvanising thrust scheme with fire cellphone. This is based on the pioneering F-CELL Board Intercrossed scheme seen in the F 125! enquiry fomite from 2011, and combines on-board genesis of electricity with an exceptionally sinewy and contract high-octane bombardment. In edict to depot the h the conception offers pressurised tanks made from carbon-fibre-reinforced shaping (CFRP).

    Whenever the driver wishes to cite maximal exponent or exsert the boilersuit stove, the barrage is put-upon as an extra zip germ. The bombardment can be recharged by victimization non-contact installation engineering. This commodious, non-contact charging method can be monitored and controlled exploitation a smartphone. The galvanising intercrossed scheme has a add ambit of 1100 kilometres, including roughly 200 kilometres of battery-powered impulsive and some 900 kilometres on the electricity from the fire cubicle. This enables the F015 Lavishness in Gesture to covering distances interchangeable to those of a like diesel-engined car, but strictly on wattage with nada local emissions.

    Enhanced fuel cell system

    The fire cubicle hatful on the F015 has been farther optimised in damage of execution, efficiency and lastingness, and delivers the grip flow for two galvanic motors, apiece with an production of 100 kW (136 hp). These are installed in a covenant agreement in the behind of the fomite and channel their campaign might to the bum wheels. The electric driving scheme generates a tally summit mightiness production of 200 kW (272 hp). The uttermost torsion of 200 Nm per drive is useable the moment the fomite starts off, which results in telling quickening: the F015 completes the dash from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds and goes on to stretch a governed top fastness of 200 km/h. Its expenditure equates to upright 0.60 kilograms of h per 100 kilometers, the tantamount of 2.0 liters of diesel. (All usance figures are combined figures mensurable in accord with the NEDC New European Impulsive Cps).

    Fire cells sire electricity from the response ‘tween h and o. Spell functional to farther meliorate the fire cubicle scheme, the preponderating nonsubjective of the Mercedes-Benz engineers was to reduplicate the powerfulness production without ever-changing the concordat boilersuit sizing. Their efforts focussed on the hypothesis of increasing the amphetamine of the reaction inside the scheme. This was achieved thanks to an regalia of soul measures, such as the innovational pt catalytic convertor covering victimisation homogenous nanoparticles of optimal sizing, and simplification of the resistivity in the batch’s layers of cells. An improved galvanising turbocharger increases the airflow order and thereby speeds up the reaction.

    More volume: structurally integrated pressurised hydrogen tanks

    The F015 Sumptuousness in Question stores the h for generating electricity in 700 bar tanks that can be unified into the coldcock of the car to donjon them saved from impacts. The exceedingly slight force cylinders clench 5.4 kilograms of h in aggregate and are made from carbon-fibre-reinforced pliant (CFRP). Thanks to their pocket-sized diam, the pressing cylinders can be fitted horizontally into the F015 flooring without invasive on the blank for the passengers in the fomite upcountry. Too winning up identical footling spa, the pressurised h tankful organization in the F015 Sumptuousness in Motility offers otc benefits too. It allows truehearted h refuelling in scarce a few proceedings and is compatible with the H2 woof send touchstone victimized nowadays.

    Compact high-voltage battery with high energy and power density

    The ultra-compact high-octane bombardment can be installed in the front of the fomite conjointly the fire cubicle organisation and has a capability of 29 kWh. This measure of push substance gives the fomite an galvanic orbit of approx. 200 kilometres when travel strictly on the shelling’s powerfulness, and can too shortly encourage the thrust scheme’s ability production when accelerating, e.g.. With 450 Wh and 1.2 kW per l, it would arrive as worthy for use serial product in both Add-in Crossbreed and all-electric vehicles. By recuperating get-up-and-go when coasting and braking, the high-octane shelling can be recharged during the travel, farther up the fantabulous zip efficiency of the arrangement as a unit.

    Technical data for F-CELL PLUG-IN HYBRID drive system F015 Luxury in Motion

  • Bill turnout of back motors: apiece approx. 136 hp (100kW)
  • Torsion of back motors: apiece approx. 200 Nm
  • Amount sustained turnout: 163 hp (120kW)
  • Summate vizor yield: 272 hp (200 kW)
  • Uninterrupted outturn from the fire cellphone: 120 kW
  • Maximal yield from the shelling: 80 kW
  • 0-100 km/h: 6.7 s
  • 60-120 km/h: 6.2 s
  • Top velocity: 200 km/h
  • H intake: 0.60 kg/100 km
  • CO2: 0 g/km
  • Amount stove acc. to NEDC: 1100 km
  • Capability of pressurised H2 tanks: approx. 5.4 kg
  • Vim capacity of bombardment: 29 kWh
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