2015 Kia Venga

Kia Venga

More fashionable, more sybaritic, improve equipt – Kia Venga lift has been revealed at the 2014 Paris Motive Prove.

2015 Kia Venga

All versions have restyled strawman and back ends which devote the Venga a sharpie, sportier appearing. The interiors deliver been fresh with added touches of sumptuosity and more equipment, and at the top of the reach thither is a new Venga 4 example which brings antecedently unachievable features to the ambit.

The new line-up is the UK is based on 5 passementerie grades – 1, 1 Air, 2, 3 and 4 – and 4 engines, bighearted a prize of 11 models. The extremely stinting 1.4- and 1.6-litre gasolene and diesel engines are carried complete from the late Venga and spring potency fire thriftiness of capable 64.2mpg, with CO2 emissions as low as 117g/km. Reasoning Closure & Go (ISG) – Kia’s fuel-saving, CO2-cutting locomotive block/scratch engineering – is criterion where it can burden a worthwhile betterment in fire intake and emissions, and appears on all but one manual transmittance interpretation. The Venga is produced in Europe at Kia’s engraft at Zilina in Slovakia.

The 89bhp 1.4-litre gasoline locomotive is offered with 1, 1 Air and 2 trimming grades, patch the 89bhp 1.4-litre diesel is reserved entirely for Venga 2. The two 1.6-litre engines with manual transmitting are uncommitted with grades 3 and 4. The 1.6 gasoline locomotive is too offered with a four-speed automatonlike gearbox in grades 2, 3 and 4.

A bold new exterior, upgraded interior and new alloy wheels and paint options

2015 Kia Venga

Venga was the kickoff car launched nether the stewardship of Pecker Schreyer, now Prexy of Conception for both Kia and cooperator troupe Hyundai. Proving that pocket-sized can be beautiful, it brought arresting handsomeness to the supermini section of the grocery.

2015 Kia Venga

For 2015 those looks bear been enhanced by new breast and behind styling and upgraded interiors. All versions sustain a more belligerent, sportier battlefront bumper and principal wicket, featuring a new encounter the ‘tiger nuzzle’ base with high-gloss blacken net and a chromium-plate circumvent. The Kia logotype has been resettled to the bodywork. The lour air ingestion has been redesigned to theatre daylight working lights (LED with grades 3 and 4) future to the foglights, which now sit in high-gloss blackness housings coupled by a chromium-plate discase. Thither is likewise now a chromium-plate striptease linking the taillight units, which are LED on Venga 4. Another agiotage touching with Venga 4 is the chromium-plate outside doorway handles.

For grades 2 and supra, thither are new-style 16-inch admixture wheels with fivesome three-bagger spokes, spell grades 1 and 1 Air cover with 15-inch nerve wheels with five-spoke embellishers. Grades 2 and supra are too offered with two new metal pigment colors – Satellite Dark and Nighttime Gun Metallic – which supplant Blank Bluing and Sirius Smooth-spoken.

2015 Kia Venga

Inner improvements admit new lightlessness Houndstooth material for entry-grade models, piece gradation 2 continues with inkiness Cadence material and story 3 again has kuri-chiku part-leather and part-cloth upholstery. This is besides fitted to the new Venga 4. Thither is a new Greyness Alloy Granulate key ending for the kernel dashboard of Venga 1, 1 Air and 2, patch high-gloss melanize continues to ornament Venga 3 and is replicated in the new Venga 4.

Kia Venga is not a mini-MPV but a five-seat supermini with echt distance. It avoids the boxlike visibility of former marvelous, passenger-friendly diminished cars and alternatively presents a sleeker, racier visibility that gives it a Cd design of scarce 0.31 – reduction fire ingestion, emissions and farting racket when travel apace.

At 4,068mm foresighted and with an outstandingly foresightful 2,615mm wheelbase, a mellow roofline and class-best breadth, Venga provides inner spa like thereto in C-segment cars – but inside a footmark distinctive of a B-segment fomite. Venga is amongst the class-best for national measurements in many key areas, including strawman and bum leg and hip way and baggage place.

Snag behind seating that skid forward and aft by capable 130mm earmark the rider fitting to be stretched when maximal baggage capability is not requisite. Instead, a two-tier thrill substance that owners who occasionally indigence more the measure 440 litres of load blank can dilate the baggage arena just by threatening the level. The trunk olibanum becomes 163mm taller, extending sum mass to 570 litres. If more distance is mandatory, the backside seating get ‘Faithful & Plunge’ functionality, which makes them look to melt into the flooring, creating a whole flatcar dump in a consignment country oblation a erectile 1,253 litres of distance.

New equipment features available

All models are super extremely specified, and features antecedently unachievable with the Venga now seem in sure models. Tire Pressing Monitoring is fitted to all versions, admonition the driver of any potentially grave departure of insistence via a symbolization in the cat’s-paw bundle. Reflex Sparkle Command is now touchstone with Venga 3 and 4, and Venga 4 besides has ‘receive’ and ‘follow-me-home’ light.

Early unequalled features to Venga 4 are a hurt key with locomotive first/stopover clit, a het wheel excited by a ascendance shift on the right radius to accompaniment the het strawman seating fitted to Venga 3 and 4, and a bird’s-eye sunshine-roof. Venga 3 and 4 are besides weaponed with a 7-inch touchscreen planet piloting organisation with European function and a Dealings Messaging Groove (TMC). The full-colour touchscreen besides includes a reversing camera. The docudrama organization, which is besides accessed via the touchscreen, no yearner includes a CD musician due to the increasing movement among customers of exploitation portable devices to caper euphony. The high-quality six loudspeaker sound organization includes RDS radiocommunication, entire MP3 compatibility and AUX and USB ports.

Touchstone crossways the reach are driver’s bottom meridian fitting, sway and telescopic wheel allowance, galvanising battlefront windows, outback cardinal lockup, tinted chalk, guidance wheel-mounted sound controls, a movement rider armrest, body-coloured handles and doorway mirrors and electrically adjustable het doorway mirrors.

Venga 2 models add debase wheels, an iPod cablegram, Bluetooth hands-free cellphone performance with medicine cyclosis, bottom galvanising windows, foldaway doorway mirrors and reversing sensors. Venga 3 versions accompany clime ascendancy, presence and arse galvanic windows, strawman fog lamps, secrecy spyglass on the backside windows and tailboard and sail ascendancy with a speeding clipper.

For safe, all Vengas let six airbags (strawman, english and curtains), dynamic presence mind restraints and two ISOFIX child-seat climbing points,.

Every Venga benefits from Kia’s unparalleled seven-year/100,000-mile warrantee, issue to damage and weather masking wear-and-tear items. It is moveable to succeeding owners should the car be sold during the flow of the warrantee.

Economical performance

All iv engines in Venga are torquey and fuel-efficient, ensuring splendid driveability with low linear costs. The two gasolene engines are 1.4-litre 89bhp and 1.6-litre 123bhp units from Kia’s Gamma phratry. The 1.4 is paired to a five-speed manual gearbox, patch the 1.6 is uncommitted with either a six-speed manual infection or a four-speed reflexive.

The 1.4-litre 89bhp U2 CRDi diesel made its introduction in Venga and is offered aboard a 114bhp 1.6-litre adaptation. Both were intentional and engineered at Kia’s enquiry and ontogenesis facilities approximate Frankfurt in Germany and are manufactured at Zilina.

2015 Kia Venga

The run train benefits from Venga’s unco farsighted wheelbase and all-embracing raceway. Venga consequently has a springy, fun-to-drive part spell delivering fantabulous comfortableness and nuance.

Motor-driven electronic power-assisted guidance (MDPS) is received as a advance fuel-saving step, and all models bear an all-disc braking organization with anti-lock (ABS) and electronic brake-force dispersion (EBD). Besides criterion is electronic stableness ascendence (ESC), grip mastery (TC) with bracken serve (BAS) and Fomite Stableness Direction (VSM) to check the car constantly cadaver nether controller, fifty-fifty in the almost hard weather, and can stopover in the shortest potential space in an pinch. Hill-start aid ascendancy (HAC) is besides fitted. This holds the car for two seconds when mount off on inclines to keep it trilled rearwards.

2015 Kia Venga

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