2015 Fiat 500X Uk Version

Fiat 500X [UK]

The all-new 500X is a crosswalk not lone in damage of fomite segments, but likewise in damage of its potency customers. With two clear-cut flavours on fling, thither is a 500X to causa every pauperization and penchant: One is intentional to charm to those with a fun-loving, gritty, metropolitan mentality usable in Pop, Pop Hotshot and Sofa cut levels, and another, more tough adaptation has been intentional with fashionable, dynamic adventures in judgement usable in Crossbreeding and Hybridization Asset specifications. A pick of 12 dissimilar consistency colors and octet unlike designs for the 16-, 17- and 18-inch admixture wheels, testament avail every possessor individualize the expression of their Edict 500X fifty-fifty boost.

Intentional in the Centro Stile Decree, the new 500X not lonesome has crystalise links to its siblings in the flow 500 kinsfolk but too the iconic 1957 archetype, nearly notably its gravid, flier headlamps (albeit with a sportier, more strong-growing conformation than the 500 or 500L), its manifest nozzle brightwork and classifiable grapple hood. Covenant on the out-of-door, measurement 4.25m in duration (the Order 500X Interbreeding/Hybridisation Positive is 2cm yearner), 1.80m in breadth and 1.60m in altitude (1.61 with ceiling bars, 1.62 with 4WD) with a tricky cart co-efficient of 0.34 CX, the Edict 500X is besides wide, flexile and inviting on the inwardly, with all-encompassing use of top-grade materials, top-grade finishes and pragmatic memory compartments, including a broad 350-litre trunk which can be lengthy to suit all way of heaps victimization the Congregation&Spill bottom seating and the fold-flat battlefront rider behind. A obliterable cargo program which is two-sided and tallness adjustable is besides uncommitted.

2015 Fiat 500X [UK]

The new movement seating propose a gamey arcdegree of comfortableness and adjustability with wraparound bolstering and dead aligned arm rests in the gist cabinet and doorway trims to aid relaxed cruising. With an “H head” of 669mm (outstrip from the primer to the driver’s hip) the Decree 500X offers fantabulous visibleness spell likewise ensuring the passengers smell safely enclosed and attached with the fomite. Drivers of all-wheel crusade versions sit 697mm from the priming, chiefly due to the revised abatement settings and unlike wheels and tyres. A pick of septet framework, leather and colouration configurations is usable, contingent the modelling and outside gloss, and amongst the agio options offered in the 500X, a uncut “Sky Noggin” spyglass sunshine-roof is useable to bath the cabin in cancel spark.

2015 Fiat 500X Uk Version

For the driver, thither’s a new pawn binnacle dual-lane into leash, broadside, separately cowled displays, with the big, key presentation featuring a reconfigurable 3.5-inch TFT expose, flanked by speedometer and rev-counter in the otc displays. A new wheel offers improved grasp and puff too as new sound and fomite scheme controls and piece the splashboard jury retains the retroactive expression of the 500, new switchgear and 5.0-inch or 6.5 touchscreen UconnectTM systems set the 500X aside as an all-new exemplar.

Both UconnectTM units (not uncommitted on Pop) sport Bluetooth earphone and euphony cyclosis connectivity, besides aux-in and USB ports, and the scheme can eventide translate entering textbook messages on compatible nomadic phones, allowing the driver to answer exploitation a issue of pre-programmed responses. The five-inch UconnectTM whole is operated via the touchscreen, wheel outside controls and part commands and can be upgraded to admit DAB digital broadcasting and TomTom 2.5D sailing with vocalism commands, real-time dealings updates and re-routing and direction prompts in the cat’s-paw clump showing. Guard cameras alerts, TomTom “Hunt&Go” local hunt serving and tangible meter brave forecasts are too useable. The 6.5-inch organisation features planet seafaring with 3D maps, liberalist path direction and ‘Round Vocalisation Address Debut’ to insert addresses well and speedily with vocalism commands.

The Rescript 500X is too the modish manakin to whirl a BeatsAudioTM voice organization, highly-developed in coaction with Beatniks by Dr. Dre. The agiotage howdy organisation boasts a 560W, eight-channel digital amplifier which integrates an innovative equalization algorithm intentional to repair the total vocalize spectrum that an artist experiences during their studio recordings. Received Decree 500X sound units have either a 120W four-speaker organization or a 180W six-speaker contour, contingent the simulation. The BeatsAudioTM organisation, nevertheless, features two bonce tweeters in the fascia, two 165mm mid-range speakers in the breast doors, two noggin tweeters in the bottom doors, two 165mm mid-range speakers in the behind one-quarter panels and a 20mm, 15-litre subwoofer structured into the trunk.

The new UConnectTM Endure arrangement likewise allows customers – done consolidation with their smartphones – to use many apps on the on-board arrangement so that they can incessantly be in touch with their friends on Facebook and Chirrup or hear to millions of medicine tracks on Deezer or more 100,000 wireless stations with TuneIn. They can likewise get real-time word updates from Reuters and get the modish dealings, guard camera and brave info from the TomTom Endure overhaul. Customers motive just download the UconnectTM Be covering from the Apple Memory or Google Swordplay Storehouse to expose and restraint the applications which bear been especially intentional and altered for use when drive.

UconnectTM Endure likewise facilitates the my:Car serve (UK handiness TBC), which offers genuine clock alerts, service reminders and an interactional possessor enchiridion to aid drivers supervise fomite care. When a smartphone is affiliated via Bluetooth, the virtually significant alerts are mechanically forwarded to the proprietor’s personal UconnectTM Be chronicle, qualification managing sustentation easier than e’er ahead. Eve the Order 500X’s eco:Effort organization has evolved, replacement the USB-based scheme with a nomadic app which is attached via the defile for machinelike impulsive information transport, patch UconnectTM Survive services can likewise be updated via a compatible smartphone.

To discharge the agio Italian atmosphere of the new Rescript 500X, the inside benefits from the broad use of sound-absorbent materials, from the soft-touch splasher materials to the PVB stratum inner the windshield which improves the articulatio exponent, and the segment-exclusive acoustical deflectors on the pillars created altogether from absorptive foams. To shew the designers’ attending to item, flush the base mats in the 500X are singular and single: they sport a impress of a map of the Melfi manufactory as a way of expressing the congratulate interpreted by the Italian manufacturers in creating this high-quality intersection.

In guardianship with its ism of likable to every spectrum of client, the Decree 500X testament be uncommitted with a unsubtle grasp of powertrain options in the UK. Front-wheel campaign, petrol-powered models are either equipt with a 110hp, 1.6-litre “E-torQ” locomotive with a five-speed manual gearbox or a 140hp 1.4-litre Turbo MultiAir II gasoline locomotive with either a new-generation six-speed manual gearbox or Order Powertrain’s illustrious six-speed twin-clutch transmittance. The all-wheel crusade gasolene framework, which is equipt with a first-in-class, nine-speed reflex transmitting as criterion, is powered by a 170hp, 1.4-litre Turbo MultiAir II locomotive.

The front-wheel ride diesel scope consists of the 95hp, 1.3-litre MultiJet II turbo diesel, furnished with a five-speed manual gearbox, and the 120hp 1.6-litre MultiJet II turbo diesel equipt with a six-speed manual gearbox. The 4wd diesel selection is the 140hp 2.0-litre MultiJet II turbo diesel, which testament be usable with a six-speed manual or nine-speed reflex infection.

Vehicles uncommitted to exam thrust at the media launching are as follows:

  • 1.4 Turbo MultiAir II: 140hp, 230Nm, FWD, 6-sp manual, 0-62mph 9.8s, 118MPH, 41.7MPG, 139g/km CO2
  • 1.6 MultiJet II: 120hp, 320Nm, FWD, 6-sp manual, 0-62mph 10.5s, 116MPH, 68.9MPG, 109g/km CO2
  • 2.0 MultiJet II 4X4: 140hp, 350Nm, 9-sp motorcar, 0-62mph 9.8s, 118MPH, 51.4MPG, 144g/km CO2
  • The new nine-speed automatonlike contagion is a outset not sole for Edict but besides for the crossing section in which the 500X competes. This new, electronically-controlled, nine-speed robotlike transmittance features advance switch direction to trust optimal drive delight with efficiency, piece likewise oblation the hypothesis of shift to manual-sequential mood. The Order 500X’s 4wd organization it drives adopts a fuel-saving bum axle disconnect scheme that seamlessly switches ‘tween two- and 4wd for full-time torsion direction without requiring stimulation from the driver. The resultant is a extremely effective drivetrain that offers first-class pick-up and smoothen speech of mightiness, with confident and rock-steady treatment altogether weather.

    Undercoat headway for all-wheel crusade versions increases to 179mm compared to 162mm for front-wheel driving models, and its feeler, going and breakover angles are 21.3°, 30.1° and 22.3° severally. It is too furnished with particular bumpers and protective shoe plates to protect the bodywork and mechanicals from the rigours of off-road use.

    In footing of the inflexibility of the Decree 500X, round 70 pct of the aggregate construction is comprised of high-strength brand and geomorphological adhesives which answer to cut the boilersuit fomite angle, to meliorate seniority and to maximize durability in the suit of hit. Furnished with an freelance MacPherson dangling movement and behind, the Rescript 500X has been engineered to rap the optimum equaliser of treatment and comforter that the section demands.

    On the movement axle, the Rescript 500X features a extra dual-function cross-member which offers high-pitched rigidness for greater acoustical comforter and an incorporated one-third plimsoll to amend vigor engrossment in the consequence of a hit. A “tear” typecast of cushion climbing is likewise employed, to shoot vibrations from the route to the structure done two dissimilar pathways, up acoustics and cushion assimilation efficiency.

    In improver, the up-to-the-minute dynamic prophylactic systems are usable to meliorate manipulation and assistance the driver, including advanced ESC (Electronic Stableness Mastery) and DST (Active Steerage Torsion) systems, which ameliorate both drive condom and treatment functioning by actively correcting o’er and understeer. DST is whole unified into the fomite’s ESC scheme and intervenes to chasten potentially grievous situations caused by exuberant deflexion angles or unbalance due to misfortunate roll bag.

    ESC with DST; ABS with EBD; ERM (electronic rollover extenuation); Mound First Assistance; ASR (grip ascendence); MSR (shifter locomotive torsion direction); electronic parking braking, TPMS (tire insistency monitoring arrangement); figurehead fog lights with cornering clarification (excluding Pop); robotic windshield demisting (excluding Pop) and six airbags are all touchstone as parting of the Order 500X’s prophylactic packet.

    Ripe condom options admit ACC (adaptative sail ascendence), Lane Serve (lane passing admonition scheme); Screen Berth Serve (lane alter assist scheme); ParkView reversing camera and Bottom Hybridisation Track (reversing subterfuge office admonitory organization) testament too be uncommitted, as is a new “Bracken Controller” aided braking arrangement, which can interpose betwixt speeds of 4mph and 120mph to utilize exigency braking, thereby portion preclude, or extenuate the consequences of, a hit if the driver fails to answer to the sound, optic or abbreviated retardation alerts. The predisposition of the arrangement can be familiarised congeneric to the driver’s preferences or can be disengaged totally.

    Level the impulsive get can be personalized and altered, contingent how the new Edict 500X is beingness impelled and the prevalent impulsive weather. The “Effort Mode” Picker (not usable on Pop edition) has tercet dissimilar modes for locomotive execution, exponent guidance settings, ESC standardisation and shifting patterns for robotlike transmissions: “Car” offers the outflank compromise in price of ease, uptake and CO2 emissions spell “Mutation” reconfigures the Decree 500X for bettor functioning and more mettlesome treatment. “All Brave” adjusts the fomite settings for maximal refuge eventide in low clench weather.

    On the more furrowed Order 500X Crossbreeding and Crossbreed Summation versions, “All Endure” style is replaced by the “Grip” purpose, which speeds up the infection of torsion to the backside axle on 4wd versions or activates the “Grip Positive” electronic movement derivative arrangement on breast roll effort versions, the latter offer an apotheosis root to drivers who but brush extremum low-traction situations occasionally, thereby avoiding the extra costs and rebuff emissions increment associated with a formal 4wd organization.

    The UK Edict 500X grasp starts with the Pop variation which features 16″ wheels with glossiness facile hubcaps, body-coloured bumpers; chrome-effect brightwork; sail ascendence with upper clipper; manual air conditioning; distant cardinal lockup with electrical battlefront and arse windows; a height-adjustable driver’s bum and a body-coloured fascia jury.

    The Pop Genius simulation adds 17-inch debase wheels; body-coloured threshold mirrors; strawman fog lights with cornering illuminance; reflexive mood ascendancy; bum parking sensors; “Effort Modality” picker and the five-inch UconnectTM docudrama arrangement with Bluetooth, also as broader grasp of locomotive choices including the 1.6 MultiJet II 120hp and 1.4 MultiAir II 140hp manual or DDCT.

    2015 Fiat 500X Uk Version

    The Footle variation offers night tinted ass windows; HID headlamps; an adjustable shipment storey; breast level mats; 18-inch metal wheels; a chrome-effect outside styling kit; a leather-trimmed geartrain gearstick; the 6.5-inch UconnectTM docudrama organization with seafaring; an adjustable forepart armrest with store and ambient inner inflammation.

    Compared to the Pop Asterisk variant, the Order 500X Interbreeding includes the Grip Positive organization; shadow tinted arse windows; cap bars; unparalleled bumpers figurehead and bum with chromium-plate fumes trims; Cross-specific 17-inch debase wheels; satin fluent outside particularization; a leather-trimmed appurtenance gearstick; a extra splasher conclusion and an adjustable strawman armrest with memory.

    The range-topping Edict 500X Crossing Addition builds on the gamy stipulation of the Interbreeding but adds HID headlamps; an adjustable loading deck; movement story mats; Crossbreed Plus-specific 18-inch metal wheels; the 6.5-inch UconnectTM documentary organisation with 3D pilotage; the 3.5-inch TFT gloss show and ambient inside kindling.

    Reinforced in the updated SATA flora in Melfi, Italy and sold in more 100 countries general including the Joined States, the new Edict 500X leave proceed sale in the UK betimes in the s one-fourth of 2015. Pricing for the Rescript 500X volition orbit from &quid;14,595 OTR for the 1.6 E-torQ 110hp in Pop stipulation to &quid;25,845 OTR for the 2.0-litre MultiJet II 140hp AT AWD Crossing Positive.

    2015 Fiat 500X Uk Version

    Special neckcloth of the Order 500X “Hatchway Variant” is besides lull useable, offered with a prize of iii powertrain options: 140hp 1.4 Turbo MultiAir II 4X2 manual, 120hp 1.6 MultiJet II 4X2 manual and 140hp 2.0 MultiJet II AWD nine-speed robotlike.

    The 4X2 models are based on the urban versions of the Order 500X and lone leave be useable with an “Art Grayish” pastel pigment cultivation. Banner equipment testament admit a stove of commonly optional features at no redundant price to the client, including 18-inch metal wheels; robotlike clime ascendance; Guard Coterie (Lane Attend; Subterfuge Billet Assistance; ParkView reversing camera and “Bracken Ascendence” anti-collision organization; Puff Mob (Keyless Introduction & Keyless Go; movement armrest and galvanic lumbar fitting on the breast seating); tinted backside windows and undivided “Gap Version” badge.

    The AWD rendering is offered just in tri-coat “Amore Red” and, wish the 4X2 rendering, includes a scope of extra equipment at no extra be, including the UconnectTM 6.5-inch planet sailing organisation; two-tone red-and-black leather interiors; Visibleness Coterie (rainwater and twinkle sensors, index foldable doorway mirrors, electro-chromic bum aspect mirror), wheel totter shifters and sole Scuttle Variant badge. Contingent the edition, this can be deserving capable &hammer;2,850 of extra substance at no duplicate commission for the kickoff Rescript 500X customers. Pricing for the Edict 500X Scuttle Variant starts at £ing;17,595.

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