2015 Hyundai Santa Cruz Crossover Truck Concept

Hyundai Santa Cruz Crossover Truck Concept

Hyundai revealed its innovational Santa Cruz Crosswalk Motortruck Conception at the 2015 Northward American External Machine Read in Detroit. This wise construct reflects a whole new reading of motortruck usefulness for a new contemporaries of buyers, particularly Millennials, who symbolize the second-largest universe of car buyers.

“The Santa Cruz crosswalk motortruck construct meets the unsaid necessarily of a ontogenesis Millennian life-style we vociferation ‘Urban Adventurers’,” aforesaid Scrape Dipko, conductor, bodied provision, Hyundai Centrifugal America. “This new crosswalk allows them all the expansible utility-grade they demand passim their alive hebdomad, from work-life professionalism, to sociable interests, to a unhurt kind of out-of-door pursuits, without the distinctive compromises they get resuscitate look from the industriousness’s stream production offerings.”


2015 Hyundai Santa Cruz Crossover Truck Concept

Forward-looking urbanisation is impacting the grocery in a unsubtle way, and this drift is specially firm with unseasoned adults, who aspect tighter parking on streets and parking garages, and increasing over-crowding boilersuit. These trends are not captive to one particular area of the U.S.; they’re occurrence in urban hubs everyplace. These “Urban Adventurers” suffer a unlike mind-set, beingness identical participating both socially, and in their communities, delivery a pioneering intent to shuffling their neighborhoods a punter berth to survive and exercise.

So whether it’s lading up friends and firewood for a balefire at the beach, coaching the youthfulness soccer squad, volunteering for a community renovation projection, or a prompt cliff at the local recycling centre, they want a fomite various plenty to conciliate both passengers and appurtenance, patch beingness effective decent to fit into their alone urban life-style.

2015 Hyundai Santa Cruz Crossover Truck Concept

2015 Hyundai Santa Cruz Crossover Truck Concept


To encounter the particular inevitably of these Urban Adventurers, Santa Cruz doesn’t center notwithstanding attributes as traditional pickups. It’s intentional to play more of their desires for formula, efficiency and manoeuvrability. Hyundai designers created a sheer invention that conveys this life-style, with a blanket, confident position and an belligerent side-profile roue. The movement panorama features an good, hexangular grill with cascading lines frame the sides, two-fold lens-free, alveolate headlight projectors, and striking LED fog lamps. The position visibility is highlighted by outsize wheels, Michelin® tires with a particular step figure, center-locking hubs and lily-livered Brembo® bracken calipers.

For informality of entree to the back seating, Santa Cruz features commodious, rear-hinged bottom doors which mix seamlessly with the forepart doorway pattern. The roll arches, cap, and bed track pass commodious tie-down cleats for securing shipment of all shapes and sizes. From the bottom, the conception presents highly-contoured bed forms, and for spare usefulness, the expandible bed can be well reconfigured for thirster load, victimisation a singular drawer-like sliding procedure.

Efficiency is a key dimension of its ripe powertrains, with an environmentally-friendly 2.0-liter turbo diesel powertrain delivering 190 h.p. and 300 lb.-ft. of torsion, spell achieving fire thriftiness in the heights 30 mpg grasp. Santa Cruz too offers Hyundai’s HTRAC® All-wheel campaign arrangement, so thither’s no anxiousness most acquiring those snowboarding “sassy tracks” compensate afterward a ramp moves done.

The construct is purposefully compress, and although it has iv doors and seats for five-spot, its boilersuit footmark is standardised to a little CUV. These dimensions pass paragon for navigating the urban jungle or a stringent parking stain that nigh cartridge drivers frequently suffer to surpass. It offers distinctive CUV impulsive fibre, but with a various shipment bed that provides spaced repositing for all they lack to convey on, whether it’s a stumble to the recycling mall, a browse or paddleboard sitting, or a match of mount bikes for the trails. Whatsoever the day’s activeness power institute — all that colly, sweaty, wet, flaxen, bulky cogwheel cadaver in the rear of the motortruck, flawlessly detached from the rider compartment.

2015 Hyundai Santa Cruz Crossover Truck Concept

During the sour workweek, geartrain for that former dawn boost or after-work hockey corset firmly locked in the dorsum, nether an incorporate, unbending tonneau binding that handily retracts when not requisite. It not alone keeps items rubber and doggo, it besides keeps the inner cleanse and smart. Santa Cruz is the complete fomite for those that wish the attributes of a CUV, but lull bear unclean hooey that belongs “in the backbone.”


2015 Hyundai Santa Cruz Crossover Truck Concept

Sometimes, thither are those inevitably that collect eve more shipment way; that’s why Santa Cruz offers an groundbreaking tailboard prolongation that allows the bed duration to be expanded whenever those “equitable in causa” moments uprise. The elongation is everlasting for everything from an epos off-roader slip to delivery house an old-fashioned bureau or authoritative motorbike that’s advanced for regaining. When amply protracted, Santa Cruz’s bed distance is exchangeable to a mid-size pick-me-up, providing the power to bear practically more its covenant footmark would hint, yet only requisite. Santa Cruz was intentional to conciliate any the Urban Explorer’s life-style calls for, whether expected or unexpected.

About of the manufacture’s by attempts to flux truck-bed tractableness with passenger-car attributes were express because they didn’t have the virtual benefits the client expected. Near tested to span the cable by attracting traditional motortruck buyers with compromised products at a alike toll pointedness, flunk to have any differentiating benefits. Santa Cruz, advisedly, isn’t an option to a motortruck, so towing, shipment and earth headway were not principal goals. Instead, Santa Cruz is intended to draw CUV and saloon buyers who are quest greater utility-grade, without the compromises that traditional trucks much expect.


Hyundai inquiry revealed that not everyone who wants an open-bed fomite is volition to take the tradeoffs that accompany it. As grounds of this, manufacture pickup parcel is fine-tune complete fivesome pct in the finale 10 age, with the biggest shifting among new adults, reflecting a pauperism for something that more close matches these morphing lifestyles. In the by, modest trucks accounted for one-half of cartridge sales, and they were especially democratic with jr. buyers. Now, that like untested motortruck commercialise is most non-existent, and millennials below 30 stage equitable 7 pct of all cartridge purchases. Women, who buy more one-half of all CUVs sold, now bill for alone 10 pct of pick-me-up sales. Santa Cruz is intended to fulfill the client inevitably that the flow motortruck merchandise oblation is merely not fulfilling.

2015 Hyundai Santa Cruz Crossover Truck Concept

Santa Cruz is for the growth universe who sees and pursues the humans otherwise, those who lack all the traditional attributes of a modest CUV, but motivation the day-by-day versatility of an surface bed. It’s the crossing motortruck that meets the tongueless necessarily of Urban Adventurers.

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