2015 Ford Grand C Max

Ford Grand C-MAX

Crossing Centrifugal Party unveiled the fashionable new C-MAX and Chiliad C-MAX with a new silklike outside pattern, attractively crafted internal with improved storeroom solutions, and major fire efficiency and CO2 emissions improvements.

The five-seat C-MAX and seven-seat Thou C-MAX besides testament go superordinate solace and elaboration when they hap sale crossways Europe in other 2015. The models volition insert innovative engineering including Crossing’s Synchronise 2 voice-activated connectivity organization.

The C-MAX kinsfolk volition be furnished first with Fording’s new 1.5-litre EcoBoost gasolene and 105 PS 1.5-litre TDCi ECOnetic diesel that is expected to birth 99 g/km CO2 in the five-seat C-MAX.

2015 Ford Grand C Max

“C-MAX has earned a repute for providing a equaliser of bang-up fire saving, reactive, flashy treatment and a compromising, roommate inside packet,” aforesaid Stephen Odell, Crossing administrator v.p. for Europe, Eye Eastward and Africa. “All powertrains gain from CO2 improvements without sacrificing any of the car’s big drive kinetics.”

“The new Crossing C-MAX kinfolk likewise delivers levels of elaboration oftentimes institute in bigger, more upmarket vehicles – including the segment-first Hands-Free Liftgate that sole requires a appease kick movement to addition entree to boot quad.”

2015 Ford Grand C Max

Fording kickoff introduced the C-MAX in 2003 and since so has sold more 1.2 zillion in Europe. Now in its tierce multiplication, C-MAX has accounted for more 12 per centime of all MAVs sold in Europe in the get-go one-half on 2014.

2015 Ford Grand C-MAX

Flexible, comfortable, sporty and stylish

2015 Ford Grand C Max

Customers extend to be capable to opt from the five-seat C-MAX or the seven-seat G C MAX, which features Fording’s modern duplicate sliding doors and “walk-through” ass conception for greater gadget, spa and tractableness.

The C-MAX class has been restyled to mull the One Fording world-wide excogitation terminology and is uncommitted in new outside colors Red Haste and a fashionable brown-gray spectre called Reindeer. The active styling delivers a stronger, sleeker front, featuring Fording’s typical upside-down trapezoidal grill. The washer jets birth been concealed underneath the windshield to accompaniment the cleanser face of the restyled cowl.

Sleeker, more chiselled movement headlamps and more orthogonal, elongate fog-lamps add to the bolder front of both vehicles. The liftgate has been apt a sander and more advanced one-piece appearing victimisation the modish laser-brazing proficiency, which applies cleanser and exceptionally substantial welds to slim sheets of metallic. A squeeze taillight designing completes the modern-day flavor.

The new Crossing C-MAX and Thou C-MAX interiors survey the customer-led figure refinements that suffer already been executed on new Direction. The more nonrational layout has fewer controls and switches, spell the new blackness satin clipping and chromium-plate particularisation contributes to a cleanser, more forward-looking face. Functions are simpler to use, such as the air-conditioning controls that now have buttons that are easier to agnise and severalize from apiece over-the-counter.

A redesigned kernel repositing solace offers more distance and features a sliding, merged armrest. The new adjustable soothe accommodates a diverseness of bottles and cups with the capacitance to simultaneously clutches a one-litre piss bottleful and a 0.4-litre cup, spell the sweep bin glovebox makes items stored indoors easier to admission. A deeper amphetamine hold importantly improves the content on top of the fascia for phratry holding, and features a new USB connexion period for desegregation and charging peregrine devices.

In gain, C-MAX and Thousand C-MAX volition be offered with higher tone trims crossways the total scope, a het wheel, door-sill mule plates and load-net appointment points bum both the kickoff and arcsecond row seating.

Randomness, vibe and rigor suffer been improved done the use of thicker english spyglass and more absorptive seals approximately the tailboard and behind purview mirror. The locomotive bay rut cuticle has been filled with acoustical damping substantial to slenderize powertrain interference, and diesel cars are furnished with additional acoustical seals to boost slim randomness encroachment.

Chronic below the cowling, a retuned two-fold masses flywheel helps to concentrate shakiness forces when an locomotive is nether freight, spell new locomotive mounts go improved shade during Car Start-Stop performance. On the extraneous, stiffer, noise- and vibration-optimised metal wheels sustain been intentional to cut resonating vibrations.

“We are attached to delivering pick, and nonrational interiors crosswise the integral Fording line-up and C-MAX is the up-to-the-minute fomite to profit from our comp restyling broadcast,” aforesaid Joel Piaskowski, conductor, Designing, Crossing of Europe. “The new C-MAX has standard its almost meaning remodelling to escort and is now more well-fixed, more hard-nosed, and delivers the outflank drive see in its section.”

Sensing danger

2015 Ford Grand C Max

The new C-MAX kinsfolk is furnished with advance Crossing technologies that assist drivers avert or extenuate incidents – from scrapes and bumps piece parking to more dangerous, higher amphetamine collisions.

Crossing’s Alive Ballpark Aid organisation locates suitably-sized parking spaces and, at the pushing of a release, steers a fomite in to the quad spell the driver controls the gas and bracken. C MAX and Chiliad C-MAX add Vertical Parking capableness with the add-on of two new supersonic sensors at the bum of the car. The arrangement helps drivers turnabout into spaces side-by-side with former cars.

The duplicate sensors too enable two extra technologies that aid drivers as they channelise out of parking spaces:

  • Hybridizing Dealings Alerting warns drivers reversing out of a parking spa of vehicles that may shortly be interbreeding butt them. Operational with rad at a stove of capable 40 metres (131 feet), the scheme testament issuance leash distinguishable cautionary signals if it detects a fomite upcoming from either face
  • Park-Out Help helps drivers as they loss a analog parking blank. Abaft the driver has elect either the leftfield or right english the organization operates the guidance patch the driver operates the throttle and bracken
  • Crossing likewise has improved its Dynamic Metropolis Block hit shunning organization, which uses sensors at the breast of the fomite to search stationary objects in the route forrader and pre-charges the brakes if the fomite is approach an objective too quick. If the driver hush does not answer the scheme reduces locomotive torsion and mechanically applies the brakes to concentrate the brownie of collisions. New C-MAX offers the modish organization that now operates at speeds of capable 50 km/h (31 mph), up from 30 km/h (19 mph).

    In the suit of moving objects Participating Braking plant in a alike way to Dynamic Metropolis Stoppage but with a fomite amphetamine ambit of ‘tween 8 km/h (5 mph) and 180 km/h (112 mph). It supports drivers at higher speeds, e.g. on the superhighway, by issue warnings and applying braking prn.

    Likewise new to C-MAX, Fording’s Adaptative Sail Ascendence engineering enables drivers to asseverate a set outdistance from the fomite forrader, fifty-fifty when that fomite is travel more tardily than the sail swiftness. For occasions when Adaptative Sail Ascendancy is not participating, Aloofness Denotation enables drivers to set a favourite outdistance they would wish to uphold with the fomite before. Should the driver get any nigher, the arrangement issues a three-stage fascia expose admonition – from gray-headed to lily-livered to red.

    Better connected with SYNC 2

    The new C-MAX folk is equipt with Crossing’s Synchronize 2 voice-activated connectivity organisation that features a high-resolution, 8-inch colouration touchscreen and innovative articulation controller for hands-free procedure of sound, piloting, clime controller and attached cellphone functions.

    Synchronize 2’s pilotage scheme is supported by map services supplier Hither, and offers a split-screen exhibit with elaborate intersections, spoken street names, 3D highway conjunction and watershed views aboard the MICHELIN draw.

    Synchronize 2 enables drivers to publication simpler “one-shot” seafaring destinations, and to ask the scheme to “turn” a craved artist. Just push the vox ascendance push and expression “I’m athirst” leave reboot a lean of local restaurants, which you can so get directions to.

    “We sustain highly-developed Synchronise 2 so it is unproblematic and nonrational for drivers to use, and it seamlessly switches betwixt touchscreen and vocalism commands,” aforementioned Christof Kellerwessel, foreman organize, Electronic and Electric Systems Technology, Crossing of Europe. “Drivers leave be capable to ascendence more in-car systems than always ahead, patch retention their eyes on the route and their manpower on the bike.”

    The new C-MAX too testament be offered with a bounty voice organisation that incorporates 10 Sony speakers, including a subwoofer that is consecrate to the procreation of low sound frequencies, or basso, and delivers a more rounded and deeper audio.

    Powerful, efficient and dynamic

    The new C-MAX and K C-MAX go importantly improved CO2 figures and first lineament as banner Crossing’s Auto-Start-Stop engineering on EcoBoost gas and 2.0-litre TDCi diesel engines. The almost improved modelling is expected to offering a 20 per penny step-down in CO2 emissions.

    2015 Ford Grand C Max

    The new C-MAX kinsfolk powertrain line-up is organism extensive to admit Fording’s fuel-efficient new 1.5-litre EcoBoost gasoline locomotive with 150 PS and 182 PS, and besides leave be offered with Fording’s new 1.5-litre TDCi diesel, delivering 95 PS or 120 PS, and a new ECOnetic edition that is expected to render 99 g/km CO2 in the five-seat C-MAX. The C-MAX phratry testament keep to be offered with 100 PS and 125 PS versions of the multi-award victorious 1.0-litre EcoBoost gasolene locomotive.

    During the outset sevener months of 2014, more a quartern of C-MAX models sold in Europe were furnished with the 1.0-litre EcoBoost locomotive, which in 2014 was named Outside Locomotive of the Yr for an unprecedented 3rd successive yr.

    The new 120 PS 1.5-litre diesel is expected to offer to a six per centime betterment in CO2 compared to the 1.6-litre diesel it replaces, spell delivering 5 PS more ability. The revised 2.0-litre diesel is expected to meliorate emissions by capable 20 per penny and ability by concluded 4 per centime.

    “Fording’s new 1.5-litre EcoBoost and TDCi engines are pregnant additions to a powertrain line-up that offers comp powerfulness and fire efficiency improvements,” aforesaid Jim Baumbick, Crossing’s world C-car fomite job manager, “These powertrains besides bequeath avail piddle C-MAX the commencement car in its section to follow with the up-to-the-minute EU Stagecoach VI emissions regulations crosswise the full grasp from establish.”

    Brighter future

    The New C-MAX phratry is offered with LED Daylight Functional Lights, Bi-Xenon HID headlamps and Crossing’s Adaptative Strawman Kindling Arrangement that adjusts the headlamp irradiation tip to one of septet settings contingent dealings and route weather. E.g.; when cornering at glower speeds, the scheme bequeath externalise a irradiation towards the english of the route to pee-pee cyclists and pedestrians more seeable. The scheme likewise bequeath backup drivers cornering at higher speeds by directional spark advance into the turn.

    The new C-MAX and G C-MAX testament first offering Crossing’s MyKey engineering, which enables owners to broadcast a key – ordinarily for jr. drivers – that restricts the top swiftness, reduces the maximal bulk of the sound organisation, and can handicap the sound organization all if driver and passengers are not victimization condom belts. The scheme too can foreclose the driver from deactivating rubber technologies such as Grip Restraint.

    “C-MAX and 1000 C-MAX birth a more restful live with form and inner enhancements, but likewise with advanced driver assist technologies,” Baumbick aforementioned. “The power to see more intelligibly in ambitious weather, to observe voltage accidents and to support less experient drivers prophylactic supply extra self-confidence and slenderize focus for drivers whether at the bicycle or not.”

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