2015 Hyundai I40

Hyundai i40

Intentional and engineered at the party’s European R&D hq in Rüsselsheim, Germany, Hyundai’s sight for New i40 was to furnish a singular substitute inside the D-segment. Thomas Bürkle, Headman Decorator at Hyundai’s Motive’s Figure Inwardness Europe, ensured his squad focussed on bracing New i40 spell retaining the typical ocular collection of the pilot modelling. As a solvent New Hyundai i40 combines practicality with piquant conception.

“The innovation of New i40 reflects the development of Hyundai’s pattern speech, incorporating our well-nigh late features such as the elegant hexangular grillwork. The New i40 stands out for its silky and refined look, yet it stiff uncompromised on solace and freight content. New-look mind lamps and quarter lamps heighten the advanced identicalness of the car during the day and likewise the nighttime clock. Tow-tone rack designs accompaniment the boilersuit refined and jazzy position of New i40”, commented Bürkle.

The New i40 for 2015 features new intentional caput and ass lamps, new hexangular figurehead wicket, new strawman bumper and new structured LED fog lamps. The visibility is reinvigorated with freshly intentional 16- and 18-inch metal wheels.

New i40 retains its forerunner’s silklike abstract, resulting in splendid flowing hale figures – 0.29 Cd for the Tourist and 0.28 Cd for the Ginmill.

Greater comfort and convenience

The reinvigorated figure of New i40 advance improves inside comfortableness, cabin versatility and practicality.

2015 Hyundai i40

Inwardly New i40 thither are new superiority materials for the wheel, armrests and geartrain thickening.

2015 Hyundai I40

New i40 carries ended key dimensions of the late propagation framework, with a generous wheelbase (2770 mm) and boilersuit breadth (1815 mm), which make a cabin with telling blank, including best-in-class blank done its nous (1025 mm), leg (1170 mm) and berm way (1455 mm) for breast ass occupants.

Back headway (990 mm) in New i40 is class-leading, patch the unequalled power to recumb arse seating ensures i40 offers all occupants the virtually well-heeled rally in the section.

Boot capacitance in New i40 corpse extremely private-enterprise 525 litres (Taphouse) and 553 litres (Phaeton) with the bottom seating erect and capable 1719 litres (Tourist) with the backside seating folded kill. Consignment and unloading the Holidaymaker is specially light thanks to the last storey stratum in the D-segment -just 592 mm from the land.

The Smarting Might Tailboard, commencement introduced in the All-New Generation, ensures loose admittance to the Phaeton’s rush (matter to commercialize stipulation). It opens mechanically when the driver approaches the back of the car with the keys in their pouch. This makes consignment the car practically easier tied with both custody total. To farther addition distance, the bottom seating are snag 60/40 and pair coldcock runway lodge transferrable baggage chasteness barriers.

New i40 volition be useable with a het wheel to raise driver comforter in passing coldness weather. Solar and secrecy deoxyephedrine protects the national from harmful UV rays and assistance cut cabin temperatures likewise as adding mortal secrecy in the cover row.

Audio and Navigation

New i40 offers an upgraded piloting organization with 7-inch TFT colouration touchscreen that benefits from the up-to-the-minute engineering, improved touchscreen functionality, new visualization, 3D expose manner and DAB tuner first.

The stock sound scheme is an phylogeny of the organisation useable in the forthcoming framework, with improvements to cover engineering moving to a Monochromous TFT LCD sieve.

Additionally a new high-resolution TFT LCD expose provides the driver with onboard and safe info.

Improved engines, plus a new seven-speed DCT

The New i40 is uncommitted with a quality of two diesel exponent units – both Euro6 compliant – with outputs ranging from 115 to 141 ps.

The top-selling variant of Hyundai’s U-II 1.7-litre diesel now delivers more ability (141 ps) and more torsion (340 Nm) from equitable 1750rpm, ensuring a antiphonal crusade.

The seven-speed DCT organisation offers drivers amply robotic process or consecutive manual train changes selected with the gear-lever or guidance wheel-mounted paddles for greater driver participation.

The 1.7-litre diesel touchstone locomotive generates 115 ps and a torsion outturn of capable 280 Nm from as low as 1250 rpm. This locomotive comes with a 6-speed manual transmittal in i40 Phaeton and CO2 emissions startle from 110 g/km and with fire uptake of 67 mpg.

Eco credentials

Boosting New i40’s environmental credential, the modeling is uncommitted with Hyundai’s modish fire rescue technologies. These admit: Structured Occlusion & Go (ISG), low rolling-resistance tyres, an alternator direction organization (AMS) and a drag-reducing ‘fighting air fuss’ in the forepart grill.

New Advanced Traction Cornering Control improves handling precision

Hyundai’s frame technology squad operative on the New i40 were tasked with up on the master example’s already extremely competent rag/manipulation counterpoise.

“For ameliorate cornering and to meliorate the boilersuit legerity of the New i40, Hyundai’s technology squad highly-developed the Modern Grip Cornering Controller (ATCC). The ATCC improves grip and manipulation, all particularly made-to-order for the New i40 and its impulsive characteristics,” explains Axel Honisch, Worldwide Handler Fomite Examination and Growth.

The organization (uncommitted field to commercialise stipulation) uses electronic sensors to emu the doings of a limited-slip derivative during cornering, providing extra grip, bettor clutches and improved treatment. The computer-controlled organization applies the bracken to the within bike in a number and directs more torsion to the remote roll, enhancing constancy and boosting driver trust. The functioning is unlined, amply reflexive and the modest coating of the bracken is unperceivable to the driver.

The Ride Manner settings are enhanced by the new Bum Electronic Damping Ascendancy Organisation (ECS) (usable field to grocery stipulation), which is equipt on the behind axle of the nearly democratic New i40 somatotype – the Phaeton. Olibanum, the driver can adjust the abeyance settings done the thrust modes to case drive panache. In increase to the bottom respite, the steerage, confine reaction and contagion logic are too influenced by the option.

The record brakes, backed up by ESC, ABS, EBD and Bracken Help systems as measure, is carried ended from the premature coevals simulation.

2015 Hyundai I40

The rich bodyshell, foresighted wheelbase (2770 mm) and all-embracing racecourse 1591 mm in the presence and 1597 mm in the behind were unaltered as they ply an first-class instauration for the full mugwump dangling, by MacPherson Struts at the battlefront and a multi-link scheme at the arse. The galvanic single-foot and pennon mightiness guidance with its reactive 2.78 turns of the wheel from lock-to-lock is besides carried concluded.

New ‘active’ technologies for a safer drive

2015 Hyundai I40

The already comp leaning of usable combat-ready and peaceful prophylactic technologies has been farther enhanced for the New i40.

New Bi-Xenon headlamps (availablesubject to grocery stipulation), which deliver brighter clarification and bear greater uncloudedness for improved dark sentence visibleness, have self-levelling as stock.

2015 Hyundai I40

The forward-facing sensors for the existent Lane Holding Serve Organisation, now do two extra functions. The new Fresh Mellow Irradiation (SHB) arrangement (availablesubject to mart stipulation), which made its unveiling on Generation, monitors coming dealings and mechanically turns off the mellow irradiation to annul blinding early drivers.

The new Speeding Demarcation Designation Use scheme (availablesubject to commercialize stipulation) checks wayside signs and displays a flow speeding limitation watchful to the driver via the new TFT showing on the panel.It is the commencement sentence Hyundai has introduced this engineering to its modelling scope.

2015 Hyundai I40

Every New i40 is fitted with comp inactive guard measures, including sevener airbags – movement, position, drape and driver genu airbag as banner. On about models two back slope airbags are likewise uncommitted. The archetype i40 was awarded the utmost five-star rubber paygrade in Euro NCAP’s encroachment judgment curriculum.

Five Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Comparable all new Hyundai models, the New i40 is backed up by Hyundai’s unequalled, Europe-only, Cinque Yr Outright Milage Warrantee bundle. This tending program provides customers with a five-year warrant with no milage restrict, cinque days of wayside help and 5 eld of fomite wellness checks.

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