2015 Mercedes Benz Cls63 Amg Shooting Brake

Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake

The four-door CLS63 AMG Putsché and Shot Bracken are now eve sportier and more attractive. Visually both AMG high-performance models feeling more rife and gymnastic than ahead. The equipment for the CLS63 AMG, which produces capable 430 kW (585 hp), is now more undivided and boasts higher timbre thanks to the lift. The AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports transmittal now responds evening quicker.

The new designing brings to animation the sinful engineering in the CLS63 AMG. A totality of fin manakin variants are uncommitted, all consummately tailor-made to apprehensive customers that revalue one functioning.

From zero to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds

Accelerating from naught to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds, the CLS63 AMG S-Model leaves all the competitors arse. Execution on a par with a sports car and elevation affective entreaty are combined with authentication Mercedes workaday practicality, blank for capable pentad passengers, and a enceinte, varying trunk. The S-Models arrive as stock with performance-oriented AMG 4MATIC all-wheel cause; 4MATIC is uncommitted as an choice for the former variants.

Tobias Moers, Chair of the Card of Direction of Mercedes-AMG GmbH: “The CLS63 AMG in its Takeoveré and Shot Bracken pretence is now tied more active, and the new designing makes it more salient. With a powerfulness outturn of capable 430 kW (585 hp) and AMG 4MATIC all-wheel cause, the CLS63 AMG takes rod post in the drive kinetics wager.”

2015 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake

Twin blade and A‑Wing as hallmark AMG design features

Couple vane and A‑Annexe are the names of the impinging, authentication AMG conception features on the presence segment, which now too piddle the CLS63 AMG straightaway placeable. The “Duplicate brand” grille in ag chromium-plate comes with feature AMG inscription ‘tween the louvres. This three-d “A-Wing” air-ducting constituent spans the full breadth of the presence proscenium and displays the conventionalised “A” that is a stylemark of AMG vehicles.

The “A-Wing” multi-color in the torso coloration with facile chromium-plate shave discase provides the model for the leash heavy uptake air apertures – rekindling memories of motorsport. Melanize flics unofficially air intakes optimize the airflow to the chilling modules.

In combining with the new, futurist, standard-fit MULTIBEAM LED headlamps, the presence segment of the CLS63 AMG symbolises vestal zing and functioning. The brawny AMG V8 flagship models are too now more visually differentiated from the otc CLS models. Viewed from the slope, the typical, flared wings grab the eye; V8 BITURBO inscription bears testimonial to the superscript locomotive yield.

The backside part besides leaves its persistent scrape: slope, optic air outlets and the nigrify diffusor cut-in with marked fins add the CLS63 AMG a brawny raceway touching.

2015 Mercedes Benz Cls63 Amg Shooting Brake

The AMG Fun exhaust with two chromed similitude tailpipe trims provides an acoustical and optic foreground. AMG triple-spoke metal wheels satisfy the bike arches to paragon. Sizing 255/35 R 19 tyres on 9.0 x 19 wheels are fitted to the breast, spell the ass comes with 285/30 R 19 tyres on 10 x 19 wheels.

S-Models with even more striking design

2015 Mercedes Benz Cls63 Amg Shooting Brake

The sinewy S-Models lineament an eve more impinging conception: features admit sole 10-spoke admixture wheels, multi-colour in mat ti grayness with high-sheen rim rim. Over-the-counter trademark S-Model distinguishing features admit the A-Wing in high-gloss blackness, incline sill empanel inserts in fluent chromium-plate, red-painted bracken callipers and the AMG logotype on boot lid with contrastive inkiness “S”.

Even more individuality ex-factory

2015 Mercedes Benz Cls63 Amg Shooting Brake

Trey new packages are now useable for the CLS63 AMG. Customers thus get flush more alternative when it comes to fulfilling their personal preferences:

  • AMG Nighttime bundle (A-Wing on the breast proscenium with passementerie slip, english sill venire inserts, outside mirror housings and windowpane frames in high-gloss melanize, from 12/2014: seclusion glazing)
  • AMG Carbon-Fibre box I (A-wing on the figurehead proscenium, slope sill board inserts and diffusor enter on the behind proscenium in c character)
  • AMG Carbon-Fibre packet II (outside mirror housings and AMG pamperer lip on Putsché in c fiber)
  • New whippersnapper, bad AMG debase wheels are likewise uncommitted as an alternative. The wheels in the attractive cross-spoke invention and central-locking face are usable in ti greyness/high-sheen or flatness lightlessness with high-sheen rim rim.

    Maximum performance and efficiency: the AMG 5.5-litre V8 biturbo engine

    410 kW (557 hp) to 430 kW (585 hp) and 720 to 800 Nm – the AMG 5.5-litre V8 biturbo locomotive ranks among the humankind’s near effective series-production eight-cylinder engines when it comes to summit outturn, torsion and fire usance. The CLS63 AMG with 410 kW (557 hp) and rear-wheel campaign consumes 9.9 litres per 100 kilometres (NEDC combined; 231 grams CO2 per klick). The discrepancy with 410 kW and performance-oriented AMG 4MATIC all-wheel campaign and the S-Model with 430 kW (585 hp) and all-wheel ride place just somewhat supra at 10.4 to 10.6 litres per 100 km (243 grams to 248 grams CO2/km). All CLS63 AMG models already fill the irregular degree of the EU6 emissions received.

    AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports transmission responds even faster

    The AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports infection is the paragon collaborator for the sinewy V8 biturbo locomotive. Furnished with the 4 campaign modes “C” (Controlled Efficiency), “S” (Variation), “S+” (Mutation summation) and “M” (Manual), the ECO beginning/stoppage procedure and Wash Starting, the mightiness transmitting offers the ultimate in variance and made-to-order oomph.

    The AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports transmittance now offers flush quicker answer multiplication: a manual up- or downshift – initiated by the driver on the steering-wheel gearstick waddle – is realized level more forthwith than e’er earlier. Specially in the “S+” and “M” shimmy modes the superpower infection now responds practically quicker. The palpable drive kinetics are hence enhanced advance. This increased immediateness was made potential by optimising the transmittal ironware and package. The al switch paddles on the new AMG execution wheel can transferral the driver’s manual shifter instructions eventide quicker than ahead.

    AMG 4MATIC all-wheel drive standard on the S-Model

    Performance-oriented AMG 4MATIC all-wheel effort – touchstone on the CLS63 AMG S-Models and as an choice for the unexpended variants – distributes the locomotive torsion to post 33 pct to the forepart axle and 67 percentage to the bottom axle. The rear-biased powerfulness dispersion provides for the touch AMG eminent drive kinetics and summit impulsive use. The 3-stage ESP® is especially tuned to the perm all-wheel thrust. In “Fun Manipulation” mood and with “ESP OFF” the ESP® Active Cornering Serve applies the brakes to selected wheels to advance eminent lightsomeness: patch cornering, targeted brusque braking treatment at the privileged bum rack helps the fomite to nook with preciseness. This prevents pesky understeer when turn into aeroembolism.

    Mercedes-AMG goes eve one stair encourage on the CLS63 AMG S-Model. In holding with its “Impulsive Functioning” mark arrogate, a limited-slip backside derivative is fitted on the back axle. The resultant is a foster increment in grip that provides fifty-fifty wagerer impulsive kinetics and more impulsive pleasance, particularly on the racecourse.

    Suspension and braking system for high agility and dynamism

    All CLS63 AMG models accompany the AMG Bait Ascendancy sports hiatus with electronically controlled damping scheme, brand abatement at the strawman and air leap scheme at the back. Authentication AMG features including more damaging cant on both axles and cartroad widened by 24 millimetres at the forepart offer more constancy at gamey cornering speeds and amend route look. The S-Model and the CLS63 AMG with all-wheel driving are fitted with an optimised 3-link strawman hiatus including axle components made of aluminum. The driver benefits from both more clutches and lightness likewise as unquestionably electroneutral manipulation characteristics on truehearted aeroembolism. The markedly more performance-oriented elastokinematics are scoop to the S-Model, and pass the driver flush punter feedback and grasp at the vital limits.

    2015 Mercedes Benz Cls63 Amg Shooting Brake

    The AMG high-performance braking organization is dead matched to the mellow ability production. The CLS63 AMG comes with internally ventilated and pierced bracken discs with their generous 360-millimetre dimensions breast and bum. An AMG ceramic high-performance complex braking organisation is entirely useable for the S-Model as an optional lineament – placeable by the eventide bigger 402-millimetre bracken discs at the figurehead and the AMG C Ceramic logotype on callipers clean a limited rouge finishing.

    Interior: quality taken to new heights

    In the inner the facelifted CLS63 AMG boasts a new AMG operation wheel including shifting paddles and lour metallic cut-in in flatware chromium-plate with AMG inscription. It visibly underscores the midland’s superiority. Evenly new is the free-standing coloring exhibit in the caput whole with a 20.3 cm blind bias (8″), which helps fix the fascia’s contemporaneous looks. The heavy blind is office of the all-new multimedia contemporaries.

    As in the yesteryear, the CLS63 AMG S-Models are differentiated from the early variants with impinging details: e.g., solitary the S-Model has gray-haired contrastive topstitching on the AMG sports seating, the threshold core panels, the armrests on the doors and the core cabinet if inkiness upcountry appointments are specified. Ag buns belts are besides fitted in connective with a melanize home. The AMG functioning wheel in blackness nappa leather with planate bum subdivision comes with clutches areas in Alcantara® and greyish contrastive topstitching. Sole, brocaded AMG emblems invest the strawman nous restraints on the AMG sports seating. The AMG cat’s-paw bunch features an “S AMG” logotype in the 320-km/h speedometer and red highlights. Whiteness lighted AMG threshold sill panels and AMG story mats round the single appointments.

    2015 Mercedes Benz Cls63 Amg Shooting Brake

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