2015 Hyundai I20 Coupe

Hyundai i20 Coupe

Hyundai Centrifugal has introduced the New Multiplication Hyundai i20 Coupe in Europe, expanding the intersection compass with typical gaudy and dynamical excogitation.

First, Hyundai has created a three-door B-segment car that is importantly differentiated from the five-door modeling. Its dynamical outside and contact national excogitation are intended to draw new, lifestyle-oriented consumers, encourage enhancing the solicitation of the New Coevals i20.


New Propagation i20 Coupe offers a unparalleled silhouette in the B-segment. The A-, B-, and C-pillars disagree ‘tween three- and five-door models, apiece is more raked providing the Coupe with its own dynamical visibility thanks to a fashionable diagonal roofline, 25 mm depress than its five-door sib. Rendering the New Coevals i20’s classifiable drifting roofline, the Coupe features a svelte melanize C-pillar lotion that promote emphasises its unequalled arse invention.

New Genesis i20 Coupe has been styled with an reversion hexangular battlefront wicket, redesigned frontbumpers, twin new position sill mouldings and a flashy backside freebooter. A sinewy lineament business dominates the arse of New Coevals i20 Coupe leadership into the a new arse bumper conception and creating an acrobatic mien on the route.

2015 Hyundai I20 Coupe

Eduardo Ramirez, Cosmopolitan Handler of Hyundai Drive’s Figure Inwardness Europe, aforementioned: “The forepart of the New Multiplication i20 Coupe features a reversal hexangular wicket that, framed by iconic slope bumper features, lowers the optical posture and emphasizes its road-hugging fibre. We gave the car a sleeker sounding incline visibility and a more appearing, piece retaining generous distance of behind passengers. The substantial lineament complete the bottom wheels emphasizes the shoulders and directs the aid to the contact horizontal backside lights. Unitedly they emphasise the sport-oriented simulacrum of the car.”

2015 Hyundai i20 Coupe

The advanced kinship ‘tween excogitation and functionality continues about to the bum with new empennage lamps. 17-inch metal wheels are unequaled to the Coupe modelling, enhancing its clean persona. The fashionable touches too admit alone Tangerine Orangeness outside paintwork carried done to a co-ordinated stylish orangeness inner reduce with orangeness decals launch entirely in the Coupe inside.

2015 Hyundai I20 Coupe

Comfort and convenience

The New Multiplication i20 Coupe offers single features, enhancing its appealingness as a fashionable bundle that provides inner puff and well-rounded tone. An lengthened sunshine-roof opens up the upcountry to born lighter, enhancing the sentience of rest and eudaimonia created done an ergonomic driver-orientated internal innovation.

2015 Hyundai I20 Coupe

With a new buns conception, Coupe increases the already prominent bootcapacity of the 5-door modeling by 10-litres to class-leading 336-litres. Gentle incoming breast seating, with a remembering use, crack class-leading comforter and ease-of-use for occupants, patch low levels of NVH imply New Genesis i20 Coupe is a pleasant berth to be.

In summation, New Contemporaries i20 Coupe carries the like ambit of broad consolation and condom features as seen on the five-door rendering. Contingent modeling and commercialize spec, New Contemporaries i20 can be equipt with features including a het wheel, automatic-windscreen-defog and the Lane Going Admonitory Organization (LDWS), patch retaining the five-door’s fantabulous leg, brain and berm way.

Engines and transmissions

New Propagation i20 Coupe has an locomotive line-up tuned and optimised for day-by-day impulsive. The gasoline engines usable admit the 1.25-litre ‘Kappa’ with 84 PS and the new highly-developed 100 PS 1.4-litre ‘Kappa’. Two diesel engines, a 1.1-litre with 75 ps and a 1.4-litre with 90 PS, from the ‘U-II’ diesel folk nail the locomotive adjust. The selection of engines has been enhanced to pass great selection, apiece compliant with new Euro6 discharge regulations. Engines are paired to a pick of fin and six fastness manual transmissions piece the 1.4 Kappa locomotive is too usable with a four-speed reflexive transmittance. In improver an machine-controlled block and go (ISG) scheme is uncommitted to encourage meliorate the efficiency.

2015 Hyundai I20 Coupe

Raise the locomotive line-up of New Contemporaries i20 Coupe, a fresh highly-developed 1.0-litre turbocharged three-cylinder gasoline locomotive leave be introduced in 2015. This new Kappa 1.0-litre T-GDI is the outset of a new contemporaries of little turbocharged gasolene engines, offer enhanced operation, impulsive use and efficiency.

The 1.0 liter T-GDI locomotive leave be useable in two exponent outputs. The standard-power 100 PS variation is aimed at maximizing fire efficiency, patch the high-octane 120 PS whole has been highly-developed with impulsive use in head. “The new turbocharged locomotive carries assorted enhancements and new technologies comparable organize gasolene shot and a minor, single-scroll turbocharger,” explains Jürgen Grimm, Drumhead of Powertrain at Hyundai’s European Technological Centre in Rüsselsheim.

Made in Europe for Europe

ew Genesis i20 Coupe is one of the many models that Hyundai bequeath enclose below its Ware Impulse 2017 plan, load-bearing the succeeding growing of the blade, particularly in the B-segment, which is the largest in Europe and calm growth.

Summate European B-segment sales reached 2.86 zillion in 2013 piece 3.25-million sales are augur for 2017. Hyundai has co-ordinated New Propagation i20 product at its recently-expanded Hyundai Assan Otomotiv Sanayi (HAOS) set in Izmit, Bomb and expects the New Contemporaries i20 kinsfolk to explanation for 100,000 units yearly.

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