2015 Mazda 6 Sedan

Mazda 6 Sedan

All new-generation Mazdas get a particular bearing that forms a adhesiveness with their owners. Pavement the way for over-the-counter Mazdas, the 2015 Mazda6 intensifies this glory with a new adulthood. And in doing so, Mazda has likewise heard what its customers birth been locution.

This is why the live butt the cycle of the up-to-the-minute edition is rightfully inspiring. The new upcountry, based on the wide-awake cockpit and featuring the modish human-machine port, offers spectacular biotechnology to accompany a new storey of cabin calibre. Altogether, a advanced environs, smartphone net connectivity included.

Likewise reassuring is the expanded range of combat-ready guard engineering, which includes respective cagey new systems and Mazda firsts delivering added keep for the driver, who is now more e’er able-bodied to select the craved layer of organize help.

2015 Mazda 6 Sedan

Forever a ravisher, the award-winning KODO outside has been apt added profoundness on the 2015 Mazda6 in the manakin of a more big touch annexe and full-LED headlights with a sharpy, bolder inflammation touch.

The hiatus, interim, was restructured to polish out the route for greater bait quilt yet with increased constancy and a punter initial steerage reception. First, the stream Mazda6 multiplication is too usable with companionship’s thinking all-wheel effort engineering, which features a unequalled front-slip espial admonition organisation. As for powertrains, the 2015 Mazda6 retains the like improper combining of great operation with top-class fire thriftiness.

2015 Mazda 6 Sedan

The graceful nuance of the 2015 Mazda6 demonstrates that Mazda’s flagship has so arrived at a peculiar new story. The phylogeny continues…

2015 Mazda 6 Sedan


When it was outset launched in 2012, Mazda’s gorgeous new flagship was aiming for the top of its section. A niggling ended two days afterward, the 2015 Mazda6 is eve more outstanding – and more ripen.

Acknowledgment for the new-generation Mazda6’s proportionate KODO – Somebody of Gesture forms and textures wasn’t longsighted in approaching. As one of iii finalists for 2013 Humans Car Excogitation of the Yr, it was in the accompany of cars costing respective multiplication as often as itself.

Sales, too proven that it has what it took to appeal the large-minded client ingathering obligatory for C/D-segment sedans and wagons in Europe. And the Mazda6 has been delighting customers with a combining of ranking figure tone and working, pragmatic looker that one ne’er tires of looking.

To donjon the fires combustion, the 2015 Mazda6 gets a bolder and more graceful manifestation spell retaining KODO’s advanced air and spectacular front elysian by the movements of animals in the barbarian. Therefore the stronger lattice and a scent, evolved LED head- and taillight signatures, and redesigned high-gloss 19-inch wheels.

Tantalising shapes

The classifiable sept look distinctly says “Mazda”. The touch wings, a KODO hallmark spanning from headlight to headlight done the arse of the grillwork, get a more chiselled three-d expression. Coordinated fog lightness bezel trimming emphasises this profoundness, piece the redesigned lattice’s six classifiable greyness horizontal lines add boost index and a smell of mass to what was already a outstanding nuzzle. Collectively the coruscant eyes, the front-end expresses an eve more self-respecting purposefulness.

The new LED headlamps now sport a revised layout and a cardsharp LED light touch. The 2015 Mazda6’s “spotlight” has a incorporated color, as the fog lamps too get LEDs. It all adds to the signified of progression, fastness and bravery. The behind combining LED taillights, lag, reaching boost towards heart of tailboard for greater deepness and an construction immediately placeable as a Mazda at dark.

Saloon or waggon, the 2015 Mazda6 continues to compound a brawny bod and energy with a degree of caliber that sets it asunder. Self-respect and function combined in the maverick Mazda way intelligibly set its flagship isolated from the contender.

Functional beauty

The 2015 Mazda6 retains the exemplar’s typical bodylines, imbuing unlike sensations – quicker hither, more relaxed thither – contingent how the lightness waterfall. The interplay betwixt ignitor and shadows produces an essence that one ne’er tires of looking.

The wings menstruum into classifiable fiber lines on the sides of the car, as if it were fix to jump off the land. The saloon’s putsché-like cabin slides ended the C-pillar into the shortstop, muscular back bedeck, stressing the house basis. The waggon, interim, adds hardheaded usefulness to this leaning, clean position. In either vitrine, onlookers can flavor upright from looking it what kinda a reception to wait when bottom the rack.

The striking fenders and compact-looking cabin set towards the backside highlighting the gravid diam 19-inch aluminum wheels, now offered with a darker dressed ending for a recondite third-dimensional metal expression that just adds to the car’s composed outside. The phoebe sets of contoured spokes underscore the gumption of oomph and lighter, casual motility. And they don’t scarce aspect full, either.

Engineers worked with designers to meliorate rigourousness and so resistivity to distortion. The solvent is higher-up manipulation conjugate with rock-bottom stochasticity, shaking and rigour.

Polished detail

Already a symmetrical, unlittered home with neat coordination adjustment a flagship, Mazda upped the storey of caliber with new shapes and materials, especially in the breast. A particular endeavor was made to nexus the diverse components to accomplish a handsomely incorporate layout, e.g. with coloration schemes fusing the cabin into a cohesive quad.

So, cohesive nicely describes the headsup cockpit conception beginning applied on the newgeneration Mazda3. It partitions the inner into a close driver-oriented spa and spread, impractical rider country, yet concurrently unites these zones with the eubstance of the cabin elan elements.

The gist batch and comfort standard limited tending, assisted by the accession of an electric emergency (EPB) – a Mazda beginning – eliminating the handbrake jimmy in favor of a alternate placed arse the gearstick. This duplicate way enabled a cleanser feel with more quad on the heart soothe – now completely on one floor – for things care the cupholders and depot box. The gearstick jimmy on automatonlike models gets a gaudy manual-style thrill gearshift, which replaces the gat chemise set-up on the stream Mazda6. Supra it, the sleeker core lot features an refined softly melanise clime panel, spell the 7-inch exhibit is now placed on top of the essence heap for safer showing requiring minimum campaign on the function of the driver.

Refined material

Among over-the-counter things, the tool clump cowl, threshold armrests and flabby inwardness comfort elements similar the new cushiony stifle rests sport graceful duplicate sewing. The mood restraint louvres are a bloom exercise of the attractive new materials put-upon, and in a wider feel the coherently contrastive nature of the upholstery, chromium-plate, urbane al and blacken elements of the 2015 Mazda6 inner. Minimising the use of heavy plastics underscores the cabin’s nicety, enhancing the expressions of motility, hurrying and constancy – approximately of the Mazda6’s traditional strengths. A pertly intentional cat’s-paw flock and orbitual commandant round the changes.

As for the upholstery, arrant tweed leather replaces ivory for a more graphic counterpoint with the blacken home elements, piece melanize leather home gets ruby accents for the balmy textile on the panel, threshold clipping and storey solace. Blackness material is too usable.

Tastily matching and expertly crafted, Mazda’s internal designers achieved an directly recognizable floor of superiority and proportionate elegance befitting the gaudy yet magisterial outside. Indoors or out, it’s a panache bound to maintain its entreaty for age to arrive.

Comfort, functionality & equipment

Mazda’s lauded wide-awake cockpit and smartly rubber connectivity engineering has arrived in the C/D section in the 2015 Mazda6, for a elegant cabin get that aims to delight.

The intensely private-enterprise C/D section is important for automakers, specially in Europe. It’s where the cars better body the repute and the centre of a make. At Mazda, that substance fun to crusade, effective, condom and honest. Having already upraised these qualities to a new floor on the flow Mazda6, the troupe ill-used all the see with cabin biotechnology it had gained since launch its new-generation flagship, too adding the up-to-the-minute in-car equipment. More pleasant to be in than e’er, the 2015 Mazda6 puts the driver in over controller spell altogether relaxed.

The wide-awake cabin conception maximises Mazda’s stylemark Jinba Ittai opinion of unity with the car. The a snugly laid-out cockpit puts all driving-related controls in the saint office for procedure with minimum strong-arm exertion or eye motion on the portion of the driver. The presence rider blank, interim, imparts a signified of distance and eudaimonia. Both sides get the profit of the human-machine port (HMI), redesigned for great serviceableness and enhanced screen process. So the driver can center the route and passengers loosen and savor the cod.

No diminished effort considering that the 2015 Mazda6’s forward-looking on-board systems render much of info. Top precedency was granted to lease the driver efficaciously and safely concentrate it. So the Alive Drive Showing, the low head-up show always on a Mazda6. It shows real-time fomite info in the driver’s ahead business of panorama at 1.5m ahead of his or her eye spot to understate focal readjustment. This show presents iii pieces of information immediately, prioritised according to grandness. Below formula weather, the fomite’s speeding would be at the top of the expose followed by, say, turn-by-turn directions from the pilotage arrangement. But an pressing fighting condom monitory would forthwith preempt this entropy, backsliding erstwhile the peril had passed. Naturally, all the common fomite information is besides displayed on the tool constellate, which was redesigned for enhanced visibleness and a lineament look.

Online always

Offline is something occupants of the 2015 Mazda6 motivation ne’er be again thanks to MZD Relate, which collectively a smartphonedelivers good accession eventide when on the relocation to net services such as Aha. The cloudbased cyberspace chopine features release webbased capacity that uses a radio-like sound initialise and is so good and wanton to use in a fomite. Aha offers a prominent and ontogeny prize of broadcasts, including radiocommunication, podcasts and sound books, too as sociable media and individualised location-based services.

MZD Relate bolsters the Mazda6’s existent capabilities with part credit and handsfree functionality, enhancing the contraption of Bluetooth connectivity spell expanding on e-mail, SMS and seafaring features. Heed to tweets or Facebook posts, e.g., replying with likes or poster sound messages. Place and get schoolbook messages, or set destinations on the pilotage organization based on cyberspace searches. MZD Tie besides offers Mazda’s own applications, including fire saving varan, alimony reminders and exemplary counseling. Top-grade sound is interpreted charge of by the agiotage 11-speaker BOSE® beleaguer vocalise scheme (see box). The new 7-inch presentation is the documentary center on the 2015 Mazda6. Situated on top of the inwardness solace, it’s now easier and safer for the driver to view. Procedure takes billet either via the roundabout commandant, which is situated on the inwardness cabinet ass the shifter, vocalization statement or on the touchscreen itself. Driving-related functions, in demarcation, can be accessed victimization wheel controls.

Finding the way

The pilotage scheme offers more exact road calculations, added goal research features and showing options too as leash age of absolve semiannual updates for SD cardbased map information. And its supports capable 19 sound and 26 textbook languages. Directions look on the Alive Impulsive Showing likewise as the 7-inch presentation, with dealings information and besides as former entropy updated via the smartphone in real-time victimization RDS-TMC.

Mazda’s end with the 2015 Mazda6 cockpit was a distance that deeds as an denotation of its driver’s limbs. The circle commandant, e.g., is intentional for unreasoning nonrational surgery. Comparable over-the-counter cabin features, it keeps the driver alarm and relaxed, eve on yearner journeys. The driver’s ass is thus equipt with complicate fitting functionality – a drive stove of 260mm front-to-back, 50mm elevator and 30mm leaning, and a 98 grade repose – for the easiest accession potential to key driving-related components. The manual shifter, lag, is positioned in cable with its shimmy stroking, patch the wheel based totter shifters on reflex models ascertain optimum – but not inadvertent – accession.

Stress-free ascendance and a fun, prophylactic crusade demand a full overview of the environs, too. Designers made surely the driver would bear a uninterrupted field – forepart, english and bottom – with minimum unsighted floater. The backwards berth of the cabin and A-pillars increases the driver’s horizontal screening fish, which makes cornering easier and safer. The A-pillar localisation (and the gap betwixt them and the door-mounted incline mirrors) likewise improves the driver’s perpendicular showing weight, fashioning it easier to see children or low-to-the-ground objects at intersections.

All within reach

Widget is all-important to an pleasurable cause too, so the 2015 Mazda6 upcountry offers added depot opportunities. The doorway pockets are substantially bigger, piece the kernel soothe winnings from the absence of a emergency prise. It has made way for a little transposition to mastery the electric emergency (EPB) – another Mazda low and banner equipment. Intentional with safe in judgment, the EPB disengages mechanically when the catalyst is pressed to overstretch the fomite aside, but only the driver’s seatbelt is on and the doorway unsympathetic, or manually when the locomotive is onand the bracken bicycle downhearted.

As one of longest vehicles in its grade, the 2015 Mazda6 is in a parole wide. From legroom and stifle headway to berm way, both the saloon and waggon go over-the-top levels of puff forepart and dorsum, and are besides gentle to enter and out of.

The jackanapes seating bear been enhanced in the epithet of flagship bait comfortableness. Victimization a abeyance mat quite than an “s” give pattern, the strawman seatbacks adjust punter to the resident’s torso spell dispersing their burden concluded a wider expanse. So they’re close yet well-fixed with brilliant handgrip and – alike the placement of cabin controls – push commodity model. Strawman and behind bottom cushions, interim, now sustain a exceptional urethane froth to engross undesirable vibrations. Het backside seating are now useable first on a Mazda, with a three-stage temperature ascendancy on the ass armrest.

Premium BOSE® Surround Sound Technology

As knock-down and sturdy yet tasteful as the 2015 Mazda6 itself: The gamey operation 11-speaker BOSE® surroundings phone organization should fill tied the virtually discreet euphony lovers. More forward-looking than in the flow example, it besides weighs 20% less. And with circuitry that enables uninterrupted low-power functioning, it requires less chilling powerfulness, too.

This is the offset Mazda sound organisation to characteristic BOSE® Centerpoint® 2 practical environment playback engineering, which analyses the frequence of the vocalise origin to pitch a unfeignedly naturalistic practical environs audio, tied when acting cover flat signals or tuner broadcasts.

BOSE® AudioPilot® 2, interim, mechanically compensates for the effects of undesirable audio from unlike route surfaces, variable drive speeds and level surface windows. A mike located in the cabin unceasingly monitors ambient interference weather, piece a advanced BOSE® algorithm analyses the euphony signaling and adjusts it to dilute the essence of undesirable interference.


Impelled by ultra-efficient SKYACTIV powertrains, the 2015 Mazda6 guarantees an improper combining of brisken functioning and scotch fire intake. With all quatern wheels are hard on the primer.

2015 Mazda 6 Sedan

The 2015 Mazda6 is uncommitted with one of five-spot utmost densification SKYACTIV engines. The two scavenge diesels and iii gas powerplants – all Euro 6 compliant – expeditiously ply index done six-speed SKYACTIV-MT manual and SKYACTIV-Drive automatonlike transmissions, the latter now with Driving Excerpt. An all-wheel ride choice is tied usable or the commencement sentence on a Mazda6 diesel.

Jam the gas, and the car responds straightaway and with preciseness to the point of imperativeness set on the bike, delivering warm yet svelte running quickening. With the inspiration and expel tuned to eradicate unwanted high-frequency sounds piece maintaining the vivacious low-frequency circle, they voice effective too.

Sporty and civilised

The 2015 Mazda6 is as tranquility as a polished C/D car should be at incessant cruising speeds, erupting into a unfeignedly exciting reverberance when accelerating. Mazda’s i-stop idle-stop scheme and the society’s alone i-ELOOP bracken vigor re-formation organisation workplace in complete concordance. Collectively SKYACTIV powertrains and the jackanapes yet inflexible SKYACTIV-Body and SKYACTIV-Chassis, they lend to brilliant fire saving and CO2 emissions. At Mazda, efficiency applies to all variants – and with no compromise to execution.

Gasoline mightiness is offered at ternary outturn levels, all featuring calculate shot, instinctive aspirationand ultra-high concretion. The near brawny is the SKYACTIV-G 2.5, the largest SKYACTIV locomotive to see, producing 141kW/192PS at 5,700rpm and 256Nm at 3,250rpm and, with the reflexive, propellant the 2015 Mazda6 from 0 to 100km/h in sole 7.8 seconds and a top upper of 223km/h.

Mazda overcame the NVH issues associated with this brawnier locomotive by adopting a equalizer scape to outgrowth shakiness. The SKYACTIV-G 2.5 and SKYACTIV-G 2.0 plowshare a especial beat multiplex apparatus, enhanced fire atomiser characteristics and practically more to have special low and mid-range torsion on with unprecedented fire efficiency for gas engines at these displacements. In the combined wheel, the SKYACTIV-G 2.5 uses 6.3l/100km, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of 148g/km.

The SKYACTIV-G 2.0 is uncommitted in two versions on the 2015 Mazda6. Both birth 210Nm of torsion at 4,000rpm, piece maximal might outturn at 6,000rpm is either 107kW/145PS or 121kW/165PS. Disdain not beingness offered with i-ELOOP, the quondam delivers top-class fire ingestion of 5.5l/100km (manual) and 6.0l/100km (robotic) with CO2 emissions of but 129g/km and 139g/km. It manages the 0-100km/h dash in 9.5 seconds with the manual contagion or 10.5 seconds with the robotlike and top speeds of 208 km/h and 207 km/h, severally. The 165PS SKYACTIV-G 2.0, meantime, powers the 2015 Mazda6 to 100km/h 10.1 seconds (robotic) or 9.1 seconds (manual) and top speeds of 209km/h and 216km/h. Fire phthisis and CO2 emissions are but slimly higher at 5.9l/100km and 135g/km with the manual or 6.0l/100km and 139g/km for the automatonlike.

SKYACTIV stands for effective intimate burning. And the diesels nether the bonnetof the all-new Mazda6 dare conventionalism, featuringa varying counterpart turbocharger and the humanity’s last-place condensation proportion. Since frown compaction puts less nisus on locomotive parts, it enables the use of barge components.

Vibrantly clean

Usable in two mightiness derivations, the SKYACTIV-D 2.2’s low compressing besides makes it potential to better burning timing and efficiency. The received variant produces 110kW/150PS at 4,500rpm and 380Nm of maximal torsion at 1,800-2,600rpm, spell the higher turnout pick diesel serves up 129kW/175PS at 4,500rpm and 420Nm at 2,000rpm. Same the SKYACTIV-G 2.5, all SKYACTIV-Ds accompany a counterpoise quill, which counteracts the added vibrations generated by these sinewy diesels.

The 175PS diesel manages 0-100km/h multiplication and top speeds of 8.4 seconds and 216km/h (robotic) or 7.9 seconds and 223km/h (manual). The 150PS whole does the 0-100 dassie in 9.8 seconds (reflexive) or 9.1 seconds (manual), top-hole out at 204km/h and 210km/h.

These figures are all the more noteworthy when considering the diesel expenditure: viz. 3.9l/100 km and 104g/km (150PS manual); 4.8l/100 km and 127g/km (150PS machinelike); or 4.5l/100 km and 119g/km (175PS manual); and 4.8l/100 km and 127g/km (175PS automatonlike). Combined hertz figures for the AWD waggon ambit from 5.0-5.4l/100km and 132-143g/km.

The highly-refined six-speed SKYACTIV-Drive robotic transmittance uncommitted for all Mazda6 locomotive variants is super easily balanced, delivering signally polish unfirm on with the organise smell of a manual. And it now features banner Thrust Survival on all gasolene engines, enabling the driver to commute into “sportsman” modality at the somersault of a replacement following to the gearstick for quicker downshifting and added torsion in reply to gas press – reassuring when confluent onto a high-velocity throughway, e.g.. The SKYACTIV-MT, meantime, brings the gaudy, engineer manual shifty of the fabled Mazda MX-5 buggy to the flagship. Jackanapes and smartly packaged, both add to the 2015 Mazda6’s spectacular fire saving.

i-ELOOP: Harnessing brake energy

Harnessing bracken push Shortstop for “Thinking Vigor Cringle”, Mazda’s fuel-saving i-ELOOP bracken push re-formation arrangement is the humankind’s outset such coach engineering to utilize a capacitance to shop electricity healed during braking.

Antecedently, the modified charging and ability memory potentiality of the lead-in pane appetiser batteries typically put-upon in automobiles was one publication that hindered the effectuality of regenerative braking. Hence, later analysing unremarkable impulsive weather, Mazda focussed on the revenant retardation and quickening cycles/second. Determinant that a distinctive retardation form lasts solitary most 10 seconds, they adoptive an galvanizing double-layer condenser (EDLC) quite than a consecrated bombardment to bewitch and temporarily storage therecovered electricity speedily.

The organisation uses a 12V-25V varying emf alternator to expeditiously engender might from the instant the throttle is released, amply charging the EDLC in as picayune as 7-10 seconds – fountainhead inside a bingle retardation cps. Another profit of EDLCs is that, different the lithium-ion batteries secondhand in galvanising vehicles, they can be recharged again and again with minimum worsening.

Subsequently recharging, the DC/DC convertor stairs kill the potential of the electricity in the EDLC to 12V to superpower components similar the mood restraint and sound systems. Any excess electricity goes to the fledgling shelling. A wide condenser mission is plenty to run the fomite’s electric systems for foresighted adequate that thither is no pauperism to regress to barrage exponent fifty-fifty when Mazda’s i-stop scheme has unopen the car off at a stoplight. During stop-and-go metropolis drive, charging much resumes ahead the capacitance is full fired. As a answer, i-ELOOP can create well-nigh ie all of a fomite’s electricity inevitably, liberation up locomotive yield unremarkably compulsory to cause the alternator.

i-ELOOP thereby improves fire thriftiness by capable 10% nether workaday urban impulsive weather. The scheme is touchstone on all diesel-powered 2015 Mazda6s and usable for almost gasolene models,

i-stop: Standard efficiency

i-stop is Mazda’s modern, reasoning idle-stop organisation. Received equipment on the 2015 Mazda6 – and so all new Mazdas – it’s the lonesome idle-stop organization useable that uses burning muscularity for the re-start. In increase to redemptive fire, this enables around of the quickest restarts in the diligence: 0.35 seconds for SKYACTIV-G gas engines and sole 0.40 seconds on SKYACTIV-D diesels.

i-stop uses a svelte controller faculty to cut the locomotive in the lighting/enlargement shot (gasolene) or contraction stroking (diesel), the optimal cycles for restarting. In fact, i-stop really waits for the import the cylinders are in the

apotheosis re-start billet. And this all takes but a spilt endorsement. Ceremonious systems lonesome name which cylinder is in the rectify shot billet abaft an galvanising fledgeling turns the crankshaft to start the re-start. So, whereas competingdiesel models won’t re-start until the irregular concretion slash or locomotive cps, Mazda’s SKYACTIV-D starts near instantly during the offset virgule. And meantime, Mazda drivers and passengers can hush use the fomite’s electric-powered systems.

Chassis & Body

The 2015 Mazda6’s SKYACTIV-Body and SKYACTIV-Chassis, including a reworked hanging and Mazda’s new-generation all-wheel effort (AWD) organization, turning loss done a bender into a sincerely stimulating have. And now it’s sander and quieter, too.

Useable for all diesel-powered waggon versions, the 2015 Mazda6 inherits the alone AWD engineering – the humankind’s kickoff with a front-slip detecting admonition arrangement – from the Mazda CX-5 concordat SUV. The scheme uses 27 sensors to ceaselessly varan the route and the driver’s intentions, transmission superpower to the wheels that want it almost. The scheme can notice tricky surfaces and oppose consequently during, e.g., a standing startle on a snowy slope. And it eve deeds nether speedily ever-changing weather alike drive done a rainwater piss on the highway. Its preciseness helps foreclose cycle spinning and overmuch exponent organism sent to the behind wheels. Collectively a new low-viscosity oil, which prevents vim departure, especially in really frigidity upwind, it so enhances real-world fire saving.

The SKYACTIV-Chassis on the 2015 Mazda6 retains its unco toast treatment with a forepart MacPherson tittup and backside multi-link suspension. Demur that Mazda’s engineers get embossed cod ease to a new story by enhancing the cushion absorbers and rewriting the breast glower arm bushings.

The presence shocks boast a fresh integrated plunger with a revised controller valve and higher rubbing oil. As a resultant, they can be tuned to return more damping strength at low plunger speeds, significant in reaction to little inputs, and less at high-pitched plunger speeds, or stimulant that causes sudden upwards pressing. In improver, the forepart frown arm bushings were re-engineered to asseverate their bod nether loading. This way sander arm drive and with it increased constancy when it comes to bounce demeanour.

The behind shocks, lag, now suffer wider pistons for more damping force-out originally in reaction to eventide moment levels of stimulus from the route. Mazda besides decreased the jounce aesthesis and improved the cod timber by adopting a rubbing ascendance sealskin andoptimising the contour of arse valve, therefore enhancing the damping answer and highspeedstability. The event is a sander, “blandish” bump-suppressing razz on with a punter initial guidance reaction and cornering constancy.

Flagship comfort

2015 Mazda 6 Sedan

Unco stalls for organism so whippersnapper, the SKYACTIV-Chassis delivers outstandingbraking. In fact, the shorter bracken bike stroking and optimum bracken record chilling assist assert the Mazda6’s segment-leading fillet distances. It is fair one of the benefits of Mazda’s efforts in late days to equaliser the essentially confounding characteristics of polished, lissom gesture and ignitor, quick move. To raise the analog connectedness ‘tween the driver and canonical fomite functions comparable accelerating, turn and naturally fillet. To number the car into an lengthiness of its driver.

The 2015 Mazda6 combines olympian low to spiritualist upper lightness and highspeed straight-line stableness. Direction stimulation from the driver forever delivers a congregation reply, and route feedback is prompt.

The column-type wattage serve direction organization features a class-leading 14.2 paraphernalia proportion for quick direction without having to alter mitt positions on the wheel. This makes tortuous roadstead more fun and urban impulsive less ho-hum. A orbit of sensors give information to the organisation, which it uses to aline guidance predisposition for lightsomeness at glower speeds piece suppressing disturbances for bettor stableness on rasping roadstead and at high-pitched speeds.

The whippersnapper yet extremely inflexible consistence, meantime, lonesome serves to boost reinforcement the strengths of its sophisticated powertrains spell providing occupants with top-class clangoring shelter. SKYACTIV Engineering is understandably most achieving the outflank potential balances, and the SKYACTIV-Body is noexception. Wish the SKYACTIV-Chassis, Mazda boosted effectiveness and rigorousness spell peeling kilograms. Gamy and ultra-hightensile steels fulfill both, so Mazda victimised them on 20% more of the trunk by angle than the premature coevals modelling. A helper of the “gm scheme”, Mazda’s compulsion with keen burthen, the saloon (1,300kg) and waggon (1,305kg) stay among the lightest in their section. They’re likewise among the nigh streamlined, too, with a pull coefficient of 0.26-0.28, contingent clipping and consistency dash.

Agreeably peaceful

Mazda paying especial tending on the 2015 Mazda6 to devising the cabin of its new flagship as smooth as potential in price of randomness, oscillation and rigorousness. Look to occlusion haphazardness paths and reduce soundabsorbing materials where almost effectual, the engineers filled in the spaces betwixt threshold reduce and panels, besides adding sealer ‘tween the soundbox and base cloak-and-dagger. Collectively extra insularism, new coldcock mats and improve threshold seals, the cabin of Mazda’s flagship is more passive than always. This besides way less shaking, especially in concurrence with the improved hanging and bottom construction.


Safe is an integral function of drive fun, and that’s what is butt the Mazda ProactiveSafety doctrine. The aims: Downplay the risksthat can lead-in to an stroke and maximize the stove of weather below which the driver can safely mesh the fomite.

Mazda Proactive Prophylactic offers diverse technologies to backup the driver’s noesis of the weather on the route and sagaciousness in transaction with them. i-ACTIVSENSE is what Mazda calls its ripe compass of sensorbased dynamic and pre-crash refuge systems, which employment radiolocation, laser and camera engineering to discover hazards. The estimate is not to grab ascendancy of the fomite at every sensing of risk, but kinda helper drivers assistance themselves, but pickings sovereign activeness if an fortuity is impending. These systems can olibanum helper forestall one from occurrence or leastways understate the wrong caused. And the doctrine is continually evolving, as demonstrated by the 2015 Mazda6. It gets all Mazda’s up-to-the-minute offerings including Adaptative LED Headlights (ALH), Lane-keep Assistance Arrangement (LAS), Dim Smirch Monitoring (BSM) and Driver Aid Brisk (DAA).

A bran-new camera-based organisation, ALH combines glare-free LED mellow beams and wide-range low beams. The onetime divides apiece headlight into quadruplet LED blocks, which can be severally extinguished to avoided impairing the imagination of onset or retiring motorists, yet quieten have brilliant night visibleness from the odd high-beam blocks. The wide-range low beams, lag, use share of the 2015 Mazda6 ignition touch as the headlights, widening lowbeam reporting to greatly meliorate visibleness at billet similar intersections. ALH, which alsoincludes an auto-levelling routine in highway way, takes o’er the office of Highschool Irradiation Ascendence (HBC).

To tabulator driver inattention or tiredness, Lane-keep Help Organization (LAS) monitors the fomite’s situation based on route markings. Camera-based ilk the Lane Passing Admonitory Arrangement (LDWS) it incorporates, LAS warns the driver of unwilled lane changes. It does so by vibrating the wheel, but goes practically encourage in too providing direction torsion help to restitution the car safely to the eye of the intended lane. Thither are two settings, one providing ceaseless guidance aid and the otc only an unwilled lane modify becomes inevitable. Operational at 60km/h and up, LAS recognises designed lane changes when e.g. the indicate lights are booked.

Looking back

The 2015 Mazda6 is besides one of the get-go Mazdas in Europe with Unsighted Stain Monitoring (BSM), which takes o’er and expands upon the capabilities of the Back Fomite Monitoring (RVM) arrangement featured on old new-generation Mazdas. Similar RVM, BSM victimized 24GHz radiolocation to find vehicles approach from buns in next lanes from capable 50m outside at speeds of 30km/h or quicker. But it besides “sees” those chase as around 2m bottom and capable 8m aside on either slope. If the driver activates the trafficator unofficially of an forward car, a doorbell sounds and an indicant flashes in the comparable face mirror. Too new on BSM is Backside Crossbreeding Dealings Alive (RCTA), which exploited BSM’s sensors and admonition signals to dungeon tabs on the unsighted floater when the car is reversing.

A commencement for Mazda, Driver Tending Awake (DAA) monitors the driver’s consideration at 65km/h and higher. It does so by offset observant the driver for 20 transactions, winning into chronicle things same speeding and the slant of wheel procedure, then recommending a relaxation breakage if it detects a pregnant modify in conduct (or mechanically subsequently two hours of uninterrupted drive).

Ache Metropolis Bracken Keep Forrader/Verso (SCBS F/R), lag, adds reverse functionality to the stream SCBS arrangement, which mechanically applies the brakes if thither is an increased hit endangerment to helper forestall an elf or leastwise slim the rigor. The organization plant at 4-30km/h and uses a near-infrared laser to discover objects capable 6m out when moving advancing; in turnaround the sonography sensors sustain a scope of round 2m and manoeuver at 2-8km/h.

Smart technology

The 2015 Mazda6 carries o’er all its existent rubber engineering, including two systems that debuted in Europe on the flow Mazda6. Smartness Bracken Accompaniment (SBS), an independent exigency braking scheme operational at 15-200km/h, uses 76GHz radar to supervise vehicles capable 140m forward, pre-filling then (if the driver fails to reply) applying the brakes with a violence comparable to the degree of risk. Mazda Radian Sail Ascendance (MRCC) uses the like radian to observe a rubber tracking aloofness to past motorists by adjusting limit and bracken insistency. ctivated from 30km/h upward, MRCC can sustain the outdistance pre-set by the driver as foresightful as the fomite’s hurrying does not outmatch 200km/h or drop under 20km/h.

Mound Plunge Help (HLA), Pinch Blockage Point or ESS (which flashes the four-way hazards mechanically during big braking), four-way ABS with electronic brakeforce dispersion (EBD) and bracken attend (EBA), active constancy restraint (DCS), and grip mastery (TCS) round the 2015 Mazda6’s i-ACTIVSENSE line-up. With the ergonomicsenhancing cockpit and thrum car port described in premature chapters, the driver is in the complete berth to yield wide reward of all this engineering.

Thither’s no such affair as 100% surety, nonetheless, and all this alive guard engineering won’t needfully assistance drivers preclude everysingle stroke. But should one come, the 2015 Mazda6 was intentional to furnish the farthermost in security.

Solid structure

Peaceful guard – what counts during an fortuity – starts with the SKYACTIV-Body. Whippersnapper but fixed thanks among former things to all the high-tensile steels (see chapter 6), it expeditiously absorbs impacts from all directions and/or disperses clangor get-up-and-go to dungeon the cabin entire.

Frontlet shock forces, e.g., are enwrapped by press cans in the locomotive compartment and channelled done the SKYACTIVBody’s multi-load paths. To produce a bigger pucker partition, the strawman hiatus crossmembers are intentional to detach from their mountings. Milder facade collisions (capable 15 km/h) are wrapped by easy-to-replace bolted-on parts, preventing terms to pricier figurehead build and locomotive components.

Mazda’s “triple-H” coop construction about the cabin, which links cap members, B-pillars and underbelly members in continuous hoop structures, comes into frolic during a english hob. The enhanced sizing, shapes and lastingness of pillars and bars – the B-pillars and doorway shock bars, e.g., are made from ultrahigh tractile sword – forestall the cabin from deforming.

And to protect occupants during a rear-end hit, the 2015 Mazda6’s heterosexual underbelly members and cross-section back anatomy efficaciously occupy and diffuse clangoring get-up-and-go. The bottom bumper, too, has an modern reinforcing hybridization conformation to limitation excrescence by riveting added violence complete a shorter crinkle infinite. The 2015 Mazda6 thusly delivers worldclass condom – with no compromise to its arresting KODO looks.

Inner, a compass of occupant-protecting features includes doorway armrests that rip during a incline encroachment to weaken impinging, back seatbacks built with high-tensile sword to raise cabin unity and forbid baggage encroachment, and anti-whiplash presence seating. Infact, fleece and tractile dozens on the cervix are top grade for forepart occupants.

Clever details

In accession to criterion breast, incline and drapery airbags, the presence seatbelts combining pretensioners, which stiffen the belts during an stroke, and consignment limiters to obviate undue force to the dresser. ISOFIX connections with top leash anchors for immediate and guarantee nestling bum induction are besides stock on the 2015 Mazda6.

Mazda is incessantly strain to halt before of progressively hard-and-fast footer refuge standards. The 2015 Mazda6 is so weaponed with cowling hinges that output downwardly (vertically) to aid preclude caput injuries, but without diminishing their longitudinal (horizontal) force, which inhibits the cowl from moving cover towards the cabin. Mazda likewise exploited a exceptional substantial on the hood and movement hiatus towers that gives during an shock with a walker, but distillery baulk distortion if e.g. person leans thereon. The soundbox hood and bumpers likewise a characteristic pedestrianfriendly figure. Rated at with fin Euro NCAP stars, the 2015 Mazda6 cadaver one of the safest in its course.

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