2015 Land Rover Defender 2000000

Land Rover Defender 2.000.000

Celebrating 67 age of iconic Demesne Wanderer yield, a unequaled fomite has been reinforced to memorialise the UK output of the two-millionth Serial Country Roamer and Protector.

With a tailored invention and an all-star casting of exceptional guests serving to finish the momentous bod, ‘Withstander 2,000,000’ has been created to be a adjustment testimonial to nearly heptad decades of Country Roamer output in the Solihull flora, UK.

In December 2015, collectors and Shielder fans volition lean the chance to own this singular parcel Scouter’s account when it is auctioned by honored and globally famous auctioneer home, Bonhams. Reflecting Withstander’s inheritance, all return leave be donated to Domain Wanderer’s human-centred and preservation partners – the External Confederacy of Red Crossbreed and Red Crescent-shaped Societies (IFRC) and the Natural Absolve Founding.

Dr Ralf Speth, Headman Administrator of Panther Commonwealth Wanderer, aforementioned: “O’er 67 days, the Serial Demesne Roamer and successively Withstander has been the exaltation of quality for explorers, charity organisations, farmers and eventide royalty. Passim story it has helped pioneers to reaching the unreached. What started spirit as an agrarian workhorse has transcended the self-propelled humans to get a oecumenical figure ikon. I was honoured to articulation the line squad in Solihull to assist physique this unequaled fomite. It was a limited feel which leave no dubiousness suit a warm retentiveness.

“The auctioneer of this milepost fomite is an chance to own a tract Scouter’s story, as Shielder enters its last stage of fabrication in Solihull. Freehanded masses the luck to buy this rightfully classifiable Guardian to climb finances for the IFRC and Natural Absolve Founding is a suited way to lionise the character that Protector has played in encouraging our improver aid and preservation partners ended the decades.”

2015 Land Rover Defender 2000000

2015 Land Rover Defender 2.000.000

During May 2015, a squad of life-long Shielder fans were invited to sum the Solihull line in May to aid physique this one-of-a-kind fomite, including explorer Carry Grylls.

2015 Land Rover Defender 2000000

Commenting piece on the line, Grylls aforesaid: “The Farming Wanderer Shielder has been thither for me more multiplication than I aid to recall. They are so frequently the unvalued heroes of our TV shows, running laborious in the toughest weather to get crowd in and out of exceptionally intriguing terrains. Known and well-thought-of by me and many early adventurers for their tough dependability – it was an accolade to be asked to participate in the habitus of this real exceptional car.”

Representatives from the IFRC and Natural Justify too made the travel to Solihull to fit their parting to the fomite, including actress and break of the Natural Justify Creation Virginia McKenna OBE.

2015 Land Rover Defender 2000000

The fomite volition be publically unveiled by Bonhams at Goodwood Fete of Speeding, existence held 25-28 June. Aft complemental a agenda of world appearances passim the residue of the yr, ‘Guardian 2,000,000’ testament be auctioned at a honored charity result, held at the Bonhams auctioneer family in New Attachment Street, London on Wednesday 16 December.

As contribution of the vendue, Bonhams volition boniface a peculiarly curated Serial Demesne Scouter and Protector expo, to vitrine the fomite’s plentiful story and contingent its travel to comely a globose self-propelled ikon.

2015 Land Rover Defender 2000000

Robert Brooks, Bonhams Chairperson, aforementioned: “Bonhams and Country Roamer are quintessentially British brands, so we are entranced to be auctioning the two-millionth Serial State Wanderer and Guardian on 16 December at our world hq in New Trammel Street. It’s an honor to whirl this watershed fomite and I’ve no doubtfulness thither bequeath be about mettlesome bid.”

The ‘Shielder 2,000,000’ fomite features a embarrassment of classifiable coating touches. A map of Red Moor Bay – where the innovation for the pilot Demesne Scouter was offset raddled in the moxie – is etched into the aluminum wing, which contrasts with the outside Indus Silver-tongued satin pigment. A alone ‘no 2,000,000’ badge sits on the back of the fomite, which is mirrored on the inside solace. The figure is ruined with Santorini Blackness wheels and cycle arches, ceiling, threshold hinges, grillwork and mirror caps.

2015 Land Rover Defender 2000000

Inwardly, the leather seating likewise have the ‘Red Berth Bay’ graphical and ‘no 2,000,000’ logos get been sewn on the headrests. A tailor-made aluminum brass, sign-language by everyone who helped to tack the fomite is fitted to the driver’s ass pedestal. On the battlefront and back, S90 HUE enrollment plates – a consultation to the kickoff e’er pre-production Domain Scouter, readjustment ‘HUE 166’ – discharge this one-of-a-kind Domain Wanderer Guardian.

Output of the pilot State Wanderer Serial I began at the celebrated Load Lane deftness in 1947 forward of its establish at the Amsterdam Motive Display on 30 April 1948. Since so two zillion examples of the Serial I, II III and Shielder let been produced at Solihull.

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