2015 Jaguar F Type R Coupe

Jaguar F-Type R Coupe

The all-aluminium Panther F-Type Putsché – the virtually dynamically subject, performance-focused sports car that Panther has always produced – is useable in tercet versions: F-Type R, F-Type S and the F-Type.

The range-topping Panther F-Type R Putsché is powered by Panther’s 5.0-litre charged V8 locomotive in 550PS/680Nm air, delivering speedup to 60mph in 4.0-seconds, and a top fastness of 186mph (electronically special).

The F-Type S Takeoveré and F-Type Takeoveré are powered by Panther’s 3.0-litre V6 charged gasoline engines in 380PS/460Nm and 340PS/450Nm forms severally, freehanded 0-60mph in 4.8/5.1-seconds and top speeds of 171/161mph.

The Panther F-Type Takeoveré embodies the uncompromised pattern imagination of the arresting Panther C-X16 construct sports putsché that debuted at the 2011 Frankfurt Centrifugal Establish, its spectacular cabin-rearward posture existence outlined by iii heartlines. The offset two heartlines – divided with F-Type Convertible – configuration the sinewy forepart and ass wings, the tertiary heartline existence the wholesale Putsché cap visibility which provides an kept silhouette spell emphasising the optical play of the tapering cabin seance betwixt brawny arse haunches.

“The F-Type Putsché provides its driver with a unequalled sports car feel. It combines seductive figure with up-to-date engineering and execution which is sincerely breathless. Piquant, exact, nonrational and awake – it is the determinate sports Takeoveré.” Phil Popham, Grouping Selling Manager, Panther Farming Scouter

2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe

Panther’s expertness in al engineering has enabled the excogitation imaginativeness for the F-Type Takeoveré to be delivered in a whippersnapper yet passing stiff bodyshell. Torsional inflexibility for all F-Type Takeoveré variants is 33,000 Nm/stage – greater than in any former output Panther – this rigidness providing the fundament for fantabulous active attributes.

The F-Type Putsché’s soundbox incline is made from a single-piece aluminum press, likely the near utmost cold-formed aluminum soundbox face in the self-propelled diligence, eliminating the demand for multiple panels and ornamental joints. The cap jury itself is useable in either al or bird’s-eye deoxyephedrine mannequin. A deployable behind mollycoddler sits inside the tapering shut-line of the F-Type Putsché, spell thin, wrap-around LED lamps wing a attractively engineered tailboard, with optional powered clear/finish functionality.

To present assured, liberal manipulation in contrast with its 550PS production, the range-topping Panther F-Type R Putsché features a tailored dangling set-up and new active technologies. These admit a second-generation Electronic Combat-ready Derivative (EAD) and – first on a Panther – Torsion Vectoring by braking, these systems functional in analog to offer instancy of reaction and exploitable treatment. The EAD organization mechanically redistributes locomotive torsion ‘tween the back wheels to assure splendid on-the-limit ascendancy, piece Torsion Vectoring by braking intelligently applies just metered braking strength to the privileged wheels as necessity during cornering to heighten nimbleness. Sports abeyance with Adaptative Kinetics damping and Configurable Active Modality boost heighten the F-Type R’s immediateness of answer, providing an elating and involving impulsive have.

2015 Jaguar F Type R Coupe

F-Type R and F-Type S Putsché models besides let the selection of C Ceramic Matrix (CCM) brakes which fling right-down body of execution and fantabulous disappearance resistivity, besides as a amount unsprung-weight economy of 21kg.

Every F-Type Takeoveré modeling utilises Panther’s eight-speed close-ratio Quickshift transmittance which is optimised for dissipated functioning, with wide manual consecutive command from the fundamental SportShift chooser or steerage wheel-mounted paddles.

The F-Type Takeoveré stove complements the existent three-car F-Type Exchangeable modeling line-up; the V6-engined F-Type (340PS) and F-Type S (380PS), and the 495PS F-Type V8 S.


Optic ingathering is key to Panther and, intrinsically, the F-Type Takeoveré is now placeable, edifice on the conception of the sensational C-X16 construct sports Takeoveré and the F-Type Translatable – victor of the 2013 ‘Humankind Car Innovation of the Class’ honour.

“Creating a sports Putsché is the purest of innovation tasks, and too the well-nigh thought-provoking; twig veracious and esthetically the termination volition be as active as the car should be rewarding to ride. In F-Type Putsché, I consider we’ve got it compensate. The innocence of the C-X16 construct has been maintained without compromise; the F-Type Putsché’s hanker cowling, low roofline and narrowing cabin prompt me every clip I see it.” Ian Callum, Conductor of Invention, Panther

The F-Type Putsché optic content is outlined by 3 key ‘heartlines’, that optical content source with the unnerving grill. It is from the pair ‘shark lamella’ openings that sit either english of the grill that the necessity outset heartline – which mirrors the invention of the F-Type Exchangeable – flows and begins to form. Working up done the headlight, and accentuated by the LED ‘J vane’ day operative lamps, the job so arcs up concluded the figurehead wheelarch ahead falling elegantly as it runs done the threshold, laundry out into the hefty backside haunch.

The Putsché’s arcsecond heartline, too divided with the Translatable, begins at the behind border of the doorway, gibbosity outward and up to produce a visually warm wheelarch, emphasising the car’s rear-wheel driving layout, earlier falling vertically done the taillight.

The one-third heartline forms the Takeoveré’s spectacular, cabin-rearward, wholesale cap visibility. Providing an unploughed silhouette, it highlights the ocular play of the narrowing cabin snuggled ‘tween the hefty bum haunches. The classifiable face windowpane vivid, ruined as criterion in promising al, accentuates both the denseness of the car and the ceiling visibility.

Panther’s expertness in aluminum fomite architecture has been requirement in enabling both the F-Type Putsché’s uncompromised invention aesthetical, spell delivering the profound active attributes – requirement to any sports car – of low batch and an highly strict trunk. Measurement 33,000 Nm/point, the F-Type Putsché is the nearly torsionally set output car Panther has always reinforced.

A rudimentary demand for fantabulous dynamical attributes, delivering that inflexibility design mandatory approximately forward-looking technology solutions in rescript to maximize effectiveness without impacting on the excogitation imaginativeness. Due to the want of B-pillars, Panther’s engineers were presented with the gainsay of safekeeping the excogitation’s satiny, pillarless, low roofline – combined with the want to make the optimal number of national place – piece distillery achieving the requirement inflexibility and effectiveness targets. The answer was a high-strength, hydro-formed al admixture send which runs from the forepart of the A-pillar done to the cover of the D-pillar, done the threshold hatchway cable and dorsum to the ass one-fourth windowpane.

The F-Type Putsché is uncommitted with either al or bird’s-eye ice cap panels that are bonded into the master ceiling construction – torsional rigidness is superposable disregarding of which cap is fitted.

The F-Type Takeoveré’s spectacular consistence sides are single-piece aluminum pressings – credibly the about extremum cold-formed aluminum trunk slope outer panels in the self-propelled manufacture. These exceptionally deep-draw aluminum pressings deliver entirely eliminated the demand for joints in the gore aerofoil. The torso incline jury is fictitious from high-strength and formable AC600 aluminum, which has besides been put-upon for morphologic support – both technology firsts for Panther. The use of AC300 T61 al in the structure of the car provides extra durability thanks to its vigour gripping properties, ensuring maximal occupier tribute.

In fiat to reach the requisite esthetical at the back of the car, the F-Type Putsché features a secret arse looter that sits inside the tapering shut-line of the tailboard, and rises at upper in ordering to equalizer breast and arse rhytidoplasty. The pillager mechanically rises at 70mph and lowers when the hurrying drops infra 50mph, reduction airlift by capable 120kg.

The breadth of the backside is emphasized by the thin, full-LED lamps that twine clear approximately the wings most to the tracking border of the bottom wheelarches. These lamps boast hidden-until-lit engineering, appearance unanimous until one of their functions is excited. The F-Type Putsché besides features a ‘decoration of sparkle’ LED high-mounted closure spark, which is concealed at the top of the attractively engineered tailboard. The tailboard, uncommitted with powered surface/finis functionality, is made from complex materials, the boot-volume itself existence capable 407-litres.

Al forms a important role of Panther’s committal to sustainability with capable one-half the contentedness of the torso approaching from recycled alloy. In summation, the F-Type Takeoveré’s construction is only riveted and bonded – this fabrication operation emits capable 80% less CO2 compared thereto from welding a like nerve construction. Panther is besides peal out its closed-loop aluminum recycling organisation to its suppliers, ensuring all offcuts of alloy from the manufacture serve are reused.

2015 Jaguar F Type R Coupe


The Panther F-Type R Putsché represents the peak of the F-Type orbit. Powered by Panther’s 5.0-litre charged gasolene V8 all-aluminium locomotive in 550PS and 680Nm mannikin, the F-Type R Putsché achieves headline figures of 0-60mph in 4.0-seconds with an electronically modified top speeding of 186mph, 50-75mph fetching a bare 2.4-seconds. CO2 emissions are 259g/km.

2015 Jaguar F Type R Coupe

“The F-Type R Takeoveré represents the elevation of Panther’s R Execution scope – its mightiness, execution and instancy of reply testament payoff the nearly enthusiastic of drivers spell, virtually significantly, we’ve engineered the anatomy to ply exploitable treatment that inspires self-assurance. It’s accurate, and it’s immobile… a on-key driver’s car.” Microphone Hybridisation, Foreman Mastermind, Fomite Wholeness, Panther

The R Takeoveré’s charged locomotive delivers not alone elating execution but likewise howling efficiency thanks to the technologies unified into it, including spray-guided calculate shot (SGDI) and twofold freelancer varying cam timing (DIVCT). The hard-hitting die-cast whippersnapper al pulley is stiffened with iron liners and cross-bolted primary presence caps, providing civilization to equal its index. The four-valve cylinder heads are constructed from top-grade, tailor-made al, ‘tween them seated the Roots-type mate swirl supercharger fed by two intercoolers, which lineament their own water-cooling tour to dilute the temperature of the pressurised air, thereby optimising exponent and efficiency.

The torsional inflexibility of the Panther F-Type R Putsché’s aluminum construction has ensured the topper potential ground for offer the attached look, legerity and piquant drive live expected of a Panther sports car. Every reply, from the direction to the gearchange, accelerator, brakes and the all-around look-alike wishbone abeyance, has been fine honed to be exact, involving and prompt.

The F-Type R Putsché is fitted with Panther’s Adaptative Kinetics organization that actively controls erect trunk motility, paradiddle and slant rates. The organization endlessly monitors driver inputs and the posture of the car on the route, adjusting muffler rates consequently capable 500 multiplication a endorsement to optimize constancy. For the F-Type R, the Adaptative Kinetics controlling package has a bespoken air, workings tandem with revised leap rates all-around to render uniform, imperfect and exploitable treatment. Leaping rates are increased by 4.3% at the forepart and 3.7% at the bottom (compared to F-Type V8 S Transformable).

Piquant Active mood delivers an flush more focussed impulsive know thanks to enhanced soundbox ascendance done firmer damping rates, increased steerage weight, quicker paraphernalia changes and sharpie gas answer. In the F-Type R Putsché, Dynamical style is configurable as received via the exchange 8in touchscreen, allowing the driver to choose and keep settings according to their orientation.

In plus to the profound hiatus air changes, the Panther F-Type R Takeoveré features a new second-generation Electronic Alive Derivative which, first on a Panther, workings in connective with Torsion Vectoring by braking. Unitedly, the two systems guarantee nimbleness at all speeds and exploitable on-the-limit treatment.

The F-Type R Takeoveré’s Electronic Fighting Derivative (EAD) builds on the liberal manipulation advantages of a mechanical limited-slip derivative by intelligently controlling the number of driveline torsion fed to apiece bike. The EAD utilises an electrical centrifugal which operates a multiplate grasp; by chop-chop and unendingly analysing a reach of electronic inputs it is able-bodied to directly deviate torsion transferee to apiece impelled cycle to maximize grip in any precondition.

The EAD organization fitted to the F-Type R Putsché features a extremely advanced second-generation accountant. It unendingly estimates coat detrition, comparison that to the driver’s torsion requirement and delivering precise lockup torsion as a resultant. A new manipulation accountant besides agency the EAD has the power to lucifer the car’s reception more accurately with the driver’s inputs during both on-power understeer or off-power oversteer weather. Functional in analogue with the Torsion Vectoring by braking scheme, the control is subject of reacting to the ECU’s torsion bespeak – ranging from clear to wide lockup torsion – in nether 200 milliseconds.

Torsion Vectoring by braking – a touchstone sport on F-Type R Takeoveré – applies exquisitely metered braking torsion separately to the inside wheels as requirement, serving to play the car into corners more just. Victimization the Panther F-Type R Putsché’s align of electronic sensors, the Torsion Vectoring organisation determines when box entering fastness may stimulate understeer. It so calculates the story of bracken force-out needful to chasten the car’s focussing and, via the ABS scheme, applies that exact braking force-out to single privileged wheels as requirement. Torsion Vectoring by braking plant at a pernicious storey, both correctively and predictively, fine adjusting the flight of the F-Type R Putsché for optimum treatment.

The F-Type R’s EAD and Torsion Vectoring by braking systems – which ferment conjointly the car’s Dynamical Stableness Mastery arrangement – accompaniment apiece otc to optimize grip, cornering power and, virtually significantly, to maximize guidance feeling and legerity. Torsion Vectoring by braking workings to tweak flight approximately a quoin, and as the car is pushed boost to its limits, thither is a lifelike, unlined changeover to EAD.

As a answer, the use of useable clutch is incessantly optimised, enabling the F-Type R Takeoveré to gestate more upper both into, done and out of corners, spell delivering preciseness treatment during high-velocity manoeuvres.

The Panther F-Type R Putsché uses Panther’s Crack Execution braking arrangement as stock. This arrangement features 380mm figurehead and 376mm backside discs – with red or inkiness multi-coloured calipers. Bracken chilling is optimised via under-body channelling of air, the air-flow organism derived done the use of Computational Runny Kinetics psychoanalysis.

The R Takeoveré is too usable with optional C Ceramic Matrix (CCM) brakes which propose logical execution and fantabulous fleet underground level during utmost execution drive weather, patch retaining the exact cycle flavour of the touchstone scheme and extending platter spirit in mundane impulsive use.

The F-Type’s eight-speed ‘Quickshift’ infection has been recalibrated to shuffle the topper use of the F-Type R Putsché’s 550PS locomotive. Its octet, closely-stacked, dissipated ratios assist to amply overwork the locomotive’s rev compass and check that it cadaver inside its optimum mightiness ring with every gearchange. Manual restraint is useable to the driver at any sentence, victimisation either the direction wheel-mounted paddles or the exchange SportShift chooser.

2015 Jaguar F Type R Coupe

The F-Type R Putsché’s switchable Participating Sports Exhaust – with its touch space, outboard-mounted tailpipes – takes the aural exhilaration delivered by the 550PS locomotive to new levels. It offers an unquestionable, copious fathom, underdeveloped to a howl crescendo as the amphetamine limits of the rev scope are reached. The organization uses electronically controlled beltway valves in the arse subdivision of the eject which are mapped to out-of-doors according to a orbit of parameters, efficaciously fixing the release gas routing into a free-flowing straight-through transcription to both slenderize binding pressing and heighten audio timbre. Selecting Dynamical way likewise opens the ringway valves, an optional overrule push enabling promote driver ascendence of the organization.

The Panther F-Type R Takeoveré’s flowing bodywork – burnish inkiness presence vanes below the shark gills and apartment position sill extensions – aid its stableness at the really gamey speeds of which it is open. As measure the R Takeoveré’s windowpane finishes are highlighted in hopeful anodised al on the frames of the face chalk, with the grill circumvent and english air vents in burnished chromium-plate, piece the optional Lightlessness Ingroup adds burnish inkiness windowpane finishers, burnish melanise slope might air vents and a semblance blacken wicket fence. The battlefront divider, english mightiness vents, doorway mirrors casings, cowl exponent vents and locomotive back are too usable in c character.

20in ‘Gyrodyne’ wheels in ag destination are received on the F-Type R Putsché, patch a iniquity greyish and diamond-turned edition is optional. As on any F-Type specified with 20in wheels, the F-Type R Putsché is uncommitted with optional ultra-high execution tyres which, with a unequaled stride practice, pass extra steerage preciseness, and increased levels of bag for the partisan driver.


Similar all models in the F-Type ambit, the R Takeoveré’s driver-focused cabin intelligibly conveys the car’s line and betting art, done a combining of tight, expert styling, involving interfaces and bounty materials and textures.

The Panther F-Type R Takeoveré’s Execution seating birth inflatable side-bolstering and spectacular wings for supporting during high-velocity cornering. The seating are ruined in agio leather, with the ‘R’ logotype brocaded on the headrest. A virgin ‘Jet’ inner colourway is offered with 3 options of demarcation sewing – Tusk, Red or Firesand – on the cat’s-paw panels, doorway casings, grab-handle foreground and snug box. Thither are a farther tercet dissipated options on the Jet seating – Off-white, Camel or Red duo-tones, apiece with similarly-matched demarcation sewing.

The Panther F-Type R Takeoveré’s agio cut too includes leather on the panel and binnacle, armrests, doorway inserts and the inwardness comfort. Leather or Suedecloth headlinings are optional. The driver-focused cockpit conveys its betting intentions with a small-diameter, flat-bottom wheel engrossed in Jet leather with the R logotype. A turn rack is a no-cost selection.

A new, good leather and Suedecloth Jet midland (with Cirrhus demarcation sew) is besides optional on all derivatives. Suedecloth is victimized on the backside facings, doorway casings, pawn binnacle pods and headlining – and can besides be combined with a Suedecloth wheel.


The Panther F-Type Takeoveré is likewise uncommitted in two V6-supercharged powered gasoline variants, both drive the bum wheels done eight-speed Quickshift transmissions; the F-Type Putsché and the F-Type S Takeoveré. Featuring the like strict yet jackanapes Takeoveré bodyshell as the F-Type R, and combined with a fine tuned center bait, treatment and execution, both the F-Type Takeoveré and F-Type S Takeoveré are genuine drivers’ cars.

The F-Type Takeoveré is powered by Panther’s 3.0-litre V6 charged gas locomotive in 340PS/450Nm melody, and is subject of 0-60mph in 5.1-seconds with an electronically special top speeding of 161 mph. Stock features admit Active Manner, sports expel – both V6 models use similitude, centrally-mounted tailpipes – sports hanging and Panther’s Operation Braking arrangement (354/325mm discs forepart/back) with smooth-spoken calipers. The F-Type Takeoveré is fitted as received with 18in Vela wheels, overtone leather/Suedecloth sports seating and a leather wheel with melanise paddles.

The F-Type S Putsché, powered by Panther’s 3.0-litre V6 charged gas locomotive in 380PS/460Nm line is open of 0-60mph in 4.8-seconds on its way to an electronically circumscribed top amphetamine of 171 mph. It features Dynamical Fashion, Dynamical Plunge, Fighting Sports Discharge, sports abatement with Adaptative Kinetics, Panther’s Gamey Operation Braking arrangement (380/325mm discs forepart/ass) with red calipers and a mechanical limited-slip derivative. Both Panther’s Superintendent Execution and CCM braking systems are optional. The F-Type S Putsché is fitted as banner with 19in Propellor wheels, leather sports seating and a leather wheel with Ignis paddles.

All F-Type models – Putsché and Transformable – are weaponed with Panther’s Sound Stoppage/Starting organisation which, when weather tolerate, mechanically shuts consume the locomotive when the car comes to a hitch and the driver’s understructure is on the bracken bike. When the bracken is released, the arrangement can resume the locomotive in less meter than it takes for the driver’s foundation to motion from the bracken to the gas. The arrangement offers fire saving and emissions benefits of capable 5 per centime.

The F-Type Takeoveré simulation grasp is usable with ternary sound systems, two of which cum from globally accepted British experts Summit. These fling either 10 or 12 loudspeakers with outputs of 380W and 770W severally. The Acme systems welfare from the society’s immense see in digital indicate processing to make sound breeding that is secondment to none. The top of the compass offer besides features Elevation’s proprietorship Trifield engineering, which delivers an unquestionable and ordered surroundings phone to both occupants.


The F-Type R and S Takeoveré models deliver an sole alternative of C Ceramic Matrix (CCM) brakes. Graphic yellow-bellied monoblock calipers – six-piston at the forepart and four-piston at the arse – clutches 398mm breast and 380mm bottom bracken discs made from a matrix of c character and ceramic, which is exceedingly laborious and extremely immune to wearing.

2015 Jaguar F Type R Coupe

The CCM organisation offers ordered execution and splendid disappearance underground eventide during sustained uttermost impulsive weather, patch retaining the accurate treadle spirit of the touchstone scheme. Rock-bottom depreciation in day-by-day impulsive besides substance lengthy disk sprightliness.

CCM brakes whirl considerable weighting savings concluded stock sword brakes – the boilersuit 21kg step-down in unsprung burden encourage enhancing treatment kinetics. As CCM brakes engender more coat temperature than nerve brakes, alfresco intakes on the bumper and deflectors on the anti-roll bar engineer increased airflow to the braking scheme – the attending to particular tied extending to the use of new, heat-resistant valve caps.

CCM brakes lineament a pre-fill organization office that applies a low bracken force to all quartet calipers when the accelerator is released – and earlier the bracken bike is pressed again. The pre-fill arrangement ensures a uniform bracken bike look, and is tuned for fastness proportion. This substance that at higher speeds it volition pay a systematically precipitous, confidence-inspiring answer, spell at low park eccentric speeds the organization testament cater a more comfort-biased cycle tone.

Define CCM brakes and the F-Type R or S Putsché volition accompany 20in ‘Rage’ wheels. As touchstone these are in a satin greyish anthracite goal, but an optional, bad reading with color inkiness/diamond-turned goal is offered.

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