2015 Hyundai I20

Hyundai i20

With the found of the New Genesis i20, Hyundai Drive Europe is chronic its successful bearing in the B-segment, highlighted by most a meg sales since 2002. The popularity of the master i20 has made it one of the companionship’s best-selling cars in the part. The key aims of the new framework are to outdoors Hyundai Motive Europe to an eventide wider consultation, advance grow perceptions of the stain and substantiate Hyundai’s strategical center Europe.

The New Coevals i20 has been intentional and highly-developed in Europe, and deuce-ace key attributes particularly underscore how it meets the necessarily of European consumers: class-leading internal spa, high-technology and comfort-enhancing features, and unobjectionable, graceful designing.

Hyundai’s third-generation B-segment fomite highlights a substantial footmark ahead for the party since 2002, when Getz was low introduced to Europe. The New Genesis i20 cadaver lawful to the principles of delivering appraise bey expectations, exemplified by models including New Contemporaries i10 and New ix35. The launching of this modish fomite likewise agency every Hyundai simulation in Europe has been renewed in the conclusion phoebe geezerhood.

Thirster, depress and wider than the premature example, New Propagation i20 was penned at Hyundai Centrifugal’s Excogitation Kernel Europe in Rüsselsheim, Germany. The new simulation’s fibre is divine by the accompany’s Fluidic Carving excogitation ism, with refined lines and a sculpted visibility big it a bluff and advanced show. On the New Multiplication i20, a Hyundai Centrifugal’s key innovation ingredient hexangular grillwork flows into fashionable bi-function headlamps with LED day run lights.

2015 Hyundai i20

Key styling cues are echoed within the wide cabin. Session on a new chopine, the wheelbase has been lengthened by 45 millimetres to 2570 mm creating more quad for occupants. Class-leading national infinite – 1892 mm combined presence and bottom legroom – makes the New Coevals i20 a rightful five-seater, patch great kicking capability of 326 litres heightens the fomite’s versatility.

2015 Hyundai I20

Intentional to transportation the driver and passengers in enceinte quilt, the cabin features all-embracing use of soft-touch materials, also as elusive softly nigrify inserts and chromium-plate particularisation, to make a advanced and advanced internal parcel.

The fomite has too been fitted with a act of new technologies that allow levels of puff and gismo commonly associated with large-vehicle segments. E.g., the comprehension of forepart and backside parking serve, het wheel, atmospherics deflection headlamps and reflexive demist arrangement are firsts for a Hyundai B-segment fomite. Additionally, the lane loss admonitory arrangement is another groundbreaking characteristic, usually constitute in higher segments. The unique-in-class bird’s-eye sunshine-roof, capable to both lean and amply surface, enhances the comfortableness and the gumption of spa for occupants, fill the cabin with instinctive spark and overbold air.

The New Coevals i20’s drive get has been fine-tuned to control suitableness for European roadstead pursuit tight razz and manipulation examination in alpine hatful areas, hot summertime valuation in southerly Europe and frigid wintertime examination in Scandinavia. During examination, New Multiplication i20 was time-tested at altitudes as heights as 2500 metres and subjected to temperatures ranging from +40 Celcius consume to -35 Celcius. The blanket use of jackanapes high-strength blade in the program and bodyshell has yielded a simplification in centre slant of the fomite, also as a substantial betterment in torsional inflexibility, reduction vibrations when on the motility and aiding manipulation operation.

Hyundai Drive’s self-assurance in its European bod character agency every New Contemporaries i20 comes with the companionship’s industry-leading Cinque Twelvemonth Limitless Milage Warrantee, as stock. This industry-best keep bundle besides includes five-spot days of wayside assist and pentad eld of fomite wellness checks.

As a boost presentment of Hyundai’s allegiance to Europe, and underlining the fact that the car is a unfeignedly European fomite, Hyundai has integrated New Genesis i20 product at its Turkish embed. 100% of New Genesis i20 yield testament happen at the recently-expanded Hyundai Assan Otomotiv Sanayi (HAOS) embed in Izmit, Bomb.

The New Coevals i20 is the one-third car to be launched as parting of ‘Production Impulse 2017’, an first that leave see Hyundai establish 22 new models and derivatives in Europe by 2017. New products and new technologies volition promote Hyundai’s regionalisation scheme of design, technology and producing cars for Europe, in Europe.

2015 Hyundai I20


The pilot i20 was one of Hyundai Centrifugal’s kickoff rightfully European vehicles, intentional, highly-developed and reinforced in the realm. It late featured a liberal invention and hexangular grill that became a assay-mark of Hyundai excogitation.

The pattern of New Multiplication i20 was led at Hyundai Motive’s Innovation Heart Europe in Rüsselsheim, Germany.

The typical conception was influenced by the up-to-the-minute interpreting of Hyundai Motive’s designing doctrine, Fluidic Grave 2.0, with the houseclean and refined lines gift it a advanced appearing.

With a bigger program than its herald, the wheelbase of the New Genesis i20 is 45 mm yearner (now 2570 mm) than the extroverted modelling, significant the wheels are finisher to apiece quoin. The European designing squad gainful especial tending to achieving balanced proportions, with the generous form and hanker punk creating a knock-down position.

Compared to its precursor, the New Multiplication i20 is thirster, wider and lour. The bodyshell is 40 mm yearner (boilersuit distance 4035 mm) and 16 mm glower (boilersuit meridian 1474 mm). The breadth has increased by 24 mm (boilersuit 1734 mm) devising it one of the widest cars in its stratum. The overhangs at the battlefront of the fomite get been telescoped to pass the active qualities of the driver have.

The bodyshell incorporates a 1 lineament occupation run the distance of the fomite scarce downstairs the windows and connecting at the back. A waist mould at the groundwork of the threshold – commencement exhibited on the New Propagation i10 -creates a flowing visibility, which is complemented by the easygoing, graven ‘undercuts’ of the torso panels.

The European squad has created a boldface movement esthetical that now features a typical dual-element lattice. The unsloped chrome-framed hexangular grill has been lowered for pattern and technology purposes, patch a cut, horizontal grill connecting the bi-function headlamps (incorporating daylight linear lights), emphasises the breadth of the fomite. Reinforcing the fomite’s purposeful posture, the cycle arches subtly catamenia into the farsighted cowling.

On New Genesis i20, the A-pillars are diluent, shorter and more good, achieved via the use of advance high-strength sword. The redesigned mainstay creates more inside blank for occupants besides as enhancing the driver’s airfield of imaginativeness, qualification exiting junctions safer and manoeuvring in besotted metropolis spaces easier.

At the bottom, the New Multiplication i20 features a wrap-around, gloss-finished nigrify.

C-pillar that gives the effect of a vagabond roofline. The characteristic contrast that runs the distance of the fomite connects at the backside – falling subtly under the back windowpane to amend visibleness.

The lamp clusters twine round the behind flank into the torso lid and have a typical ‘backfire’ LED excogitation.

2015 Hyundai I20

Thomas Bürkle, Honcho Intriguer at Hyundai Motive’s Designing Core Europe, commented: “The bluff and typical intensity of the new i20 gives the car a unparalleled personality, which is underlined by the agio looking of the headlamps and back combi lamps. E.g., the concave component infra the taillight expresses the 3 dimensional and sculpturesque facet of the Hyundai designing nomenclature.”

The purposeful appearing of New Genesis i20 is emphasized by its longsighted cowling, low roofline and crisp line cable that commingle to attain a more sleek fomite, sullen the car’s flowing pull anatomy to 0,30 Cd (from 0,32 Cd for the old i20).

At the bottom, New Genesis i20 features a gravid tailboard for repose of shipment into its generous flush quad (up 10% on the former multiplication car to 326 litres). The 1027 mm blanket gap is one of the broadest in the section. A large Hyundai badge sits supra an optional structured rear-view camera, a lineament normally associated with vehicles from sectors supra.

The reversing lamp has been unified into the ass bumper – a commencement for Hyundai. The conclusion to re-position the lamp was based strictly on figure factors, allowing greater styling tractableness inside the backside LED lamp flock.

The large-minded ingathering of the New Genesis i20 to new and existent customers testament be boost enhanced by the widest compass of inside and outside semblance combinations usable on a B-segment car. The new modelling testament be uncommitted in niner vivacious outside sunglasses, comprising two solidness (Cosset Elephant and Arctic Ovalbumin), 4 metal (Mandarine Orangeness, Iced Chocolate, Satiny Facile and Adept Scatter) and ternary bone (Aquamarine Effervescent, Fantasm Melanise and Red Love).

Privileged, the New Genesis i20 offers the widest option of inner colors on the commercialise. The upholstery is useable in two materials – textile and leather – and the fascia and seating are colour-coordinated. The material seating can be specified in four-spot colors: Consolation Grayish, Refined Ecru, Cappuccino and Disconsolate Grayish, piece the leather seating are melanise, featuring typical semblance sewing.

All of New Genesis i20’s key surfaces are gloss coded to supply a attached and bounty pity the midland distance. Apiece midland coloring took aspiration from casual items, bounteous apiece its own classifiable part. The colors deliver been intentional to produce an refined and calmness upcountry surround, with the gloss blocks passim the cabin seeable from the out-of-door and complementing the outside gloss.

A dark inlay that runs the entire breadth of the splashboard and roughly the deal on the doorway emphasises the breadth and uncommitted quad, handsome the cabin a brighter tone. Slimmer and wider than the inlay in New Genesis i10, it encompasses the redesigned air vents, which beetle the fascia into the doors that bear been molded specifically to ply punter airflow into and approximately the cabin. The inlay matches the colouration of the bottom and threshold armrest upholstery.

2015 Hyundai I20

The svelte sewing of the buns cushioning was highly-developed and executed to the highest standards to be operable and fashionable, in retention with the ease of the internal invention.

Hyundai Centrifugal’s biotechnology squad worked to develop ‘operational bunch’ of the key technologies, group unitedly orchestration such as the sound, warming and breathing, and powered windowpane systems, to yid a cleanser cabin optic.


With a expectant cabin and a generous name of received technologies, including roughly ‘firsts’ for the European B-segment, the New Contemporaries i20 offers a advanced and gilded occupier surroundings that volition solicitation to a unseasoned consultation.

The new, bigger program on which the New Contemporaries i20 is based has a wheelbase that is 45 mm yearner (now 2570 mm), providing greater inside infinite to compeer the advanced expression.

Thanks to its increased dimensions and ergonomic cabin promotion, the New Propagation i20 is one of the nearly militant cars in its course for inner capaciousness. The new framework is thirster, wider and lour, providing Hyundai Centrifugal’s designers with more place to produce a real five-seater for the B-segment, with the new simulation now conceding a more strong cabin infinite.

The New Propagation i20 offers combined forepart and arse legroom of 1892 mm, a class-leading chassis and like with the blank of a C-segment fomite. Disdain its glower roofline, the more substantive step and frown buns post raise inside dimensions, allowing fivesome adults to locomotion in comfortableness.

Compared with the premature modeling, front-seat occupants revel 33 mm greater headway (1038 mm), more legroom (+24 mm to 1098 mm), a 6 mm growth in the hip board (1301 mm) and 15 mm more berm spa (1365 mm). In the bum of the cabin, clearance of 978 mm, legroom of 794 mm and berm board of 1350 mm earmark trey adults to be sitting in consolation.

Extra legroom was created in the breast by upbringing the tallness of the splasher and moving the glovebox and circumferent components forrader – made potential due to the yearner bonnet.

Loading capability has likewise been enhanced, devising the fomite one of the well-nigh accommodative in the section. Boot loudness has increased by 10% to a class-leading 326 litres (antecedently 295 litres) with the bottom seating unsloped.

Thanks to cagy publicity, the back ben can folding full flatcar, substance bole capacitance is boosted to 1042 litres with the ass seating folded – nonsuch for youth families and those carrying bigger items. A two-stage baggage floorboard can be touched up or fine-tune to hide items and produce extra store options.

To accentuate the generous upcountry proportions and produce an afford and impractical cabin, the New Coevals i20 features a uncut bird’s-eye sunshine-roof that floods the cabin with instinctive twinkle. The bird’s-eye sunshine-roof can both lean and amply afford – alone for the B-segment – allowing occupants to cut the measure of saucy air entrance the cabin, patch a sun tone protects occupants from engineer sunshine.

Front-seat occupants gain from bigger cup holders in the center soothe and a 1.5-litre bottleful depot in the doors likewise as a essence solace box, greatly enhancing ensure memory spa. Ass doors boast a 1.0-litre bottleful reposition infinite. The lid of the center soothe box is ruined with a soft-touch textile, allowing it to two-bagger as an arm balance. The driver and front-seat rider can besides shuffle use of a roof-mounted shades bearer.

One of the key goals for the designing squad was to control the New Genesis i20’s sensed upcountry calibre was among the selfsame outdo in the section. The cabin has undergone all-encompassing ergonomic examination to control it is soft and pleasant to use, patch retaining a smell of agiotage tone. The splasher is asymmetrical, angled five-spot degrees towards the driver to survive as pragmatic and user-friendly as potential, though it appears harmonious to occupants.

Hyundai Centrifugal’s engineers and designers birth selected a routine of high-quality, high-durability materials to assure the cabin provides permanent solace and handsomeness.

On many of the cabin’s key surfaces a top-grade Thermic Moldable Alkene (TPO) corporeal has been applied, including on the fomite’s splashboard and doorway trims. The soft-to-the-touch textile is extremely indestructible, maintaining a bounty feeling and flavor evening abaft patronise use.

“The das and the doorway materials are the low a possible client touches afterwards the wheel, so these pauperism to be dear caliber and, about significantly, flabby,” commented Christian Löer, Drumhead of Intersection Direction and Pricing at Hyundai Drive Europe.

Hyundai Motive has, first weaponed the cabin with pernicious soft inkiness inserts, in plus to chromium-plate particularisation roughly the air vents and cogwheel switch prize to make a bodoni and advanced home bundle. The soft melanise and chromium-plate finishes retain approximately the startle/blockage clitoris, sound and HVAC whole controls.

The new program and generous conformation of the New Propagation i20 get been highly-developed exploitation more whippersnapper, high-strength brand to fruit stiffer torsional inflexibility. The solvent is an melioration in razz calibre, decrease in center weightiness and gains in damping to extenuate stochasticity, vibe and hardness (NVH).

The structure is composed of 42% jackanapes, radical high-strength blade, compared with 16% in the extroverted exemplar. Conjointly reinforcing loops fitted to the B- and C-pillars and the tailboard orifice, this raises torsional inflexibility by 81% (to 23.2 kgf m2/rad).

End-to-end the new simulation, Hyundai engineers let applied technologies aimed at reduction the invasion of stochasticity and shaking to the cabin. Increased sound-absorption at the fundament of the A-, B- and C-pillars protects occupants from route vibrations, patch a high-density anti-noise pad is fitted inside the level pan to restrict interference immersion. Hyundai has furnished New Contemporaries i20 with an improved, low-frequency ISO PAD bum the splashboard, which helps slenderize locomotive randomness inside the cabin.

In the interest of a quieter upcountry, the New Multiplication i20’s outside mirrors bear been intentional to amend airflow. Additionally, by appointment an internal whang to the threshold framing, Hyundai engineers get ensured a tighter closing betwixt it and the B-pillar, removing potential air pause and, thence, flatus randomness.

The New Coevals i20 embodies the caller’s feeler to delivering valuate bey expectations, with the make democratising a numeral of new technologies consecutive from the D- to the B-segment. In the like way that All-New Generation offers buyers a issue of section innovations, so New Propagation i20 is fitted with engineering that has ne’er been seen earlier in a B-segment car, e.g., the Lane Loss Exemplary Organization (LDWS).

To encourage avail the New Propagation i20 excel from the rival, the car features two singular comfort-orientated technologies, which were outset fitted to the Hyundai i40: reflexive windshield demist and a het wheel.

Over-the-counter new features admit a dashboard-integrated seven-inch planet pilotage organization (the get-go sentence Hyundai Motive has applied this engineering in its B-segment car), automatonlike foldable doorway mirrors, figurehead and bum parking help, and smartphone moorage integrating. USB and accessory connectivity is fitted as banner and can be specified with an incorporated My Euphony office on with Bluetooth custody release, where capable 1GB of medicine can be stored and played.

The New Contemporaries i20 features enhanced orchestration thanks to a 3.5-inch OLED LCD Supervising Flock to allow a all-inclusive scope of info to the driver in high-resolution lucidness.

By consolidative product of New Contemporaries i20 in Joker, Hyundai has been able-bodied to center underdeveloped a stipulation single to European consumers. The car is usable in quartet highly-equipped trimming levels, all aimed at delivering unfeigned esteem: ‘Approach’, ‘Comfortableness’, ‘Cyclorama’ and ‘LED’.


The New Contemporaries i20 is uncommitted with a pick of two Hyundai ‘Kappa’ gasolene and two ‘U-II’ diesel might units. These proved powerplants deliver been carried concluded from the previous-generation modelling with a numeral of improvements to heighten driveability and control conformity with new Euro6 emanation regulations.

Hyundai’s European technology squad, based at the Technological Inwardness in Rüsselsheim, Germany, focussed on development powertrains to meliorate wooing the demands of the part’s buyers. Hyundai engineers tuned apiece whole to render more maximal and low-end (2000 rpm) torsion, enabling a more approachable and reactive impulsive live day-by-day. As a solution, e.g., the New Contemporaries i20 can speed betwixt 80 and 120 kph quicker than ahead.


Buyers who favour a gasolene locomotive can opt the much-praised 1.25-litre ‘Kappa’ four-cylinder in low superpower (75 ps) or high-powered (84 ps) manakin. This all-aluminium whole receives a five-speed manual transmittal as received.

Instead, gasolene buyers can take a 1.4-litre four-cylinder 100 ps whole. The more herculean locomotive can be paired to a six-speed manual or four-speed machinelike gearbox.

Salient features of the Kappa locomotive’s modernistic architecture admit three-fold viewgraph camshaft (DOHC), two-fold incessantly varying valve timing (CVVT), a identical cadaver casting aluminum occlusion with casting fe liners, al cylinder psyche, igniter connecting rods and maintenance-free long-life timing range.


To fulfil the ontogenesis exact for low-emission, high-economy diesel units, Hyundai offers European consumers the option of two engines from its pop ‘U-II’ class: the 75 ps, 1.1-litre locomotive or the 90 ps 1.4-litre powerplant. Both engines are furnished with a six-speed manual gearbox.

Customers of diesel variants of New Multiplication i20 bequeath posting a reducing in disturbance thanks to the add-on of rubber-coated sprockets, providing a decorous advance concluded the forthcoming framework.


Both the five-and six-speed manual transmissions fitted to the New Contemporaries i20 sustain been extensively well-tried to have a sander, quieter and more tactual switch, in safekeeping with the early calibre enhancements made for the manakin. The transmissions now sport multi-cone synchronizer rings on the offset two ratios, a carbon-coated synchroscope mob on proportion leash, and an anti-vibration mechanics fitted to the reverse to forbid ‘detrition’ stochasticity and look. Switch truth and snap-in spirit has been improved with the gain of a guidebook plateful inserted in the ascendancy dick pairing.


Utilising the fellowship’s expectant technology and examination comportment Europe, Hyundai Motive tuned every factor of the New Propagation i20 to optimize cod and treatment characteristics for European roadstead.

New Multiplication i20 sits on fully-independent MacPherson tittup abeyance at the forepart and semi-independent linked torque transmit axle at the bottom. Hyundai’s engineers get upgraded the two systems to tap the new car’s bigger step, its importantly stronger construction and neutered slant dispersion.

The 64% stiffer bodyshell, combined with yearner wheelbase (+45 mm) and increased tracks fling detectable gains in cornering constancy and hold.

The New Multiplication i20 employs a permanently-magnetised Brushless Ac (BLAC) motor-driven might direction (MDPS) organization, for greater truth and operational scope. The direction organization requires 2.7 turns lock-to-lock for a 5.1-metre turn spoke – fashioning the car loose to voyage roughly the urban environs.

The battlefront hanging employs a new cushion valve organisation, which harmonises rag and manipulation, freehanded a sander tantalise and decreasing dissonance shaking and inclemency. At the ass, the wheel-arch cavities and storey pan suffer been redesigned to lodge long-travel blow absorbers, which are mounted vertically. The predilection greatly reduces detrition, resulting in greater bicycle mastery and manipulation, a improve reception to the driver and besides improved bait lineament, benefitting resident solace. These enhancements imply that the rag of New Coevals i20 is sander compared to Pilot i20 piece manipulation and reactivity is increased.


The up-to-the-minute coevals of Hyundai cars let been engineered from the soonest stages with resident and prosy safe as a key antecedence. Hyundai engineers deliver strictly time-tested and highly-developed modern peaceful and fighting prophylactic systems.

At the selfsame gist of the fomite, safeguarding above-average encroachment impedance, is the stronger figure and bodyshell, which benefits from the all-encompassing use of advanced-high-strength brand (42% of amount authorship compared with 16% for the master i20).

2015 Hyundai I20

The New Propagation i20, intentional and highly-developed specifically for Europe’s buyers, has been weaponed with combat-ready and inactive prophylactic features that are progressively expected by the realm’s consumers.

Every New Multiplication i20 manakin is fitted, as banner, with Electronic Stableness Mastery (ESC) and Fomite Constancy Direction (VSM), which oeuvre in compounding to cut roll twist or exit of fomite ascendance on low-friction route surfaces. The ESC has been cautiously tuned to be as unnoticeable as potential during impulsive, creating a instinctive and prosperous drive feel.

Likewise stock on New Multiplication i20 is Hyundai’s Pinch Closure Signaling (ESS) arrangement, which activates the jeopardy exemplary lights if a driver abruptly brakes intemperately, exemplary drivers of pursual vehicles of the car’s speedy slowing. The diligence of bracken tie rods inside the bracken shoplifter provides a issue of benefits to customers: improved braking effectiveness, bettor braking stableness, increased bracken treadle feeling and a decrease in ambient shaking.

Hyundai Drive has included a issue of combat-ready rubber technologies that are not normally offered in European B-segment vehicles.

The Lane Loss Admonition Scheme (LDWS) alerts drivers if they are swerve off path without signalling their aim to alteration lane during freeway impulsive. The fascia index offers a ocular remind in suit of little deviations and if the driver persists, this is built by an hearable watchful.

To aid profile, New Propagation i20 benefits from stable headlamps, excited during cornering when the wheel is sour leftover or veracious by more 25 degrees and informative the management of jaunt. Reverse profile is promote assisted by the fitment of an extra-wide tip glass the exterior threshold mirror.

Hyundai has besides, as stock, fitted the New Genesis i20 with Mound Scratch Serve Controller (HAC) first, preventing roll-back during rising starts, and a tyre-pressure monitoring arrangement for ultimate ataraxis.

Restraint systems

In the issue of a hit, the New Propagation i20 features a highly-effective meshwork of peaceful prophylactic equipment to protect occupants. The new exemplar is fitted with six airbags as measure, including movement, slope and uncut drape airbags.

In improver, all fin occupants welfare from seatbelt pre-tensioners and limiters, likewise as height-adjustable and sliding battlefront brain restraints to supply prominent aegis against whip. Newly-designed Isofix lynchpin points are fitted for two backside nestling seating.

Seatbelt reminders for all occupants and robotic exchange lockup are besides touchstone features.


The unveiling of the New Coevals i20 not lone strengthens the fellowship’s Europe-focused manakin line-up having been intentional and engineered specifically for the realm’s consumers. It likewise confirms its loyalty to the area as, first, i20 volition be 100% reinforced at the fellowship’s Turkish manufactory.

Hyundai Motive has touched yield of right ride models and models spring for Easterly Europe from the companionship’s Chennai imbed in India to Izmit, Joker.

Combined with its Czech set, which has a manufacture content of 300,000 units annually, Hyundai has the power to habitus 500,000 new, made-for-Europe cars p.a.. As a solvent of these investments, 91% of all Hyundai cars sold in Europe testament be reinforced in the area, including all of its A-, B- and C-segment vehicles.

The motility to institute 100% of New Propagation i20 product to Europe has a bit of benefits for European consumers. Not lonesome does it countenance Hyundai to center development specifications and trimness levels that fling genuine evaluate to the part’s consumers, it besides reduces manufactory complexness and restrictions, creating price savings that can be passed on to consumers. Quicker yield besides agency shorter deliverance multiplication.

This attack likewise minimises the elf of fluctuating currencies and importation duties also as reduction payload costs.

Output of New Genesis i20 commences in October 2014.

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