2015 Mercedes Benz B Class

Mercedes-Benz B-Class

In footing of both pattern and engineering, the s genesis of the B-Class car has heralded a new compress category era at Mercedes-Benz. More 350,000 of the sports phaeton bear been sold since the commercialise found in belatedly 2011. Now the best-seller from Mercedes-Benz has undergone a major rhytidectomy including outside and internal enhancements on with attractive, redefined pattern and equipment lines.

2015 Mercedes Benz B Class

The width of pick is alone therein section: fivesome economic diesel models with uptake statistics ranging from 3.6 to 5.0 l/100 km, four-spot effective gasoline engines at betwixt 5.4 and 6.6 l/100 km, option campaign systems (B 200 Gas Thrust and B-Class Galvanizing Effort), likewise as optional 4MATIC all-wheel driving. Moreover, with a Cd evaluate of less than 0.25 the sports tourist continues to be the model for its form.

“As the low appendage of a altogether new coevals of squeeze stratum, for us the B-Class paved the way for large winner therein fomite section. The groundbreaker is now in punter bod than always,” says Ola Källenius, Extremity of the Divisional Plug-in Mercedes-Benz Cars responsible Merchandising & Sales. “The B-Class is the complete (kinsfolk) car for anyone who attaches grandness to practicality, solace and safe, but concurrently doesn’t lack to fille out on sportiness or drive kinetics.”

More light: LED High Performance headlamps now available

The easiest way to realise a facelifted B-Class with a gasoline or diesel is from the movement: a new bumper, all-embracing radiator cut with two louvres and now inbuilt daylight operative lamps in the headlamps consecrate the fomite a more constitutive and dynamical show. The back bumper has besides been limited and now features a contoured screening and an extra chromium-plate trimness discase. LED Heights Functioning headlamps produce a more salient aspect, both day and dark (optional supernumerary, not usable for the B-Class Galvanic Campaign or Gas Driving). These addition safe at nighttime due to their full air normal and twinkle of a semblance standardized to daytime. Bichrome arse lamps featuring LED engineering ply stress and piddle the fomite more seeable.

2015 Mercedes-Benz B-Class

A top-quality, usable internal underscores the B-Class’s agio caliber take. The lift gives the fomite a more single, cutting-edge look and boosts the ambit for individualization. Mercedes-Benz has enhanced a turn of high-quality details in the B-Class such as the great, free-standing nous whole show, which is now bigger, with a aslant of capable 20.3 cm (8 inches), and the fashionable dial layout for the instrumentate bundle. Thither is a prize of 12 colors for the ambient inflammation, allowing unlike moods to be created.

2015 Mercedes Benz B Class

Mercedes-Benz has likewise revised the modeling reach and aligned the logic to the otc contract models. Thither are tercet new invention and equipment lines: Stylus, Urban and AMG Job. Apiece features a act of classifiable outside and national details. The Nighttime, Single and AMG Sole packages physique on these and cater more options for individualization.

KEYLESS-GO is new as an optional excess. This entree and effort authority organisation with KEYLESS-GO start office allows the fomite to be open, started and locked plainly by carrying the electronic key with you.

Safety: autonomous partial braking if the risk of a collision is detected

When it made its début, the B-Class redefined the banner of prophylactic in the contract grade with a diverseness of new drive assist systems, approximately of them included as received equipment. These functions suffer now been enhanced and new aid systems added to springiness the driver more backup. Hit Bar Aid Asset extends the functionality of Hit Bar Help with independent fond braking to thin the chance of rear-end collisions. The touchstone Care Help characteristic has besides been upgraded: operational inside an protracted velocity compass (60 – 200 km/h), this now uses a five-stage bar expose to image the driver’s stream tending degree.

“Mercedes connect me” links the B-Class to its environment

Next-generation telematics crack more visceral surgery; functions are more approachable due to alive menus and optical representations on a bigger show in the drumhead whole.

“Mercedes relate me” links the B-Class to its surround. Canonic Mercedes unite me services can be exploited with the banner communications faculty.

The usable services admit, among others, fortuity recuperation, besides as avail sustenance and incidental direction. In an stroke, the Mercedes-Benz pinch vociferation organization mechanically connects the occupants with the Mercedes-Benz Pinch Shout Heart and sends the office and stipulation of the fomite to the delivery operations kernel. A deliver fomite can so be dispatched now. The organisation plant mechanically but can too be triggered manually.

2015 Mercedes Benz B Class

The extra Removed On-line equipment enables customers to unite with their fomite anyplace and at any clip via the URL “join.mercedes.me” and to interrogation by smartphone the satisfy grade of their fire tankful, e.g..

Mercedes colligate me services are eve more broad for the B-Class Electrical Ride: Via “tie.mercedes.me”. The stream charging stratum of the lithium-ion shelling and flow fomite compass can be queried well from a length. The ambit of Mercedes relate me services is rounded off by the power (contingent the temperature) to preheat or precool the fomite cook for a specified expiration clip.

COMAND On-line customers are likewise able-bodied to welcome real-time dealings data courtesy of Subsist Dealings Info.

A wide spectrum: petrol and diesel engines, all-wheel drive and alternative drive systems

In footing of efficiency, the new B-Class continues to set benchmarks with the outdo Cd appraise in its section. The option of effective engines is broad – 4 diesel engines, 4 gasoline engines and two models with substitute crusade systems. Too usable are the B 180 and B 180 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY Editions.

Thanks to the new B 200 CDI 4MATIC, the joy of all-wheel cause and guard now beginning at about 130 g CO2/km rather of terminated 150 g CO2/km (B 220 4MATIC) as antecedently. In amount thither are now four-spot models with all-wheel effort for improved grip, gamey impulsive constancy and secure treatment.

The B 200 Gas Driving and the B-Class Electrical Campaign approaching shortly (sales freeing: 3 November) union the portfolio as two models with choice thrust systems. Both use the B-Class’s modular Vim Infinite eubstance construct: The underbelly houses one heavy and two littler gas tanks and a 14-litre gasolene cooler (B 200 Gas Campaign) or the lithium-ion bombardment (B-Class Galvanising Ride). Due to this well-informed publicity method, the five-seater example has been capable to continue the liberally proportioned trunk for which it is known.

The model range: new product logic with three lines

As role of the rhytidectomy, Mercedes-Benz has revised the B-Class’s modeling scope and brought the modeling crack-up into demarcation with the over-the-counter constrict models. Thither are 3 new excogitation and equipment lines: Manner, Urban and AMG Cable. Apiece features plenitude of classifiable outside and midland details. The Nighttime, Undivided and AMG Undivided packages bod on these and ply more options for individualization. New KEYLESS-GO functions simplify procedure.

The Dash equipment cable underlines the B-Class’s fashionable appearing. Outside characteristics admit light-alloy wheels in an expressive designing, radiator passementerie with two louvres multi-coloured in ir fluent with chromium-plate inserts, and shoulderline trimming strips in chromium-plate. For the fashionable midland thither are seating with Vianen upholstery cloth, cut with a pipeline formula, and selected elements in silver-tongued chromium-plate such as the mold on the multifunction wheel, highlights on the gearstick, and the switches on the top panel. Utilitarian details wish a doubling cup bearer on the inwardness comfort and a 12V socket in the backside round the high-quality flavour.

2015 Mercedes Benz B Class

The Urban equipment contrast emphasises the fomite’s sportiness both inner and out. The radiator trimness with two louvres motley in ir ag and chromium-plate inserts, 43.2 cm (17-inch) 5-spoke light-alloy wheels, and a twin-pipe exhaust incorporated into the bumper with chrome-look tailpipe clipping make a dynamical feeling. In the upcountry the flashy persona is on show with seating featuring upholstery in ARTICO synthetic leather/Montfoort material and a leather multifunction wheel with perforate grasp domain. Details care contrastive topstitching, smooth-spoken chromium-plate highlights and sheet design reduce polish the high-quality spirit.

The AMG Contrast augments the fomite’s sportiness and exclusivity. Brawny AMG bodystyling ensures a dynamical appearing on with the radiator trimming, which has two louvres multi-coloured in ir smooth-spoken and chromium-plate inserts, and the two-pipe exhaust unified into the bumper with chromium-plate feeling tailpipe trimness. A lowered comforter hanging with Sports Direct-Steer organisation improves treatment and boosts impulsive delectation. 45.7 cm (18-inch) 5-twin-spoke AMG light-alloy wheels, punctured bracken discs at the forepart, and bracken callipers at the battlefront with Mercedes-Benz inscription concluded the hit outside. Seating in ARTICO synthetic leather/DINAMICA microfibre and the multifunction sports wheel with planate arse segment, besides as a gearshift with punctured leather, add stylishly gaudy elements in the upcountry. This equipment business too includes red contrastive topstitching on the threshold armrests, inwardness comfort, seating, and shifter. Napped stainless sports pedals with galosh studs are another spotlight.

2015 Mercedes Benz B Class

The Nighttime box allows the outside to be personalised promote. It includes selected innovation elements in inkiness. The radiator reduce sports two high-gloss blackness louvres and chromium-plate inserts. The 45.7 cm (18-inch) high-sheen light-alloy wheels, outside mirror lodging, and shoulderline clipping strips likewise interpose melanize. Dark-tinted chalk from the B-pillar to the arse protects against snoopy eyes and simultaneously emphasises the flashy part.

Comfortableness, caliber, and pattern are hallmarks of the Single parcel. Highlights admit het forepart seating with 4-way lumbar accompaniment that, care the multifunction wheel and shifter, are covered with high-quality leather. The board and threshold center impanel are cut with twinned ARTICO synthetic leather. Leather seating are uncommitted in the pursuit expressive colors: cranberry red, filbert brownness and inkiness. Silver-tongued chromium-plate excogitation elements too assistant to produce an sole ambiance. Among the many otc hard-nosed details are infrared gismo shutting and a 12V socket in the behind.

Edifice on the AMG Cable, the AMG Undivided packet offers eve more exclusivity, individuation and sportiness. Features admit het seating with 4-way lumbar reenforcement where lightlessness RED CUT leather upholstery with red contrastive topstitching creates contact highlights. To compeer them, the board and threshold kernel panels, besides as the armrests in the doors, are cut with ARTICO synthetic leather and sustain red contrastive topstitching. The leather multifunction sports wheel with planate arse subdivision and perforate clench country and the leather shifter pry stress the sportsmanlike persona.

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