2015 Fiat 500X

Fiat 500X

Intentional by the Centro Stile Decree, the new 500X represents a new property of the evident 500 in which iconic dash and the innovative crossing conception hit the summation of the goodly off-road capacity of a edition that’s consummate for outside pursuits.

Style and dimensions

The univocal face of “Made in Order” designing, the 500X offers flexibleness, reasonableness and lineament, all steadfastly embedded in its compress dimensions, in its sizeable internal quad and the prize of agio materials and fabrics, also as the about advanced engineering at the avail of prophylactic, consolation and on-board well-being. The Decree 500X is a perfunctory, fun fomite you can “clothing” every day, an archetype slice of wear featuring balmy shapes for maximal exemption of move, trusted to meditate the personality of its driver thanks to the emcee of customisation options useable.

The upstanding, full-bodied show of the car finds its arrant stylistic vis-a-vis in the symmetrical lines, which egress in dimensions saint for customers looking the comfortableness, infinite and equipment distinctive of a press ginmill. Simultaneously, the new 500X likewise gives a nod to those who indigence to harness urban dealings every day, thanks to its minor dimensions: it’s 4.25 metres foresighted (2 cm more for the leisure reading), 1.8 metres wide-cut and 1.60 metres in stature (or 1.61 and 1.62 metres severally with cap bars or 4wd).

Concordat external, welcoming indoors: a roomy, protective surround with encompassing use of superiority materials and finishes, and a emcee of hardheaded store compartments. A well-heeled rider compartment which is signally Made in Italy, and usable in no fewer than 7 upcountry configurations, comprising a excerpt of dissimilar fabrics, leather, finishes and colors. Optimal functionality is ensured by the behind accommodation options and the wide trunk (350 litres).

2015 Fiat 500X

Last, the client can chose from 12 unlike liveries to underscore the Rescript 500X’s fleshly cast, boost enhanced by a prime of eight-spot dissimilar designs for the 16-, 17- and 18-inch admixture wheels.

Engine versions

Contingent the EMEA mart, the 500X is usable with diverse combinations of locomotive, gearbox and transmittance to fulfil all exercise requirements, every one offer both prize for the environs and maximal efficiency in footing of operation, intake and emissions.

Uncommitted at found testament be the 140 HP 1.4 Turbo MultiAir2 (front-wheel cause and 6-speed manual gearbox), the 110 HP 1.6 “E-torQ” (5-speed manual gearbox and front-wheel cause), the 120 HP 1.6 MultiJet II (front-wheel crusade and 6-speed manual gearbox) and the 140 HP 2.0 MultiJet II (9-speed robotic transmittal and 4wd).

The compass leave so be topped off with the 170 HP 1.4 Turbo MultiAir2 (9-speed automatonlike gearbox and 4wd), and the potent 187 HP 2.4 l Tigershark MultiAir2 (9-speed reflex infection and 4wd) gasoline engines.

The 140 HP 1.4 Turbo MultiAir II locomotive leave likewise be uncommitted with front-wheel driving and 6-speed twofold hold robotlike contagion. Particularly, the groundbreaking automatonlike and sequent double hold transmittance ensures greater impulsive comforter and a sportier belief, in footing of gearing shimmy hurrying, offer increased efficiency and optimised expenditure. Conceptually, it consists of two transmissions in analog that let inordinately speedy gearing changes, cathartic one batch and piquant the early simultaneously.

The pursual turbodiesel might units volition besides be uncommitted: the 95 HP 1.3 MultiJet II (5-speed manual gearbox and front-wheel ride), and the 140 HP 2.0 MultiJet II (6-speed manual gearbox and 4wd).

Nine-speed automatic transmission

The 500X crosswalk is the beginning Decree car to whirl nine-speed automatonlike transmittal. This transmittal, useable with the 170 HP 1.4 Turbo MultiAir II gasoline locomotive and the 140 HP 2.0 MultiJet II turbodiesel, offers many advantages, including heavy pick-up content and still pitch of index. Electronically controlled, the new nine-speed machinelike transmittance features particular function, with the choice to permutation to manual-sequential way.

4WD and rear axle disconnection system

The new Order 500X is useable in both two-wheeled and 4wd configurations. A especial boast of the new Edict crossing’s 4wd is the espousal of a arse axle disconnect arrangement that reduces get-up-and-go diminished done haul when 4wd performance is not mandatory, thusly ensuring more effective fire use. The alone fomite in its section to fling this lineament, with the elision of the Landrover Rebel, the 500X’s rear-axle gulf seamlessly switches ‘tween two- and 4wd for exact torsion direction with no demand for remark from the driver.

Mood Selector and Traction Plus

The new 500X features the “Humor Picker” cause excerpt scheme, which acts on the locomotive, brakes, guidance and gearbox (in the causa of robotic transmitting), permitting deuce-ace unlike fomite behaviours based on the drive manner almost reserve to the spot or route rise weather: Machine (for the outflank in price of comfortableness, ingestion and CO2 emissions), Mutation (for a crusade that favours operation) and All Endure (for uttermost condom eventide in pitiable clutches weather).

On leisure trimming levels, All Endure style is replaced by the “Grip” use, which, on the 4wd rendering, speeds up the transmitting of torsion to the arse axle. On front-wheel thrust versions, the procedure activates the “Grip Positive” restraint organisation, which improves grasp on ruffian, slippy terrain, for more frugal, eco-friendly surgery compared to schematic 4wd, increasing efficiency during chair, mundane off-road use.

Handling and safety

Weaponed with MacPherson abeyance at the back on all versions, the Order 500X ensures the complete counterweight of treatment and comforter. What’s more, for guaranteed resident tribute, the new Edict crosswalk combines a soundbox intentional according to the nearly forward-looking criteria with alive and inactive prophylactic message to see fantabulous execution.

A horde of substance is usable as measure passim the orbit, such as six airbags (forepart, windowpane bags and face bags), forepart headlights with the Day Track Lights procedure and cornering fog lights, besides as the ESC organization (Electronic Stableness Ascendance). In improver, contingent the variant and the marketplace, the ripe Lane Aid lane passing monition organisation and, a lane alter assist arrangement to swing unsighted floater, are useable as touchstone or upon postulation. What’s more, on asking, your 500X can be fitted with the new ParkView backside reversing camera and the “Bracken Ascendence” aided braking scheme.

UconnectTM infotainment systems

In footing of ease and contraption, the Decree 500X offers category-topping contented, thanks to the advanced UconnectTM systems with 5 or 6.5 edge touchscreens which furnish entree to tuner, media, ring and UconnectTM Endure services. Both versions cum dispatch with Bluetooth port, Aux-in connective, USB porthole and vocalization commands. Additionally, the Uconnect Radiocommunication Nav 5″ gimmick offers TomTom 2.5D sailing, patch the 6.5″ Uconnect Radiocommunication Nav features orbiter sailing with 3D maps, reform-minded path counselling and ‘Round Articulation Finish Launching’ to introduce addresses victimisation vox commands.

Exploitation the colouration touchscreen, the arrangement lets you admittance all the independent functions: from the analog and digital tuner (DAB) done to all the master multimedia sources (media participant, iPod, iPhone, smartphone) which can be machine-accessible via USB embrasure or Aux-in socket, or victimization Bluetooth sound cyclosis. All of this can be managed direct exploitation the wheel controls, so thither’s no motive to return your eyes off the route or your men off the rack.

The new Uconnect Know organisation besides allows customers – done consolidation with their smartphones – to use many apps via the on-board organisation They can dungeon in hint with their friends on Facebook and Chirrup, heed to millions of euphony tracks on Deezer and ended 100,000 cyberspace radiocommunication stations with TuneIn, get real-time newsworthiness updates from Reuters and experience entropy on dealings, speeding cameras and the conditions figure thanks to TomTom Be services.

Lastly, the Order 500X offers eco:DriveTM, which permits a redemptive of capable 16% on fire costs and reduces CO2 emissions, also as the my:CarTM servicing, which features an synergistic exploiter manual to aid with alimony and trade with emergencies.

For sound, the single Hi Beatniks Sound organization is useable on asking – highly-developed in quislingism with Beatniks by Dr. Dre and launched first on the 500L framework – for a revolutionist euphony see on-board the new Decree 500X.

Range (EMEA)

2 versions are useable at establish (one more “urban” and the over-the-counter nonsuch for leisure use), 5 clipping levels (Pop, Popstar, Loaf, Interbreeding and Crossing Summation), 4 locomotive options (140 HP 1.4 Turbo MultiAir II, 110 HP 1.6 “E-torQ”, 120 HP 1.6 MultiJet II and 140 HP 2.0 MultiJet II), 3 thrust systems (battlefront, breast with “Grip Positive” scheme and 4wd), 3 gearboxes (five-speed manual, six-speed manual and nine-speed robotlike), 12 soundbox colors, 8 dissimilar admixture rack designs (16″, 17 ” and 18″) and 7 unlike national configurations.

2015 Fiat 500X


A knockout with fiber, the new 500X explores a spick-and-span proportion of organism 500, where a suppurate, refined, all-Italian panache “apparel” – similar haute couture – the center of a car that is well-heeled, high-performance and ever in hint with the man: this is the X english of beaut, and this is the psyche of the Decree 500X.

Intentional by the Centro Stile Rescript, the new crossing extends the 500 sept, comprising the 500, 500C, 500L, 500L Trekking and 500L Sustenance models – cars various in career and quality, but which all parcel the like roots: the iconic Decree 500 of 1957. The 500X represents a new property of the manifest 500 in which iconic elan and the advanced crosswalk construct strike the add-on of the goodly off-road capableness of a edition that’s consummate for outside pursuits.

The unambiguous face of “Made in Rescript” figure, the 500X offers tractability, reasonableness and tone, all hard embedded in its squeeze dimensions, in its rich home quad and the alternative of modern materials and fabrics, too as the near advanced engineering at the avail of safe, ease and on-board welfare. Briefly, the 500X is a perfunctory, fun fomite you can “habiliment” every day, an master kit with cushy shapes for uttermost exemption of cause and, thanks to the boniface of customisation options, it reflects the personality of its driver.


From the real beginning peek it’s elucidate that therein car, the stylistic roots of the 500 obtain a sword new reading, more “masculine” without always flaunting inordinate heftiness of configuration. In fact, scorn the increased dimensions and generous wheelbase, the Edict 500X offers fluent lines which springiness it thanksgiving and pizzazz.

Particularly, the outside stylus of the new Order crosswalk expresses all the typical elements of both the flow 500 category and the iconic 500 of the 1950s. The about patent consultation to the simulation’s predecessor comes in the compounding of the speed headlights, which although broadsheet, suffer a more active cut for a more “frowning” feeling, with the frown “primary irradiation” lights and the “mustache and logotype” excogitation. The wraparound cowling with incline folds too is a 500 flair characteristic, upright comparable the front, with its extremum stylistic concordance, the authoritative trapezoid gag and, at the essence, the refined chromium-plate mustache. Barely underneath you’ll discovery the blacken glower grill – a stylistic characteristic introduced on to the 500 in 2007 – which gives the fomite its “well-disposed” aspect and, simultaneously, brings lustiness and warm personality.

The fomite’s upstanding, rich show finds its everlasting stylistic counterweight in the proportionate lines contained in its meek dimensions: the car is 4.25 metres yearn (2 cm more for the leisure interpretation), 1.8 metres full and 1.60 metres in stature (or 1.61 and 1.62 metres severally with cap bars or 4wd).

From the incline the fomite offers a waist slimly sloped to the strawman which enhances its lustiness and underlines the “dynamicity” of the pattern. In contingent, the face part offers an with-it adaptation of the historical 500 feel, but with cleanser, more modernistic surfaces, fitful by the generous bicycle arches and the full-bodied doorway sections. All enhanced eve promote by the undercoat headroom – 162 mm for the FWD versions and 179 mm for the AWD configurations (values careful in touchstone A) – and by the oversize wheels.

What’s more, thanks to the borrowing of owing off-road features such as particular bumpers and protective slip plates, the Crossbreed and Hybridizing Summation versions of the 500X assure first-class distinctive off-road angles: the approaching lean is 21.3°, the departure slant 30.1° and the incline lean is 22.3° (values metric in banner A).

2015 Fiat 500X

The 500X’s arse features a characteristically molded chrome-plated cover that is resonant of the “bicycle-saddle” act denture twinkle of its herald. The igniter clusters are housed ‘tween the tailboard cuts, and the way they illumine makes them unmistakeable at nighttime, thanks to the sleek bod of the bracken lights and face lights. The bottom windowpane “cuts” the tailboard at the sides, creating a simplified, modernistic spyglass pictorial, patch the pillager at the top of the tailboard brings a coeval whirl, and plays its contribution in the fantabulous boilersuit streamlined valuate (0.34 CX).

The fashionable Italian figure can besides be seen in the particularization that makes the 500X really singular, such as the refined chromium-plate trimness – from the breast threshold handles with their ‘mustache’ allegory, to the sparkle bunch frames and the trunk handgrip – or the “Sky Noggin” meth sunshine-roof which, adjoining the windowpane, offers a additive, light-filled ceiling, highlight the two arches of the pillars.

Complemental the new fomite’s outside elan, the all-embracing orbit of micalised and pastel colors, for a innkeeper of pop-inspired customisation options, distinctive of the 500 DNA, featuring smart, vivacious tones and basal colors such as red, chicken and amytal, aboard tank, more advanced linger options such as greyge, and flush, for the leisure interpretation, outside tones such as Matte Tan. Every coloring pick comes with a option of completing upcountry fabrics or leather, and course you can reckon a fascia which reflects the remote color inner. A tally of 12 dissimilar liveries accent the sultry mannequin of the Order 500X, advance enhanced by the octonary dissimilar designs for the 16-, 17- and 18-inch debase wheels.


Press international, welcoming within: a wide, protective surround with all-inclusive use of superiority materials and finishes, and a emcee of virtual store compartments. Specifically, the rider compartment of the Rescript 500X features a concluded, bodoni and ergonomic set-up, in a invention divine by the historical 500 aspect.

A car with part ilk the Decree 500X boasts one of its strengths in its impulsive bum. Erstwhile you sit butt the pedal, you instantly posting the fantabulous cat’s-paw layout, the usableness and quilt of the controls, all directed towards the driver and sorted by purpose. The impulsive have is eventide more enveloping thanks to the erect list of the wheel, to the H spot hardly 669 mm from the earth (697 mm for 4wd versions), the wraparound seating and the generous leg quad.

Based on a cockpit construction, the driver’s position features an panel shared into tercet throwaway sections, of which the essence division is bigger with a metal clipping – intelligibly redolent of the historical Edict 500 – the nonesuch compounding of retroactive esthetical and mod engineering. To the sides, two twin quadrants curb the speedometer and rev parry, and at the kernel the 3.5″ reconfigurable TCT expose communicates info to the driver merely and directly, too as oblation legion customisation options.

The guidance pillar boasts a new sports wrought wheel, which offers improved handwriting position and arrant clench, enhanced with fashionable chromium-plate inserts and caparison the radiocommunication controls to ascertain exact, relaxed drive in any office. All topped off by the optimal shifter spot on the key burrow and the well-heeled presence armrest. The cardinal subdivision of the splasher too features deuce-ace of the about ofttimes secondhand buttons which resemble the niggling levers on the old 500, patch forthwith supra you’ll incur the 5″ expose of the Uconnect organization (besides useable in a 6.5″ edition with unified seafaring organization). To the ass you’ll incur the air vents and the clime controls.

Another 500 stylus lineament comes in the new crossing’s splashboard which, on the more “urban” rendering, reflects the international colouration inwardly. Contingent the passementerie grade, two fashionable finishes are useable for the key burrow and the doorway panels: a geometrical practice innate from the revisited C Flavor or a uninterrupted napped blade. The like exclusivity characterises the threshold handles with their hellenic “draw” conformation, evocative of the virtually memorable threshold have of the historical 500.

A height aspect of Italian manufacture, the new Decree 500X offers uttermost functionality, as demonstrated by the legion compartments of assorted sizes scatter end-to-end the rider compartment. In fact, although the top of the fascia is tasked with delivery fashionable elegance, with its cushy, upholstered surfaces, the lour department houses a option of wide unfold repositing compartments, likewise as sensitive and pocket-sized store boxes to donjon your nearly cherished property doggo.

The 500’s broad warehousing infinite includes four-spot broad doorway compartments, a prominent closable box at the ass of the fascia and a secondment box, too lidded, set in the dark isthmus ahead of the rider buns, embellished with the example’s chromium-plate badge, likewise as two cup holders on the key burrow which furnish a secure office to storehouse drinks containers of versatile sizes. Contingent the reduce floor, the movement inwardness armrest can too be weaponed with a handy depot compartment, too as beingness lengthways adjustable for increased comfortableness.

Thither is utilitarian distance before of the gearshift too, where you’ll discovery a particular cabinet for storing belittled objects, that likewise provides a dockage send for your devices (smartphones, MP3 players and more) which, thanks to the USB and Aux-In ports, can be supercharged or dependant capable the Uconnect arrangement. The presence seating likewise admit a handy net scoop to the arse, and the rider arse boasts a foldaway back: threatening the backside seating victimization the Sheepcote&Spill office creates a matted shipment aerofoil for the total distance of the rider compartment, for optimal use of the inner quad.

The like versatility is offered by the bottom bum with its 60/40 rent foldaway back and the broad trunk (the 350 l content becomes 100 litres with the backside seating all folded pile). What’s more, on quest, your 500X can be fitted with a obliterable freight chopine which is two-sided and elevation adjustable.

The rider compartment is a pleasant billet to be, offered in no fewer than sevener midland configurations, created by compounding dissimilar types of material, leather, finishes and colors, where the surprisal lies in the particularisation. The inside of the Rescript 500X Pop is lightlessness, with panels in gray-haired Aqualung, a new cloth with a clean, proficient contact, standardised to neoprene, and the splasher is usable in 5 consistency colors. The doorway empanel mouldings and the top department of the burrow are c aspect.

The secondment trimming floor (Popstar) is uncommitted in two variations: blackness with grayish Aqua-lung particularization, or nigrify with red Aqua-lung particularisation, both with c looking burrow and eubstance bleached dashboards. Edict 500X Loiter customers can select ‘tween Moka and Igniter Squab interiors, enhanced with fashionable steaming, summation a fleecy nerve core on the top of the burrow (with dashboards uncommitted altogether outer eubstance colors).

The Order 500X Crossbreeding features a high-tech internal with a more rough-textured splasher inclose, remindful of a unification of casting fe, for a flat, leash dimensional impression, besides as a napped nerve force on the amphetamine adorn of the burrow and the board mouldings. The like features are besides included on the 500X Crossbreeding Addition.

Complemental the grasp are two versions useable, upon asking, with the mellow category leather upholsteries: both sport a napped nerve impression on the burrow dump and jury mouldings, and one offers an lightlessness atmosphere with elusive incline inserts in red to spotlight the fomite’s dynamical nature, patch the otc features baccy particularisation for a more inheritance, traditional flavor.

A rider compartment that’s undeniably Italian, oblation all the on-board well-being distinctive of vehicles in higher segments. The home benefits from the across-the-board use of sound-absorbent materials – with the splashboard upholstered in soft-touch fabrics on all versions – too as a horde of technological features such as, e.g., the PVB level interior the windshield which improves the juncture forefinger, and the acoustical deflectors on the pillars – mark new in the fomite’s section – created alone from absorptive foams.

Too tributary the striking solace are the ergonomic seating made largely from varying denseness sparkle for the sides, arse and back. As touchstone, the driver’s ass features longitudinal and meridian allowance and a reclining back. Lumbar fitting and het arse procedure are besides uncommitted on asking. The ass terrace – snag 60/40 – offers fantabulous solace for iii passengers and reflects, on all versions, the uttermost attending to contingent of the battlefront seating.

Contingent the trimness layer, a pick of upholstery fabrics and colors are useable, all with the hellenic chromatic “partitioning” of the 500 phratry – i semblance material to the bum, and the top division and headrests to equal the colouration on the threshold panels and fascia.

Particularly, the Pop versions offering superiority fabrics in inkiness with blackness inserts, with the headrests and the amphetamine incision of the seating in gray-headed Aqua-lung with 500 logotype. And 500X Popstar customers can prefer from two options: inkiness material and inserts with grayish Aqua-lung amphetamine incision and headrests or inkiness textile seating with gray inserts, and red top part and headrests. Ultimately, the Couch adaptation features two solutions: nighttime embrown with electrowelded framework inserts and fluent 500 logotype, or ecru upholstery with electrowelded cloth sections and anthracite 500 logotype.

Complementary the compass are the Crossbreeding and Hybridisation Addition passementerie levels, both featuring inkiness textile upholstery with greyish inserts and ag 500 logotype. Lastly, on postulation, your 500X can be fitted with superiority leather upholstery in blacken/red or baccy, both with fluent 500 logotype.

To establish the designers’ salient aid to particular, flush the mats in the 500X are unequaled and scoop: they lineament a impress of a map of the Melfi mill, an archetype way of expressing the congratulate interpreted by the Italian manufacturers in creating a superiority intersection with tremendous appeal.

Engines and transmissions

Contingent the EMEA commercialize, the new Rescript 500X offers assorted combinations of locomotive, gearbox and transmittance to play all exercise requirements, every one offer both esteem for the surroundings and utmost efficiency in damage of functioning, phthisis and emissions.

Usable at plunge are the 140 HP 1.4 Turbo MultiAir2 (front-wheel cause and 6-speed manual gearbox), the 110 HP 1.6 “E-torQ” (5-speed manual gearbox and front-wheel driving), the 120 HP 1.6 MultiJet II (front-wheel effort and 6-speed manual gearbox) and the 140 HP 2.0 MultiJet II (9-speed automatonlike transmittance and 4wd).

The stove volition so be topped off with the 170 HP 1.4 Turbo MultiAir2 (9-speed machinelike gearbox and 4wd), and the brawny 187 HP 2.4 liter Tigershark MultiAir2 (9-speed machinelike contagion and 4wd) gas engines.

The 140 HP 1.4 Turbo MultiAir II locomotive bequeath likewise be usable with front-wheel effort and 6-speed double clasp robotlike transmittance. Particularly, the modern robotlike and successive two-fold clench contagion ensures greater drive puff and a sportier touch, in damage of train chemise speeding, oblation increased efficiency and optimised uptake. Conceptually, it consists of two transmissions in duplicate that countenance inordinately speedy geartrain changes, cathartic one grip and piquant the early simultaneously.

2015 Fiat 500X

The chase turbodiesel exponent units bequeath likewise be usable: the 95 HP 1.3 MultiJet II (5-speed manual gearbox and front-wheel thrust), and the 140 HP 2.0 MultiJet II (6-speed manual gearbox and 4wd).

140 HP 1.4 Turbo MultiAir2

The 1.4 Turbo MultiAir2 locomotive is a vanguard gas index whole. Uncommitted on front-wheel campaign versions and teamed with a six-speed manual gearbox, the MultiAir2 generates maximal index of 140 HP at 5000 rpm and maximal torsion of 230 Nm at 1750 rpm. Values which incriminate snap and effervescent functioning, as demonstrated by the top amphetamine of 190 km/h and quickening from 0 to 100 in 9.8 seconds. Salient operation combined with low use and emissions: answer to say that, in the combined hertz, the recorded figures are 6 l/100 km and 139 g/km CO2 severally.

The origin of this arresting operation lies in the MultiAir engineering, which marks a expiration from the touchstone gas locomotive set-up, a echt generational jump that is corresponding to the creation of MultiJet engineering for diesel engines. But view the fact that, compared to a formal gasolene locomotive of eq sizing, a MultiAir locomotive develops more might (capable 10%) and torsion (capable 15%), piece overwhelming importantly less fire (capable 10%) and emitting less CO2 and particulates (capable 10%) and less NOx (capable 30%).

At the spunk of MultiAir is its electro-hydraulic valve direction arrangement that reduces fire use by controlling air straight via the intake valves (without victimization the gun) and reduces polluting emissions too (via burning ascendance). As befits a flag-bearer for the “retrenchment” construct, MultiAir is a various engineering that is well applied to all gasoline engines.

Euro6 case sanctioned and fitted with the First&Stopover organisation as stock to dilute fire phthisis and CO2 emissions, the 140 HP 1.4 Turbo MultiAir2 features a serial of components intentional specifically to slim rubbing and amend operation and fire use efficiency. The locomotive is fitted as criterion with a smartness alternator for uttermost efficiency.

120 HP 1.6 Multijet II and 140 HP 2.0 Multijet II

The new Decree 500X offers two turbodiesel locomotive options – 1.6 or 2.0 litres – fitted with irregular propagation MultiJet engineering to assure an pleasurable effort, bang-up liberty and low functional costs.

Teamed with a six-speed manual gearbox, the 1.6 Multijet II generates 120 HP at 3750 rpm, allowing the new Decree crosswalk to orbit a top swiftness of 186 km/h and speed from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.5 seconds. Victimisation a varying geometry turbocharger agency delivering highschool torsion at low rpm (320 Nm at 1750 rpm) for utmost working flexibleness. All with optimal respectfulness for the surroundings – the ability whole is Euro6 character sanctioned – and with utmost attending to fire use and emissions efficiency: on a combined character approving cycles/second, the 120 HP 500X 1.6 MultiJet II registers 4.1 litres/100 km of fire and 109 g/km CO2 emissions.

Increased exponent and ameliorate functioning are ensured by the 2.0 Multijet II which, fitted with an electronically controlled varying geometry turbocharger, develops uttermost ability of 140 HP at 4000 rpm and uttermost torsion of 350 Nm at 1750 rpm. Opposite with the groundbreaking nine-speed reflex gearbox, the ability whole fabrication allows the 500X to range a top fastness of 190 km/h and to quicken from 0 to 100 km/h in good 9.8 seconds, besides as respecting the Euro6 emissions limits.

Divided by both of the Decree 500X’s turbodiesel engines, the third-generation Park Revile injectant arrangement represents the about technologically sophisticated resolution for controlling eminent shot pressures (1600 bar) severally of the locomotive revolution amphetamine and measure of fire injected.

In fact, the locomotive direction is able of introducing belittled quantities of fire (pre-injections) to optimize racket and emissions and to care with the master shot the come of fire injected to offer the functioning requested by the driver, ensuring especially “smoothen” locomotive process altogether situations.

In item, the groundbreaking injectors earmark the direction of capable octad injections per bicycle and activate progressively ripe strategies focussed on optimising burning, such as the Injectant Place Defining (IRS) organisation which involves two successive injections so approximate yet as to give a uninterrupted and modulated fire provision into the cylinders. With this method, the burning summons is improved, all to the profit of quieter performance and glower particulate and n oxide (NOx) emissions. Moreover, the new shot organisation is eve simpler and more honest because the injectors get a simpler construction.

The 120 HP 1.6 MultiJet II and 140 HP 2.0 MultiJet II engines get likewise been fitted with a act of features to thin fire phthisis and emissions. These admit a smartness alternator that modulates the dispensing of muscularity contingent the fomite’s factual necessarily and the barrage guardianship grade, locomotive chilling circle optimization that reduces tune-up clip and a varying supplanting oil ticker that adjusts the oil coerce suitably, reduction the index consumed by the ticker.

Course, the Beginning&Stopover arrangement is included, piece the locomotive and transmitting use low viscousness lubricator oil to minimize detrition. And the eject gas discussion organisation implements close-coupled DPF engineering, which expeditiously integrates the oxidising catalytic convertor and the particulate percolate (CCDPF). The constituent is contract to slenderize expel counter-pressure with good effects in footing of decreased fire use and CO2 emissions. The particulate ambuscade is ordered around the turbocharger vent to supply hotter gas temperatures on median nigh the particulate dribble. This reduces the come of diesel fire required for re-formation with a subsequent promote step-down in uptake.

The oxidising catalytic convertor has besides been unified into new NSC (NOx Depot Accelerator) engineering which, thanks to a particular chemic conceptualisation combined with advanced injectant direction package strategies, is able of reduction NOx emissions by 60%, playacting an crucial use in guardianship fomite emissions inside the Euro6 limits.

The integrating of the two components reduces the burden of the exhaust and improves world-wide efficiency. The CCDPF is combined with an sophisticated dual-circuit fumes gas recirculation (EGR) arrangement in which – in plus to the real modest sized EGR factor already nowadays on late versions – a arcsecond circle has been added that collects the release gases downriver of the DPF and cools them exploitation a consecrate tank, allowing exact ascendance of the burning operation, reduction both NOx emissions and fire ingestion.

New nine-speed automatic transmission

The 500X crosswalk is the kickoff Decree car – and the solitary fomite in its section with the exclusion of the Landrover Recreant – to whirl the stain new nine-speed robotlike gearbox. Useable at found alone with the 140 HP turbodiesel 2.0 MultiJet II, the groundbreaking transmitting allows the fomite to optimize the powerfulness highly-developed by the locomotive, concurrently enabling belligerent pick-up and shine, effective powerfulness pitch.

Electronically controlled, the nine-speed robotic contagion features particular function, with the selection to transposition to manual-sequential fashion. The groundbreaking transmittance too ensures increased responsiveness, with quicker speedup and more unstable pitch shifty. The gearbox’s all-inclusive porta, in damage of ratios, ensures that the locomotive is incessantly functional inside the optimal hurrying grasp, maximizing consolation, drive joy and efficiency.

In item, the forward-looking geartrain shimmy direction package involves gobs of inputs – from respective on-board sensors – in edict to embrace the apotheosis deportment altogether drive and environmental weather. E.g., thither are systems to proctor locomotive torsion, longitudinal and sidelong speedup, ESP actions, route slope and temperature. The answer? Optimal drive comfortableness and utmost efficiency.

6-speed manual gearbox

The versions of the Decree 500X furnished with the 140 HP 1.4 Turbo MultiAir2 and 120 HP 1.6 MultiJet II engines characteristic six-speed manual gearboxes and front-wheel driving.

Portion of a new class of cross, three-axle transmissions, the 500X’s manual six-speed gearbox is synchronized altogether ratios for still cogwheel shift. The gearstick bowdens are fitted with a self-regulation mechanics for improved train switch calibre and Jump&Blockage scheme direction.

Last, the batch is fitted with a twofold deal flywheel which reduces haphazardness and vibrations at low speeds. The batch is hydraulic to tighten operational travail and treadle vibrations.

Traction systems

The new Order 500X is usable in both two-wheeled and 4wd configurations. One particular boast of the new Rescript crossing’s 4wd organization is the use of a arse axle disjuncture scheme – in fact, with the elision of the Landrover Rebel, the 500X is the solitary fomite in its section to pass this. The new Decree crossing too offers the ” Temper Chooser” campaign choice organisation with ternary modes – “Machine”, “Athletics” and “All Endure” – which, on the leisure versions, replaces the tierce pick with “Grip” manner.

4WD and rear axle disconnection system

The new Decree 500X is usable in both two-wheeled and 4wd configurations. The get-go is the solvent almost usually exploited on Edict models, piece the sec is new for the sword and for the section: in fact, a specific boast of the 500X’s 4wd is the acceptance of a bum axle disconnectedness arrangement that permits a step-down in vigor diminished done hale when 4wd surgery is not needed, hence ensuring greater efficiency in price of expenditure.

The lone fomite in the section to whirl this, with the exclusion of the Landrover Ratter, the rear-axle disconnection switches ‘tween two- and 4wd – seamlessly and at any hurrying -, ensuring locomotive torsion conveyance without no pauperization for driver stimulus. What’s more, by interacting with the electronic stableness restraint (ESC), the arrangement takes the requirement disciplinal actions to control fomite constancy, up reaction in the cause of terminated or understeer.

The 500X’s 4wd can carry-over capable 2000 Nm of locomotive torsion to the ass wheels, ensuring optimal route retention evening in hapless clench weather.

Eventually, an oil bathtub hold – housed in the behind derivative – uses particular patented algorithms to offer the reserve layer of torsion in every impulsive place, fifty-fifty on misfortunate clasp surfaces and during strong-growing starts and sports impulsive.

Mood Selector and Traction Plus

The new 500X offers the “Modality Picker” campaign pick organization, which acts on the locomotive, brakes, guidance, robotlike infection and 4wd, allowing for tercet dissimilar fomite demeanor modes based on the impulsive elan outflank suitable to the post or the route coat weather. Excited victimization the three-position mastery on the cardinal burrow, the organization is usable on all versions of the new Decree crosswalk, with the elision of the 500X Pop, and offers particular functions contingent the fomite grip character.

“Car” manner is graduated for mundane impulsive and ensures utmost ease and minimal fire use and CO2 emissions. This is achieved done more even locomotive standardization and increased index guidance, besides as an optimised appurtenance switching head to dilute CO2 emissions (the latter applies to automatonlike infection lonesome).

“Athletics” way is hone for impulsive when execution matters. The scheme switches to a particular standardisation of the locomotive, the ESC organisation and the steerage, to control a more organise, sportier drive reply. In 4wd vehicles, the organization switches to particular set-ups to heighten the fomite active.

2015 Fiat 500X

For uttermost guard, evening in unmanageable grasp weather, the driver can take “All Endure” modality – lonesome uncommitted on the more “urban” versions – which uses a particular locomotive standardization and particular ESC controls to maximize operation on tricky or mismatched surfaces.

On leisure versions, “All Upwind” fashion is replaced by the “Grip” office which, on the 4wd variant, speeds up the transmitting of torsion to the bottom axle.

On front-wheel ride versions, the use activates the “Grip Addition” ascendence organization, which improves clutches on hooligan, slippy terrain, for more economic, eco-friendly process compared to formal 4wd, increasing efficiency during centrist, quotidian off-road use.

The “Grip Summation” scheme deploys ESC ironware, victimization designated algorithms to command and supervise the braking organization, electronically simulating the doings of a self-locking derivative. Optimised package and the fact that forcefulness is applied done the convention braking circumference leave more liberalist activity than that of established systems. Though functioning is well like, the organisation offers the added vantage of organism lots igniter.

In weather with pitiable or no grasp on a driving pedal, the ascendence whole detects thrust bike slippage and instructs the hydraulic lap to give braking forcefulness to the bike with frown clench, hence transferring might to the cycle on the open providing the punter clutch. This improves manipulation, maintains directing stableness and mastery, and ensures the better potential grip flush complete really raspy or pitiful clench terrain.

Chassis, suspension and steering

Intentional and manufactured to pass optimal guard, solace and active impulsive, the Edict 500X uses forward-looking “Little All-inclusive” modular architecture to check greater timbre and reliableness, likewise as quicker evolution and assemblage.

The architecture of the Edict 500X ensures surpassing torque opposition, for optimal command of the torso geometry. What’s more, thanks to the MacPherson freelancer bike hanging, the 500X sets out new standards in its section for safety, dynamical drive. The Order 500X too offers increased preciseness and drive pleasance thanks to the wattage steerage and the DST (Active Direction Torsion) organization which ameliorate manipulation.

Rigid body shell structure

The new Order 500X boasts segment-topping functioning in footing of quilt and NHV (haphazardness, shakiness and rigour), thanks to the heights instinctive oftenness of the consistence and the all-embracing use of soundproof materials.

The geomorphological rigidness of the Edict 500X is achieved thanks to the across-the-board use of high-strength blade (about 70% of the amount) and morphological adhesives which attend to dilute the boilersuit fomite burden, to meliorate seniority and to maximize immunity in the pillowcase of hit. With the like objectives in judgement, the 500X is fitted with a presence crossmember and intercrossed backside crash-box (fictile/nerve).

The soundbox’s interfaces with the mechanism and mightiness units are intentional to see increased inflexibility in rescript to tighten disturbance inner the rider compartment.

MacPherson independent wheel suspension

The new 500X is a car for experiencing restful moments and comfy traveling, thanks in function to the layout of its MacPherson freelancer rack abatement – both to the forepart and to the bum.

On the figurehead axle, the Edict 500X features a exceptional dual-function crossmember: it offers the heights rigidness needed to attain greater acoustical solace and likewise to mix a tierce plimsoll to amend vigour preoccupancy capability in the causa of hit. The new fomite likewise features a “tear” character of shock climb that transmits vibrations from the route to the structure done two unlike pathways, up acoustics and cushion immersion efficiency.

Advanced electric power steering

The Edict 500X offers increased direction preciseness thanks to the wattage direction and the DST (Dynamical Direction Torsion) organisation, which better treatment and dynamicity, too as reduction fire uptake by capable 3% compared to a formal hydraulic scheme.

The 500X’s DST scheme improves both impulsive condom and treatment functioning by actively correcting complete and understeer. The DST organization is totally merged into the fomite’s electronic stableness controller (ESC) scheme and intervenes to chasten potentially grave situations such as in the vitrine of extravagant refraction angles or unstableness caused, e.g., by piteous roll clench.


To check the shelter of its occupants, the new Rescript 500X offers the finest in presently uncommitted fighting and peaceful condom systems. The intact grasp features as criterion 6 airbags (breast, window-bag and incline), ESC (Electronic Constancy Mastery) and fog lights with “cornering” office.

In gain, contingent the shave stratum and commercialise, the forward-looking Lane Assistance lane expiration monitory scheme and Unreasoning Blot Aid, a lane alteration assist organization to short-circuit screen floater, are uncommitted as received or on quest. On petition, your 500X can too be fitted with the new ParkView arse reversing camera and the “Bracken Command” aided braking organization.

Braking system

The Rescript 500X’s hydraulic, power-assisted braking organization comprises two freelance, crossing circuits and has proved peculiarly efficacious in allowing inspire, liberalist braking, likewise as shorter fillet distances. Naturally, the organization differs from one locomotive rendering to the following (in footing of burden and ability): cars furnished with the 1.4 Turbo MultiAir and the 1.6 Multijet are fitted, on the strawman wheels, with 281 mm self-ventilating strawman bracken discs, spell the 500X with 2.0 Multijet features 305 mm self-ventilating discs. For all locomotive options, the arse discs step 278 mm in diam.

ABS complete with EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution)

Likewise as a gamy acting brakes, the Rescript 500X is fitted with the ABS anti-lock organisation over with EBD (Electronic Bracken forcefulness Dispersion), which distributes the braking activity terminated all iv wheels, in club to block the wheels lockup and ensuring concluded fomite command altogether weather. The scheme adapts its procedure according to the bicycle clutch weather and to the bracken pad efficiency, besides reduction bracken pad overheating.

Brake Control

One of the nearly modern features usable on the new Decree 500X is the “Bracken Ascendence” aided braking organization, which uses rad sensors and picture to notice if the car is upcoming another fomite or obstruction too rapidly and alerts or assists the driver in club to forfend brownie or palliate the consequences.

Bracken Mastery operates betwixt 7 km/h and 200 km/h, generating acoustical and optical warnings, also as a abbreviated slowing to alarum the driver. If the driver does not oppose, the organisation brakes the fomite to obviate or palliate hob.

Operational severally, the arrangement is open of avoiding collisions with stationary objects at speeds of capable 30 km/h and objects occupation the like guidance if the congener swiftness is infra 50 km/h. In otc cases, the arrangement mitigates the hit, but besides alerts the driver, who so has the fortune to respond and forefend encroachment.

The driver has the choice to correct the organization predisposition to one of tercet levels, or to disenable the alerts he or she prefers. The arrangement meets the rubber requirements of both American torso NHTSA and EuroNCAP.

Lane Assist

This organization uses the camera’s optic detector to prove the route office of the 500X with deference to the horizontal markings acquaint on the route open. In the suit of an unwilled lane vary, which the scheme recognises if the fomite changes flight without energizing the focusing indicators, a optic alive is issued on with a tactual bespeak sent by the wattage steerage (EPS). If the driver does not respond quickly, the scheme issues a arcsecond optical awake.

The organization can enforce torsion to the wheel to undermine the unwilled lane modification.

Lane Aid operates at speeds of ‘tween 60 and 180 km/h and can be excited by the driver.

Blind Spot Assist and Rear Cross Path (RCP) detection

Subterfuge Stain Assistance uses radical wideband radiolocation sensors that serve the driver during lane changes and when the car is overtaken or overtakes a fomite hidden from survey. The organization notifies the driver of the comportment of vehicles in screen floater victimisation lit icons unofficially mirrors and by actuating an acoustical point selected by the driver. When reversing out of a parking spa, the organisation too informs the driver when it detects vehicles forthcoming from the slope.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Formerly excited, Adaptative Sail Ascendancy reduces the fomite’s programmed cruising upper when it approaches another fomite in the like lane or when another fomite enters the like lane. The scheme returns to the programmed speeding when the fomite before accelerates or moves to another lane. The organisation too maintains a sealed length from the fomite ahead, adjustable by the driver, which is specially utilitarian in untoward upwind weather or situations where profile is rock-bottom.

ParkView rear reversing camera

Displayed on the covert of the UconnectTM 5.0″ or UconnectTM 6.5″ gimmick, the camera offers a fisheye scene of the domain instantly buns the fomite, olibanum allowing the driver to blow more safely and with greater peacefulness. A dynamical business gridiron to use as denotation for parking manoeuvres in crocked floater and contract spaces is displayed on the cover. The organization is too utilitarian for positioning a lagger for hook-up.

Keyless Entry & Keyless Go

When you approaching the car and twist the threshold hold, the “Keyless Introduction & Keyless Go” organization’s electronic restraint whole checks whether the key is in the locality and, on recognising the mystic codes inherited via radiocommunication frequence, unlocks the doorway. And with the doorway unlatched, all you indigence to do is drag the rack and starting the locomotive by pressure the clitoris on the splashboard.

Exploitation sonography sensors, the scheme detects objects roughly the fomite during reversion parking at low velocity. If a hit is accomplished as impendent, the organization alerts the driver on the panel and with an acoustical signaling.

Hill Start Assist

Mound Beginning Assistance helps the driver during mound starts by maintaining the layer of bracken coerce applied by the driver for a myopic catamenia later the bracken cycle is released. If the driver does not speed during this brusque flow, the arrangement leave freeing the braking coerce.

ASR (Anti Slip Regulation)

An anti-slip scheme which optimises grip at any speeding, with the helper of the brakes and locomotive direction, allowing the Order 500X to contend well on piteous clasp route surfaces.

MSR (Motor Schleppmoment Regelung)

When thither is a brisken paraphernalia switch in misfortunate clutches weather, the MSR part intervenes, restoring locomotive torsion and preventing the wheels from lockup, which could lede to a passing of fomite command.

DST (Driving Steering Torque)

This organization improves both drive prophylactic and manipulation functioning. In fact, in any drive weather, the “dynamic electronic guidance” carries out the needful corrections mechanically and besides controls oversteer on piteous bag surfaces.

Electronic Rollover Mitigation (ERM)

ERM intervenes when a cycle leaves the route rise: in fact, whenever an extremum dynamical cause is detected, the ERM helps to restabilise the fomite and returns restraint of the car to the driver.

Electronic Park Brake

The scheme comprises of a emergency alternate in the kernel soothe, a drive on the caliper of apiece back pedal and an electronic ascendence faculty. 4 operational modes are usable: electrostatic and dismissal actioning, dynamical actioning in causa of pinch, set-off dismission when start and SafeHold.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

The TPMS informs the driver that the tire insistence is too low. The organisation uses sensors and the ESC ascendancy whole to base whether one or more tyres are matted, by manipulating the angulate speed delta of the wheels.

Automatic Demisting

Automatonlike Demisting allows the Order 500X’s Robotic Temperature Command arrangement (ATC) to step the humidness stratum inner the fomite and mechanically defog the windshield without any interposition by the driver.

Automatic headlights

Headlights alternate on and off mechanically contingent the outside lightness and, when combined with the alive safe organisation parcel, likewise crack the “Machine High-pitched Shaft” routine which switches chief irradiation headlamps to lordotic broadcast when another fomite approaches.

The new Uconnect™ LIVE infotainment system

Edict has perpetually been a saw for advanced cars that propose advanced, yet simple-to-use technical solutions and capacity which satisfies a trust for top layer connectivity and docudrama.

The 500X crossing is surely no elision, standing out in its class thanks to its up-to-the-minute contemporaries UconnectTM arrangement and the single BeatsAudioTM scheme, for a radical on-board medicine live. What’s more, the 500X besides features an board with reconfigurable 3.5″ TFT show which allows the driver to custom-make the data displayed on the covert.

Uconnect Radio LIVE 5″

Featuring a touchscreen scheme, Uconnect Radiocommunication Subsist 5″ provides an broad scope of functions, start with the UconnectTM Endure services offered as touchstone, besides as a horde of medicine options, in improver to the FM/AM tuner. The driver can really tie his or her multimedia devices via USB or via the 3.5 mm aide remark (laborer), or eventide teem euphony via Bluetooth from enabled smartphones. Digital radiocommunication (DAB) is besides useable upon asking.

You can too piddle and invite ring calls men justify formerly you’ve machine-accessible your enabled smartphone to the Uconnect organisation exploitation Bluetooth engineering. The scheme can too study textbook messages on compatible smartphones.

Ultimately, uncommitted upon postulation, the Uconnect RadioNav Experience 5″ sailing organisation with TomTom 2.5D navigator, articulation commands and release TMC dealings alerts. Thanks to owing features such as the ripe lane index, drivers can easy sail eventide the almost composite junctions. The TomTom Routes office is the easiest way to forecast the quickest itinerary, based on both stream exploiter upper information and permitted limits. And conclusion but not least, drivers can move in ended prophylactic receiving “turning by bit” instructions on the board when over-the-counter functions are alive on the tuner.

Uconnect Radio Nav LIVE 6.5″

Uconnect Wireless Nav Subsist 6.5″ features a 6.5 edge touchscreen, with enceinte, easy-to-use icons. The Uconnect touchscreen arrangement offers a serial of functions, such as wireless, medicine from multimedia devices, piloting, machine-accessible services and ring functions. The functions and services uncommitted admit the Uconnect Endure services as stock, FM/AM wireless and the selection to join multimedia players via USB or the 3.5 mm adjuvant interface (labourer). What’s more, the driver can mind to euphony from an SD board or flow tracks via Bluetooth from an enabled smartphone. Digital wireless (DAB) is likewise useable upon quest.

The 3D map seafaring organisation features “twist by routine” pilotage and Round Vox Finish Incoming to record addresses victimization vox commands. The driver can likewise brand and incur ring calls custody absolve afterward connecting an enabled smartphone to the Uconnect scheme victimization Bluetooth engineering. Eventually, the organization can understand schoolbook messages and react (victimization part controls or the touchscreen) with one of a set of 18 pre-programmed messages.

Uconnect LIVE: A suite of connected services

First, Uconnect Radiocommunication Exist 5″, Wireless Nav Subsist 5″ and Wireless Nav Exist 6.5″ are all offer the Uconnect Know services. Customers can download the Uconnect Endure lotion from the Apple Memory or Google Turn Memory on their smartphone. But tie your smartphone to the 500X to showing and restraint a server of applications from the Uconnect touchscreen. The applications sustain been intentional and altered for use when impulsive to assure drivers do not recede absorption, storing their smartphones in a sac or the designated compartment. Uconnect Be volition be released increasingly in respective European countries.

With Uconnect Endure, the exploiter can approach, now from the 500X’s touchscreen presentation, “TuneIn Cyberspace”, on-line tuner with o’er 100,000 stations from terminated the humans, “Deezer Net euphony”, with ended 20 billion tracks, Reuters, to donjon cutting-edge with the modish newsworthiness from complete the earth and Facebook and Chirrup, to hold in touching with their friends. On top of all of this, thither’s likewise eco:Thrust, the kickoff drive flair app which allows you to tighten fire expenditure by capable 16% and slim CO2 emissions by followers substantial clip advice. The Order 500X’s eco:Campaign peregrine app is now affiliated via swarm for machinelike drive information carry-over.

Ultimately, Uconnect Subsist allows orchestrate admission to my:Car, which offers genuine metre alerts, service reminders and an interactional possessor enchiridion to aid drivers oversee fomite upkeep. When a smartphone is affiliated via Bluetooth, the nearly authoritative alerts are mechanically forwarded to the proprietor’s personal UconnectTM Experience explanation, devising managing alimony easier than always ahead.

Uconnect LIVE with TomTom LIVE services

Uconnect Radiocommunication Nav Know 5″ and Uconnect Radiocommunication Nav Endure 6.5″ admit TomTom Be services with vocalisation commands and honest dealings info, to piddle every travel more effective thanks to the Uconnect Subsist app.

Edict 500X drivers can now have TomTom-connected piloting, which includes the humans’s nearly across-the-board germ of dealings info, with o’er 100 gazillion kilometres of dealings measurements collected day-after-day. Seafaring systems are updated every two proceedings with the modish dealings weather. Victimization an advance processing locomotive, Uconnect provides the fastest routes and the near exact ETAs. Besides as material sentence updates on dealings weather, users besides welfare from info on frozen and wandering swiftness cameras where uncommitted, the TomTom Look&Go local research serve and tangible clip brave forecasts.

TomTom Survive services admit: Dealings (victimization substantial clock dealings updates, the scheme gets the driver to his or her address more quick); Hurrying Cameras (indicates frozen and nomadic amphetamine cameras, portion drivers to hitch dependable and relaxed at the rack); the TomTom Research & Go research adroitness (users can look by family or clientele diagnose, from gasolene stations to supermarkets, and pilot to their goal); and lastly Endure (users can find brave info for a apt fix and brave forecasts for capable 5 years, enabling them to contrive their journeys with the well-nigh with-it conditions).

Uconnect LIVE services are always up-to-date

Owners of the new 500X can relaxation light: their car is intentional to adjust to the hereafter, and offers the exemption to update Uconnect Survive services with no pauperism to supercede the Uconnect organization already installed. Uconnect Exist services can be updated “o’er the air” when a compatible smartphone is attached via Bluetooth to the radiocommunication. Updates can be downloaded forthwith on to the Uconnect organization, safekeeping the services with-it and allowing customers to unendingly develop their on-board connectivity know.

A multitude of ways to control your content

The Uconnect organisation is promiscuous to infer thanks to a multifariousness of exploiter interfaces intentional to earmark users to take the one they same scoop. E.g., to command the communicating, docudrama and piloting functions or the Uconnect Be services, users can use the wheel controls, the touchscreen expose, phonation acknowledgement, the traditional levers and buttons or radiocommunication engineering such as Bluetooth. With so many options, users can conform the engineering fair how they opt.

Premium Audio Systems and BeatsAudioTM

Contingent the Order 500X cut story, two sound systems are useable: the kickoff equipt with iv speakers (120 w), and the former with six speakers (180 w). The new Order 500X 2015 besides offers the modish sound see from Beatniks by Dr. Dre, the organisation intentional to inspire your on-board euphony feel.

On postulation, customers can outfit their fomite with the sole BeatsAudioTM scheme – highly-developed in collaborationism with Beatniks by Dr.Dre. Specifically, the BeatsAudioTM arrangement boasts a add mightiness of 560 Watts and features an 8 channelise digital amplifier which integrates an advance equalization algorithm intentional to revivify the full voice spectrum that an artist experiences during his/her studio recordings.

The Beatniks Sound arrangement includes an 8-channel amplifier for 560 watts of ability, two attic tweeters in the fascia, two 165 mm midwoofers in the breast doors, two bonce tweeters in the behind doors, two 165 mm midwoofers in the ass seating and a 20 mm – 15l subwoofer at the center of the trunk.


The new Edict 500X is produced at the updated SATA (Società Automobilistica Tecnologie Avanzate) manufactory in Melfi, which already houses the yield lines for the new Landrover Ratter, the kickoff Landrover to be reinforced in Italy and produced international of the Joined States for the worldwide commercialise.

In cooking for the product of the new 500X and to undertake the new fomite the highest potential caliber from the beginning, the SATA manufactory has enforced and aligned all the engineering and the better practise of the former factories in the Decree Chrysler Automobiles aggroup. Nowadays the composite comprises border, paneling, picture and gathering departments and employs a sum of well-nigh 6000 workers.

Cover a area of round 1.9 jillion straight metres, the engraft was reinforced in 1991 and the low fomite leftover the line in October 1993. Terminated the finis 20 days, the mill has housed the output of several Edict and Lancia models, such as the Rescript Punto (1994), Lancia Ypsilon (1995), new Ypsilon (2003), Grande Punto (2005) and Punto Evo (2009), producing a totality of 5,645,275 vehicles by 2013.

Range (EMEA)

Every driver can incur the Edict 500X that outflank suits his or her inevitably and tastes. 2 versions are uncommitted at plunge (one more “urban”, the early idealistic for leisure use), 5 reduce levels (Pop, Popstar, Loiter, Crossbreeding and Hybridizing Summation), 3 locomotive options (140 HP 1.4 Turbo MultiAir II, 110 HP 1.6 “E-torQ”, 120 HP 1.6 MultiJet II and 140 HP 2.0 MultiJet II), 3 ride systems (forepart, forepart with “Grip Positive” arrangement and 4wd), 3 transmissions (five-speed manual, six-speed manual and nine-speed machinelike), 12 trunk colors, 8 dissimilar admixture bicycle designs (16″, 17 ” and 18″) and 7 dissimilar midland configurations.

Downstairs you’ll incur a description of the compass bound for the intact EMEA part which, contingent the commercialise, features approximately differences in message (banner or optional) in ordering to scoop adjoin the necessarily of the case-by-case countries. To see the particular compass for apiece land, chaffer your local Decree Closet site.

The 500X scope starts with the Pop shave story which, on the international, features 16″ sword rims with hub caps in semblance smooth-spoken (16″ metal rims with semblance Colored Chromium-plate burden are usable on postulation) and consistence colorful strawman and behind bumpers. The figurehead lattice, the pedal arches and the face strips are lightlessness, on with the fairings on the electrical het doorway mirrors. Usable in pentad outside liveries, the variation is topped off by chromium-plate plated mustache and logotype, lighter clump frames and threshold and tailboard handles. The adaptation too features a legion of exciting substance as touchstone. When it comes to prophylactic, e.g., thither are two strawman airbags, two windowpane bags and two slope airbags in accession to the ABS with EBD, forepart headlights with DRL (Daylight Run Lights) purpose and the ESC arrangement dispatch with the ASR, Mound Bearer, MSR, DST and ERM functions. In the like way, the chase are included as banner for utmost solace: Sail Ascendance with swiftness clipper, galvanizing breast and backside windows, height-adjustable driver’s behind and electrical handbrake.

The endorsement trimness story (Popstar) features 17″ debase rims with facile destination (17″ rims with two-tone nigrify rouge or 18″ rims with glossiness ag finishing usable upon petition), anti-fog headlamps and consistence colored threshold mirror fairings. What’s more, on top of the already fertile message of the get-go shave floor, the 500X Popstar adds manual mood ascendence, Uconnect 5″ Tuner organisation, “Humour Chooser” crusade choice arrangement and wheel with “Techno-leather” upholstery and wireless controls. The client besides has a selection of 12 unlike soundbox colors and two interiors.

Level more sole, the 500X Loaf which, in gain to the contentedness of the former variation, offers 18″ debase rims with glossary facile cultivation, tinted windows and outside chromium-plate cut. Intentional to fill customers who charge most consolation and engineering, the 500X Loaf offers as received Xe headlights, Uconnect 5″ Wireless Nav, duple district mood ascendence, panel with 3.5″ colouring TFT exhibit, tinted windows, atmosphere light and the “Keyless Entrance & Keyless Go” arrangement. All topped off with sole textile and eco-leather interiors.

The “off-road” vocation of the 500X Crossbreeding is crystalize, demonstrated by its particular bumpers and protective skid-plates which increment the incline angles. This edition comes as measure with front-wheel campaign and the “Grip+” arrangement (4×4 campaign usable upon quest). The Crossing reduce storey too features a particular discourse on the ceiling bars, two-tone 18″ debase rims, a chromium-plate plated tucker shrill and an sole satinised chromium-plate finishing on the threshold handles, spark surrounds, battlefront mustache and tailboard address. Likewise included as criterion, manual clime restraint, Uconnect 5″ Radiocommunication organization, “Modality Picker” ride choice organization, fog lights, torso dark-skinned fairings on the galvanising het doorway mirrors, tinted windows and wheel with “Techno-leather” upholstery and tuner controls.

For those who need the utmost in damage of panache and message, cheque the 500X Interbreeding Positive, the top-of-the-range adaptation which, in increase to the particular off-road features of the old edition, offers 18″ debase rims with two-tone conclusion (18″ rims with particular designing uncommitted upon petition), Xe headlights, the Uconnect 5″ Tuner Nav organisation, threefold zona mood ascendancy, board with 3.5″ gloss TCT presentation, ambiance ignition and the “Keyless Launching & Keyless Go” arrangement.

Last, contingent the grocery and reduce degree, legion optional extras and accessories are usable. For the client’s gizmo and to economize on be, these can besides be purchased in particular Packs.

The exclusive “Opening Edition”

The new Order 500X is set to get in dealerships from former 2015, and wish any rage detail, initially it may be slick to play postulate. For this reasonableness, the stigma has created an undivided, top of the ambit, circumscribed version of the exemplar – the Rescript 500X “Possibility Version” – to warranty the beginning 2000 favourable customers the luck to thrust the exciting new crossing from the 500 folk. Two exteriors – comparable the two souls of the new 500X: one more “urban” in Art Greyish, the former in tri-coat red, complete for amateur use.

To hear more astir the sole Rescript 500X “Possibility Version”, users can chatter www.500X.fiat500.com to see what makes the new Decree crosswalk rightfully one of a form, victimization a sailing scheme which allows you to research the car from any tip. On the site you can too second-stringer your modified variation Rescript 500X done your sure franchise and be one of the low 2000 to driving one.

On the markets on which it bequeath ret – Italy, Germany, France, Spain, and Switzerland – the Edict 500X “Porta Version” bequeath be usable in ternary configurations: two 4×2 options with the 140 HP 1.4 Turbo MultiAir II or the 120 HP 1.6 MultiJet II engines, and one 4×4 with the 140 HP 2.0 MultiJet II locomotive.

The 500X “Hatchway Variation” with 4×2 ride scheme – weaponed with the 120 HP 1.6 MultiJet II locomotive or the 140 HP 1.4 Turbo MultiAir II – features a pastel Art Greyish bilious, and an undivided extract of equipment such as reflex mood controller, 18″ metal rims, the “Condom Gang” which includes a comp scope of combat-ready guard systems (anti-collision, a lane vary aid organization to swing unreasoning floater, a lane expiration admonitory arrangement, a bum camera for reversing), also as the “Comfortableness Camp” to see optimal on-board ease (armrest and lumbar alteration) positive the Keyless Ingress & Keyless Go organization, tinted back windows and the undivided Hatchway Variation badge.

The irregular variant comes in sole tri-coat Amore Red, and boasts 4×4 effort scheme with a 140 HP 2.0 MultiJet II locomotive addition 9-speed machinelike contagion. The top of the ambit equipment on this example is certain to pull tending. Likewise as a emcee of features as criterion, the leverage toll too includes a wealthiness of sole contented, from the exceptional tri-coat Amore Red blusher, to the “Navi Camp” (Uconnect 3D Nav 6.5″ with extra USB embrasure on the presence armrest compartment), positive two-tone red and inkiness leather interiors, “Profile Coterie” with rainfall and fall sensors, electrically foldable threshold mirrors, an electrochromic backside purview mirror, wheel paraphernalia controls and the scoop Possibility Variant badge.

Exclusive Mopar® branded accessories and services

Transforming your car into a unparalleled, individualized token: that’s the aim bottom the scoop ingathering of consecrate Edict 500X accessories and services created by Mopar®, the denotation stigma for Services, Client Maintenance, Archetype Scanty Parts and Accessories for Fiat-Chrysler brands.

100 exclusive accessories

Concluded 100 accessories sustain been intentional specifically for the Decree crossing, all top-grade products which utterly couple the expert and stylistic features of the new car for full-of-the-moon, dispatch customisation. Examples admit the 18″ admixture rims with their particular pattern and orbit of colors and esthetic treatments, the threshold mirror fairings in 9 semblance options, pilot stickers for the ceiling, cowl and face strips, and doorway modelling inserts in four-spot colors or chromium-plate plated.

For a splattering more color, thither are foursome kits useable (Whiteness, Red, Bronzy and Greyge) comprising mirror fairings, threshold mold inserts and cap/cowl stickers which absolutely peer the admixture rims. Or, for those who favor something a footling more fashionable, thither are a horde of chromium-plate plated elements to select from – useable severally or in the fantabulous measure Chromium-plate Kit – such as mirror fairings, doorway modelling inserts, fog spark passementerie and cowling molding.

Enhancing the 500X’s functionality are a wide-cut compass of cap boxes and systems for transporting wintertime and h2o sports equipment (bikes, surfboards, skis, snowboards, etcetera.). The fling is realized by a pick of accessories consecrate to protecting and acquiring the virtually out of the trunk (guards, nets and organisers) or for increasing ease within the fomite (such as lozenge holders and cake maulers).

The new “Xtra Care” pack from Mopar Vehicle Protection

“Mopar Fomite Auspices” offers a dispatch portfolio of servicing contracts guaranteed by Rescript Chrysler Automobiles, which check the last serenity for customers thanks to a blanket scope of warrant products to covering the fomite’s electric and mechanical components, consecrated service plans intentional to fill particular client inevitably, in gain to an help and fix overhaul provided by extremely specialized technicians who use alone pilot parts.

2015 Fiat 500X

Presently useable in more 40 countries in the EMEA neighborhood and with a portfolio of more 50 products, “Mopar Fomite Security” has highly-developed a particular choice of assist and care services – known as “Xtra Upkeep” – to fill the necessarily of the new Edict 500X customers. The proposed solvent puts the tenseness steadfastly on reportage for mechanical and electric faults – extending the maker’s warrant capable pentad geezerhood / 75,000 km – and includes, for the like catamenia, binding for scheduled sustentation costs to warranty a fomite which is incessantly in everlasting shape.

“Mopar Fomite Auspices” plans admit a comp stove of options in price of length and milage, intentional to pass customers greater security for their vehicles, providing the certainty that, wheresoever they may be, they can ever calculate a far-flung serve net which makes use of master parts and extremely restricted technicians. In summation, all the peacefulness provided by wayside aid services end-to-end Europe and all the assess of a program which, if the fomite is sold on, can be victimised by its new proprietor.

Owner Handbooks with AR technology

500X customers leave bear admission to a new Proprietor Enchiridion containing comp fomite info in barely 200 pages. Featuring a wide-cut color layout that’s warm to confabulate and user-friendly, the publishing is attended by summation entropy uncommitted on-line or via “Aloha Order Peregrine”, the peregrine diligence useable gratis from the Apple Storage and Google Gambol in 15 European countries and in 5 languages, downloaded more 125,000 multiplication capable September 2014. The new 500X Possessor Enchiridion volition besides pass an Augmented Realness role: just rake the “AR+” symbolization inner the enchiridion and aim your smartphone camera at minded parts of the car to entree extra synergistic subject.

Technical Service

With the establish of the new 500X, the activities of Expert Overhaul – provided by Mopar done the Overhaul Mesh of Dealerships and Authorized Workshops and Consistence Shops – suffer too been updated to offering a serve that forever keeps tread with technical foundation. E.g., the sales found of the 500X sees the entry of the microPOD at service centres. This is a new, whole radio, electronic diagnosing instrument. Ultimately, Mopar Technological Overhaul organises targeted courses for all roles in the meshing, assessing and certifying diverse skills. A varied and wide-ranging project, and – for the plunge of the new 500X – this too has been updated in price of processes and procedures to shuffling breeding another pièce de résistance of the Mopar mark.

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