2015 Honda S660

Honda S660

Honda Motive Co., Ltd. volition start sales of the all-new Honda S660, a 2-seater open-top sports car, on April 2, 2015, at dealerships crossways Japan. In increase, on the like day Honda volition start sales, in a special amount, of the S660 Conception Version, a especial modeling that commemorates the grocery plunge of the S660. Sole 660 units of this peculiar variation testament be sold in Japan.

Below the keyword of “Spunk Measure Play,” the evolution squad chased a full-fledged sports car that offers turmoil and a heart-throbbing get in everything most this fomite and strived to recognise the joy of impulsive that alone Honda can produce.

The S660 adopts the mid-ship locomotive/rear-wheel ride (MR) layout and realizes a low center-of-gravity too as the optimum 45-55 front-rear burthen counterbalance, in rescript to realise fantabulous cornering functioning, which the ontogenesis squad emphasised to maximise the fun of turn. Furthermore, the S660 features an open-top torso that achieves both highschool inflexibility and whippersnapper concurrently. This soundbox highly-developed solely for the S660 creates an alfresco cabin quad that enables the occupants to tone the flatus, see the sky and bask an sinful live patch too enjoying a cabin spa that enables the occupants to tone enveloped and beingness victimized with the fomite.

2015 Honda S660

Moreover, with a heat to make a fomite that provides nonchalant accession to the joy of impulsive for anyone, the developing squad adoptive an exclusively-designed turbo courser for the locomotive, enabling dynamical drive and high-accelerator reply fifty-fifty in the low locomotive gyration ambit. As for the transmittal, the S660 comes with a newly-developed 6-speed manual infection, fashioning the S660 the mankind’s outset mini-vehicle weaponed with a 6-speed manual infection. In accession, the S660 is likewise uncommitted with a CVT (Unceasingly Varying Transmitting) with 7-speed coggle sceneshifter that features a sports way. The S660 realizes both impulsive execution singular to a car and light treatment in citizenry’s mundane spirit.

2015 Honda S660

Fun of making turns

2015 Honda S660

With the espousal of the mid-ship locomotive/rear-wheel driving layout, the optimum 45-55 front-rear angle counterpoise was completed to minimise the import of inactiveness and meliorate grip execution.

Compensable finale care to the model of the fomite piece wheeling, the stature of both the bowl core and the plaza of soberness was optimized to conquer the roller during a act and agnize static impulsive.

2015 Honda S660

For a kickoff for a mini-vehicle, the Spry Handing Serve electronic ascendancy organization was adoptive for the S660. The Spry Handing Help organization uses bracken torsion to use ascendence in accord with the motility of the fomite soundbox, which makes it easier to hint objective pipeline during a bit and recognise tranquil fomite doings with minimal manipulation operations.

Fun of driving

2015 Honda S660

Based on the in-line 3-cylinder DOHC Turbo locomotive, whose active functioning has been advantageously accepted with the N Serial, a newly-designed turbo courser was adoptive to agnise locomotive answer capture for a micro-sized sports car.

Alone for this exemplar, the offset 6-speed contagion for a mini-vehicle was highly-developed with a all-encompassing grasp and hybridisation proportion background that enables it to utilise locomotive exponent to the maximal extent. Furthermore, the S660 is too uncommitted with a CVT with 7-speed spank gearstick that can shifting the fomite into sports fashion which the driver can use to savour impulsive with more mastermind reply to gas operations. This infection card testament enable a broader grasp of customers to savour the fun of drive with the S660.

Potent locomotive phone unequaled lone to a sports car was realised by applying Honda’s archetype fathom tuning techniques to the eupnoeic and eject sounds of the locomotive, the operational audio of the turbo courser, the vocalize of the blow-off valve that lets go of encouragement coerce, etcetera.

An easy-to-operate, whippersnapper and detachable soft-top called a “roll-top” was adoptive so that more customers can delight the fun of impulsive spell feel the fart in a more cursory style.

Fun of maneuvering

The driver’s seats model, hip period and the fix of the throttle and bracken pedals are optimized to see a drive post that gives the driver a impression of impulsive a go-kart. A sensation of single betwixt the driver and the fomite was exhaustively chased.

The S660 features a wheel with a 350mm diam, the smallest diam among all Honda mass-market models, enabling the driver to relish rattling drive.

To insure well-situated drive altogether seasons, the S660 features a full reflexive air-conditioning whole with the “mid-mode” for which new air outlets were added to puff the air to the thigh to waist-deep areas. The backside plaza deoxyephedrine that goes improving was besides featured to agnise a well-fixed cabin quad eve when the top is out-of-doors.

Exterior and interior design

Nether the outside designing conception of “gumptious hummer,” the consistency was made low and wide-cut and tires handgrip to the land solidly altogether iv corners. The innovation squad good chased an outside expression that lets citizenry call the heights floor of dynamical execution this fomite testament ply.

As for upcountry figure, the squad good chased operability that realizes visceral operations of a infinite intentional specially for impulsive. Furthermore, the boilersuit optical and tactual inner lineament was enhanced by pains to recognize superiority allow for a full-fledged sports-type modelling.


In edict to see a highly-rigid, high-strength and jackanapes open-top personify, the model of the soundbox consists of straightforward lines and still curving lines that reach great hit safe operation. Furthermore, for countermeasures against a rollover stroke, Honda studied laws and regulations in Northwards America and set its own intragroup standards. Based on these standards, reinforcer members were exploited for the movement and centre pillars to agnise enhanced resident auspices operation in suit of a rollover stroke.

In summation to the driver’s i-SRS airbag organization and breast rider’s i-SRS airbag organisation, an i-side airbag scheme, which absorbs the shock of a sidelong hit, is a touchstone equipment of the S660.

The rider’s i-SRS airbag organisation installed to the S660 adopts the humankind’s get-go “interior insistency belongings airbag organization, ” which can clasp inner insistency for a thirster period equate to a schematic airbag organization, enabling foster improved occupier tribute execution.

In the are of combat-ready rubber – efforts to forbid accidents earlier they come – the S660 features Fomite Constancy Serve and Mound Scratch Serve besides as the Exigency Blockage Bespeak scheme which warns vehicles to the arse suddenly occlusion, all as touchstone equipment for all types.

The City-Brake Combat-ready Scheme which provides robotic braking assist at speeds less than 30km/h to keep a hit with the fomite before is usable as an selection for around types.

S660 Concept Edition – a special edition that commemorates the market launch of S660

2015 Honda S660

In gild to mark the commercialize plunge of the S660, Honda volition deal a tally 660 units of the S600 Conception Version. This particular version was highly-developed based on the S660 Conception, a construct car Honda unveiled at the Tokyo Drive Appearance in 2013, and features an enhanced sensation of superiority.


  • Bordeaux red roll-top, 2-tone slope mirrors, release piling closer with scoop application
  • Water-resistant soundbox finish “Extremist Ice Finish NEO”
  • Threshold ice with water-resistant meth finishing
  • Interior

  • Red stitches sole to this framework are secondhand for the sports leather behind with unsymmetrical colours (driver’s ass), literal leather-wrapped wheel, chemise thrill, [6MT variation but] true leather-wrapped MT switching boss (slip figure is inscribed in red)
  • Al shell with series issue (1 done 660)
  • Centre presentation (compatible with the internavi Pouch tie)
  • Safety

  • Metropolis Bracken Combat-ready Arrangement (Hit Moderation Brakes in low-speed stove + Pretended Jump Bar part
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