2015 Ferrari Fxx K

Ferrari FXX K

Ferrari FXX K explore and exploitation syllabus receives its mankind premier at the Yas Marina Lap in Abu Dhabi. The laboratory-car is based on Maranello’s outset crossbreed exemplar and leave beautify the man’s tracks from following yr forrader. The K in its nickname is a acknowledgment to the “KERS” k.e. recuperation arrangement it adopts in maximizing its rails functioning.

2015 Ferrari Fxx K

Unchained by homologation and racing regulations, the FXX K testament ne’er be secondhand in contention. It was, in fact, highly-developed to be totally sturdy, incorporating technical innovations that bequeath warranty an unprecedented drive know to the sole grouping of Client-Test Drivers with whom the Prancing Buck bequeath roll a trial syllabus complete the climax two geezerhood.

The car’s tremendous potentiality is documented to by two important figures: a totality mightiness yield of 1050 cv (860 cv delivered by its ceremonious V12 locomotive and 190 by its electrical centrifugal) and uttermost torsion in inordinateness of 900 Nm.

The FXX K’s 6262 cc V12 features new camshafts and a limited valve string with mechanical preferably than hydraulic tappets. The uptake manifolds bear been redesigned and presumption a exceptional typecast of shining intervention. The exhaust has been limited as its silencers bear been eliminated.

The HY-KERS organisation has been evolved specifically for saturated functioning with the solvent that the driver can restraint the purpose logics from the particular 4-setting Manettino on the kernel solace: Restrict, for uttermost functioning inside a special routine of laps; Farsighted Run to optimize execution body; Manual Encourage for second uttermost torsion rescue; and Immobile Tutelage, for a fasting reload of the car’s shelling.

2015 Ferrari FXX K

A center delivering maximal efficiency at every point of every rail lap has resulted in across-the-board but incorporate work the total car soundbox in price of both dynamic and peaceful aeromechanics.

2015 Ferrari Fxx K

The movement of the car is henpecked by a twin-profile pamperer and a bigger divider, which is 30 mm frown, with a gap in its core. This conception is an lotion of the concepts highly-developed to meliorate aero counterweight in the GT family of the WEC, which Ferrari has won for tercet sequential eld. Two pairs of upright elements, an end-plate and, outwardly, a honkytonk aeroplane, jointly erect fins canal the air towards the car’s flanks, generating a longitudinal swirl that creates a localized slump. This successively sucks the awake from the wheels to the away of the flowing underbelly. On with the face skirts that stretch out from the sills, the convolution helps insulate the airflow from the underbelly to rise its efficiency.

The solutions on the behind of the car are extremely advanced, too. The poop subdivision is now higher and the fluid pamperer extends boost for a tally growth in elongation of 60mm when amply deployed. A tailfin and a diminished flank apiece position of the ass number usher vanes in the low hale constellation and encouragement the freebooter’s efficiency in the highschool downforce one. This arrangement likewise creates considerable downforce at the arse of the car, allowing the use of an utmost dissemination book for the bum diffusor which optimises air origin from the underbelly. The division of the matted underbelly scarce forrader of the bum wheels is likewise used full to beget downforce thanks to the decreased insistency in the cycle pixilated guaranteed by the mastermind connexion to the ass of the car by a by-pass channel.

2015 Ferrari Fxx K

The answer is a 50% advance in downforce in the low dredge form and a 30% melioration in the more strong-growing downforce contour, resulting in a pattern of 540 kg at 200 km/h.

Fomite kinetics are farther improved by the borrowing of Pirelli slicks ended with sensors that proctor longitudinal, sidelong and radiate speedup, too as temperature and force. This ensures an precise psychoanalysis of the interaction ‘tween the tire and rails airfoil, providing tied more life-sustaining information to enable the grip command organisation to vouch utmost execution.

2015 Ferrari Fxx K

The interference degree of the E-Diff electronic derivative, F-Trac grip ascendance, Racing SSC (Position Gaffe Fish Command) – now peculiarly graduated to case the car’s slipperiness tyres – and the high-performance ABS can be controlled victimization the five-position Manettino on the wheel.


2015 Ferrari Fxx K
  • KERS organization
  • Sum maximal exponent 1050 cv
  • Summate utmost torsion >900 Nm
  • V12 maximal exponent 860 cv @ 9200 rpm
  • Uttermost revs 9250 rpm
  • V12 utmost torsion 750 Nm @ 6500 rpm
  • Electrical centrifugal production 140 Kw (190 cv)
  • Inner burning locomotive
  • Typecast 65-deg. V12
  • Aegir and slash 94 x 75.2 mm
  • Summate shift 6262 cc
  • Particular superpower 137 cv/l
  • Dimensions
  • Duration 4896 mm
  • Breadth 2051 mm
  • Tallness 1116 mm
  • Wheelbase 2650 mm
  • Gearbox
  • 7-speed DCT
  • Dangling
  • Battlefront two-baser wishbones
  • Backside multi-link
  • Tyres (Pirelli P-Zero slicks with sensors)
  • Figurehead 285/650 – R19x10.5
  • Back 345/725 – R20x13
  • C ceramic brakes (Brembo)
  • Battlefront 398 x 223 x 36 mm
  • Behind 380 x 253 x 34 mm
  • Electronic controls
  • ESC constancy ascendence
  • Eminent perf ABS/EBD Execution anti-lock organization/electronic bracken equaliser
  • EF1-Trac F1 electronic grip ascendance unified with the loanblend organisation
  • E-Diff 3 one-third propagation electronic derivative
  • SCM-E Frs magnetorheological damping with mate solenoids (Al-Ni pipe)
  • Aeromechanics fighting
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