2015 Mercedes Benz C Class Us Version

Mercedes-Benz C-Class [US]

The all-new Mercedes-Benz C-Class heralds a new chapter in the Mercedes-Benz succeeder chronicle and sets new standards in the agio mid- ambit stratum. Thanks to an healthy whippersnapper pattern conception boast weightiness savings of capable 200 lbs, first-class aeromechanics and new, economic engines, the C-Class establishes new benchmarks in its form. A innkeeper of new assist systems crack condom of the highest criterion, piece a new respite, optionally air-sprung, provides for warning tantalise and drive quilt likewise as quick and quick treatment. In damage of appearing the new C-Class adopts a reformist feeler with its crystalize yet excited excogitation and its high-toned midland. Many early innovations and national touches emphasise the saloon’s sybaritic ease and elegant sportiness. Altogether, the sensed character of the new C-Class feels ilk an “climb to a higher course of jaunt.”

The C-Class is the top-selling modelling serial from Mercedes-Benz. Sales of the preceding model, which was launched in 2007, amount concluded 2.4 gazillion global. The new C-Class offers sensuous and crystallise invention and a boniface of expert innovations also as a comp ambit of measure equipment and typic emanation and fire phthisis values. The U.S. mart launches with two C-Class models: C300 4MATIC with a 2.0L turbocharged direct-injection in-line four-cylinder locomotive delivering 241 hp and 273 lb-ft of torsion and a C400 4MATIC with a 3.0L bi-turbo direct-injection V6 producing 329 hp and 354 lb-ft of torsion. A rear-wheel crusade reading of the C300 testament be launched in the kickoff stern of 2015.

2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class [US]

“Mercedes at its better – that’s the new C-Class, which sets new standards for the mid-range section on many fronts,” says Professor. Dr Thomas Wb, Mem of the Gameboard of Direction of Daimler AG responsible Radical Inquiry and Mercedes-Benz Cars Ontogenesis. “It is characterised by an aroused yet crystalise conception which is continued in the high-quality and modernistic inner. Its effective and high-performance technology provides the fundament for a heights received of impulsive delectation.”

Ola Kallenius, Administrator V.p., Sales and Selling Mercedes-Benz Cars, adds: “The new C-Class embodies Mercedes-Benz’s exact ‘The trump or nix’ in sturdy manner. This is forthwith seeming when encountering our new Pothouse first, as it creates the printing that one is session in a higher form of motorcar. I am indisputable that our customers volition be charmed by the high-toned entreaty and nimbleness of the new C-Class.”

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class has adult to appreciate of multitude’s increasing medium tallness. With a 3 edge step-up in the wheelbase (112 inches) compared with the former example, the fomite is 3.7 inches yearner (184 inches) and 1.6 inches wider (71 inches). The extra blank benefits low and world-class the arse passengers, who now travelling in tied greater consolation. The new C-Class body capacitance is 12.8 three-dimensional feet.

Sensuous clarity and purist forms

On a optical story, the new C-Class represents a bluff release from its herald. Its contact, active conception exudes sensuous clearness and arouses emotions. Nature was a germ of intake for the new saloon’s esthetically sensuous lines and surfaces, whose concordance and heartiness produce an quick impression. The designers bear created minimalist, purist forms for the C-Class which accent its level-headed engineering and technology. The understandably outlined surfaces purposely show a arcdegree of tenseness, loaning them a mesomorphic and sensuous lineament. Accurate lines and modeled surfaces produce vital lighter and specter effects.

As Gorden Wagener, V.p. Figure Daimler AG, notes: “The new C- Grade showcases self-propelling mania by way of a contemporaneous pattern phrase. Reformist and excited highlights emphasize the ground-breaking invention stylus of the new C-Class and certify animal clearness. The new C-Class interprets mod sumptuosity on a new grade.”

In the incline survey a farseeing goon, a rider compartment set easily rear and brusque overhangs determine the C-Class’s graeco-roman, well-adjusted Mercedes-Benz saloon proportions. Heavy wheels accent the ass and pass a stylishly jazzy fiber.

Thither is a alternative of two dissimilar faces: clean with centrally positioned genius or the graeco-roman saloon grille featuring the Mercedes asterisk on the goon (function of the optional Lavishness Parcel in the US). The fins of the grille can be unsympathetic totally to optimise the fomite’s Cd appraise, highlight the condition of this polite saloon in punctually self-confident fashion.

The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class comes with H7 halogen headlamps as stock. The feature nighttime conception lends the new C-Class its real own typical feeling in the darkness, too. The taillight and stoplight in the quarter lights lineament LED engineering altogether headlight versions. LED Headlights are function of the Agiotage Bundle, likewise featuring full-LED taillights.

High-class interior with fine details

The Mercedes-Benz designers birth styled the upcountry on a layer which is seldom encountered tied in higher fomite categories. This applies to the cautiously elect high-toned materials and their pleasant contact and spirit likewise as the preciseness of the fine crafted details. The midland too embodies a new designing accent which combines sensuousness and lucidity utterly with dynamical sportiness and contributes to the tone flavour of the internal.

The driver and battlefront rider relish batch of place and sumptuosity in a circumspect, mod pretense aboard the new C-Class. This gives ascending to a feel-good aura which is new to this course of fomite – subsiding into your bum in the C-Class is consanguine to the uplifting impression of organism upgraded from thriftiness to line category on an plane.

The home invention demonstrates a boldface new coming by Mercedes-Benz. Hither the designers trust in complete flair the architecture of Mercedes- Benz sports cars with a wholly new plaza solace featuring flow lines. A prominent one-piece mall comfort gore performs an refined chimneysweep from the core air vents to the armrest. These unlined clean-cut lines produce a feel of out-of-doors blank and express a thrillingly purist and forward-looking spirit.

A centrally positioned free-standing exchange exhibit is the chief attention-getting have crossways the essence soothe – with a blind virgule of 7 inches or 8.4 inches if Multimedia Packet with the COMAND Documentary Organization is selected.

Fivesome bout air vents add the fascia a jazzy touching. With their metal cool-touch burden they make a bewitching, palpable line to the strong feeling of the over-the-counter materials – such as the woodwind in the plaza solace or the MB-TEX on the splasher. The “ascent” flavor punctually continues with the controls. All switches boast a high-quality, three-d pattern befitting a luxuriousness fomite and profit from a unclutter layout.

The innovational touchpad in the handrest ended the Accountant on the plaza burrow marks a farther evolutionary tone highly-developed in-house at Mercedes-Benz. As on a smartphone, this provides for real mere and visceral procedure of all the head-unit functions victimization digit gestures. The touchpad likewise permits letters, numbers and extra characters to be entered in script – in any speech. The exploiter receives crystalize tactile feedback when operational the touchpad’s aerofoil, which is extremely contributory to unfeigned visceral use.

A head-up exhibit is likewise new to the C-Class. Same in a jet battler, it displays significant info immediately in the driver’s battleground of imaginativeness on the forepart windshield, hence providing for unclutter discernability and ensuring that the driver is distrait less from the route forrader. The arrangement provides info on fomite swiftness, hurrying limits and piloting instructions and displays messages from DISTRONIC Summation.

Robust yet lightweight bodyshell

The body-in-white of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class provides an advanced base for rock-bottom burthen, great rigidness, including debut rigidness for first-class treatment, combined with optimal interference and palpitation characteristics and a high-pitched layer of clang prophylactic. Thanks to reasoning and advanced whippersnapper twist, the al cross torso is round 154 lbs igniter than a established blade soundbox. The fomite’s boilersuit slant is flush rock-bottom by approximately 200 lbs. This spawns legion benefits: the jackanapes expression of the new C-Class cuts fire use substantially without any release of execution, piece concurrently enabling a frown centre of solemnity, which successively gives upgrade to the fomite’s observably jazzy and nimble treatment.

Mercedes-Benz achieves this effort of whippersnapper expression by diverse measures, including a whole new geomorphological innovation and the use of an outstandingly gamey dimension of al for a mass-produced orbit. The part of aluminium has risen compared with the successful precursor from nether 10 pct to near 50 pct.

In guardianship with Mercedes-Benz traditions, the trunk is intentional for emblematic clangour safe. As a resolution, the Saloon complies not solitary with all stream subject laws but too with all valuation requirements, also as confluence the more tight interior Mercedes-Benz guard standards based on what really happens during accidents.

A high-strength refuge rider compartment forms the kernel of this construct. It is encircled by specifically configured and field-tested distortion zones which control maximal rubber for the occupants by merit of optimized force-out paths and a combining of aluminium castings and ultra-high-strength materials. An outer tegument consisting near all of al provides a protective plate for the torso.

Leading the field in aerodynamics and quiet running

Low haul is important to achieving undischarged efficiency. From a amphetamine of good below 43 mph, streamlined dredge exceeds the sum of all former drive resistor factors. Intrinsically, draw constitutes a major argument in efforts to slim fire ingestion and CO2 emissions. The winding stochasticity story, which was already low in the retiring multiplication of the C-Class, has been lowered foster.

The engineers let too devoted scrupulous attending to optimizing otc voltage sources of interference which may suffer an contrary impression on the driver’s and passengers’ welfare and density, fifty-fifty though they may not consciously card the effects. NVH (stochasticity, shakiness, severeness) is the expert terminus for such pain factors. The specialists bear optimized the dissonance characteristics of the midland cetacean, the exponent windows, the bottom alteration functions and many former propulsion and operational noises, e.g.. As a resultant, the new C-Class occupies a benchmark office in its section.

Optimized drive train

Tranquil machinelike appurtenance shifty is provided by the 7G-TRONIC Positive automatonlike transmitting, which has undergone advance ontogenesis at Mercedes-Benz in the interests of enhanced environment-friendliness and drive pleasance.

The 4MATIC perm all-wheel-drive organization serves to ameliorate grip and impulsive stableness in the C-Class, too, piece additionally underscoring the fomite’s processed sportiness.

Suspension – sporty yet comfortable

The hanging on the new C-Class is a all new growing. It provides for spry and spry manipulation that makes impulsive a large pleasance on twist roadstead patch likewise offer the highest banner of rally ease in the section.

A new intentional 4-link presence axle plays a major function in the nimble manipulation characteristics. Thanks to the 4-link rule, the forepart mugwump abeyance is full decoupled from the saltation cock. The attendant well-disposed axle kinematics allow more grasp and higher sidelong constancy. As a solution, the abatement responds more sensitively to steerage movements and allows a jazzy, quick impulsive panache. An optimized multi-link main bum abatement with 5-link conception ensures unexceeded bicycle locating qualities and sovereign straight-line stableness.

The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon is fitted as received with a sword hanging. In the Joined States, customers bear the alternative amongst ternary suspensions:

  • a easy yet sportsmanlike foot hanging
  • a sports respite lowered by .6 inches as portion of the optional Sportsman Box
  • a puff hanging as contribution of the optional Opulence Software
  • First air suspension in this category

    Instead, the new C-Class is the kickoff fomite in its section that can be fitted with an air reprieve (AIRMATIC) on the movement and backside axles. Thanks to electronically controlled, uninterrupted varying damping at the battlefront and bum, it offers salient route holler and fatigue shaking characteristics evening with the fomite crocked. The driver can use the Legerity Quality alternate to select ‘tween the diverse characteristics: “Quilt”, “ECO”, “Fun” and “Fun+.” The extra “Soul” pick enables drivers to configure their fomite according to their own wishes. AIRMATIC likewise features all-around self-leveling for optimal rally consolation evening when the fomite is pie-eyed.

    The new C-Class besides comes with an galvanic emergency as criterion.

    Steering with a sporty character

    All models of the C-Class phratry leave have the electromechanical Engineer Wind arrangement as stock. This combines road-speed-dependent mightiness aid from the speed-sensitive powerfulness guidance arrangement with a direction proportion which varies according to the tending direction fish. The index guidance help provided by the wheel and pennon steerage pitch is controlled on-demand, thereby tributary towards efficiency.

    Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive: The intelligent car

    It is the stated aim of Mercedes-Benz to shuffle the highest measure of guard usable to everyone. To this end, the new C-Class incorporates nearly all of the new help systems with a innkeeper of enhanced functions which far-famed their humankind premier in the S-Class and E-Class lone a few months ago. The help systems raise both comfortableness and rubber. Mercedes-Benz calls this Reasoning Ride.

    The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class offers legion groundbreaking safe and assist systems. It is fitted as criterion with Attending Aid, which can admonish the driver of heedlessness and sleepiness. On highways, the optional COMAND arrangement sailing use flags up nearby breakage options as stopovers, providing the organization has been specified in the fomite. The Care Attend use offers an adjustable story of sensitiveness and can inform the driver in a furcate aspect in the tool bundle some their stratum of somnolence and how yearn they suffer been drive since their close breakage.

    In improver to Adaptative Bracken Attend, which offers security from collisions from speeds as low as 4 mph, standard-fit Hit Bar Help Asset besides features an extra purpose: when a risk of hit persists and the driver fails to react, the scheme is capable to fulfil independent braking at speeds of capable 124 mph, thereby reduction the inclemency of collisions with slower or fillet vehicles. The arrangement besides brakes in reply to stationary vehicles at a amphetamine of capable 31 mph, and is capable to forbid rear-end collisions at speeds of capable 25 mph.

    New help systems and existent assist systems with a emcee of enhanced functions from the new S-Class and E-Class are too optionally useable, combine information from diverse detector technologies as contribution of the Reasoning Effort conception to heighten comforter and guard considerably:

  • DISTRONIC Addition with Steerage Attend is a semi-automatic snarl-up adjunct which at speeds nether 37 mph is able-bodied to surveil the fomite forward level where lane markings are undecipherable or wholly absent, olibanum providing a dependable and commodious agency of pursual the menstruation of dealings.
  • The BAS Summation Bracken Assistance Arrangement can now besides discover cross dealings and advance the braking personnel if the driver fails to give the brakes sufficiently; the PRE-SAFE® Bracken can find stationary vehicles besides as pedestrians, bracken mechanically if the driver fails to oppose, so preventing accidents capable 31 mph and mitigating the rigorousness of collisions at speeds of capable 45 mph. In flow dealings the PRE-SAFE® Bracken provides assist according to the like modality of functioning end-to-end the fastness stove from 4 to 124 mph.
  • Enhanced Fighting Lane Retention Help can now besides preclude the fomite from accidentally aimless out of lane when confused lane markings employ and a danger of a hit arises, e.g. as a termination of vehicles passing at highschool swiftness, twin dealings or level onset dealings, by applying the brakes on one english.
  • The legion help systems too includeActive Parking Assistance, which enables machine-driven parking with dynamic guidance and bracken interference in both duplicate and end-on parking spaces.

    Airbags for safety

    In accession to 3-point bum belts with pyrotechnic whack tensioning and smash effect limit for the driver, the figurehead rider and those in the outer behind seating, legion airbags assist to protect the fomite’s occupants in an stroke. These admit:

  • Hip bags for driver and movement rider
  • a new highly-developed windowpane bag
  • face bags for the outer ass seating
  • a stifle bag for the driver
  • The strawman rider behind is fitted as criterion with robotlike fry bottom identification, which dispenses with the former transponder in prefer of a slant mat. This enables any minor bottom to be secondhand. The airbag is mechanically deactivated when a kid buns is fitted and reactivated erst it has been distant.

    Air conditioning: signals from space

    Mercedes-Benz has undertaken taxonomical promote evolution and material advance of the air conditioning organization in the new C-Class. This applies particularly to the controller timbre, execution, efficiency and air calibre. The new C-Class is besides the sole fomite in the section to propose burrow catching via orbiter sailing. It uses the map info from the piloting organisation and the GPS fix information to closing the air recirculation dither mechanically when the fomite enters a burrow, after re-opening it when the fomite emerges from the burrow.

    Another spotlight tributary to a feel-good ambiance is the AIR-BALANCE bundle with combat-ready fragrancing, air ionisation and more effective filtration than is usable on the stock example.

    Vibrant infotainment

    2015 Mercedes Benz C Class Us Version

    A all new multimedia propagation offers nonrational process in the new C-Class, featuring rarify animations and optic effects which introduce all the functions in a crystallize and extremely attractive fashion. The new C-Class is besides weaponed with the unequalled Frontbass organization. This daring acoustical organization uses the quad inside the cross-member and english mem in the structure as a reverberance bedchamber for the deep speakers to invoke a hearing see virtually on a par with a concert foyer. A Burmester® beleaguer vocalise arrangement is optionally useable.

    The piloting scheme presents its contents in synergistic style. Its features admit an alive apprehend, a “Driving Display” with data for passengers standardized to the on-screen presentations aboard airplanes and Google Maps displayed on the psyche whole.

    2015 Mercedes Benz C Class Us Version

    In-car technology

    COMAND offers a bigger showing with a settlement of 960 x 540 pixels and a exceptional bonded chalk covering such as is fellow from consumer devices care the iPhone or iPad.

    The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class bequeath likewise admit mbrace2 affiliated car engineering, including the uncommitted pick to bear complete 20 Mercedes-Benz Apps incorporated into the COMAND organization.


  • 2015 C300 – $38,400
  • 2015 C300 4MATIC – $40,400
  • 2015 C400 4MATIC – $48,590
  • address & rescue commission – $925
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