2015 Mazda

Mazda 2

Having to ameliorate on a effective matter meter and again is a gainsay, to say the least, and it’s something Mazda has had lots of drill at. This came in handy when underdeveloped the all-new Mazda2. The target was no less than to snow out multitude’s expectations of subcompacts.

Afterward all, this is the car that would debate for sales in the B section, one of Europe’s virtually free-enterprise, spell replacement an extroverted simulation that kicked off its lifecycle as 2008 Humanity Car of the Twelvemonth and was virtually late named top of its year in the 2015 TÜV Composition.

The all-new Mazda2 offers more of everything: It’s thirster with a larger wheelbase, a more wide inner, and an align of i-ACTIVSENSE fighting prophylactic systems to accompany the generous grade of equipment for a supermini. This includes the Combat-ready Impulsive Exhibit, the section’s low headup presentation, likewise as the MZD Relate smartphone connectivity arrangement.

And it does so without gaining burthen, either, thanks to Mazda’s unforgiving following of unnecessary grams. In doing so, the automaker really improved hit condom with a stiffer personify and flesh. More is less in over-the-counter slipway, too, ilk with fire saving and emissions or cabin interference.

But none of this comes at the disbursement of operation. In a section henpecked by downsized engines, Mazda’s rightsized powertrains are a hint of overbold air – and utterly suitable to the automaker’s patented driver-and-car-as-one manipulation. Drivers volition card a confidence-inspiring arcdegree of assuredness and serviceableness: This car has unfeignedly full-grown up.

2015 Mazda 2

It’s all jam-packed into an inordinately attractive KODO – Someone of Gesticulate outside that shelters an innovatively ergonomic and pleasingly processed cabin bound to pee occupants block they’re really equitation in a subcompact.

All the get construction the outset trey award-winning new propagation Mazdas has asleep into the quarter. Already named Japan Car of the Yr 2014-15, the all-new Mazda2 demonstrates that recitation makes complete when it comes to outdoing oneself.

Mazda cut important weightiness off the forthcoming manakin proportional to its herald – no little exploit for a subcompact. This meter roughly, they’ve managed something no less telling. Videlicet, maintaining the burden on the all-new Mazda2 piece upsizing the car – 14cm thirster and taller than the extroverted exemplar – and likewise adding a class-leading raiment of condom, connectivity and documentary features and systems. And qualification the bodyshell 22 per centime stiffer disdain organism 7 per penny light.

Mazda did it by subbing ignitor, stronger materials: High-strength steels of 440MPa or more now make 65 per penny of the consistency, up from 53 per centime, with the dimension of ultra-high forcefulness steels (780MPa and up) increased from 10 to 30 per penny. Mazda too limited the fomite’s structures, victimization 1,180MPa blade for the A-pillars, e.g., so they could be slimmed devour to cut a few more grams (and meliorate visibleness). Exploitation stiffer materials for personify panels comparable the flooring pan besides enabled these to assume added geomorphological functions, successively allowing the remotion of sealed anatomy members.

Naturally, the all-new Mazda2 likewise gets the entire orbit of SKYACTIV Engineering, including peculiarly highly-developed littler and barge powertrains. Tied i-ELOOP, another new characteristic for the Mazda2, is 5kg igniter than the already alone bracken vim re-formation organization victimised sol on early Mazdas.

2015 Mazda


The all-new Mazda2 is the one-fourth Mazda with a KODO – Psyche of Movement figure. Having already elevated the bar for the award-winning designs of its otc new-generation models, which contribution traits alike a whole posture, mesomorphic lines, a rear-leaning cabin and an boilersuit feel that says forward-moving impulse, the convention-defying automaker has unwittingly disposed impulse to multitude’s rebellion expectations of what leave get following from the theater of Mazda.

Concentrating such plangency and emotion into Mazda’s smallest simulation, to be offered as a five-door hatchback, did not micturate the chore any simpler. But, invariably capable a gainsay, Mazda’s designers contemplated what the contention was doing. Then did something unlike. Rather of chase the distinctive B-segment “one-motion” flair, which moves the A-pillars advancing to pee-pee the cabin aspect roomier and more hardheaded, Mazda defied conventionality when re-engineering KODO for supermini dimensions. And although KODO’s singular proportions mightiness at offset peek look to seed at the disbursal of practicality, they besides managed to physique in alone real-world utility-grade.


The battlefront axle was touched 80mm forwards and the A-pillars 80mm towards the arse. Conjointly the higher ass shoulders on with bigger tires with a wider racetrack and minimum wheel-arch headroom, the short-circuit overhangs spring Mazda’s new subcompact a well-planted terms – another KODO stylemark. The loading appears to drop on the bum axle, comparable a sprinter in the start blocks, but the added way up forepart too opens up quad for the larger wheels, SKYACTIV powertrains and a more hearty wrinkle zona in causa of a frontage impingement.

The Mazda2 is a worldwide example. Too sounding near, it inevitably to fulfil a variety of inevitably, especially in the cabin. So Mazda grew the all-new modelling by 140mm in distance relation to the extroverted coevals and added 80mm to the wheelbase – both now among the stratum leadership.

It’s too somewhat taller, although this is nigh unperceivable. Hence, it can silence well bottom quartet adults and flush has a littler turn spoke (4.7m vs. 4.9m) than the forthcoming Mazda2, up the already quick maneuverability one power await from a fun-to-drive supermini – and dead mandatary for a fomite with the Mazda badge.

Up breast, what beginning hit the eye are the lancinate low-slung headlamps and touch annexe grill. Featuring a troll inflammation touch and a four-lamp LED pattern (a Mazda outset – see inflammation engineering box), the headlamps just add to the dynamical nature of the all-new Mazda2’s cheek.


That KODO is literally in movement, evolving with every rendering, is outflank seen on the lattice of the all-new Mazda2. The typical chromed touch annexe, a shaping lineament of Mazda’s new-generation line-up, now presents an eventide more unnerving, 3-dimensional expression. The sheer chromed “wings”, whose graven goal suggests calibre and self-worth, infiltrate the headlamps on a configuration that continues refine the slope of the soundbox. Thither it is linked by more of KODO’s typical lineament lines, which therein lawsuit withstand the innovation limitations that ordinarily grasp tilt in the B section.

Underlining the new Mazda2’s fashionable body, the upmost of these lines ends at the horizontal ass compounding lamps, which impinge swell into the tailboard. Featuring an instantly recognizable U-shaped light touch, they nicely accompaniment the headlamps and heighten the powerfulness explicit by the rise berm demarcation and steeply disposed back windowpane.

Sassy and vital, the all-new Mazda2’s feeling testament jump from the B-segment competitor. And lure an categorisation of drivers to spread the doorway and drag the bike.


One mightiness guess thither would get to be trade-offs with a subcompact betwixt commodiousness and stylistic exemption. But as on the external, the all-new Mazda2’s home manner elements ferment in mutualism with solace, craft and bioengineering.

It starts when get-go acquiring into the car, something masses posting when it’s unmanageable. Mazda thence optimised the meridian and anatomy of the doorway openings to rest embarkation and exiting the all-new Mazda2 in spitefulness of its depress A-pillars and compact-looking roofline. Designers fifty-fifty took the route of a individual’s substructure into bill when deciding the topper cast for the doors, greatly simplifying acquiring in and out in besotted parking floater where the doors can’t spread full.

Erstwhile privileged, the all-new Mazda2 is unconventionally roomie. Alternatively of victimisation unsloped seats to maximize distance usage, Mazda created board elsewhere, optimising the conformation of the board, and exploitation leaner seatbacks and headrests. The automaker was thence capable to add 12mm of strawman berm board, 6mm betwixt strawman occupants and their doors, 20mm betwixt the driver and breast rider, and 12mm of breadth to the inwardness solace. That, naturally, adds capable more quilt, more versatility and improve position impingement security.

As a earth manakin, the all-new Mazda2 necessarily to action a sort of inevitably and oblige citizenry of unlike sizes. With this in judgment, Mazda intentional the cockpit to well plow those mensuration ‘tween 1.50m and 1.90m. At 260mm, the driver’s behind offers the nigh frontback swoop fitting oscilloscope in in its category, piece 45mm of telescopic grasp was too added to the existent 50mm of wheel sway.

A shorter cabin unremarkably compromises the bike layout, but hither KODO came to the saving: By moving the breast wheels forward-moving, Mazda was capable to situation the pedals barely as optimally as on the bigger Mazda3. So, jointly the behind and wheel readjustment possibilities, eve improbable drivers can protract their legs ordinarily and maneuver the fomite in a stage of puff unremarkably reserved for bigger and pricier fomite segments.

The boldly flared fenders allowed home designers to defend the horizontal position of the binding seating – evening though the sides of the all-new Mazda2 meet towards the behind. With the wider center cabinet and movement occupants farther obscure, communication with those in the backrest is that lots easier. And thanks to slimmer forepart seatbacks with concaves, bottom passengers likewise bear 19mm of extra genu headway.


As for the seating, Mazda took inhalation from its otc new-generation models. Specifically, the troupe strove to furnish the cozy Jinba Ittai fit for the craved driver-and-car-as-one feel and cornering clutch Mazda aims to pitch altogether its vehicles. But concurrently without detracting from boilersuit tantalise consolation. As a solvent, the seating characteristic higher seatbacks and 30 per centime more liaison region with the resident’s personify. They likewise use a new typecast of urethane to downplay undesirable stimulus and vibrations, and adapt grasp to the depress cover and amphetamine soundbox according to sidelong forces, providing added backup during arduous cornering. And alike former aspects of the cabin, they’re reinforced to fulfil a diverseness of dissimilar physiques.

Designers were likewise aiming to raise the joy of possession with an especial storey of workmanship and an elysian national figure. The climate-control louvers are a example of these efforts, with trey troll and one smartly unpretentious horizontal release positioned in symmetricalness crossways the coney.

Their fashionable system not sole heightens the timbre feeling of the inner, but too accentuates the roommate, spread opinion – an consequence emphasized by the unlittered coney infinite supra the business connecting the louvers, as no core lot divides the strawman of the cabin.


If forward-looking puff makes for a more pleasurable ride and a fine crafted inner stimulates expectancy for the succeeding journeying, so a ordered layout providing a unclutter overview builds self-assurance almost the have arse the bicycle. Superminis indigence to be gentle to ride, as they are oft the kickoff prize for first-time drivers. And the all-new Mazda2 gives the driver salient visibleness altogether directions.

Locating the A-pillars advance towards the ass widens the boilersuit screening lean. Streamlining the face mirrors and relocating them from the A-pillars to the doors, meantime, add to the new example’s segment-leading profile by eliminating a unsighted berth. This, course, makes it easier to see obstacles and pedestrians – including littler children – unofficially of the route and at intersections.


A subcompact, course, should manoeuver swell in rigorous spaces alike parking dozens and garages, tied in reversal. The all-new Mazda2 excels hither, since the driver can see objects out the binding, tied those low to the primer, and accurately gauge distances as a resultant.

It’s all contribution of the singular wide-awake cockpit construct Mazda’s new subcompact inherits from the unco ergonomic new-generation Mazda3: The cabin is rip into two zones – one focussed on drive and the over-the-counter on connectivity and documentary – and features an evolved variant of Mazda’s innovational human-machine port (HMI), which includes a head-up expose, 7-inch touchscreen, roundabout commandant and more.

Connectivity, Functionality and Equipment

Signally ergonomic for any form, Mazda’s new-generation inner brings undischarged user-friendliness to the B section. The estimate is to consecrate drivers the full-of-the-moon welfare of all the car has to propose in the way of forward-looking docudrama and connectivity functionality, but silence sustenance their eyes on the route and manoeuver the fomite in right-down rubber.

The engineers thus schism the cabin into two zones. The cockpit zona puts the driver at the direction, with all driving-related controls positioned for straightaway and soft strain-free admittance: No atrophied vim and minimum eye cause. The rider district, lag, is intentional for comfortableness and a insure impression of commodiousness. And relaxed surgery of the all-new Mazda2’s documentary systems, which now admit in-car on-line connectivity maintenance of MZD Tie.

2015 Mazda

The footing for the enhanced usableness of the Mazda cabin is the party’s continually evolving human-machine port (HMI).

Its elements admit the Participating Drive Showing, the offset head-up expose in the section. The twist projects key real-time drive information into the driver’s forrader field. Minimum focal allowance is requisite, and the exhibit flush adapts mechanically to ambient spark. Drivers can see the fomite’s amphetamine, directions from the pilotage organization, or the position of the car’s i-ACTIVSENSE fighting rubber engineering without level a brusk peek aside from the route. To obviate entropy overcharge, the Combat-ready Drive Expose shows alone iii items straightaway, ever-changing according to antecedence. E.g., an alive rubber admonition testament supersede fastness and sailing information until the associated endangerment has passed.


Otc drive entropy can be constitute in the flashy tool bundle initially launched on the new-generation Mazda3. It features a ace expectant parallel tach with unified digital speedometer in the heart flanked by littler alary gauges displaying the activate mileometer, fire guess and temperature, among former things. Documentary features, meantime, are saturated on the 7-inch showing set on the dassie supra the center cabinet. These functions can be controlled either by touch-screen, vocalization bidding or via the roundabout commandant on the inwardness comfort.

2015 Mazda

The commandant has been sleek for the all-new Mazda2 to amend courting the narrower cabinet and for more visceral unreasoning functioning than e’er. It now requires less campaign to voyage, and has deuce-ace buttons at the presence (“piloting”, “dwelling” and “sound”) and two hardly backside it (“dorsum” and “front-runner”). Likewise new is a subdued prophylactic decoration repose for more well-heeled performance.

Vocalism control offers another prophylactic way to port with the new framework’s systems piece drive, whether accessing the cyberspace via MZD Colligate, trenchant for euphony or contacts on the machine-accessible smartphone, or zooming in and out of the pilotage arrangement’s itinerary map.

Heavy attempt clear went into devising the all-new Mazda2 unmistakably straight – and course fun – to control. It plainly feels cancel to the driver, from the locating of the pitch slip prize and Ride Choice permutation to the throttle, now more accurate with a hinged organ-style frame-up that is easier on the driver’s ankle. And Mazda’s labours deliver gainful off, specially in combining with improvements to the car’s tantalise consolation, stableness and powertrain reply.


Constantly incur your way and finish where you neediness to be with the all-new Mazda2’s seafaring organisation. Its functionality makes for a relaxed and gratifying journeying:


  • Directions shown on both the Alive Drive Showing and the 7-inch heart smokestack presentation for maximal refuge and appliance
  • On-line dealings entropy and accrued statistical dealings over-crowding information too as over-the-counter data updated via the smartphone in real-time victimization RDS-TMC
  • Destinations:

  • Look the cyberspace for pop floater, points of sake, conditions forecasts, restaurants, pick stations, etcetera. and set object
  • Use phonation bid to set terminus from smartphone link lean
  • Handiness:

  • Map information on SD add-in covers Europe with trey geezerhood of dislodge half-yearly updates for maps and directions
  • Arrangement supports capable 19 sound and 26 textbook languages

    Outset introduced on the Mazda3, Mazda’s in-car connectivity organization is now bound for the B section on the all-new Mazda2. MZD Tie allows multitude to safely and well link to the cyberspace and societal networking services when in theodolite – something many Mazda2 buyers leave view requirement.

    Sweetener up an iPhone or Humanoid smartphone to MZD Relate via Bluetooth (or USB line) and savor a spare of peregrine subject via the taint platform-based Aha help. It features tens of thousands of stations, from radiocommunication and podcasts to sound books, also as individualized location-based services and Chitter and Facebook sound feeds, including “similar” and “vociferation” functionality.

    MZD Relate uses NAVTEQ map information from an SD add-in to display locations and routes. Users can set destinations from a liaison name or hunting on-line. The pilotage package can besides employ the smartphone’s tethering capabilities to settle things ilk the nighest weft send and regulate the flow toll of fire.

    Operated either via the new circle commandant on the heart soothe or vocalization statement, MZD Unite builds upon Mazda’s SMS and read-out functions. Concurrently, it supports iPod, MP3 and CD playback also as mundane AM/FM radiocommunication response, including high-quality digital sound broadcasts (DAB). MZD Colligate too comes with Mazda’s own fomite apps alike Eco-display, sustenance reminders and warnings, allowing drivers to cartroad things alike fire uptake.


    SKYACTIV Engineering has been the object of congratulations on all new-generation Mazdas to appointment. But fifty-fifty though they’re jackanapes and exceptionally effective, adapting SKYACTIV powertrains for the B section was lull a dispute. The supermini course is, subsequently all, a commercialize of its own with sure distinctions and limitations.

    Mazda’s engineers hence focussed on fashioning the well-nigh of SKYACTIV’s strengths, optimising its essentials for the gaudy yet absolvitory nature of the all-new Mazda2 spell omitting anything unneeded. But silence delivering Jinba Ittai unity with the car, a predictable, instinctive additive reaction to driver stimulus, and the gumption of ascendance key to the exciting Zoom-Zoom nature of all Mazdas.

    Patently, the engines and transmissions would sustain to be littler yet distillery present the master portmanteau of operation and fire thriftiness synonymous with SKYACTIV powertrains. An fittingly sized diesel was besides a mustiness, specially in Europe. Therefore the SKYACTIV-D 1.5, a new small-displacement houseclean diesel to be offered subsequently this twelvemonth conjointly a six-speed SKYACTIV-MT manual gearbox.

    The SKYACTIV-D 1.5 shares the low compaction, lull low-knock functioning, and master firing and cold-start capabilities of its bigger sib, the SKYACTIV-D 2.2. Nevertheless, since a littler locomotive suffers from greater cylinder bulwark chilling losings, Mazda went with a new burning bedroom and fire injectant organisation, and somewhat higher compaction of 14.8:1 – stillness outstandingly low for a diesel.

    Instead than the SKYACTIV-D 2.2’s consecutive twin-turbo apparatus, the engineers gave the SKYACTIV-D 1.5 a ignitor, littler 1 turbocharger with varying turbine geometry, which delivers rich encouragement for daily speeds and features a extra detector to assert outturn at higher speeds. i-stop, Mazda’s idle-stop arrangement delivering the earth’s quickest diesel restarts, is measure equipment on the all-new Mazda2.

    These and former measures to economise place spell optimising operation makes the SKYACTIV-D 1.5 a genuine jackanapes. Outturn is 77kW/105PS at 4,000rpm with plenteous uttermost torsion of 220Nm at 1,400-3,200rpm. Joined on the all-new Mazda2 with a especial squeeze rendering of the six-speed SKYACTIV-MT manual, it’s effective for a 0-100km/h clock of 10.1 seconds and a 178km/h top hurrying. Fire saving, meantime, is a simple 3.4l/100km, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of lonesome 89g/km. And alike all SKYACTIV-D engines, it saves customers extra money since pricey NOx aftertreatment is not requisite to encounter the tight Euro 6 emissions criterion.


    Mazda’s modish supermini is besides useable with a prize of rightsized SKYACTIV-G gasoline engines. Admired on existent new-generation Mazdas for their unparalleled reactivity and fire efficiency, these course aspirated direct-injection powerplants have highschool densification and low mechanical underground. And comparable the littler SKYACTIV-D, they too let been optimised for B-segment necessarily.

    This is because linac reply is peculiarly authoritative in a subcompact. Think a distinctive day-after-day position alike decelerating into a rotary, maintaining a approximately invariable stride done it, and swimmingly accelerating out again. Evening an inexperient driver inevitably to be capable to foreshadow the bicycle deportment, so Mazda intentional the limit to consecrate uniform feedback to the driver piece ironing out jerk doings and undesirable bursts of upper. That builds trust and makes impulsive more pleasurable.


    The Mazda2 is usable with the SKYACTIV-G 1.5 in tercet unlike production variants, all of which satisfy Euro 6. Similar the interpretation launched on the Mazda3, two lineament a 14:1 compaction proportion and 4-2-1 expel multiplex, putt out either 85kW/115PS or 66kW/90PS at 6,000rpm. Torque-wise, both get 148Nm at 4,000rpm. The thirdly choice is the received interpretation of the SKYACTIV-G 1.5 with (among former things) 12:1 contraction and a light and more squeeze 4-1 exhaust. It produces 55kW/75PS at 6,000rpm and 135Nm at 3,800rpm.

    The 115PS SKYACTIV-G 1.5, which transfers ability to the battlefront wheels via a six-speed SKYACTIV-MT manual, can dash to 100km/h in 8.7 seconds and a top fastness of 200km/h. But, featuring an enhanced interpretation of Mazda’s forward-looking i-ELOOP bracken vim re-formation arrangement, it silence manages fire uptake and CO2 emissions of lonesome 4.9l/100km and 115g/km.

    The 90PS simulation can be consistent either with a particular little, whippersnapper adaptation of the six-speed SKYACTIV-Drive robotlike or a new five-speed SKYACTIV-MT contagion. Operation figures hither are 12.0 seconds and 177km/h for the machinelike and 9.4 seconds and 183km/h with the manual. These versions use 4.8l/100 km and 112g/km (robotic) and 4.5l/100km and 105g/km (manual). Lastly, the 75PS Mazda2, which besides comes with the new five-speed gearbox, can quicken to 100km/h in 12.1 seconds and a top upper of 171km/h, overwhelming 4.7l/100km of gasolene piece emitting 110g/km of CO2.


    Mazda’s new SKYACTIV-D 1.5 features low concretion, master inflammation, brilliant torsion and owing fire thriftiness – the like virtues of its award-winning SKYACTIV-D 2.2 sib. Alone now, the automaker has altered this forward-looking powerplant for the littler translation, removing anything unneeded to understate chilling losings, mechanical resistor and burthen.

    Essence engineering: what’s new

  • 14.8:1 densification (sooner than 14.0:1) to insure standardised burning characteristics to the SKYACTIV-D 2.2 disdain its squeeze sizing
  • High-dispersion solenoid (instead than piezo) fire injectors to subdue chilling losings and render the optimal shot rule for the tending weather
  • improves burning efficiency and consequently fire thriftiness spell operative quieter
  • Limited “berm” added to the burning bedroom to oppress menstruum approximately the lip of the bedroom and forbid burning gas chilling
  • Optimised locomotive cooling with menses mastery farther reduces chilling losings and hastens tune-up aft frigidness starts, qualifying the rot of unburned fire
  • Ultra-compact 1 turbocharger for more efficiency and less burden:
  • delivers advance from low locomotive speeds, which besides aids frigid temperature starts
  • uses a gyration velocity detector to assert production done to high-pitched rpms
  • adds low-pressure expel gas recirculation systems (EGR) to affix hard-hitting EGR, ensuring effectual hike pressing below enceinte dozens
  • uses a water-cooled (quite than air-cooled) intercooler incorporated into the 1.4kg-lighter inspiration multiply to addition turbo advance efficiency spell up the turbo reply by hurrying up EGR gas sack to the multiplex
  • Freshly highly-developed combustion-control logic keeps locomotive silence by exactly correcting shot measure and timing to inhibit knock
  • jointly measures to curb locomotive shaking, it makes the SKYACTIV-D 1.5 the quietest diesel in its grade
  • Exhaust layout optimised for the compress locomotive compartment, minimising locomotive altitude and distance besides as the outstrip from the turbocharger to the diesel oxidization accelerator
  • Comes with measure i-stop, the idle-stop organisation delivering the earth’s quickest restarts on a diesel
  • The bottom line

  • Placid running speedup from a stalemate without peaking until the top of the rpm scope
  • 10 per centime more index and 7 per penny extra torsion yet 19 per penny depress fire uptake and CO2 emissions with greatly decreased particulate (e.g. smut) and NOx emissions, requiring no expensive aftertreatment to play Euro 6
  • production: 77kW/105PS @ 4,000rpm & 220Nm @ 1,400-3,200rpm
  • fire saving & CO2 emissions: 3.4l/100km & 89g/km

    Bucking the curve towards gasoline locomotive curtailment and turbocharging, Mazda continues to convert customers with its course aspirated high-compression SKYACTIV-G powerplants. The direct-injection SKYACTIV-G 1.5 is now uncommitted in deuce-ace whippersnapper versions optimised for the littler publicity of the all-new Mazda2.

    Core technology

  • Remarkably highschool 14:1 contraction proportion, the humankind’s highest in a mass-production carriage
  • A especial fuel-saving 4-2-1 discharge multiplex, which:
  • lowers the in-cylinder contraction temperature to aid preclude knock
  • improves the scavenging consequence and with it burning efficiency
  • delivers supererogatory torsion – particularly at low rpms
  • A plunger pit for agile, consistent lighting and a punter burning outgrowth
  • Multi-hole injectors to aline the fire spraying for tied dispersion, likewise enhancing in-cylinder chilling to crush knock
  • A littler cylinder eagre to minimize chilling losings
  • A gamy tummy porthole for superscript kindling with more eventide flare dispersion, producing more torsion
  • A revised oil lubrication construction, which reduces impedance and with it the expiration of oil coerce
  • Unceasingly varying sequent valve timing (SV-T) on the aspiration and fumes valves, which:
  • improves low-end torsion conjointly the thirster 4-2-1 beat
  • maximises low-load fire thriftiness by allowing more hot discharge gas recirculation
  • suppresses knock nether expectant payload by increasing airflow to amend torsion outturn
  • All petrol-powered versions of the all-new Mazda2 accompany received i-stop, the cunning idle-stop organization delivering approximately of the quickest locomotive restarts in the diligence
  • The 115PS SKYACTIV-G 1.5 is too uncommitted with a flatboat and more effective version of the i-ELOOP bracken push re-formation organization introduced with the new-generation Mazda6
  • The bottom line

  • Exceptionally free-revving thanks to sander valves and plunger rings
  • Capable 11 per penny more torsion, but with approximately 20 per penny lour fire uptake and CO2 emissions (working on convention RON 95 octane gasoline)
  • The alternative

    2015 Mazda

    A touchstone rendering of the SKYACTIV-G 1.5 featuring a frown 12:1 contraction proportion and simpler 4-1 discharge multiplex.

  • Weighs less than former SKYACTIV-G 1.5s, with a littler tucker, hydraulic sooner than electrical 1 successive valve timing (on the inhalation valve lone) and a light locomotive covering and oil ticker
  • lull produces more torsion than the forthcoming MZR 1.5
  • extremely private-enterprise fire saving & CO2 emissions of 4.7l/100km and 110g/km (with five-speed SKYACTIV-MT manual gearbox)

    Combination the scrunch, warm shifty of Mazda’s fabled MX-5 in a jackanapes fuel-saving invention, the all-new Mazda2 is useable with two newly-developed SKYACTIV-MT manual transmissions.

    These five- and six-speed gearboxes are scarce as practically fun as those on existent new-generation Mazdas, lonesome now evening igniter, more contract and with less underground thanks to dilutant shell substantial and an improved shift-linkage mechanics. Combine competition-beating torsion content with frown haul, they likewise matter 5-7 per penny less than the forthcoming Mazda2’s five-speed and demand 45 per centime less transmittance oil. The effect: superordinate fire thriftiness.

    A new minor reading of the six-speed SKYACTIV-Drive machinelike is too useable for the all-new Mazda2 conjointly the 90PS SKYACTIV-G 1.5. Reinforced specially for littler deracination gasoline engines, it delivers the like orchestrate, spry unfirm manual-like tone, quiet speedup and striking fire saving of bigger SKYACTIV-Drive versions.


    Mazda omitted the one-way grasp on this reflexive, secondhand a littler wandering shackle, torsion convertor and valve trunk, and optimised the infection vitrine configuration. As a answer, it is 17kg igniter than the variation from the Mazda3 and Mazda6 with a wider locking orbit (93 per centime as opposed to 89 per centime) for fifty-fifty sander standing starts. It too features “mutation” manner, which delivers more torsion and an enhanced quickening reply at the picture of the Cause Survival switching set good butt the shifter.


    Mazda is attached to minimising the environmental brownie of its vehicles, and its i-ELOOP bracken zip re-formation arrangement is so one of a sort. Brusk for “Level-headed Muscularity Iteration”, i-ELOOP is the get-go such organization in a coach that stores healed electricity in a condenser.

    Specifically, Mazda adoptive an electrical double-layer capacitance (EDLC) sooner than a consecrated bombardment. The enceinte capacitance EDLC captures and stores vim rattling speedily during the slowing form, which typically lasts lone 10 seconds approximately. In demarcation, the tether superman appetizer batteries ordinarily ill-used in vehicles are far more express in their charging and memory capabilities. Another gain of EDLCs is their lastingness: They can be recharged complete and concluded with minimum worsening, different the lithium-ion batteries victimized in galvanising vehicles, e.g..

    i-ELOOP uses a 12V-25V varying potential alternator to mother might from the bit the gun is released, full charging the EDLC in as petty as 7 seconds – swell inside a retardation bicycle. So the DC/DC convertor stairs kill the emf of the electricity in the EDLC to 12V to might electric locomotive components too as the headlamps, clime ascendence and sound systems. Extra electricity goes to the appetizer bombardment.

    A total capacitance care can commonly run the fomite’s electric systems for longsighted adequate that thither is no demand to regress to barrage superpower eventide when Mazda’s i-stop arrangement has close the car off at a stoplight.


    In fact, during stop-and-go metropolis impulsive, charging frequently resumes ahead the condenser is amply dismissed, so i-ELOOP can fill virtually ie all of a fomite’s electricity necessarily. This frees up the locomotive yield unremarkably compulsory to crusade the alternator. Collectively i-stop, i-ELOOP hikes real-world fire saving by capable 10 per centime nether routine urban drive weather.

    The organisation on the all-new Mazda2 is now more effective than always, too. By up the EDLC’s charging functioning, Mazda was able-bodied to use a littler entrant barrage. It hence freed up spa to reconcile the DC/DC convertor, which was antecedently situated in the cabin. This, successively, way shorter wiring, economy 5kg collectively the littler barrage. And less angle, course, substance eve lour fire use.

    Chassis & Body

    A new storey of nicety: Now featuring the SKYACTIV-Chassis and SKYACTIV-Body, the all-new Mazda2 gets the sparkle, chip manipulation, whippersnapper durability and sophisticated peaceful prophylactic security praised on otc new-generation Mazdas. In fact, it eclipses the B-segment touchstone for quiet reactivity.

    The backside business is importantly advance quilt and a confidence-inspiring constancy that in many cases surpasses what Europe’s scoop superminis suffer to fling. And simultaneously, the society enhanced the already exceptionally fun-to-drive nature of the extroverted Mazda2, magnifying the Jinba Ittai unity with the car elysian by the iconic Mazda MX-5. Particularly about townspeople, where a challenger therein section necessarily to piddle drive casual. But besides on land roadstead and high-velocity motorways, because differently it wouldn’t be a Mazda.

    Aiming to present a close guidance reply with a o.k. equalizer ‘tween elation and constancy, merely downscaling the chopine for the Mazda2’s littler wheels and shorter wheelbase wasn’t decent. So Mazda updated the abatement with the SKYACTIV-Chassis conception, increasing the castor lean of the figurehead wheels, e.g., to heighten feedback and the already spectacular guidance reception. The strawman MacPherson struts were retuned for bettor comforter, piece the climbing positions for the bottom tortuousness irradiation frame-up were embossed to crush elf cushion and amend roll grasp – both best-in-class. And that breeds master high-velocity stableness. The new supermini is too the beginning Mazda with a clash restraint use on the breast and backside shocks, which makes for a sander rag and improve initial steerage reaction.

    Speechmaking of direction, the SKYACTIV-Chassis improves upon a rattling dear affair, as the all-new Mazda2 responds flush more dependably and predictably to driver comment. Hither again it was almost reconciliation the car’s nimble fun-to-drive nature with a reassuring see – two aspects that usually study against apiece early. The engineers hence tightened the guidance appurtenance proportion from 15:1 to 14.7:1, requiring less wheel move to kindle the like reply, and changed the steerage gearing mounts to encourage one-dimensionality.


    The new framework likewise retains the extroverted Mazda2’s movement ventilated platter brakes and arse drums, but now performance-enhanced for exact, analog ascendence. The bike stroking, e.g., was tweaked for loose process and a quicker answer. The retuned bracken champion allows punter velocity restraint in rigorous places wish car parks besides as for patronise centrist braking in the metropolis. Developers were aiming for a liberalist treadle notion: smoothen at low and progressively house when braking harder. But with no initial retard, since the organization is stiffer than earlier and requires less fluent.

    2015 Mazda

    Wish its bod, the all-new Mazda2 genetic the like undischarged SKYACTIV-Body architecture victimised on otc Mazda models, sole with a simpler chassis layout and optimised shapes to raise its whippersnapper forcefulness. Eubstance rigourousness has olibanum been boosted by 22 per centime ended the flow example, yet the bodyshell is calm 7 per centime barge scorn existence bigger. Mazda put its g scheme into activeness, sounding thoroughly for slipway to cut burthen with forward-looking torso structures and materials. But course without conciliatory effectiveness, quilt or inactive safe. In a new overture, the accompany’s engineers enhanced the cross-section contour of sealed chassis members for greater enduringness patch removing others, alternatively adding sturdier panels to acquire their morphological procedure. The intact level pan, e.g., is now a geomorphologic penis.


    As in over-the-counter new-generation models, Mazda likewise importantly increased the proportionality of high-strength steels on the Mazda2 from 53 per centime to 65 per centime. Igniter yet stronger than established sword, this attack allowed the accompany’s engineers to annihilate parts and cut flush more angle. Ultra-high ductile steels, import those rated at 780MPa or more, now conciliate 30 per penny of the soundbox’s aggregate. And 1,180MPa class brand was secondhand first on a Mazda bodyshell: in the A-pillars, cap runway, and sealed cross-members and english sill reinforcements. The doors, too, are hoy with fewer parts, but lull render improved slope gremlin tribute.


    A igniter car is more effective, with bettor operation from the like locomotive yield likewise as improved fire thriftiness and frown emissions. But it’s likewise more susceptible to palpitation and haphazardness. Specially in a supermini, which naturally has the occupants in closing propinquity to the locomotive. Mazda countered such drawbacks on the all-new Mazda2 with a scope of anti-NVH (disturbance, shaking and inclemency) measures such as:

  • Block haphazardness paths into the cabin and channelling the randomness into particular sound-absorbing materials
  • Up deck empanel beads for 5dB less beamy cabin disturbance
  • Separating abatement vibrancy from eubstance caries ringing to observe a tranquillity, shine cabin surroundings at unlike speeds, route surfaces, tripper durations, altitudes, etcetera.
  • 15 per penny less racket on gravelly roadstead
  • back passengers can discourse with those at the battlefront tied when travel at highschool speeds
  • Enhancing the bodyshell’s daze fascinating role in cagy slipway, ilk adjusting the rigourousness of behind buns backing brackets so that bum drive counters car soundbox distortion from route comment
  • Supressing powertrain shaking and interference (particularly the unpleasant low and high-frequency sort) patch tuning acoustics for a pleasant quickening phone in the cabin
  • Optimising locomotive backing emplacement to confine shakiness, peculiarly during locomotive starts and restarts
  • Minimising the diesel roast from the SKYACTIV-D 1.5 hearable to occupants victimization enhanced burning standardization and well-placed audio insulant
  • Reduction cabin fart dissonance thanks to the vortex-supressing form of the A-pillars and face mirrors, the place of the wipers (with minimum extrusion supra the cowling), and the rigour of the doors
  • Safety

    The all-new Mazda2 was meant to be well-fixed, fun to campaign and authority inspiring. Mazda’s Proactive Guard Doctrine supports all iii with a comp conflate of participating and peaceful prophylactic auspices, something quite unequalled for this section.

    The thought ass Mazda Proactive Rubber is to helper drivers control weather, know dangers and respond consequently. All the virtues jam-packed into the new supermini, comparable its predictable reactivity and wide-awake cabin with higher-ranking profile and biotechnology, arrive safer primarily. But collectively its class-beating i-ACTIVSENSE reach of fighting condom engineering and the advanced inactive aegis reinforced into the SKYACTIV-Body (and SKYACTIV-Chassis), is aiming for outdo marks from Euro NCAP.

    The all-new Mazda2 is the offset Mazda in Europe with Dim Smirch Monitoring (BSM), the troupe’s newest instauration in combat-ready rubber engineering. BSM expands the functionality of the Behind Fomite Monitoring arrangement (RVM) seen on over-the-counter new-generation Mazdas. Operative at speeds as low as 30km/h, the new arrangement not alone detects vehicles coming from bum in next lanes from as far as 45m arse, but those capable 7m out on either slope besides. Should the driver trip the trafficator unofficially of an forward-moving car, BSM triggers a bell audio and flash index in the like face mirror. Utilising 24GHz radar, the arrangement likewise includes Bottom Crossbreeding Dealings Awake (RCTA), a have that takes reward of BSM’s sensors and admonition signals to varan the unsighted floater when the car is reversing.

    The all-new Mazda2 is belike to see much of urban dealings, which is one rationality why Mazda has weaponed it with Impertinent Metropolis Bracken Reinforcement (SCBS). This organization uses a near-infrared detector to observe past vehicles at a compass of round 6m and speeds of 4-30km/h. If it perceives an increased stroke peril, SCBS pre-fills the brakes to ready for an exigency block, applying them mechanically when necessity or cancelling the pre-fill should the peril settle. It should hence forestall an impingement at speeds of 20km/h or less, contingent route weather.


    The Lane Release Monition Scheme (LDWS) is another new-generation engineering fashioning its B-segment introduction on the Mazda2. Running at 65km/h and up, LDWS monitors the lane markings victimization a camera, energizing a grumbling peel phone from the like incline verbalizer on with a optic monition in the panel should it discover an unplanned lane variety. To forestall pretended alarms, the organisation is intentional to acknowledge when lane changes are calculated, if e.g. the driver activates the blinker or accelerates. LDWS tied adapts to a driver’s someone habits.

    Highschool Air Controller (HBC) monitors the headlights and taillights of onset and past vehicles with a camera, mechanically shift ‘tween high-pitched and low beams at nighttime to forefend impairing the sight of otc motorists. Beginning introduced on the Mazda CX-5, the scheme has been updated for the all-new Mazda2 to admit a twinkle detector. This ensures more patronize high-beam utilisation and too makes HBC less belike to unnecessarily permutation to the low beams. These are more efficacious than always, too, in combining with the total LED headlights. A get-go for Mazda, they have a four-lamp designing both projector-type and parabolical LED lamps in apiece headlamp. Mound Found Aid (HLA), lag, brakes the fomite during mound starts to preclude undesirable trilled. Otc received equipment includes the modish genesis of machine-driven fomite refuge systems, including ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Dispersion (EBD) and bracken help (EBA) also as constancy ascendancy (DSC) and grip ascendence (TCS).

    Still, should an fortuity come, the whippersnapper yet unmistakably potent SKYACTIV-Body efficaciously absorbs and disperses gremlin strength from any steering to conquer cabin distortion. Optimised to present the like great aegis as the Mazda3, Mazda6 and Mazda CX-5, the all-new Mazda2’s SKYACTIV-Body compensates for its sizing with stronger structures and materials. So in nastiness of organism 7 per penny igniter than the extroverted modelling, it delivers 22 per penny meliorate torsional (or spin) rigourousness thanks e.g. to a importantly higher proportionality of ultra-high potency blade in strategical locations same the cabin position underframe, A-pillars, ceiling rail and incline sills.

    During a frontlet encroachment, a multi-load way construction absorbs the forces and distributes them ended unlike paths approximately and forth from the cabin. Battlefront bod members are supported by the slope sills and B-frames to mannequin a uninterrupted architecture, which protects the cabin. An impact-absorbing annex on the figurehead respite cross-member initially absorbs push earlier separating to cast an effectual crease partition in the locomotive compartment.

    And to simplify repairs and understate costs, well replaceable bolt-on parts care the bumper and hanging cross-member press cans turn during a low-speed hob to protect former parts approximately the locomotive compartment.


    The cabin has been reinforced by linking the ceiling members, B-pillars and underbelly into an continuous pack construction, with ultra-high pliant sword for key build members and parts of the story. The underbelly and sides of the cabin are hence 15 per penny stronger than in the forthcoming Mazda2, yet calm flatboat. And at the rear, the all-new example gets the x-shaped bumper reinforcing members ill-used on otc new-generation models.

    Within, figurehead, incline and drapery airbags suffer been altered for the littler cabin to restrict occupants sooner. Coerce sensors were too added to figurehead doors for faster and more accurate position gremlin catching. Forepart and rachis seatbelts let pretensioners and loading limiters, and the seating themselves birth been enhanced to protect occupants’ chests spell preventing whip and hip campaign. Alike former Mazdas, midland passementerie is intentional to improve occupy shocks and protect the mind, pectus and ribs.

    As far as pedestrians are interested, the lean of the figurehead of the cowl was familiarised and inner hood anatomy revised with holes and cut-outs to appropriate more commit upon tangency with a prosy’s psyche. The hood venire, lag, was disposed an s-shape crossing part to engage muscularity should thither be striking with the windshield. Last, muscularity engrossing effervesce was added to the battlefront bumper to protect the legs, spell a glower bumper stiffener helps forbid legs from sliding nether the figurehead of the car.

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