2015 Fiat Doblo Cargo

Fiat Doblo Cargo

The Nuovo Doblò Consignment, 4th multiplication of the Rescript Pro example, is now more operative, with more functioning and more measure. These are the guidelines that allowed Edict Pro to innovation a fomite at the top of its grade in damage of operation, usable characteristics, payload content, productiveness, fire saving and low track costs.

2015 Fiat Doblo Cargo

The Nuovo Doblò Lading offers totally updated national and outside conception reflecting graeco-roman car-like specifications. To get an approximation, yield a take the ultra-modern typical forepart, the larger movement lattice and the many new components (bumpers, cowling, headlights and tail-light clusters).

A comp update besides for the rider compartment, with new fascia, fabrics, wheel, board artwork and threshold panels. Too, the functionality-driven form is seeable in a serial of particular ergonomic solutions, from the multifunction presence ben bottom for driver and two passengers, the quieter internal, the new docudrama and pilotage sytems and the gateway twist. Likewise, as in the former propagation the Nuovo Doblò Shipment’s lading content and loudness are both at the top of the family.

2015 Fiat Doblo Cargo

The indorsement aim in development the new Decree Master fomite was execution, as unmistakable from the improved torsion reply during metropolis impulsive (capable 40%). In gain, the Nuovo Doblò Consignment ensures the outdo manipulation and drive solace in its year, thanks specially to the Bi-link free-lance ass respite (sole contents for the section). The compass likewise extends to admit the new “EcoJet” adaptation – equipt with the 90 hp Multijet II 1.3 or 105 hp Multijet II 1.6 – which combines decreased run costs and low fire uptake (advance of capable 15%).

2015 Fiat Doblo Cargo

The major running and functioning phylogeny combined with ontogenesis initiatives aimed at reduction the amount toll of possession (including all costs from buy to sale) pee the Nuovo Doblò Loading honest, classifiable and more worthful for Rescript Pro customers. The total parcel is sweet by the comp stove of services and accessories created in coaction with Mopar, in improver to the low-priced funding solutions highly-developed by FCA Swear.

Contingent the commercialise the stove is composed of 4 bodies (Consignment, Combi, WorkUp and Lading chopine), 2 ceiling high and 2 wheelbases. Exponent is provided by a prize of six turbodiesel engines – MultiJet II 1.3 (75 and 90 hp), Multijet II 1.6 (100 and 105 hp), 90 hp Multijet II 1.6 with robotised gearbox and 135 hp Multijet 2.0 – asset 3 gas engines: 95 hp 1.4, 120 hp Fan-jet 1.4 and 120 hp Fanjet 1.4 bi-fuel (gasolene/gas). The oblation is the broadest in the section, with versions and solutions from vans to exceptional vehicles and versions reborn for particular applications.

Scion of a fetching modelling (Doblò has been elect by more 1.4 trillion customers since 2000), the Nuovo Doblò Payload aims to consolidate its leading therein marketplace sphere, which accounts for 25% of all lighter commercial-grade vehicles in Europe.

Sold in more 80 countries ecumenical, including Northward America in the manikin of the Promaster Metropolis in the RAM ambit, the Nuovo Doblò Payload becomes a “ball-shaped” fomite – good care the Nuovo Ducato – that’s bound to pad FCA’s ontogenesis in the twinkle commercial-grade vehicles sphere.

Care the late generations, the Nuovo Doblò Loading is manufactured in Dud in the Tofaş works in Bursa, one of the scoop self-propelling industrial sites in the humankind, as confirmed by the awarding of a Reality Category Manufacture au decoration.]

More functional

The whole revised national and outside styling of the Nuovo Doblò Lading is the resultant of up-to-date car-like excogitation that combines with the twinkle commercial-grade fomite conception to express a feel of vigor, protection and muscleman. This new Order Pro fomite expands on the construct of “invention machine-accessible to functionality” that has perpetually been a assay-mark of the simulation.

Car-like design Car-like design matching functionality

The inner and outside styling of the Nuovo Doblò Payload has been entirely revised on the ground of a unquestionably car-like templet. From the more mod and classifiable front with a new cowling (with more wholesale lines that peer the curve of the ceiling), the updated features admit new bumpers, a larger figurehead lattice, and new tail-light clusters that stress the horizontal lines of the personify. Likewise the 16″ wheels and intact hub caps let been wholly redesigned.

With its press and classifiable looks, the Nuovo Doblò Consignment features a reach of innovations likewise in the rider compartment, confirmative one of the key orientations that secernate the Rescript Master stigma: “creating a work of excellency for drivers”. The new rider compartment is jam-packed with solutions to raise functionality and comfortableness, as shown by the updates to the splasher, upholstery fabrics, wheel, panel art and doorway panels.

3 multifunctional front seats

Too, the advance aimed at achieving the highest potential stratum of functionality is apparent in the new multifunction breast judiciary with seats for the driver and two passengers and a broad reposition compartment underneath.

The heart backside is fold and can be secondhand as an armrest or handy documents bearer, piece likewise the outer bum can be folded to reconcile longsighted items, firmly anchored thanks to the virtual lading maulers on the ass of the back. Practicality is encourage increased by the electrically controlled foldable doorway mirrors.

Storage compartments, dedicated ergonomic solutions and load compartment

The functionality-driven styling is reflected besides in over-the-counter elements, ilk the generous routine of hardheaded warehousing compartments, key-locking mitt box with damper-controlled doorway, oversize air vents for infrangible climatical comforter, and new more ergonomic wheel, e.g..

Practicality is too apparent in the rationally wrought loading compartment, ergonomic threshold handles (loading compartment and rider compartment) and virtual 180° hatchway bottom doors for immobile and soft entree – all particular solutions that are singular in the course.

Likewise, same in the former contemporaries, freight capacitance and loudness of the Nuovo Doblò Shipment are one in the family with payloads of capable 1 t and mass of more 5 m3.

The generous inner dimensions resultant in a 182 cm foresightful freight compartment on shortstop wheelbase versions and 217 cm on hanker wheelbase vehicles with breadth of 171 cm and cap tallness of 130 cm or 155 cm in the highschool cap versions. In accession, the 123 cm spacing betwixt pedal housings makes it potential to convey capable 2 europallets.

Ilk the late framework, the Nuovo Doblò offers respective types of partitions betwixt rider and lading compartments: pivot, panelled, windowpane typecast and with horizontal bars. The shipment compartment level features 6 consignment constraint maulers and thither are one or two (contingent rendering) inner lights on the walls for open visibleness inner. Customers can too ordering a hard-nosed obliterable tor.

2015 Fiat Doblo Cargo

Upgraded infotainment system

Contingent the equipment story the Nuovo Doblò Freight offers two contented levels for the fomite docudrama organisation, both of which render a rattling bang-up vocalise. The outset scheme features an participating matrix showing, FM / AM radiocommunication, USB for media players/iPod connective, AUX-In socket, reflex book ascendence according to route amphetamine, Bluetooth (without articulation realization) and, on quest, wheel controls.

The Nuovo Doblò Shipment is too usable with the acclaimed UConnect 5″ multimedia equipt with 5″ colouration touchscreen, one of the largest in the section, that allows the driver to accession all the primary functions including the analog radiocommunication – DAB tuner on postulation – and all multimedia sources (Media Instrumentalist, iPod, iPhone, smartphone) that can be attached to the USB larboard or Aux-in connecter.

UConnect 5″ comes with wheel controls and Eco:Campaign package to attend the driver in modification fire use and CO2 emissions. The organisation can too be supplied with an unified Sat Nav highly-developed in quislingism with TomTom.

Lastly, to control effective flutter direction the Nuovo Doblò Shipment can be supplied with an groundbreaking gateway twist installed instantly on the fomite. The gateway interfaces with the on-board mesh to permit fomite position data to be collected and made useable in FMS (Evanesce Direction Organization) initialise.

Quieter ride

Spirit aboard the Nuovo Doblò Freight has improved besides in price of acoustical comfortableness, thanks to consecrate rider compartment strait insulant solutions that slenderize inner voice levels by capable 3dB on intermediate.

Bigger performance

In footing of operation the new fomite retains the Bi-link mugwump bottom respite for unbelievable quilt and better in grade treatment altogether impulsive weather, disregardless of the freight. The scope likewise extends to admit the new “EcoJet” variation – equipt with the 90 hp Multijet II 1.3 or 105 hp Multijet II 1.6 – which combines rock-bottom track costs and low fire phthisis (betterment of capable 15%).

In pipeline with Rescript Pro’s acclaimed and sole “one-mission – one locomotive” scheme, the Nuovo Doblò’s powerplant options see top functioning in accord with master requirements and lotion typewrite – from chiefly urban use to long-distance go – capable the top of the section in footing of use and emissions with the 1.4 liter Fan-jet bi-fuel locomotive (gas/gas).

Best in class handling

The Nuovo Doblò Consignment offers trump in form treatment and drive solace, thanks particularly to the Bi-link freelance backside hanging – unequalled in the section – that besides allows big gains in cargo content with minimal blockage of the freight compartment flooring.

Thanks to the modularity of its components (springs, impact absorbers, pliable mounts, contortion bars, etcetera.), the Bi-link reprieve is specifically tuned to equal the fomite’s characteristics and delegation.

Improved torque response

The drive feel, particularly about townsfolk, is maximised by the particular tuning of the 1.3 and 1.6 l turbodiesel engines to better torsion reception, which is higher already at low locomotive speeds (torsion reply gains on the 1.3 liter Multijet locomotive are approximately 40%) for greater snap and reactivity. Improvements birth besides been made to clasp and gearbox operation for flush more drive atonement.

“EcoJet” versions

The 90 hp Multijet II 1.3 and 105 hp Multijet II 1.6 engines are useable too in the “EcoJet” variant. These versions whirl big savings in fire uptake and emissions thanks to the borrowing of the Startle&Closure organization, low roll underground tyres, fresh alternator, varying supplanting oil ticker and the streamlined software. Running unitedly, all these solutions get fire saving gains of capable 12% on the 1.3 and capable 15% on the 1.6.

One mission one engine

The scope of engines uncommitted for the Novo Doblò Freight is composed of six turbodiesels – MultiJet II 1.3 (75 and 90 hp) 200 Nm, Multijet II 1.6 (100 and 105 hp) 290 Nm, 90 hp Multijet II 1.6 200 Nm with robotised transmittal and 135 hp Multijet II 2.0 320 Nm – and two gasolene engines: 95 hp 1.4 liter 127 Nm, 120 Fan-jet hp 1.4 206 Nm and 120 hp bi-fuel gasoline/gas Turbofan 1.4 with 206 Nm of torsion.

All Euro 5+ certifiable, the diesel engines are from the irregular propagation MultiJet kinfolk, a saw for engineering, functioning and thriftiness. Compared to the commencement propagation MultiJets, the fire add arrangement is now equipt with quicker injectors capable to fulfill multiple injections in speedy sequence. The MultiJet II organization’s new servosystem valve with balanced piston enables it to render capable 8 injections per oscillation, oblation greater fastness, tractability and preciseness in the assorted operational phases. In summation, fire injectant coerce on the Multijet II locomotive has been boosted to 1800 bar and the new injector typewrite makes it potential to produce progressively forward-looking burning optimization strategies, such as injectant range formative to amend the burning appendage for quieter track and decreased particulate and n oxide (Nox) emissions.

2015 Fiat Doblo Cargo

In price of specifications, the Multijet II 1.3 l turbodiesel (75 and 90 hp) delivers maximal torsion of 200 Nm at hardly 1,500 rpm for brisk quickening. Both index versions portion the like brilliant drive feel, vivid operation, low disturbance levels, low operative costs (ingestion and care), faultless reliableness and environmental esteem. Top swiftness for the 90 hp Multijet II 1.3 is 158 km/h, patch combined cycles/second fire usance is 4.4 l/100 km (Ecojet short-change wheelbase Payload variation) with CO2,emissions of scarce 115 g/km (Ecojet short-change wheelbase Lading variation). Speedup from 0 to 100 km/h takes hardly 13.6 seconds. The figures for the 75 hp reading are, severally, 145 km/h, 4.8 l/100 km and 126 g/km (short-circuit wheelbase Freight reading with Blockage&Scratch with 0 to 100 km/h in 15.7 seconds.

Uncommitted with Comfort-Matic robotised gearbox, the 90 hp 1.6 liter variant is the consummate root for customers quest the confection blot betwixt environmental regard and low functional costs without relinquishment might and tractableness. The Nuovo Doblò Payload 90 hp Multijet II 1.6 has a top amphetamine of 158 km/h, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 15.3 seconds, and returns combined cps fire intake and CO2 discharge figures of 4.9 litres/100 km and 130 g/km severally (values for the short-circuit wheelbase Freight variant with S&S).

Combined with a 6-speed manual gearbox, the 100 hp or 105 hp Multijet II 1.6 offers mellow utmost torsion (290 Nm), which is specially receive since it’s on tap start from locomotive speeds of good 1,500 rpm. Therein shape the Nuovo Doblò Shipment 105 hp Multijet II 1.6 offers especial operation – top velocity of 164 km/h and 0 to 100 km/h in 11.6 seconds – with rock-bottom CO2 emissions and lour fire use (combined cps figures of 124 g/km CO2and 4.7 litres/100 km for Ecojet short-change wheelbase Consignment versions).

The about brawny of the Nuovo Doblò Load turbodiesels is the 2.0 Multijet II that delivers uttermost exponent of 135 hp and an telling 320 Nm of torsion at 1,500 rpm – a topper in family measure – for a genuinely expectant impulsive have and grievous execution (top fastness of 179 km/h and 0 to 100 km/h in 10.2 seconds) with minimum fire uptake and CO2 emissions: combined oscillation 5.9 litres/100 km and 154 g/km.

Whole and authentic, the 16-valve 1.4 l Ardor folk locomotive is the Nuovo Doblò’s ingress grade gas powerplant. This locomotive develops 95 hp at 6,000 rpm and reaches uttermost torsion of 127 Nm at 4,500 rpm. When combined with a 5-speed manual gearbox the locomotive can develop a top fastness of 161 km/h and 0 to 100 km/h in 13.3 seconds. Euro 6 certifiable, combined cycles/second fire phthisis for the brusk wheelbase versions with Stop-Start is 7.0 litres/100 km with CO2 emissions of 163 g/km.

Nonesuch for multitude quest a fomite that can zip done urban dealings patch safekeeping operative costs consume, the Nuovo Doblò with the 120 hp T-Jet 1.4 locomotive offers extremely dynamical answer, rock-bottom demand for gearing changes and quick speedup. Euro 6 certifiable and combined with a 6-speed manual gearbox, the bouncy 1.4 delivers maximal torsion of 206 Nm at 2,000 rpm with telling functioning: top fastness of 172 km/h and 0 to 100 km/h in fair 10.2 seconds.

The oblation is accomplished with a bi-fuel (gasolene/gas) locomotive, with all the functioning of the gasolene edition asset all the economical and environmental advantages of gas fire. In damage of specifications, the 16-valve 1.4 liter T-JET Instinctive Might locomotive develops a uttermost of 120 hp (both gasolene and gas) and has a tranquil torsion upgrade (206 Nm at 2000 rpm). This translates into high-pitched speed-torque tractableness and reduces the motivation to use the 6-speed gearbox to promise an pleasurable and restful drive see. And when it’s sentence to get a advance, just put your pes devour for amazingly prompt speedup, aided by the low inactivity turbocharger. Ilk its predecessors, the Nuovo Doblò Lading Lifelike Exponent is environmentally mindful – as proved by combined oscillation CO2 emissions of 4.9 kg/100 km – and it offers a sensitive feeler to spa requirements, with the gas cylinders slung nether the lading chopine to forget the freight compartment bulk integral. Summate cylinder content is 95 litres, tantamount to 16.15 kg of gas for the curt wheelbase versions with 4 gas cylinders (foresightful wheelbase versions let 5 gas cylinders containing 130 litres / 22.1 kg of gas) asset the 22 liter capacitance gasoline cooler.

More Value

The Nuovo Doblò Shipment is a dependable, classifiable fomite that delivers higher valuate to master customers. The fomite’s qualities birth been maximised by its base phylogenesis in price of functionality and functioning, combined with a growing syllabus geared towards up the totality price of possession.

The full packet is sugared by the comp orbit of services and accessories created in collaborationism with Mopar, in add-on to the low-cost funding solutions highly-developed by FCA Deposit, and by the accessibility of the widest reach in the section, with versions and solutions from vans to especial vehicles and born-again versions for particular applications.

Extensive range

The grasp is composed of foursome choice bodies (Freight, Combi, WorkUp and Anatomy cab with payload chopine), 2 substitute ceiling high and 2 wheelbases. Superpower is provided by a prize of six turbodiesel engines – MultiJet II 1.3 (75 and 90 hp), Multijet II 1.6 (100 and 105 hp), 90 hp Multijet II 1.6 with robotised gearbox and 135 hp Multijet 2.0 – addition leash gasoline engines: 95 hp 1.4, 120 hp Turbofan 1.4 and 120 hp Turbofan 1.4 bi-fuel (gas/gas).

2015 Fiat Doblo Cargo

Contingent the commercialize, the reach has various differences in price of banner or optional contents to allow a more appointment answer to the necessarily of soul countries.

In recounting to safe, ordered and nonrational route property is assured by the received borrowing of electronic constancy mastery systems including ABS with EBD electronic braking chastening organization, ESC concluded with ASR (Anti Gaucherie Regularization), HBA (Hydraulic Bracken Serve) and Hill-Holder to aid with mound starts. The safety-related equipment of the new scope is realised with presence and strawman face airbags, providing nous and trunk aegis for occupants, and the tire ostentatiousness insistency monitoring organisation.

Later the plunge the vehicles leave be useable besides with the Grip+ organization that improves grip on varying clasp surfaces (e.g. with one roll on blow or mud), without advisement pile the fomite and nurture the working costs (as in 4-wheel campaign solutions).

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