2015 Ford Super Duty

Ford Super Duty

Crossing, America’s motortruck leader, introduced the 2015 F-Series First-rate Responsibility card at 2013 Land Comely of Texas, featuring a second-generation 6.7-liter Index Virgule® V8 turbo diesel; increased towing capabilities; and a reinvigorated, Texas-inspired Tycoon Spread modelling.

2015 Ford Super Duty

“Motortruck leading agency ne’er resting, and the Superintendent Tariff squad has been indefatigable in determination shipway to amend the industriousness’s nearly democratic heavy-duty pickups,” aforementioned Joe Hinrichs, administrator v.p. and chairman of The Americas, Crossing Centrifugal Accompany. “First-rate Responsibility diesel customers bequeath gain from improved execution and features backed by spectacular Reinforced Fording Roughneck strength.”

Since the 6.7-liter Exponent Slash V8 turbo diesel debuted in 2011, Fording engineers bear listened to customers and continued to probe apiece ingredient of the locomotive to get improved functioning.

Fording is the lonesome heavy-duty pickup producer that designs and builds its own diesel and transmitting combining, ensuring the powertrain volition study seamlessly with all anatomy components and fomite calibrations – from construct to performance. This coming likewise enables Fording engineers to optimise the fomite’s operation crossways the stallion card.

A key Crossing creation on the master 6.7-liter Ability Shot V8 turbo diesel was its supposed reverse-flow layout. The advance conception places the eject indoors the locomotive’s V-shape patch the air inspiration is positioned on the away of the V. This segment-exclusive designing course improves a diversity of attributes:

2015 Ford Super Duty
  • Shorter airflow from the exhaust to the turbocharger posing ‘tween the locomotive’s cylinder banks improves turbo reactivity – key to providing torsion speedily to motortruck customers when they pauperization it about
  • Placement the turbo interior the locomotive’s vale helps insulate the locomotive’s hottest temperatures, up execution and efficiency, patch too reduction racket, shaking and rigourousness
  • 2015 Ford Super Duty

    Crossing engineers reinforced upon the many benefits of this designing as they upgraded the Exponent Shot. One melioration is a bigger GT37 turbocharger that replaces the late GT32 simulation, enabling more airflow to the locomotive to develop more index bey nowadays’s 400 h.p. and 800 lb.-ft. of torsion.

    Key components of the new GT37 turbocharger

    The GT37 features a unity, bigger 88-millimeter compressor rack that replaces the GT32’s dual-sided compressor innovation. The compressor forces air into the locomotive’s cylinders to better execution – particularly at eminent height where the air is diluent than bemused layer. The turbine sizing is increased to 72.5 millimeters from 64 millimeters, so beat gases deliver a bigger area to twist the turbo, providing redundant superpower. The wastegate and the wastegate controls are eliminated, because the turbo operates at depress crown pressures than the GT32.

    “The master designers of the flow Mightiness Separatrix V8 diesel forecasted inevitably for higher turnout. This facilitated the bigger turbocharger, increasing airflow and creating more index,” aforesaid David Ives, Ability Solidus technological specialiser. “We’ve dramatically improved operation piece reduction boilersuit locomotive complexness by focus on the turbo arrangement.”

    A promote welfare of the bigger turbo is improved locomotive release braking, manually controlled by a push-button transposition on the fascia. Supernumerary braking superpower helps tighten depreciation on bicycle brakes and requires less manual bracken diligence from the driver, specially on downward-sloping grades.

    Fuel system improvements

    Turbo changes swarm improvements to the fire saving organization, specifically a new hard-hitting fire heart and fire injectors. The heart’s stroke is increased to render more fire when craved for increased might. All-new injector tips bettor atomise the fire, resulting in improved burning that enables depress randomness, palpitation and severeness. Otc benefits admit cleanser emissions and a simplification in the buildup of fire deposits on the valves o’er meter.

    2015 Ford Super Duty

    In gain, a new fumes temperature detector enables more exact fire mastery, which improves both lastingness and driveability – specially when towing – and helps the client thrust the Index Diagonal diesel to its utmost potentiality.

    Eventide though the fire organization delivers supererogatory fire prn to allow more mightiness, former efficiency improvements assure 2015 Crossing F-Series Superintendent Tariff pick-me-up customers see interchangeable operation to tod’s best-in-class fire saving.

    Encourage enhancements to Fording Ability Solidus diesel admit:

  • Ford-designed and -engineered 6R140 TorqShift® six-speed transmittal uses a new torsion convertor to deal increased hp and torsion
  • New polymer covering on briny bearings for improved wear-and-tear enduringness and glower rubbing
  • Improved crankshaft lemniscus innovation – the passage pointedness betwixt the crankshaft’s journals – to addition crankshaft index carrying potentiality
  • Increased crankshaft muffler slant to slim rotating forces on the crankshaft when the locomotive is playacting at visor might levels
  • New five-layer drumhead gasket to handgrip wider stove of locomotive sacking pressures resulting from more muscular locomotive operation
  • Added fabric to the locomotive’s cylinder heads, tucker multiply and valvetrain to grip increased superpower levels
  • Redesigned turbo oil and chilling lines to ameliorate waterproofing
  • Plunger forum upgrades to growth supporting potentiality
  • New four-layer expel multiplex gasket for improved lastingness
  • 2015 Ford F-450 upgrades

    The 2015 Crossing F-450 a-one the F-Series Ace Responsibility pickup card with uttermost towing and trucking potentiality. Changes for 2015 admit a reinforced build, abeyance, new commercial 19.5-inch wheels and tires, and essence employment components divided with F-Series A-one Responsibility anatomy cab models.

    Fair as the next-generation Index Solidus locomotive reflects changes that ameliorate index spell maintaining lastingness, the Ace Responsibility technology squad took particular actions to pad key F-450 components to ameliorate towing potentiality, including:

  • Upgraded bottom driveline U-joints
  • Upgraded abeyance components, including new bottom riffle springs, breast and bum stabiliser bars and shocks
  • Increased fifth-wheel and gooseneck prevue capacitance
  • Stronger steerage gears and guidance linkages
  • Bigger brakes divided with Superintendent Tariff form cab models, including cycle brakes, emergency and new antilock bracken standardization
  • F-450-specific Ability Diagonal diesel standardisation
  • King Ranch expresses authentic, rugged luxury

    The fresh update to the 2015 Fording F-Series Crack Responsibility Rex Spread variant is divine by the berth where American ranching was natural.

    “Queen Spread is an American pilot with a gallant inheritance of laborious sour that defines the American ranching life-style,” aforementioned Doug Scott, Fording Motortruck aggroup selling coach. “The 2015 Fording A-one Obligation Mogul Spread seamlessly combines elements of Texas-inspired opulence and Crossing capableness.”

    As parting of the Fording Motortruck committedness to uninterrupted advance, the F-Series conception squad travelled to Tycoon Spread, founded in 1853, for sassy view and stirring from the 825,000-acre workings spread, which is larger than the country of Rhode Island.

    “What rattling stood out is how large the ‘Working W’ is, and how it defines and unifies the spread,” aforementioned Shot Whalen, Crossing gloss and corporeal designing director. “Likewise, we treasured that mark to delimit the new Sup Obligation Magnate Spread.”

    On the new Crack Responsibility Power Spread, the Track W – the sword victimized on cows embossed at the spread – provides a centering for the inside. It is cut out and sewed to pee-pee the buns backs and plaza solace seem to sustain been branded.

    A flatboat, richer ghost of Table leather trims the seating, mall soothe lid, armrests and wheel.

    2015 Ford Super Duty

    Outside updates admit the new, darker Reindeer key for the bike lip moldings, bumpers and glower eubstance. The bed revile caps, bumper caps and functional boards are executed in nigrify. The Functional W brings stress to the rack caps too.

    “Done agio materials and serious-minded executing, we strived to shuffling the 2015 Fording First-rate Tariff Power Spread suffer a aspect and a smell as veritable as the spread itself,” aforementioned Scott.

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